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Best Area To Stay In Tijuana

A Few Top Tours In Tijuana

Tijuana (Mexico) á? Things to do | Best Places to Visit | Top Tourist Attractions âï¸?

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Where To Stay In Tijuana: Best Areas And Hotels

The best areas to stay in Tijuana for both first time and returning tourists are te neighborhoods of Centro Tijuana, Playas De Tijuana, Zona Rio, Rosarito, Chula Vista. In this post, we will be looking at where to stay in Tijuana for tourists and best hotels in each area.

First settled in 1889, Tijuana is located in the extreme northwest of Mexico, in the Baja California State, on the Pacific Coast, and directly on the United States Mexico Border. It is the second-largest city in Mexico and, with it being just 15-miles from San Diego, which is the 8th most populous city in the entire US, it makes it one of the most active border crossings anywhere in the country.

Anyone who wants to explore the most historic part of the city and be surrounded by its most popular attractions will want to stay in Centro, Tijuanas downtown area. Similarly, if you like the idea of having the city center feel but would prefer the hotels and restaurants in the area to be a little higher class and more diverse in range, then Rio Tijuana may be the place for you.

Perhaps you love ocean views and want to stay by the coast during your trip, in which case there are two great options, Playas De Tijuana and Rosarito. The beachfront neighborhood of Playas De Tijuana is the nicest part and one of the safest areas of Tijuana, while Rosarito are is ideal for anyone seeking vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches.

Best Area:

Enjoy The Tijuana Craft Beer Scene

Tijuanas craft beer scene is booming. There are over more breweries and tasting rooms popping up all the time in Tijuana. Plaza Fiesta has over 10 tasting rooms including Insurgente, Madueno, and Fauna.

If you are looking for great beer and a great view, check out Norte Brewing Company. They have seven beers on tap including Amber Ale, IPAs, Pale Ales, Porters and Blondes. They also offer samplers.

Fair warning: The taproom for Norte Brewery is a little hard to find. Its a little off of Avenida de Revolucion and north of 4th street. You enter the parking garage and take the elevator to the fifth floor. Upon exiting the elevator, turn to the left and youre at the entrance.

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Best Neighborhoods For Food And Drink

Tijuana’s diverse nightlife is one of its main draws, as is its delicious cuisine. Booking a hotel near the banks of Rio Tijuana will put you in easy reach of some of the city’s trendiest restaurants and Plaza Fiesta, the unofficial home of the city’s growing craft beer scene. Full-fledged beer fans may prefer to stay in Tecate, a small city northeast of Tijuana best known for brewing the famous lager of the same name. Downtown Tijuana, also known as Centro, is also a great option for booking a room, with delicious local fare available on a maze of streets lined with rustic taquerias, traditional cafés, and international chain restaurants.

Recommended hotels in Tijuana Centro

Do You Need Travel Insurance

The 15 best tourist places in Tijuana that you must visit ...

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How To Move Your Belongings Across The Border To Tijuana

At this point, youre ready to move your things into your new home so you can start settling in. When crossing the border into Tijuana with all of your things, you will most likely be stopped by customs. They will require you to declare a value of all of your belongings and charge you an import tax on them. The amount you have to pay depends on what you bring with you. New items are taxed at the highest rate.

There two ways to go about moving your belongings to Tijuana. You can:

Extravagant Hotel In Valle De Guadalupe El Cielo Winery & Resort

Enjoy wine tastings, vineyard tours, and gorgeous scenery right on your doorstep at this beautiful hotel nestled among the mountains of Valle de Guadalupe. They also offer their own winemaking experience, so youll get to carry your own piece of paradise home with you to show off to your friends. Transportation to Ensenada and Tijuana is included in the price.

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Discover The Secrets Of Downtown Tijuana

Downtown Tijuana is the most happening area of this Mexican city. Its officially known as Colonia Zona Centro and is right next door to the notorious Zona Norte: Tijuanas red light district and one of the largest such areas in North America.

Its in the Downtown area that youll find the most popular places in the city , and for good reason. Avenida Revolución is filled with bars, colourful markets, good food, and a lot of people. Exploring this long strip of town is easily one of the most popular things to do in Tijuana Mexico. Fun fact: Its on this road that, apparently, the Caesar Salad was invented.

Wheres The Best Area To Stay

Where to stay in Tijuana: Best Areas to Stay in Tijuana, Mexico

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Best Place To Shop For Souvenirs

You can find traditional Mexican-made items everywhere in Tijuana. There are shops everywhere selling clothes, hats, shoes, jewlerly, art kitchen items and so much more. When shopping in Tijuana there is one thing you never want to forget: prices are flexible! Most vendors expect you to negotiate the price.

Gorgeous Mountain Views In Ensenada Casa Ensenada Bay View

Ensenada is known for its gorgeous views, and this villa up in the mountains means youll get to enjoy them from the comfort of your own pad! The architecture is rustic and traditional, giving the whole property a laid-back vibe. Centro is only a short downhill walk away, so youll be close to all the main attractions, restaurants, and beaches.

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Stylish Villa In Valle De Guadalupe Periferia Suite

Looking for a secluded getaway near the best vineyards in Mexico? Look no further than Periferia Suite! This spacious villa has everything you could possibly need for a short stay in the heart of wine country. With one spacious bedroom, it is a favourite with couples looking for a romantic break. They also provide vegan skincare and haircare products, so youll leave with an enviable glow.

Money While Living In Tijuana

Best Areas to Stay in Tijuana, Mexico

One hassle of living in Tijuana is having to carry 2 currencies. Dollars are accepted pretty much everywhere in Tijuana but it is generally cheaper to use pesos.

Getting pesos is easy. There are ATMs and currency exchanges on nearly every corner. If you are making a bigger purchase it is best to ask the price in dollars as well. Depending on the exchange rate, it may be cheaper or more expensive. It doesnt hurt to ask.

To avoid ATM withdrawal fees and currency exchange fees, you can read my guide on thebest debit card and credit card to use internationally.

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Rosarito Where To Stay In Tijuana For A Resort Experience

Rosarito is a great place to stay in Tijuana if youd like to enjoy a little joy . Located just 20 minutes away by car from Tijuana, Rosarito is a true resort town. Yes, this is also a party town.

The beaches and dance clubs here get especially packed when college students from the United States come down for spring break.

Rosarito is also a popular destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties because of all the excursions and experiences that can be booked.

The main attraction here is beautiful, bustling Rosarito Beach. This picturesque beach is lined with world-class resorts that attract everyone from college kids to Hollywood celebrities.

Rosarito is an amazing place to stay as a launching point for incredible excursions. Countless local tour operators offer wine tours, tequila tastings, horseback rides on the beach and motorcycle rides in the mountains.

Many people who stay in Rosarito slink off to Cerro El Coronel to explore hiking trails in the beautiful Mexican mountains.

The vendor markets on Blvd. Benito Juarez Garcia are extraordinary for procuring some one-of-a-kind arts and crafts from Mexican artists.


Centro Tijuana Where To Stay In Tijuana In Central Location

Centro is the downtown area of the city, located on land that was originally a ranch owned by Don Santiago Arguella until the mid-1800s. In modern times it has become the historical district of the city, as well as its hub of tourist and economic income.

The Avenida Revolucion runs through the heart of the district. The first paved road in the city, it became a popular destination for tourists as far back as the prohibition area, when Americans would cross the border seeking to legally purchase alcohol.

Over the years this has led to a collection of hotels, cantinas, dance bars, shops, art galleries, casinos, concert venues, and a number of other tourist attractions springing up to accommodate the influx of visitors.

You can even take the unique opportunity to have a , which is a donkey painted to look like a zebra.

At the beginning of the Avenida Revolucion within a short stroll from the Mexican and US border, you will find 60 meters high Monumental Arch that welcome visitors.

Other interesting churches are the colonial and neo-classical architecture of Catedral de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe the 1960s in the Romanesque style of San Francisco De Asis Temple.

If you are interested in Tijuanas history, you must visit the Museo de Historia de Tijuana, the Wax Museum which exhibits about 100 wax copies of celebrities the Museo del Coleccionista the A La Raza Monument and the Museo de la Lucha Libre .


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Insurance While Living In Tijuana

Speaking of healthcare, another thing to consider while living in Tijuana is that your US health insurance most likely wont cover you while youre in Mexico. Even though healthcare is much cheaper in Mexico, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance so you are covered in case of a catastrophe.

I have always used World Nomads and have had good luck with them. They can cover you in the event of injury, medical emergency, or even theft. They even have plans for Americans living abroad. For more information and a free quote, you can check out my travel insurance page.

Wine Tasting In Tijuana

Best Hotel To Stay In Tijuana|What They Are Not Telling You About Tijuana Mexico #zonanorte #tijuana

If you cant make it to Valle de Guadalupe, G Salinas Enoteca wine bar in the next best option. This is an excellent wine bar with a good selection of hand-picked wines from Valle de Guadalupe. They offer a great rotating selection of wines by the glass as well as a fridge with some good Mexican bottles of beer as well as some light munchies such as cheese and charcuterie plates.

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Play Some Games At Plaza Mundo Divertido

Plaza Mundo Divertido is an amusement park and theres tons to do here. Not only are there rides for children, making it a good place to go with kids in Tijuana, but theres plenty of other stuff for adults too. Go karting is pretty cool, but the bowling alley at Plaza Mundo that comes particularly highly rated.

So if youre looking for something cool to do in Tijuana, and you like the sound of a ton of arcade games and a bunch of other fun stuff to do and somewhere thats open till 9pm then we think youll love this place. Definitely fun.

Violent Crime In Tijuana

2019 is turning out to be one of the most violent years in Tijuana history. While living in Tijuana witnessed one violent crime. You can read my story about being inside a Tijuana bar during an armed robbery here. Tourists are not targets for violent crime in Tijuana but it is possible to be caught in the crossfire.

For more information, check out my full article on safety:Is Tijuana Safe? Avoiding Common Scams and Crime.

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Monthly Cost Of Living In Tijuana

$800-$1000 per month would be a comfortable budget for a single person. With that budget, youll be living an average middle-class lifestyle. Youll have a decent apartment in a good area. You could afford to eat at restaurants and enjoy nights out on occasion. Youll mostly use shared transportation but could afford the occasional taxi or Uber ride.

With a budget of around $2500 per month, youll live an upper middle-class lifestyle. You could afford to live in a large furnished apartment with a pool and gym. You could afford to pay for private transport and, a cleaning service, and even a cook if you wanted.

If youre on a tight budget, you could survive in Tijuana on as little as $300-$500 per month. In this case, youll have roommates and cook most of your own meals. You could afford to go to a movie or have a couple of drinks a couple of times per month. Youll use shared transportation to get around.

Monthly Cost of Living in Tijuana Breaks Down as Follows

The U.S. Mexico border

Tijuana Beach The Best Place To Stay In Tijuana By The Water

Tijuana, Mexico (With images)

Stay near the boardwalks of Playas de Tijuana if you want to be at the meeting point of serene Pacific waves and Tijuanas bustling streets.

This is considered by many to be the Venice Boardwalk of Tijuana. Youll have about four miles of boardwalk to explore all around you when you find a hotel or condo perched by the water.

The beautiful boardwalk is lined with fruit stands, churro stands, trinket vendors, bars and restaurants that keep things interesting even though this section of the city is very quiet when compared to other spots.

The nice part about staying in Tijuana Beach is that you can easily reach here from the citys center.

What really makes this one of the best places to stay in Tijuana is that most tourists have no idea that this peaceful coastline is hiding away just beyond all of the action!


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Move Your Belongings By Yourself

This is the cheaper method but requires more work on your part. Simply pack up your own vehicle and drive your stuff across the border to your new place.

If you choose to move yourself, youll have to deal with customs by yourself. This means that youll have to determine the value of your belongings when you cross so you can pay the proper taxes. This sounds easy but can turn into a headache if you dont know what youre doing.

If you dont have much stuff, you may be able to reduce the amount that you have to pay by making multiple trips. When you cross with just a couple of bags, youll just look like a tourist and wont be charged or even stopped.

If youre not moving any furnature or large items, you can just pack a couple of suitcases and walk across the border like any other tourist. Thats what I did.

Best Hostel In Tijuana North Hostel

Located just a stones throw from the beach and boardwalk itself, with all its bars and eateries, this top hostel in Tijuana is a cool place to stay with a welcoming atmosphere. Its a great place to chill out after a busy day exploring the city.

You can meet likeminded travellers from all over the world in the common areas. All rooms have recently been renovated and are known to be very clean and comfy. If you dont feel like giving up your privacy, the hostel also offers very affordable private rooms.

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