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Best Area To Stay In Bogota For Tourists

Chapinero: Where To Stay In Bogota

Best Places to Stay, See and Eat in Bogota Colombia

I like to stay in Chapinero when I plan a trip to Bogota.


Because it will reduce your time in public transports and taxis. The traffic in Bogota is horrible. Roads are more congested than a Canadians stuffy nose in winter.

Indeed, Chapinero is located in the center of the capital, between the historic center and the party district.

Also, the area is safer than La Candelaria at night. Its because there are fewer gringo preys. But you should still be cautious

Lets see why you should stay in this Bogotas neighborhood.

A Complete Guide To Where To Stay In Bogota

Once thought to be too dangerous to deserve a visit, Bogota, the capital of Colombia, has been working hard to shake off its bad reputation and in recent years it has become a popular tourist destination in South America, thought to be one of the best cities in Latin America.

Located at 2644 meters above sea level in the Andes, Bogota is the third-highest capital city in the world and has a great array of interesting sights, good museums, excellent restaurants, cultural activities and nightlife. Whats more, Bogotanos are fantastic people welcoming, open minded, friendly. With so much on offer, it would be a pity to miss Bogota during your trip to Colombia.

The good news is that there are some very good hotels in Bogota but also some very bad ones . Some areas are great, others interesting but not tourist friendly. And some continue to remain dangerous and best avoided. The city is massive, and your experience will definitely depend on where you opt to stay.

Dont know where to start looking? Dont worry! I will help you find where to stay in Bogota, providing an overview of the best areas and a selection of good places to stay in each of them.

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  • Top Things To Do In La Candelaria

    R.M. Nunes

    Appreciate art at The Cultural Palace of Rafael Uribe, the Museo de Antioquia, and the murals of Pedro Nel Gomez next to Berrio metro station.

    Take pictures of beautiful religious buildings, including La Candelaria Church, which is Medellins first church and the landmark after which the area is known, San Antonio Church, the Metropolitan Church, the Church of San Ignacio, and Veracruz Church.

    Admire the architecture of the grand Palacio Nacional, now home to a shopping centre.

    Visit charming squares such as Plazuela San Ignacio and Plaza San Antonio.

    Visit the now-disused railway station of Ferrocarril de Antioquia and see one of the countrys few remaining steam trains.

    See the illuminations at Parque de las Luces.

    Shop along the colourful Avenida Junin, El Hueco, and Carabobo.

    Marvel at the sculptures at Plaza Botero.

    Stroll along The Playa, a street with elegant buildings such as Casa Barrientos.

    Relax in Parque de los Pies Descalzos

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    Where To Stay In Eje Cafetero A Guide To The Colombian Coffee Region

    Colombias Eje Cafetero, also known as the Colombian Coffee Region or Coffee Cultural Landscape, is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site. This popular tourist corridor encompasses the coffee-growing Colombian Andes departments of Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío and is especially famous for its mountainous landscapes, unique local culture, and, of course, its coffee culture. In this post, we will explore the best areas to stay in the Colombian Coffee Region.

    This incredible Colombian region is home to some of the countrys best national preserves, thermal springs, charming little villages, high-altitude lakes, and historic coffee-growing haciendas.

    Hacienda Accommodation

    Many traditional farms in the Coffee Region have been transformed into accommodation, so if you want to experience the world of coffee and Andean nature firsthand, we recommend these hotels:

    Colombias Coffee Belt is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. From a tourist perspective, this expansive region can be divided into two categories:

    First, you have the department capitalsManizales, Armenia, and Pereira. These medium-sized cities cant be considered tourist destinations by themselves but are the main gateways to explore the Eje Cafetero region whether youre flying there or traveling by bus.

    Additionally, the department capitals also offer taxi lines and ride-sharing apps.

    Best Hotel In Zona Rosa: Ghl Hotel Hamilton


    The GHL Hotel Hamilton is in a fantastic location for walking to the best bars, clubs, and restaurants in Zona Rosa winning the award for our pick for where to stay in Zona Rosa. The rooms have comfy beds and the hotel is located in a safe area. There are also many reviews saying the attentive staff was the best part of their stay.

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    How To Get Around

    TransMilenio is the public bus system that runs throughout the city, with most routes having bus service from 5 AM to 11:15 PM. Many residential neighborhoods are serviced by smaller feeder buses that connect to the main TransMilenio lines. You have the option of buying a single-use ticket or getting a Frequent User Card. If you are going to use the bus while staying in the best hotels in Bogota, then the Frequent User Card usually makes sense. Be careful when reading their maps because the east is at the top where north is normally located.

    Public buses are another option for getting around the city. While the TransMilenio buses run in their dedicated lane in the middle of the road, these buses use the lanes designed for regular cars. These buses, however, serve many smaller neighborhoods where TransMilenio buses may not be available.

    Taxis are also a great way to get from luxury hotels in Bogota to the places that you want to see. Be sure to phone the taxi company to arrange transportation. They will give you the license plate number of the car that is picking you up along with a code. Make sure that the license plate number matches, and that the driver knows the code to help ensure your safety. You will pay for the mileage that the driver takes you, so be sure that the driver correctly sets the meter is set when you get in the taxi. You need to know what type of cab you want because there are regular-car taxis, but many taxis in Bogota are motorbikes.

    Trendiest Area Of Bogot: Chapinero

    Chapinero is located in the eastern area of the city and is the trendiest neighbourhood in the capital. Zona T is a T-shaped pedestrian zone filled with small boutiques, bars, and clubs that is the heart of Bogotás nightlife and a hub for fashion. Another area of the neighbourhood called Zona G is also located in Chapinero, a little further south towards the historic centre of Bogotá. Zona G is a thriving culinary area and is where youll find the citys best restaurants as well as pop-up food stalls with daily changing menus.

    I lived in this area for 2 years and its one of my favourite parts of the city, with lots of parks, shops, malls, and small coffee shops. Chapinero is one of the safer areas to be in the city, while you should always be alert, I have walked around many areas of Bogotá in the evenings and during the day time and felt safe. My top tip is to stay closer to Calle 85 as this is a nice area with shops, Parque Virrey, and the Andino mall.

    Although appealing to tourists and ex-pats, Chapinero remains a neighbourhood where Bogotanos come for drinks after work and go partying on the weekend. Its also the place where youll find locally-owned small boutiques, no-chain coffee shops, and one-of-a-kind restaurants. Chapineros architecture is as diverse as its population with a mixture of skyscrapers and country houses.

    Pros & Cons Of Staying In Chapinero


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    Zona Rosa And Parque : Where To Stay In Bogot

    Basically, mid-class and upper-class Colombians head to the Zona Rosa every weekend to spend their money and dance like crazy, especially on paydays.

    But you dont have to be a partygoer to wish to stay in the north of Bogota. The districts like Parque 93 and El Chico are perfect for business people and families. There are many good restaurants, hotels are recent and comfortable, and its quite safe at night.

    A Modern Colombian Experience In Chapinero

    “BOGOTÃ?” Top 45 Tourist Places | Bogotá Tourism | COLOMBIA

    Cool, unconventional and a little rough around the edges,Chapinero is a large neighborhood characterized by its diversity, urban art and bohemian vibe. Its home to fashion boutiques, bistros , artisan bakeries, casual gastropubs, dive bars and venues showcasing electronic music and live alternative bands.

    Theres the famous Zona G, an eight-block ‘gourmet zone’ that boasts some of the citys most prestigious fine dining restaurants. A few streets from here, youll find Quinta Camacho, a commercial/residential zone made up of quaint red-brick, English-style houses, leafy lanes, fantastic specialty coffee shops and cutting-edge gastronomic experiences. Nearby Chapinero Central prides itself on having one of Colombias liveliest gay scenes. There are plenty of LGBTQ-friendly bars, plusTheatron, the largest gay nightclub in Latin America that attracts a crowd of all sexual orientations.

    Chapineros central location, between downtown and the northern suburbs, places you conveniently near all the action its only a bus or taxi ride away. You can lay your head at a budget hostel, mid-range hotel or treat yourself to a plush, five-star hotel bed.

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    Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Bogota

    Bogota is Colombias cultural capital a busy metropolis, surrounded by the peaks of the Andes. In this vibrant city, youll be treated to colourful local cuisine as well as being able to see elegant colonial buildings that have been transformed into hotels, shops and bars. Visit the Museo Botero del Banco de la Republica to admire some stunning Colombian art. Head to the Ciclovia on a Saturday- when the citys streets are closed- so that cyclists, joggers and dog walkers can enjoy traffic-free time. Take a stroll around the beautiful Jardin Botanico Jose Celestino Mutis, or hike up Mount Monserrate for stunning panoramic views of the city.

    When it comes to where to stay in Bogota, there is one area that really stands out – the Zona Rosa neighbourhood. This is the Tijuana of Bogota, the place to party. Almost every building and every entrance you see will lead to a nightclub, a bar, or a coffee place. There are few places in Bogota where you can be this social with great music – Salsa, EDM, rock, reggae etc. You are almost guaranteed to find a place that will cater to your individual taste in the massive list that comprises over 100 options.

    Hotel Morrison 84 by SercotelCl. 84 Bis ##1354
    197 – 229& dollar

    If you are interested in where to stay in Bogota, you may also be interested in where to stay in Cartagena, where to stay in Medellin and where to stay in Quito

    Luxury Suites & Residences Chapinero

    This beautiful condo-hotel is in the heart of Chapinero and is one of the best luxury hotels in Bogota. Its the perfect combination of having a spacious, well-equipped apartment and the luxury and convenience of a five-star hotel.

    The terrace offers panoramic city views, the restaurant serves an international a la carte menu, the bar has an impressive drinks and snacks menu, and theres also a well-equipped fitness center. The front desk is 24-hours and a buffet breakfast is served daily. The self-catering condos themselves are spectacular and feature kitchens, iControl, home theaters, and balconies.

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    Arche Noah Boutique Hostel La Candelaria

    This boutique hotel in Bogota has lovely cozy private rooms and bunk bed-free dorm rooms. The spacious terrace is the perfect place to catch some rays if youre lucky enough to experience a sunny day in Bogota, and the indoor communal areas are perfect for relaxing and meeting other travelers.

    The 24-hour front desk is manned by friendly and helpful staff who can recommend activities and book you on trips and tours. Breakfast is available each morning for a small fee, and theres great Wi-Fi throughout the hostel if you have work to do. If youre looking at boutique hotels in Bogota, Arche Noah is definitely worth considering.

    Luxury Suites And Residences

    10 Top Tourist Attractions in Bogota (with Map &  Photos ...

    By far one of the best places to stay in Bogota, this beautiful apartment complex is located in Chapinero and features a fitness room, a restaurant and a bar. Apartments are fully equipped for a wonderful stay, and have a good kitchen and even a living room. Families or groups can opt for the 3 bedroom one. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

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    Want A Quick Tip On Where To Stay In Bogota

    In a hurry to decide on where to stay in Bogota?Our favorite neighborhood in Bogota is Chapinero!A centrally located neighborhood known for its cool and relaxed hippie vibes, unique cafes and bars, best fine-dining establishments , and its authentic Colombia culture, staying in Chapinero is guaranteed to enhance your experience in Bogota.It is easily accessible, not too far from the airport and not too far from the historical center, perfect for travelers on a short trip to Bogota. The area is not dangerous but increased precautions should be exercised, especially at night.If this is your first time in Bogota, you cannot go wrong with the Chapinero neighborhood.

    Hotel Living 55 Chapinaro

    Despite the name, Hotel Living 55 is actually a series of self-catering apartments. Each one has a TV and a small kitchen featuring a microwave and refrigerator. Bathrooms are well equipped and the showers are powerful and hot, which is necessary for a city that gets a chilly as Bogota. Some of the apartments also have balconies and patios to enjoy city views from.

    The apartments still have many traditional hotel perks, including a 24-hour front desk and room service. A delicious breakfast is also served for an additional fee. Theres no wonder this hotel is constantly listed as one of the best Zona Rosa hotels in Bogota.

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    Near El Dorado Airport

    El Dorado International Airport is the most important air terminal in Bogotá and Colombia.

    It is located in the town of Fontibón, on 26th Street, west of the International Center of Bogotá.

    This is the main hub for airlines such as Avianca, with many connections to Colombian, North American and European destinations.

    Its surroundings are specially designed for visitors and, although it is not the area with the best attractions in Bogotá, it is the best area to stay in Bogotá on a stopover or for business travelers who need to be near the airport.

    Transmilenio stations in the area are Portal Eldorado, Modelia, Normandy, Avenida Rojas, and Tiempo-Maloka.

    It is an area of good hotels that, due to its not so central location, are usually cheaper than those in the City Center.

    What makes this the best area to stay in Bogotá

    • Bogotas airport

    The Historic Walled City Overall Best Area To Stay In Cartagena Colombia

    Top 5 places to visit in Bogota Colombia

    If you were to ask me, Where should I stay in Cartagena? I would answer immediately the Historic Walled City is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Cartagena.

    Cartagenas historic downtown, known as Centro, enclosed by its iconic city wall is probably the image that enticed you to visit in the first place. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, after all. Therefore, its no surprise that Centro is the top choice for what area to stay in Cartagena. It has many of the best hotels in Cartagena as well as lots of things to do.

    The Centro offers just about everything you could want when wondering which area to stay in Cartagena, from fine dining to street food, from upscale luxury hotels to backpacker hostels, from night clubs to high end cocktail bars, from craft beers to local watering holes, and everything in between. Best of all, its all in walking distance. Its also very safe. Staying in Centro in an AirBnB or VRBO with your family can also be a great choice if you are coming with a larger group.

    Furthermore, some of Cartagenas best attractions are located inside the walled city of the Centro, including the Gold Museum, Inquisition Museum, and Naval Museum . The Castillo San Felipe Fortress is also only a short 15 minute walk or 5 minute taxi ride.

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    Find the best travel deals for your next holiday

    An urbanized metropolis dominated by skyscrapers, Bogota is the stunning capital city of Colombia. Although you might think that the 21st-century has fully wrapped the city with its presence, thats where youre wrong. Swing by La Candelaria and youll be captivated by its quaint architecture such as the 16th-century Iglesia de San Francisco, Teatro Colón, and cobblestoned streets lined with shops and cafes. The public transport in Bogota is superb, which makes it easy for tourists to breeze through the city. Aside from that, the city also boasts interesting museums. Museo del Oro and Museo Botero are testaments to that. Planning to visit the Colombian capital soon? Browse through this list of where to stay in Bogota, Colombia.

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    If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, then you need to stay in La Candelaria. The neighborhood is rich in history, which you can tell in its cobblestone streets and old but timeless structures. Youll learn more about its history when you visit its many museums and art galleries where you can view regional costumes, know about Colombias revolutionary stories, and be in awe of its religious arts. The area is also home to many prominent government buildings. Here, youll also find a diverse set of accommodations, from family lodgings to state-of-the-art hotels.

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