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Best Area To Stay In Malta

Why Stay In St Julian’s Bay

Amazing Places to Visit in Malta – Travel Video

West of Sliema, St Julian’s Bay is a great area to stay in if you’re looking for a winter escape, with plenty of resorts on offer. Moreover, those into the clubbing scene will be happy here as it’s very close to the buzzing nightlife of Paceville but away from the noise which generally puts people off staying there.

Valletta is only a bus ride from here for some Maltese history and culture and Sliema is a quick ferry ride away to enjoy all the amenities there, so this is a great base to stay in Malta. There’s a good range of luxury to budget accommodation and plenty of choice concerning restaurants and bars.

St Julian’s Bay is ideal for people looking to enjoy a fun party and unwind. You will have clubs and casinos at your doorstep. Just 15-minute walk from the centre of St Julian’s Bay you have George’s bay beach.

If you want culture and a local way of life, you will need to grab a car or public transport to a nearby location to explore historical aspects of Malta.

St Julian’s is clearly the best tourist location for those who come to life when the night comes. There’s only one beach here that’s notable, and that’s George’s Bay beach, which is maintained but can be overcrowded.

Megalithic Temples Of Malta

Strangely enough, despite its size and isolated location, Malta is home to one of the oldest prehistoric constructions in the world. They create a whole complex of megalithic buildings, and, what seems to be temples. These massive blocks remain to this day in unchanged formation, in various locations across the islands. Many of them, now designated UNESCO Heritage Sites, add to the very long and rich history of the islands.

The oldest and best-preserved site resides on the sister island of Gozo, which gives you yet another reason to visit it. Because these ancient sites are spread in few places, its best if you get a map of the Temples of Malta. You can easily find them in one of many tourist information centers on the island.

Getting to see those ancient sites is a unique experience, which you wont forget. Among the sandy beaches, restaurants, vibrant streets, and nightclubs of Malta, the megalithic temples make the island even more interesting. It certainly adds yet another color to the Maltese pallet.

Visit Popeye Village Malta A Film Set Of 1980s Musical Production Popeye

If youve ever dreamed of stepping into a real-life movie set, dream no further. Popeyes Village will give you the opportunity to feel like an actor even for a day and enter a world where fantasy meets reality.

Located at Anchor Bay, only 3 km from Mellieha, the 1980s Popeye musical film set is the perfect place to be with family.

Youll get to see people dressed up as Popeye, Olive, and Bluto. A day full of puppet shows, short animation performances, games, and giant water trampolines that kids will surely love. Another bonus is if you are obsessed with mini golf, you will find the best local course for free!

Theres also a free speedboat ride around Anchor bay is also worth taking for sure, as this will give you a taste of Popeyes day sailing in the sea.

If, like me, you have Popeyes village on your list of things to do in Malta, staying in the neighborhood is possible with the spectacular view over Anchor Bay awaiting you. Let me share with you the best accommodations in the area.

Lucky us, Popeyes Village is located in the town of Mellieha where there are luxurious 5-star hotels such as Radisson Blu Resort & Spa nearby to another super comfortable hotel at a good price like Solana Hotel & Spa.

NOTE: An average summer ticket for adults is 15 and 12 for children, whereas winter ticket prices are 11 for adults and 9 for children.

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Guide To Maltas Towns Centres And Neighbourhoods

Small, sun-drenched, and strategically positioned in the sparkling Mediterranean between North Africa and Sicily, every inch of Malta is historic in one way or another. Its incredible Crusader forts and churches are well known, but Malta is also dotted with neolithic temples, its cliffs are packed with fossils, and its coastline is littered with shipwrecks. Maltas landscape is rocky, in warm shades of red and ochre, so it makes for an unusual backdrop to relax against, one that means youre unmistakably on holiday.

Malta has three islands to it, Malta, tiny Comino and Gozo. Most of Comino is a nature reserve, and there are only a few towns and settlements on Gozo, Victoria being the largest. Malta island is small, as far as square kilometres are concerned, but theres a lot to do here, and most visitors plan to do some travelling. You can catch ferries between the islands, and around the main island, which is an especially nice way to explore, though Maltas bus network does a very good job of connecting the island, and theres a fairy regular service between the large centres and places of interest. The roads, and driving conditions, are fairly safe for visiting drivers, but theyre not so great for cyclists yet, so a bit more planning is required if this is how you want to get around.

Why Stay In Three Cities

Where to stay in Malta 2021

This is a more unconventional choice, which makes it perfect for those looking for a unique off-the-beaten-path place to stay in Malta, with plenty to offer for tourists and travellers. Three Cities is made up of Birgu, Senglea, and Cospicua, three areas each with their attractions, so you’ll never be short on things to do.

Visit all three within a day, so whichever part you choose to base your accommodation in, you’ll be able to walk to the other two parts easily.

Birgu is the old capital of Malta so there’s plenty of history to explore in Three Cities, but if you need more cultural spots, then Valletta is only a busor ferry ride away. There are plenty of opportunities to experience traditional Maltese life around the Grand Harbour and the choice of restaurants, cafés, and street food is excellent. This is the place for people looking for an authentic, cultural getaway.

We recommend renting a car if you decide to stay in Three Cities because this area is on the opposite side of Valletta and Sliema. It’s worth mentioning that you won’t be close to nightlife either, so this is an ideal location for a laid back traveller who wants to stay in a historical place but is willing to go out and explore by car or public transport.

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Best Places To Stay In Mellieha

The Artist Terrace Apartments is just 1.6 kilometers from Mellieha Bay Beach, and while the nearest airport is 22 kilometers away, the property offers shuttle service. All units are also air-conditioned and come with a sofa, kitchen, and flat-screen television.

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Tourism In Malta: Overview

Malta, a small Mediterranean gem that has it all. If you look for sandy beaches, water sports or busy nightlife, Malta has it. If you look for cultural experience, historical places, museums or archaeological sites, you can find it there as well. And if you want your visit to be accompanied by a beautiful scenery all around, Malta has it.

The country of Malta consists in fact of 2 main islands: Malta and Gozo, as well as a few other, smaller islets. The two islands are quite different from each other, both in scenery, and the pace of life. Your holiday in Malta would not be complete without visiting Gozo. You can reach the second of the Maltese islands by ferry boats frequently available from Valletta and Sliema.

The biggest point of entry to Malta is the Malta International Airport, located in Luqa. It is well served by the countrys flag carrier Air Malta, and many other European airlines.

The public transportation system is well developed in the country of Malta. Most places are easily accessible by bus, which we recommend using while your stay in Malta, for the fact that the island constantly struggles with a lack of parking places, particularly in summer. Renting a car for a longer period, can somehow turn a bit frustrating at times. Malta, as a former British colony, is a left-hand driving country.

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Where To Stay In St Paul’s Bay

You want to be close to the beaches in the north of Malta and have a great hub for coastal exploration. We’ve selected a handful of hotels that come with great reviews, so your travels can be as comfortable and wonderful as possible. Select from below the best hotel suitable for your budget and remember that this area gets very busy in the summer, so you might want to book as swiftly as you can.

Rabat And Mdina Area The Baroque Towns

Where to stay in Malta – The best 5 areas

These are two of the most attracting places of Malta, based on a mix of baroque and medieval architecture enclosed in fortified walls on top of a hill.

The history of Mdina dates back to 4,000 years ago and once you cross the gate of the city, you may feel suddenly in a time machine, an open-air museum, so beautiful, so unique.

Mdina is also called the silent city, mostly because of the absence of any kind of noise.

Even the cars are not allowed within the walls.

And this adds up to this idea of an impossible place to find. You may actually think its a ghost town.

Also for this reason, Mdina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

Mdina and Rabat were once behind the same fortified walls. Following the Arab invasion, Rabat was separated and the wall destroyed.

Rabat was the film set of a few scenes of the beautiful film Munichin 2005.

Rabat is nowadays more of the commercial hub, more modern, much greener and with a bigger population too.

Interesting enough, Rabat is considered being the birthplace of Maltese Christianity. The Apostle Paul lived here in 60AD, according to tradition.

Both towns are also close to the beautiful sea cliff and the Golden Beach, making it an attractive place for sunbathing as well.

Mdina is a great place to stay if you are after a romantic or nostalgic stay. Most of the accommodations are in baroque buildings, making it a unique experience.

Here you can find the highest concentration of boutique hotels.

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Marsaxlokk Where To Stay In Malta In A Fishing Village

The other serious working fishing village oozing with lots of authentic seaside charm, Marsaxlokk still resembles the fishing port that remains at the mainstay of its locally based economy. Residents of this far southern locale are mostly Maltese.

Day trippers swell the population of the town as they come down for the twice-weekly market, to try the famed seafood restaurants along the seafront, and for walks along the sea and views of the colorful traditional Maltese seaside fishing fleet of little boats and a few larger ones.

Hotels here are practically non-existent, and Marsaxlokk has this in common with Marsascala its relative neighbor of the South.

Guest houses and rooms for rent fill the smaller demand for places for visitors to stay in lower to mid-end budget accommodations.

The South remains a backpackers paradise and delight with some of the islands best unspoiled nature, and visitors will see many of them haunting such interesting local landmarks such as St. Peters Pool and the Blue Grotto in Zurrieq.


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St Julians The Best Place To Stay In Malta For Nightlife

St. Julians is located just north of Sliema and a few kilometres from Valletta.

As you may already know, St. Julians is the best hangout destination in Malta for the travellers who seek a good and long nightlife.

Paceville, an area in the centre of St. Julians, is well known for nightclubs as well as bars, which offer a great hangout experience, till easily the early hours of the morning.

St. Julians is also renowned for its restaurants, both in Paceville and surrounding the Spinola Bay area, with its long promenade which runs all the way to Sliema.

Entertainment in St. Julians has no limits with a bowling centre, a shopping complex and Maltas largest cinema complex.

Head to St. Georges Bay for the man-made beach.

Its probably not the best in Malta, probably not even a good one, but certainly within walking distance to any accommodation.

St. Julians is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Malta for nightlife, with a crowd mostly based on young couples and singles looking for a fun night, however, still searching for an easy beach to access or good accommodation with a pool.

The Hotel Valentina is one of the best options in St Julians, including spacious rooms with air conditioning and modern amenities.

It is right in the centre of the action, however, so well insulated that you will not hear any noise.

There is also a pool on the rooftop which offers a great view. Although advertised with a 3-star hotel price, it definitely offers 4-star service and facilities.

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Best Airbnb In Xlendi: Unique Seafront Flat In Xlendi

Located on the fourth floor, this unique seafront flat in Xlendi is a real gem! Offering sweeping views of Xlendi Bay the clean, homely and well-equipped accommodation is within easy walking distance to the beach. So you will be able to go for a swim whenever you feel like it! All the main bars, restaurants, shops and nightclubs in town are situated near it too. While you can catch a bus, that will take you all around the island, from a stop that is just 500 metres from the property.

Where To Stay In Three Cities

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You love history, and you want to be in Malta’s old capital. We understand because this is a gorgeous area, easy to reach by car and public transport. We hand-picked a variety of hotels to suit your budget and lifestyle, so your trip to Malta will be spectacular. Our curated accommodation comes with high recommendations and great reviews.

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St Pauls Bay A Family Oriented Destination

Proceeding north of Valletta, around 30 minutes from it, St. Pauls Bay is one of the favourite destinations for families with kids.

St Pauls Bay is actually a municipality organised in different villages and towns. A few of them are mostly inhabited by the local Maltese community.

Bugibba and Qawra are the two popular towns with tourism, that become quite busy during the summer months.

There is not a clear demarcation between the two towns. In fact, you can stay in either of them and you will not notice the difference. Moreover, you can walk between the two in just a few hundreds of meters.

You can clearly see that the area has been built in the last few decades with the total absence of the nice baroque style you can find elsewhere.

These towns are mostly catered to families, with resorts offering swimming pools and services with particular attention for the kids.

There are a couple of beaches in the area. The Ta Fra Ben Beach and the Bugibba Beach.

They are both reclaimed beaches with rocky seabed. Take some sandals with you to enter/exit the water. They will make your life more comfortable.

St Pauls Bay is the best place to stay for families if you are looking for an organised resort, including all the facilities for young kids and offering the possibility to explore Malta with single days trips, either pre-organised or with a rented car.

There is not much nightlife around. However, there is a wide choice of British pubs to have a beer and some live music.

A Day Trip To Comino And Blue Lagoon

Your Malta trip wouldnt be complete without a visit to the famous Blue Lagoon in Comino Island.

The island welcomes you with its incredibly scenic views and cliffs, hidden beaches, and blue grotto or sea caves. You can also hike to the coastal towers and check out historic buildings of the past.

You can get to the main island of Comino and Blue Lagoon in just half an hour by boat from Malta. Boats leave every 45 minutes and you can check the schedule and pricing here and here.

There is no accommodation on the island itself so if you want to stay as close by as possible, I recommend choosing a hotel like The Duke Boutique Hotel in Gozo or the Radisson Blu in Mellieha.

PRO TIP #1: Make sure to bring some water shoes as there are no sandy beaches here, just a flatter area with rocks to sit on. It can be a bit slippery, but once you enter the water you will be fine, the lagoon itself is sandy.

PRO TIP #2: For lunch, you can stop by the food trucks with cold drinks, burgers, and hot dogs. But if you want something healthy, you can either bring it yourself or buy some fresh fruit and drinks in pineapples.

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Why Stay In Valletta

Surrounded by Baroque architecture, this is the main cultural hub of Malta, where you’ll find no shortage of museums to visit and historic palaces to explore. Stay here if you want to be within walking distance of some of Malta’s best restaurants, wine bars, and cafés.

There’s plenty to keep you occupied for several days before even considering day trips, so if you’re looking for a city break where you can discover Malta’s history with minimal excursions, then Valletta is a wonderful choice for accommodation and a great place to stay in Malta.

Valletta is also a great hub as it has excellent transport facilities including the bus terminus and ferry facilities to Sliema, The Three Cities, and even Sicily.

Valletta is especially suitable for mid and luxury travellers. Valletta is full of boutique hotels and luxury 5-star resorts and can even be short of those during peak season, so booking early is keythis is a base for those looking to splurge. So make sure to book your hotel well in advance. Stay in one of the gorgeous hotels in the capital city that offer sweeping views of Grand Harbor across Valletta.

Valletta is the best place to stay in Malta if you want luxury, bars, and restaurants right at your door step. Valletta is the ideal place to stay for the cosmopolitan traveller who wants to enjoy Malta in style.

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