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Best Area To Stay In Bodrum

Beach Near The Lena Erdil Windsurf Okulu

Bodrum Turkey | Best Places to Visit in 2022

This tiny beach that doesnt have a name is located between Lena Erdil surfing school and Ayana Mes Balik restaurant. I am also dropping coordinates for you to find it.

Its really small and somewhat hard to find if you dont know where to go since its not even on the map. We found it by accident when being in the area and looking for a place to hide from too many people.

The reason we absolutely loved it was the sea and Orange Date cafe which sells locally crafted beers and the best ever french fries. In fact, I feel like everything they offer on the menu is delicious. We were there on a couple of occasions and ordered various dishes and everything was really tasty.

And the best part about this beach is the sea. The entrance is smooth and for a long time shallow. But a bit farther in the water, the seafloor transforms into the mini canyon where you can snorkel and observe the underwater life. I didnt want to get out of water because there was so much to explore under it.

For the most part, this beach is frequented by locals who live near or come to stay in nearby guesthouses. If you stay somewhere else on the Bodrum peninsula, you can come here by dolmus or car, park it and enjoy your day. However, if visiting in the high season, I advise you to come early to be able to get a lounger. Otherwise, there are a couple of trees by the water where you can stay in the shade for free.

Dive Down To The Wreckage Of A Sunken Plane

Although diving activities are available all over Bodrum, the experience barely competes with other areas. Diving in Ka is considerably more exquisite, by far. Its, unfortunately, a sorry state that our seas are in when you can barely see any marine life.

If you are a diving enthusiast looking for things to do in Bodrum, however, you still might get some joy from the wreckages of a C-47 Dakota fighter plane or a SG115 coast guard ship on the sea floor. The set-up is wholly artificial, but still quite impressive. There are a number of tours and courses for beginners available.

Blue Escape specialize in a choice of two types, and come highly recommended.

Why You Should Visit Bodrum

So, is Bodrum worth visiting? Absolutely, it is! This wonderful destination offers lots of variety and a relatively relaxed atmosphere, mainly because its so small. Here are some reasons why you should visit Bodrum over Antalya.

  • Thanks to its small size, the town of Bodrum is a destination thats very easy to explore. Its not a sprawling port city like Antalya. Instead, it offers a charming coastal town vibe and accessible beaches.
  • Many resorts and hotels are scattered around the Bodrum Peninsula, ranging from budget to luxury. All types of visitors will find a suitable resort to stay in Bodrum, making this an attractively cosmopolitan town.
  • Whether its in Bodrum town or elsewhere on the Bodrum Peninsula, you can easily discover the region from your hotel or resort. Youll be in the picturesque countryside or on a beautiful stretch of meandering coastline in no time.
  • Bodrum is not a mass tourism destination like Antalya. Its much quieter, and you can enjoy peaceful scenery without hordes of other tourists vying for the same space.
  • You can visit some stunning historical sites around Bodrum, especially the ruins of the Mausoleum of Mausolus and the striking Bodrum Castle.
  • Last but not least, Bodrum is just a short ferry ride away from the gorgeous Greek Islands of Kos and Rhodes. Home to white-washed houses, Bodrum is arguably Turkeys best place to enjoy the Aegean Sea vibe.

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Where To Stay In Bodrum

Planning a visit to the Bodrum Peninsula of Turkey? Its a beautiful area along the Aegean Coast, particularly popular with British travelers. Many think this is the best part of Turkey for a holiday on the beach. Before you go, youll need to choose from several Bodrum neighborhoods to find the best area to stay in Bodrum.

Whether you want a family-friendly hotel with a private beach or a budget-friendly area, let us help you find the best Bodrum beach hotels. The Bodrum Peninsula is very popular in the summer, so make sure you are making your reservations well in advance!

We will cover off all types of Bodrum accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Bodrum hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Bodrum, the best Bodrum hotels, best places in Bodrum to visit, the best places to stay in Bodrum, hotels near Bodrum attractions, Bodrum neighborhood guide and many more.

Why Is Bodrum Famous

Where to Stay in Bodrum

Bodrum is a city in Turkey on the Aegean coast. Its a touristy place and many people come to Bodrum to spend their summer holidays. There are many reasons this city is famous. Here are some of them:

  • It has a beautiful seaside and the view from the window of your hotel room can be breathtaking.
  • It has some historical places that are worth visiting such as the Castle of St. Peter which was built by the Genoese in the 13th century or the ancient theater of Halicarnassus which still has its acoustics.

Bodrum is a place that really comes to life in the summer, and there are several reasons for that.

The climate. During the summer, temperatures reach highs of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit , while winters are mild and wet. Bodrum experiences some of the coldest and wettest temperatures of the year in February, so it isnt the best time for beach vacations.

Add to that the fact that its only over an hour away from Istanbul and you can see why Bodrum has become a favorite vacation destination. In case youre wondering why anyone would visit Bodrum in the winterwell, its because of the great beaches, of course.

Although Bodrum attracts style conscious, it has likewise a laid back atmosphere. The marina is packed with beautiful yachts, ancient places to walk around, and enchanting old whitewashed buildings.

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Allium Bodrum Resort & Spa

While its not an all-inclusive property, Allium features a lovely spa that offers a variety of amenities. Once youve had your fill of massages and body treatmentsand you should because theyre so good at Alliummake sure to take a dip in their rooftop infinity pool overlooking the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

Its luxury at its finest. And if relaxation isnt for you, there are plenty of other things to do on-site such as sailing on one of their yachts , playing tennis, or golfing pretty much anything goes at Allium!

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Best Airbnb In Bitez: Bitezde Seafront House

If youre trying to decide where to stay in Bodrum for one night or for longer, this small house might be the answer. It accommodates up to 3 guests and is suitable for children and adults. The ocean, bus stop, shops, and a taxi stand are all within walking distance and the house itself is clean, comfortable, and welcoming.

Things To Know About Marmaris

Top things to do in Bodrum Turkey! Is it worth visiting ðð?¾#bodrum #goturkey #discoverturkey #travel

The resort of Marmaris is located in a bay, so do not expect to find the open sea here. Consider this when choosing this resort for your vacation. I know some people love open space for a beach vacation is sea is not the sea if they see the opposite shore.

Although because of this feature of Marmaris , boat and yacht excursions along the bays and into the open sea are very common here.

Due to the fact that Marmaris is located in a bay, the seawater is very calm and there are never strong waves here. The coastline stretches for kilometers to the village of Icmeler. In the Marmaris old town is a long promenade along the beach line with numerous cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

The beaches of Marmaris are pretty small, sunbeds are close to each other. For hotel guests, sun loungers are free but if you are not a guest, you can also take a sun lounger by simply buying a drink at the bar. The beaches have free showers and changing rooms.

The sand on the beaches is gray. In 5-star hotels, the sand is soft since its brought from other parts of Turkey. Some hotels have beaches in the form of platforms.

The sea in Marmaris is slightly warmer than in Bodrum but you barely feel it.

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Kaya Palazzo Resort & Residences Le Chic Bodrum

Le Chic is one of my favorite hotels in Bodrum because it offers such a unique experience. It has classic Turkish design elements and beautiful views of both land and sea.

The hotels location is right on Gumbet beach, so youll have some amazing scenery no matter where you look! Kaya Palazzo Resort & Residences Le Chic Bodrum:

I personally love trying new things when I travel to exotic destinations like these. So it makes sense that I want to take full advantage of all that an area has to offer before leaving.

If you choose to stay at Le Chic when visiting Bogazici University or anywhere else near Istanbul, then you should make plans for a private yachting tour around Marmaris Bay before heading back home.

Best Area To Stay In Bodrum City

My husband and I are booked into the Ena Boutique Hotel in Bodrum for 6 nights in September. Friends who have visited Bodrum have suggested it might be a little too noisy and close to the night clubs. Can anyone suggest the best area to stay in Bodrum that is close to the harbour and restuarants without the ‘night club’ noise.

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Lujo Bodrum A`la Carte All Inclusive

If youre looking for a relaxing vacation spot where you can be pampered while enjoying top-notch hospitality and mouthwatering cuisine, then Lujo Bodrum A`la Carte All Inclusive is where you should stay.

With its waterfront setting, your accommodations will be right on stunning Suleyman Bay and have access to all kinds of resort activities.

Because of their all-inclusive amenities and services, you wont need to worry about a thing once youve checked in. The hotel has an impressive spa and health center that are ready to take care of any aches or pains from your travels.

Their professional staff will do everything they can to make sure that you come back refreshed for every day at their property.

Best Luxury Hotels In Bodrum

The best area to stay in Bodrum

One of the most popular seaside resorts in Turkey, Bodrum Town sees many sun-seeking travellers grace its shores every summer. Bodrum is a well-oiled machine with an elegance and vibrancy about it like no other. There is a beautiful castle lording over the rest of the town whilst the marina glistens with many a sparkling yacht. The Aegean character of the town has been carefully preserved and laws restrict building heights ensuring the white-washed houses are unspoiled and the ancient ruins dotted around the town are still absolute gems. Ready to go? Check out our favourite luxury hotels in the seaside getaway.

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Best Airbnb In Bodrum: Entire Guest Suite

If youre deciding where to stay in Bodrum for nightlife and want a little bit of privacy, then this private apartment is a great choice. Its located right in the middle of Downtown Bodrum and within walking distance of buses, ferries, and local attractions.

Theres a grocery store nearby and a doorman for extra security and help if you need it. The suite can accommodate up to 3 guests.

Bodrum Area: What To Do And Where To Go

Cosmopolitan Bodrum in Turkey sits on the west coast and is a thriving destination for both holidaymakers and ex-pats, looking to move and live abroad permanently. It has long promoted a hedonistic lifestyle, so many people flock to it, from backpackers on a budget to world-renowned millionaires.

Known for windmills and whitewashed houses dotted over the hillside, the name refers to the town center and the peninsula, which is what we will talk about in this article.

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Enjoy Dinner And Live Music At Savra

Savra is one of Bodrums most sumptuous boutique hotels. But it is also a successful restaurant in its own right. The menu is rich in olive oil-based mezzes and fruits de mer presented in a fusion of Mediterranean, Aegean, Italian, Spanish, and South American styles. The place also offers an extensive choice of wines and even uses vegetables and herbs sourced from its own garden as a matter of ethics. Dinner here is also usually followed by performances by some rather note-worthy and well-respected Turkish singers and jazz performers.

Address: Bitez Mahallesi, Adliye Cd. No:85 Tel: 363 04 63 Web Click here for location. Number 13 on the map.

Best Airbnb In Bodrum Town: Cozy Flat In Central Location

Top 5 Tourist attractions in Bodrum /Turkey – Places that you must see in Bodrum!

This super cute flat is the perfect place for first time travellers in Bodrum. Located very centrally, youll be around 10 walking minutes from bars, restaurants and the busy streets. This also means that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep at night since the neighborhood is calm and quiet. The flat has everything you need and you can even enjoy a little balcony which offers great views of Downtown Bodrum.

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Best Hotel In Bodrum: Moonshine Hotel And Suites

This mid-range hotel in Bodrum is clean, comfortable, and offers easy access to the center of town and to the beach. Its only 400 meters to Bodrum castle and 300 to the marina and is surrounded by lush gardens to offset the hot summer days.

Theres a swimming pool on-site and rooms of varying sizes to suit every type of travel group.

Bodrum is a fairly small town and development is strictly regulated. This is both good and bad. It means that the city has managed to retain its historical, cultural features and charm. And it also means that the best places in Bodrum to stay fill up fast.

Theyre also prohibitively expensive in the busy season. So, make that you book really early if you want to get a comfortable place to stay at a good price.

Downtown Bodrum is a small historic area thats easily the best area to stay in Bodrum if youre looking for the beach, bars, and a vibrant atmosphere. Its full of all the local flavor and culture you could want, with easy access to the beach and an exciting nightlife.

Bitez is just 4 kilometers east of Bodrum and is a quieter alternative to the downtown as well as a little more budget-friendly. This is the best neighborhood to stay in Bodrum for its huge range of accommodation options.

Youll find everything from 5-star hotels to smaller apartments to suit every budget next to great restaurants, cafes, and shops in this region.

Manastir Hotel & Suites Bodrum Centre

Best for relaxationSet on the site of an old monastery and incorporating parts of the old walls into its structure, this stylishly simple hotel has a range of rooms and suites set in lush mature tropical gardens. There are two swimming pools one of them infinity and plenty of space to relax on the grounds. The restaurant serves up Turkish and international cuisine and DJs spin deep house tracks every night between 10pm and midnight. For a truly indulgent stay, plump for the Turkish bath suite, which comes with its own private hot tub.

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Doubletree By Hilton Bodrum Marina Vista

Hotel phone: +90 252 313 0356Almost hidden behind an unassuming café, this is the only resort in central Bodrum. Facing the promenade along the western bay, and directly opposite the main marina area, the amount of overall space is incredible. All rooms and suites are decorated and furnished in a divine combination of old-style charm and modern-day flair. Most feature a quaint balcony/patio overlooking the substantial pool surrounded by palms and sunbeds. Amenities unseen elsewhere in the town center include a fitness center, spa, and rooftop bar.

Orak Island Bay Beach

The best area to stay in Bodrum

Among all the Bodrum beaches we have been to, the best and the most azure water was around the Orak island in the east of Bodrum city. With unusual underwater caves, multi-colored aquatic plants, and a hundred-meter natural wall this island is also a perfect diving spot in Bodrum.

But the water there is absolutely unreal. It reminded us about some of the best beaches in Cyprus and about beaches in the Caribbean. At the same time, it looked just like in the pool.

Look at the photos below to understand what you get when visiting this island. Or even better, read my post about this beautiful island near Bodrum. It was so special that it got its own article.

To reach the island, you need to take a boat from Bodrum. For now, there is absolutely no way to visit it on your own which, to be honest, is not that fun anyway. With a tour, you spend one long day in a company with other people, make a few stops on the way to the Orak lagoon and overall, have fun while on the boat adventure. All tours to this island are reasonably priced and of good quality.

We personally decided to go with this full-day boat trip from Halikarnas harbor and couldnt be happier.

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