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Best Area Of San Jose Costa Rica To Stay In

How Safe Is Costa Rica


How safe is backpacking in Costa Rica? The country suffers from many of the same problems that plague most Latin American countries drug trafficking, poverty, and economic struggles. That being said, Costa Rica is still pretty safe when compared to some of its more violent neighbors. There are moments where you may feel unsure but we believe that most of the time and most areas in Costa Rica are safe.

Its important to know that security in Costa Rica is still developing. Petty theft definitely happens. Violent crime such as muggings, particularly late at night, isnt uncommon either. Gang-related crime is on the rise, but it mostly occurs in and around San Jose.

Dont let this spook you crime is often a case of wrong place, wrong time. Being vigilant and listening to your gut is a good way to avoid danger.

The government also has your back as its keen to keep Costa Rica a comfortable place for people to travel after all, the tourism industry contributes significantly to the countrys GDP. Overall, its helping to reduce poverty in the country.

Were guessing that being robbed or dying isnt top of your itinerary for Costa Rica right? So lets talk about facts and get into the nitty-gritty of how to stay safe in Costa Rica

Fun Facts About La Fortuna

  • The most popular time to visit La Fortuna is the dry season, which runs from December through April. Note that this is also the busiest time for the small city.
  • Farmers in La Fortuna export beans, ginger roots, pineapples, papayas, sugar canes, and more to Europe and the United States. Exporting goods and tourism is how many of the locals earn a living.
  • La Fortuna is about 70 miles from the countrys capital, San Jose.

Downtown San Jose Best Area To Stay In San Jose For Nightlife

Palm trees and city lights make up the ambiance of Downtown San Jose. Its a very lively downtown, packed with restaurants, cafes, and bars. Also, it is close to many of the companies and universities.

Downtown is also where the majority of festivals and activities are hosted, so its a great place in San Jose to stay in.

In Downtown San Jose, everything is within your reach. Staying in the heart of downtown San Jose will offer you the most amount of things to do all within a quick walk outside your hostel, hotel, or AirBnBs doors. Since Downtown San Jose is where all the action is at, it is the best area to stay in San Jose for nightlife.

Lia Liaison

If youre looking to go clubbing or to sip a glass of California red on an outdoor pub patio, look no further than the Downtown area.

From the epic DJ music at the Temple Bar and Lounge to the upscale classy vibes at the Paper Plane, bars abound in Downtown San Jose.

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La Fortuna Arenal Volcano And The Monteverde Cloud Forest

On our first trip to Costa Rica, we drove north to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano. With a few stops at the craft towns in between we reached La Fortuna in no time at all, with its active volcano and hot springs nearby.

Our first morning in La Fortuna began at 4:45am with the chorus of howler monkeys which eventually woke up everything else. I grabbed my camera as soon as I first heard them, clicked on the video and sat quietly outside listening to the most amazing primal noise of the howlers.

Welcome to Costa Rica!

San Jos Where To Stay In Costa Rica On A Budget

Where is the best area to stay in San José, Costa Rica?

As the capital city of Costa Rica, San José, it is packed with history. Curiously enough, it sits nearly smack-dab in the middle of the country and is also the largest city in the country. Since its right in the middle, consider San José your central hub the perfect spot to explore all the other top places to stay in Costa Rica! But San José shouldnt be overlooked, especially by our budget traveling friends out there. From taking a tour of the National Theatre of Costa Rica to visiting the Museo del Jade, there are so many things to do and see that are unique to just the capital city!

If youre looking for free things to do in San José, make sure to enjoy the parks. San José has lots of beautiful parks that are filled with tropical plants, statues, gazebos, and statues! You might even catch some free performances. Additionally, each day there is a free two to three hour long walking tour of the city. Youll get to stroll the city streets and get a great introduction to San José for free!

Plus, the historic city center is very compact that means that it is easy to get around on foot! It definitely has some of the cheapest accommodation options in the country. Moreover, the price of food is very low as well. When looking to avoid cracking open that beloved piggy bank, staying in San José is definitely the way to go!

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Best Places To Stay In Tamarindo

When staying in Tamarindo, arguably the best city in Costa Rica, youre going to want to stay as close to the beach as possible! It doesnt matter which beach, as long as youre close to the shore you are sure to have a blast!

Casa de Arroz

Best Airbnb in Tamarindo: Casa de Arroz

Rent this darling studio apartment for a steal! Youll be just three blocks from the beach and one block from the nightlife! This is the absolute perfect spot for your Costa Rica vacation. This Airbnbs yard is also known to be home to iguanas, hummingbirds, and even the occasional monkey! The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, cozy couches, and plenty of space to move around.

Best Hostel in Tamarindo: Tamarindo Backpackers

At this delightful boutique surf hostel, youll be staying in style. Relax in the jacuzzi pool, or curl up with a good book in a sun chair and youll feel right at home. The hostel has their own private surf instructor and plenty of surfboards to rent. Youll be staying just a three minute walk from one of the absolute best surfing beaches in all of Costa Rica! Surfs up, friends!

Best Hotel in Tamarindo: Surf Ranch Tamarindo

With a name like Surf Ranch Tamarindo, your stomach might drop in fear of sky-high prices. Never fear! The Surf Ranch Tamarindo offers reasonably priced rooms, plus a huge and free continental breakfast! And best of all, youll be sitting right opposite from Grande Beach!

We Came To Attend A Football Game At Collage Near By

We came to attend a football game at collage near by. The location was excellent for that. We made a side trip to Santa Cruz and the freeway was so close and easy to enter. The room was spacious, clean and comfortable, breakfast enough to get us through the morning. Restaurants were in walking distance for evening meals. I will stay here again for future trips.

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Best Hotel In Campbell: Larkspur Landing Campbell

The Larkspur Landing Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Campbell. The hotel is gorgeous and will meet all your wants and needs. Including freshly baked cookies available all day every day!

The outdoor hot tub is the perfect end to a busy day, unless youd rather enjoy a late night workout at their fitness center.

Distance And Transportation Times From Sjo And Lir Airport

The 5 best things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica | Restaurants, sightseeing, and more
  • Arenal/La Fortuna is 3-3.5 hours from both San Jose Airport and Liberia International Airport with fairly straight forward routes and doesnt require a 4X4. Read about driving from Liberia to Arenal and driving from San Jose to Arenal.
  • You can take a local flight to La Fortuna which is about 20 minutes from San Jose and Liberia.
  • There is one bus from San Jose to La Fortuna that leaves at 6:15, 8:40 and 11:30, about 4 hours. From Liberia, you will first need to take a bus to Canas , then to Tilaran and then to La Fortuna .
  • Take a shared shuttle for about $57 USD per adult with Interbus or book a private: ~$220 USD for 1-4 people total one way from SJO and LIR airport.
  • Get in from Monteverde by boating across Lake Arenal. Costs ~$35 USD per person.

If La Fortuna is your first destination, you can fly into either Liberia or San Jose International Airport as its around the same driving time.

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Things To Do In Manuel Antonio

  • Hike the trails in the national park. The main trail is a 1.3-mile flat, sandy trail that links the parks beaches. This trail is perfect for travelers of all ages. Another more challenging trail is Punta Catedral, a beautiful 0.9-mile loop trail of moderate difficulty and some steep inclines.
  • Relax on the beaches in Manuel Antonio National Park. Be warned though, they can be crowded. If youre looking for a quiet spot, check out Playa Biesanz. The hike is very rocky so wear water shoes or closed toed sandals.
  • Visit the Kids Saving the Rainforest sanctuary, founded by two 9 year old girls in 1999 to rescue and rehabilitate animals in the area. A tour of the sanctuary costs $60 for adults and $45 for children under 12 with transportation included.

Best Places To Stay In Jac

When youre staying at arguably the best beach town in Costa Rica, youre going to obviously want to stay close to those amazing beaches. And make sure to note that if you stay a little further away from the center of town, that doesnt always mean youre far away from the beach!

Hotel Terraza del Pacifico

Best Airbnb in Jacó: New Yellow House

This one bedroom one bathroom apartment is a fantastic find! Both the town and the beach are just 650 meters from your doorstep! That right, all the best restaurants, clubs, and casinos are within easy walking distance of this Airbnb. There is also a barbeque area and a small pool that guests are able to enjoy. Youll have everything you need in this Airbnb from hot water to air conditioning!

Best Hostel in Jacó: Room2Board Hostel and Surf School

Room2Board is mere steps away from the beach and has a super cool atmosphere! With ridiculously affordable priced dorm rooms available, youll love saving a few dollars and enjoying the party vibes at this cool hostel. There are yoga classes offered daily as well as surf lessons available. This is definitely one of Jacos best hostels!

Best Hotel in Jacó: Hotel Terraza del Pacifico

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Playa Conchal Where To Stay In Costa Rica For Scuba Diving

Be sure to pack thick-soled beach sandals and a bucket if Playa Conchal is where you choose to stay in Cista Rica. In a country filled with amazing beaches, Conchal takes the cake because it is blessed with a long stretch of sand completely covered with seashells.

Marine biologists often come here to study the gentle ocean current that has been depositing seashells here over millions of years, and one explanation is that the waters that surround this small bay are teeming with life.

If you are into scuba diving, Conchal is where you should stay in Costa Rica.

Conchal is very remote, but it is strategically located in the Gulf of Nicoya and not far from the Liberia airport.

The only lodging options in Conchal are a couple of luxury all-inclusive beach resorts, and they are worth every penny because they provide the kind of pampering we should all be able to experience at least once in our lives.

Poas Coolest Places To Stay In Costa Rica

Best places to stay in San Jose, Costa Rica

Another volcano in Costa Rica is Poas, although this one is dormant. At the summit, there are two craters filled with sulfur water, which gives off a beautiful turquoise blue. This is also a great place to visit a cloud forest if you dont make it to Monteverde on your vacation. At only 90 minutes from San Jose, Poas is a popular day trip destination, but if you decide to find a resort in the Poas area, you can have the park to yourself first thing in the morning before the crowds arrive.

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Puerto Jimenez Hikes Fishing Whale And Dolphin Watching And Archeological Spots

Located on the southern Pacific coast, Puerto Jimenez is an expat enclave and a somewhat hidden tourism destination with a lot to offer.

Puerto Jimenez is a small coastal town adjacent to Corcovado National Park, a massive rainforest that illustrates why Costa Rica is such an amazing destination for ecotourism.

Whereas the climate close to the beach is dry and crisp, Corcovado is extremely humid, and you should keep this in mind when booking accommodations.

In many tourism guidebooks, Puerto Jimenez is listed as an attraction that visitors should save for last the basis of this recommendation is that it takes about seven hours to get here from San Jose, but you can also fly into the small regional airport on a short flight that takes less than an hour from just about anywhere in the country.

Renting a car in Puerto Jimenez used to be pretty adventurous, but now it is highly recommended because the roads around town are freshly paved.

If you make Puerto Jimenez your sole place to stay in Costa Rica, you will not be disappointed.

The hikes around Corcovado are amazing, but keep in mind that this is the rainforest, which means that you should not venture down unmarked paths unless you do so with local guides, who in turn do not go into the jungle without GPS, maps, trackers, communications devices, and emergency gear.

You can expect to pay a bit more for beachfront locations and rooms with panoramic views of Corcovado.

North Valley Where To Stay In San Jose On A Budget

The North Valley is a San Diego Neighborhood that indeed does sit North of San Jose city center. The North Valley doesnt have as many things to do or see as many of the other neighborhoods in San Diego, which means that the accommodation options are much more affordable.

That is why we chose the North Valley as our recommendation of where to stay in San Jose on a budget.

There are other neighborhoods in San Jose that are a bit rougher around the edges that have high crime rates. The North Valley isnt like that, it is quiet and safe. There is abundant fresh air and beautiful mountain views.

Bob n Renee

It is far away from the path of pollution. Yet, since it is quiet, there isnt really a nightlife or entertainment scene. However, our favorite things are the Emma Prusch park, flea markets, and farmers markets.

The flea markets are more than just flea markets too, they have Friday and Saturday night events with food trucks, outdoor games, and live music!

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Midrange: Country Inn & Suites By Radisson

This is an excellent place to stay for those seeking somewhere comfortable and quiet without spending too much. The hotel has an excellent pool and spacious, comfortable rooms great for families. Definitely great value for money ! We like the quiet area outside the hotel, as restaurants and shops are just steps away.

Best Neighbourhood In San Jose For Foodies

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Costa Rica Travel Video
  • COOLEST thing to do in Escalante head to Paseo Gastronómico La Luz, a street filled with restaurants, cafés and craft beer bars
  • BEST place to visit in Escalante visit the area around the Central Bank to check out some modern architecture and the monument dedicated to Costa Rican farmers

Escalante is without a doubt the best neighborhood in San Jose if you are interested in the food culture. Paseo Gastronómico La Luz is the epicentre of Costa Ricas culinary scene with street food, fresh seafood and craft beer all being on offer! It is also great for coffee lovers, with many speciality cafés offering locally produced beverages.

It is well located between Aranjuez and San Pedro, allowing you to explore the alternative culture and nightlife at the same time! Escalante is nevertheless a bit more reserved than the surrounding areas, giving you a peaceful base to explore the city from.

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Taormina Hotel And Casino

A super elegant hotel thats close to many attractions! Head to the hotels restaurant for a delicious dinner after a day out, or spend a cozy night in and order room service. This San José accommodation offers breakfast and free parking spaces.

Other accommodation options in Barrio Amon


I love the design of this San José accommodation that has lots of space, a kitchen, and a balcony

Things to do in Barrio Amon

  • Take the kids to the Simón Bolívar National Zoological Park in San José
  • Explore Barrio Amon on foot and enjoy the cool architecture
  • Buy delicious local products from the Feria Verde Farmers Market
  • Have some family fun at the Butterfly Garden
  • See some cool art at Galería Talentum
  • Check out Castillo Del Moro, one of the main attractions in Barrio Amon
  • Eat a delicious meal at La Terrasse French Cuisine restaurant

Quick Tips Where To Stay In San Jose

  • Where to stay in San Jose for your first time? Downtown
  • Where to stay in San Jose close to everything? Barrio Amon
  • Where to stay in San Jose for nightlife? San Pedro
  • Best neighborhood in San Jose for families? Cartago
  • Where to stay in San Jose on a budget? Aranjuez
  • Where to stay in San Jose for couples? Escazu
  • Where to stay in San Jose for foodies? Escalante

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