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Best Area To Stay In Glasgow

Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Scotland

Top 10 Places to Visit in Glasgow | Scotland – English

Scotland is a small but mighty country with so much to offer visitors! If you can, we recommend visiting a few places in this guide to truly gain an understanding of the culture and history of the nation. Tartan, haggis and bagpipes are all interesting but there is so much more on offer if you scratch below the surface and really take in the country.

Edinburgh is our overall best pick because it is an excellent gateway to everywhere else on the mainland! We also love Glasgow, however, which is growing as a hub for alternative culture, nightlife and dining. It is also cheaper, and as the largest city has great transport links across Scotland and Northern England.

That being said, what you want to get out of your trip will shape where is best for you! If you only have a week in the country, we recommend picking one urban and one rural location to get a good overview of everything on offer.

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Where To Stay In Glasgow The City Center Is The Most Convenient Spot In The City

Stay in Glasgows City Center if youre only in Glasgow for a night or two and want to make the very most of your time.Glasgows city center is mighty convenient, and there are some fantastic hotel choices to pick from. If you arrive in Glasgow by train, youll likely be able to walk to your hotel, and youll be able to explore much of the city on foot as well. If you need to go somewhere that isnt walkable, Ubers and taxis are affordable, and the metro system is dead easy to figure out.Besides being convenient, the city center is full of cafés, restaurants and bars, attractions, and shopping, meaning youll never be lost for what to do.If youre coming to Glasgow for the first time, the city center is one of the best areas to stay in Glasgow. Similarly, its a great spot to stay for a short overnight or two-night stay in Glasgow, especially if youre arriving by train.

The 4 Best Neighbourhoods In Glasgow For Tourists

The city centre is the main tourist area of the city, with George Square located very central. Accommodation the city centre are numerous, from cheap hostels, apartments for rent to luxurious 5 star hotels.

The West End district has some unique amenities to explore. If one needs a quiet place, this is the place to come. The Police Museum is important, not only to the Scotland but to the United Kingdom at large. Other scenic features include the Riverside Museum, theatres, comedy clubs and art galleries. Hotels in the West End include the Albion, Argyll Western, The Kelvin Hotel West End and the Clifton Hotel. Some of the apartments in the West End neighbourhood include the Amadeus Services Apartments, The Grand in the Park, Luxury West End, 21A, The Botanic Hub West and the Trendy Apartment.

Finnieston is chilled and ideal for contemporary luxury. With popular entertainment spots such the Hydro, the thrill and fun that comes with this neighbourhood are ideal for parties and concerts. The area also has bars, shopping arcades and importantly, numerous hotels, B$B hotels and apartments to stay. Areas to visit in this district include the University of Glasgow, the Kelvingrove Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the scenic Victorian buildings. Hotels in Finnieston include the Sandyford, Arcon, Kelvingrove and the Alfred. Apartments are uncountable in this area.

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Things To See And Do In West End

Take a breather in Kelvingrove Park, the sprawling yet manicured grounds south of the suburb.

Sample a dram from the Clydeside Distillery. The location is in the name!

Walk down Byres Road, taking your time to choose a side-street to explore.

Get your cultural quota in at the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery.

Score a table at the Ubiquitous Chip, a Glasgow icon!

Where To Stay In Glasgow Finnieston

Where to Stay in Glasgow (Best Area and Places 2021)

Anchored by The Hydro the new arena that was built for the Commonwealth Games Finnieston has come into its own of late, earning headlines such as the hippest place in the UK, which Finnieston itself doesnt seem to be very bothered by.

Sitting to the west of the M8, sandwiched in between the city centre and tony Kelvingrove and the West End, Finnieston more or less runs along Argyll Street, sprawling north to Sauchiehall, with the riverfront area around the Hydro to the south.

If youre looking to stay in the neighborhood of Finnieston itself, weve recommended the Alamo, the Argyll, and the Lorne Hotel. If, however, youre coming to Glasgow for a concert, you may want to stay a bit outside of the uber hip parts of Finnieston, picking a hotel down along the Clyde river surely, the best area to stay in Glasgow for a concert at the Hydro. Those tend to be international chain hotels, and weve picked out The Crowne Plaza Glasgow, the Hilton Garden Inn, and the Village Hotel Glasgow as our top picks.

Hilton Garden Inn Past guests consistently rate this place well on value, comfort, and staff friendliness, as well as a great location right on the river and just across a foot bridge to the Hydro. Rooms are bright and inviting looking, and while nothing stands out as spectacular, this seems like a solid option that wont let you down.

Check Pricing & / TripAdvisor

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Best Hotel In Scotland The Lodge On Loch Lomond Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is a truly beautiful setting for a rural getaway in Scotland and if you can only visit one countryside location, this is our favourite! This hotel has its own boardwalk where you can soak up the atmosphere of the area, and many of the rooms come with balconies with views across the loch. The on-site restaurant features local produce, including seafood caught from Loch Lomond itself.

Where To Stay In Glasgow: 6 Best Areas And Neighborhoods

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Theres a stark, harsh beauty about Scotlands countryside. You feel lonely and humbled by the small nations splendor. In Glasgow, Scotlands second capital city, the feelings become even harder to ignore. But is this where you should stay while youre in Scotland? Do you really want to stay in Glasgow, especially when there are ancient golf courses and whisky distillery trips to enjoy? Sure, this is exactly where all visitors to Scotland should begin their highland adventure.

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Merchant City Where To Stay In Glasgow With Family

Part of the city centre, but with its own unique vibe, Merchant City is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Glasgow. In the mid 18th century, traders housed their tea and tobacco stockpiles in warehouses here. In the heart of merchant city is Royal Exchange Hall, a beautifully lit courtyard full of shops and restaurants, surrounding the Gallery of Modern Art.

In August, the Merchant City Festival brings street art, music, dance and all kinds of entertainment from all over the world to celebrate Scotlands City of Music. Theres a wide range of Glasgow accommodation in Merchant City, with hostels, hotels and B& Bs to choose from.

Best For First Time : City Centre

GLASGOW Travel guide, top 5 best places to visit in Glasgow Scotland

George Square is the centre of Glasgow everyone has to come here as a first-timer. The square overlooks the amazing architectural designed buildings, numerous hotels, entertainment joints and cultural heritage centres.Nearly every street in Glasgow has an eatery joint serving delicacies: the best of English and Scottish food. The Merchant City has shopping areas and romantic gateways within the vicinity. The area is accessible to by rail, road and airport.

Where to Stay in Glasgow City Centre

  • Best Luxury Hotels in Glasgow

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Best Airbnb In Finnieston Super Stylish Apartment

If you want to stay in one of the top ten neighbourhoods of the UK, then your apartment has to be just as good. This stylish Airbnb is a great choice if you want to explore the nightlife of Finnieston. The apartment is so comfortable its going to make your hangover only half as bad . Bring friends along for company theres enough space for 5 people.

Where To Stay In Glasgow What You Need To Know

Glasgow is the great city of Scotland and one of the most visited in the United Kingdom, next to Edinburgh and London.

It is located on the banks of the Clyde River, in the southern area of the so-called lowlands of Scotland.

The city is particularly famous for its cultural movement. Recitals, ballet, operas, museums, galleries, bars and live music clubs are among the things to see in Glasgow.

Its old town exhibits the best of Scottish Victorian architecture, with outstanding monuments such as the Cathedral, the University, and the Clyde auditorium, popularly known as the Armadillo of Glasgow.

Unlike the rest of Scotland, the climate in Glasgow is quite humid, with temperatures similar to those of the north of England. The best time to travel to the city is from March to August when temperatures rise and daylight stays longer.

It is one of the best-connected cities in the United Kingdom since it has the Glasgow metro system, one of the oldest in the world, as well as a rail system that works from the central station.

Glasgow has two airports, the Glasgow International Airport for international flights, and the Glasgow Prestwick International Airport to the southwest, which covers short flights of low-cost airlines.

Central Glasgow consists of large commercial avenues such as George Square, Argyle Street, Sauchiehall Street, and Buchanan Street.

Heres a guide with the best areas to stay in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Where To Stay For The First Time In Glasgow

If its your first time in Glasgow, its best to stay in the city centre. Though it can be busy and bustling, its the best place to soak up Glasgows atmosphere and its in the best position to explore all of Glasgows other areas.

If you stay in the city centre, youre well-located for all of Glasgows top attractions, events and areas of interest. By staying here, you can visit all that Glasgow has to offer.

Above, weve already listed the best three options in this area. But in case you missed them

Western Isles One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In Scotland

Where to Stay in Glasgow (Areas + Favourite Hotels 2021)

Gaelic culture goes back centuries and many of Scotlands best known cultural symbols can be traced back to the Celtic clans that once inhabited the land. Whilst this has significantly diminished since Scotland joined the United Kingdom, the Western Isles is the last bastion of the gaels.

It is the only part of the country where Scottish Gaelic is still spoken at a native level, and the intimate atmosphere results in a truly unique experience. Locals also speak English, so getting around is easy but we do suggest learning a couple of customary phrases. These will help you get by in social settings such as ceilidhs which tourists are more than welcome to visit.

The Western Isles are also home to some real hidden gems in terms of natural beauty. Many of the beaches here wouldnt look out of place in the Caribbean, and the beach on Barra is somewhat a wonder as it also serves as the local airport.

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Glasgow North West Where To Stay For A Local Experience

North West Glasgow is one of the citys most diverse communities. Slowly, you will see that you are living the hustle and bustle of the crowded city and you are getting closer and closer to the Scottish countryside as you venture further North West from the West End district. North West Glasgow is the perfect place to stay for a local adventure or get a sense of real community.

If you are lucky enough to visit Glasgow in summer you can go rafting or sailing on one of the many, many channels or spend your time in nature by visiting the wetlands and countless other outdoor spaces available to you in this large part of Glasgow, Scotland. Kids will love The Childrens Wood and North Kelvin Meadow!

Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Glasgow

Glasgow is an easily navigable city, built in a very logical style, so youll have no problem working your way around.

If youre like one of our crew though, and have no sense of direction, this guide will be invaluable in orienting yourself within the city. Hell, even if youre a human compass, the guide will get you where you need to go!

And staying in our best hotel overall Dakota Glasgow will give you that touch of luxury to make your stay a little more special.

Thats it for our travel teams tips and tricks for Glasgow. So get to your trip calendar, and lock in your Scottish visit theres a plate of haggis waiting with your name on it!

Do you own an awesome hostel, hotel or apartment? Want to be featured in our list? Email to find out how.

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Where To Stay In Scotland: The Best Spots In 2022

Occupying the northern part of the island of Great Britain, Scotland is one of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom. With a famously independent spirit, it is a truly unique destination in Western Europe with a lot to offer. Many visitors come for the scenery and heritage attractions, but Scotland also boasts some friendly nightlife, a burgeoning culinary scene and the biggest cultural event in the world the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Split between the populous central belt and the rural areas in the Highlands and the south, Scotland is more complex than its size might suggest. There is a big difference in what the cities and the countryside have to offer, and it is therefore important to get an idea of what you want to get out of your trip before you arrive.

Thats where we come in! Weve consulted locals, travel experts and bloggers to bring you this guide to the eight best places to stay in Scotland. Whether you want awe-inspiring glens, intimate live music venues or just a few drams of whisky we have you covered.

So lets get started!

Where Are The Best Areas To Live In Glasgow For A Student

Best Places to Stay, Eat and See in Glasgow Scotland

The moment has come: youve accepted your university or college offer and youre off to live the student life in Glasgow! The excitement is real and youre already making a to-do list. First up: finding a place to live.

If youre new to the city, Glasgow can seem confusing. Its a sprawling sort of town and all the place names probably merge into one. Were you looking in Anniesland or Anderson? Govanhill, Gorbals or Govan? Dalmarnock, Dennistoun, Dowanhill or Drumchapel?

If only someone could make a guide to help you out.

Well, youre in luck! Weve created this comprehensive guide to the best areas to live in Glasgow for students. So go and grab a cup of tea and get ready to take some notes!

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Recommended Area: Central Glasgow

Central Glasgow is formed by three of the most important districts of the city: The Financial District, Theater District, and Merchant City.

It is the best area to hire tourist tours, the best-connected area, and nightlife district in Glasgow.

George Square is the most popular street in Glasgow and is located in this area. It is the old town with attractions such as the Cathedral, the Lighthouse, the University, other Victorian monuments, and some public statues.

A few meters away is Buchanan Street, the renowned shopping street of Glasgow, where the Buchanan galleries, the Italian centre, the St. Enoch centre, and the luxurious Princess Square stand out.

Here all the attractions are nearby, so it is possible to walk from an attraction to the other.

To leave Glasgow Central, you can take the metro at the central station, at the small stations of Buchanan Street and Argyle Street.

The most luxurious hotels in the district abound in Buchanan Street, while George Square offers mixed accommodation.

In both streets, there is great food, a lively nightlife, and the best transport connections.

Central Glasgow is the best area to stay in Glasgow, thanks to its attractions, nightlife, and central location.

What makes this the best area to stay in Glasgow

  • Best area for nightlife
  • Best area for business travellers
  • Best area for sightseeing

Why Stay In Glasgow City Centre

  • The best area if youre short on time .
  • The Central Station and Buchanan Street train and bus stations connect you to the rest of Scotland.
  • The last stop of the Airport Express is Buchanan Street bus station.
  • A major part of the tourist sites is here: Cathedral, Necropolis, Provands Lordship, George Square and many museums.
  • There are two main shopping malls the Buchanan Galleries and the St. Enoch Centre.
  • Some of my favourite restaurants and cafes are located here. Wilson Street Pantry and Singl-end are great places for breakfast or lunch. Go to Obsession Of India or Bread Meats Bread if you are looking for a delicious dinner. Spend the rest of the evening in Gin71 or BrewDog.

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Things To See And Do In Southside

Find a PG rated flick to share with the family at Luxe ODEON.

Burn off that popcorn with a ramble through Festival Park. Better to take your wellies if its been raining.

Watch the kids go crazy at Wonder World Soft Play Glasgow.

Climb the Glasgow Science Centre Tower for the best view over the city.

Wander down the riverfront and plan the next days adventure northside!

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