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Best Hotel To Stay In Zurich Switzerland

Zrich Airport For Flying

Where to stay in Zurich ? Alex Lake Zürich Luxury Hotel (Switzerland)

Lastly, we always like to include hotels by the airport for those who need them. Just so you know, Zürich Airport is located to the north of the city about 15 minutes driving and 10 minutes by train connections.

The airport is easy to get to by train from Central Station with frequent connections throughout the day. That said, if you want to book an airport hotel to be sure you make your flight, youve got hotel options.

Below are two of the better hotel options for staying close to Zürich Airport:

Radisson Blu Hotel Zürich Airport Check Now

  • Style: A Classy and Simple Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range

Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport Check Now

  • Style: A Modern and Colourful Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: In Glattbrugg a town ten minutes from the airport.
  • Features: Restaurants and fitness centre onsite, free shuttle to the airport!

Have You Chosen The Best Hotel In Zurich

As you can see, there are a huge range of Zurich hotels to choose from. With choices ranging from larger chain hotels to smaller spa hotels, Zurich has something to suit every traveller.

We hope this guide to our pick of the best hotels in Zurich has helped you to choose where to stay when you visit this vibrant Swiss city.

More articles to help you plan your visit to Zurich:

Best Places To Stay In Zermatt

The main street, Bahnhofstrasse, has plenty of Zermatts hostels, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and shops. Its best to stay close to the main street so you can have easy access to all you need!

Best Airbnb in Zermatt: Matterhorn Valley Rental

This rental is for a private room in a bed and breakfast styled Airbnb. Its a warm and welcoming home that offers complimentary breakfast each morning. Youll be snug as a bug in a rug at this cozy rental!

Best Hostel in Zermatt: The Matterhorn Hostel Zermatt

The Matterhorn Hostel is the perfect place to stay in Zermatt for a ski trip! Its located right in the village in a rustic timber house. The rooms are comfortable and warm, and there are both dorms and private rooms available.

Best Hotel in Zermatt: Le Petit Charme-Inn

Le Petit Charme-Inn is a lovely hotel located just a seven-minute walk from the ski lifts. Youll love hanging out on the rooftop terrace and checking out the panoramic views of the slopes and the Matterhorn mountain! There is ski storage available, as well as a delicious breakfast buffet! Youll be situated right on the main street close to all the action!

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Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues Geneva

Its hard to imagine a more natural fit than Four Seasons and Geneva, which is why the Canadian chains renovation of the celebrated Hotel des Bergues on the banks of the Rhone makes so much sense. The Hotel des Bergues features 103 rooms and suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and a quietly elegant Anglo-Franco townhouse decorthink almond green, Wedgewood blue, and terra cotta color schemes and toile de Jouy motifsby Paris decorator Pierre Yves Rochor. Built in 1834, this old-world charmer has been updated with a rooftop Japanese restaurant and a 24-hours fitness center.

Best Hotels In Zurich Switzerland

Central Plaza Hotel Zurich is a gay and lesbian friendly hotel in Zurich.

The Swiss are known worldwide for many things, such as skiing, chocolate, watches and FIFA. One thing I believe that often gets overlooked when it comes to Switzerland is the incredible hospitality you will find all over the country.

This is why staying in a hotel in this country is a must, you dont want to miss out on the amazing staff service and high-quality facilities! In this section you will find the very best Zurich hotels broken down into three different budget categories, all handpicked by me for your convenience!

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Best Apartments In Zurich Switzerland

There are alternative accommodation options in Zurich if you dont like staying in hotels, dont worry! If you are coming with a family, coming for business and need your own space or plan on staying for a week or longer, then perhaps staying in a Zurich apartment would be a great option for you! Plus, apartments are a great option for travelers looking for budget places where to stay in Zurich, as the rates for them are definitely lower compared to the hotels!

Here are my best handpicked options for you, both on Booking and on Airbnb, so you can have a choice:

Hotel Glrnischhof By Trinity

The excellent location in the trendy quarter of Zurich makes the Glarnischhof a very popular destination with many tourists. There is a wide variety of shops and boutiques in the area that will delight shoppers. If work is closely related to your rest, then there are all conditions for combining business moments with rest, because there are many business centers within walking distance.

The rooms of this institution allow you to enjoy a luxurious vacation without even leaving the rooms, and all thanks to the excellent furnishings, large space, exquisite design, high-quality and comfortable furniture and, of course, rich household equipment. Well, outside the rooms, you can soak up like in a spa, or go to the sauna, or actively sweat in the modern gym.

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Basel One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In Switzerland

Basel sits on the Rhine River in the northwest of Switzerland. Its quite close to the borders of both France and Germany, which means that if youre doing a euro-trip, Basel is a great city to stay in to launch your Switzerland leg. What makes Basel so unique is that it has a bevy of art galleries, opera houses, theatres and performing art venues, as well as museums. While you wont be close to the Swiss Alps, the vibrant arts and culture scene really make Basel a worthy city to visit.

From the Museum Tinguely to the Fine Arts Museum of Basel to the Kunstmuseum, theres so much to see! Speaking of the Kunstmuseum, this is actually Switzerlands largest art museum with the widest spectrum of art on display! Plus, the entire room dedicated to Picasso is a real treat!

Furthermore, walking around the Altstadt, Basels old town, is a true delight and an Instagram oasis! Youll see a wide array of Swiss unique national heritage sights! There are some high calibre hostels in Basel.

Best Hotel In Zurich: Motel One Zurich

Zurich Switzerland | TOP Sightseeing | Widder Hotel Review TOO!

Motel One is tucked away in central Zurich. Its a short walk from major sightseeing and historical landmarks, as well as great options for shopping, dining, and nightlife. This three-star hotel offers cosy rooms with essential amenities. Theres also a social in-house bar and free wifi throughout.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It is a global hub for banking and finance and is home to the headquarters of many national and international companies.

But theres so much more to Zurich than business and banks. The city is ensconced by stunning natural scenery thanks to its location on the shores of Lake Zurich. It also boasts a rich and diverse history and is one of the top places to stay in Switzerland for culture and nightlife.

Altstadt is Zurichs Old Town. Located at the heart of the city, this neighbourhood is compact and cosy, perfect for exploring on foot. Its proximity to everything makes it perfect for budget travellers.

Across the river is Bahnhofstrasse. One of Zurichs downtown districts, this is where youll find popular sightseeing attractions, fascinating culture, and a fantastic selection of Swiss restaurants. If youre visiting for the first time, this is the best place to stay.

Zurich West is one of the newest and coolest neighbourhoods in the city. Its packed with trendy cafes, hip restaurants and stylish boutiques.

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Where To Stay In Zurich: The Coolest Neighborhoods And Zurich Districts To Explore

The city of Zurich is divided into 12 administrative districts, known as Kreise, with central Zurich being District 1. These are all serviced by trains and buses which are time and energy efficient, and connect the outlying districts to the city center.

The best places to stay in Zurich for tourists are the more central districts, which offer the most in terms of tourist attractions and convenience. So whats the best location to stay in Zurich? It really depends on what youre looking for

  • Best Area to Stay in Zurich Overall: City Center and Old Town Zurich
  • Where to Stay in Zurich for One Night: City Center and Old Town Zurich
  • Where to Stay in Zurich for First Time Visitors: City Center and Old Town Zurich
  • Where to Stay in Zurich for Nightlife: Langstrasse and Zurich West
  • Best Area to Stay in Zurich for Shopping: City Center
  • Where to Stay in Zurich Near the Lake: Seefeld

Another bonus to choosing one of the central districts of Zurich is the fact that these areas feature regular tram services from early to late. In this environmentally minded city, trams offer speedy movement with minimum pollution, and offer visitors an unparalleled view of the streets on the journey to their location of choice. Add to this a bustling network of boat travel and even some cable cars, and you can easily pep up your stay by mixing and matching your forms of public transport.

Explore the Best Zurich Neighborhoods Easily with a Zurich Card

Learn More

Best Hotel In Switzerland Hotel Victoria Lugano

Right on the shore of Lake Lugano, Hotel Victoria gives guests truly dramatic and beautiful views of the lake itself and of Mount Bre too. This historic building is a dream come true. During the summer months, youre also able to dine outside on the terrace. Inside the hotel itself, there are two restaurants and even a dancing club that is completely soundproofed!

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Zurich West Where To Stay In Zurich On A Budget

Historically an industrial quarter used for ship-building and engineering, Zurich West is now one of Europes trendiest neighborhoods and an amazing place to stay in Zurich.

Architecture aficionados will love the steel high-rises and looming railway arches while fashionphiles will enjoy popping into upscale boutiques and finding curated international pieces.

Zurich West is Zurichs certified cultural district and in between old warehouses youll find a vibrant art and culinary scene. Speaking of art, take a visual tour of some of Zuirchs best work at the reformed Löwenbräu Complex.

Kunsthalle Zurich is one of Switzerlands most renown art museums and hosts a rotation of exhibitions and performances all year-round.

Youll also find several art galleries, including Galerie Francesca Pia and Bob van Orsouw, as well as a quaint bookstore on the ground floor.

When youre ready to get some eats in, check out Frau Gerolds Garden. Established in 2012 and within close proximity to Prime Tower , this hip spot is a must-visit all year-round when the weather is nice.

Peruse through the distinct stalls and food trucks and you may even find a vintage gem or two.

For more shopping , stop over at Viadukt, the strip of upscale boutiques under the railway arches.

As night approaches, the place to be is Zurich West, and locals would agree. This area boasts bars and clubs to rival other major European cities, so be prepared to dance the night away.


Introducing Zurich A Little Big City Youre Sure To Love

Where to Stay in Zurich

I fell in love with Zurich after falling in love with a Zürcher . Leaving behind the world of womens magazines in London, I embraced Switzerlands culture and language and made Zurich my home. I found that writing travel guides for companies like Kuoni to Fodors allowed me to really get to know my new home and the people who lived there, providing me with secrets of the city that only the locals are usually privy to. After all, the city that gave birth to the outlandish Dada art movement is bound to be livelier than its official banking center image suggests.

Reliable public transport isnt around just for festivals, meaning you can choose what area to stay in Zurich without stressing too much, as youll be able to reach all the other Zurich districts fairly easily to check off the sites on your list and explore all the best areas of Zurich!

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Hours Hotel Zurich West

Since Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in the world, why not explore it in style? You can do exactly that at the 25hours Hotel Zurich, as the hotel provides a mini cooper for guests to use, free of charge! Imagine, visiting some must-see sights around the city in the Italian Job style. Itll definitely be an unforgettable vacation!

As for the facilities, the rooms at 25Hours Hotels Zurich are decorated in bright colors. They all come with standard amenities such as air conditioning, as well as a private bathroom with a shower. If youre among those who have trouble sleeping without listening to music and find it uncomfortable to do so while wearing earphones, youll be pleased to know that the rooms here are equipped with the UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker. No more tangling wires, no more bulky earpieces, just lay down on the soft bed, and enjoy your deep sleep!

Breakfast at Neni is highly recommended, as the hotels restaurant serves a wide range of world cuisines. You can order Persian, Russian, Arabic, Moroccan, Turkish, Romanian, French, Spanish, German, and even Austrian menus. If this isnt impressive, we dont know anymore! But please note that since this place is quite popular, you might want to book a place in advance before dropping by.

Recommended Restaurants/bars In Zurich:

  • Didis Frieden If you consider yourself a culinary enthusiast, dropping by here is a must, as this restaurant is among the top-rated in Zurich. Most of their menus are available depending on the season, such as the venison steak with wild mushrooms and red wine-shallot jus. This is usually a hot spot in the summer, so its a good idea to book in advance.
  • Kraftwerk Once a power station, this place has been transformed into a dining establishment with classic style and vintage furniture. Enjoy seasonally driven menus such as aubergine caviar and fennel salad with hazelnuts and orange. If youre looking for a great atmosphere for dining as well as socializing, this is the place to be.
  • Haus Hiltl Founded in 1898, this eatery holds the Guinness record for being the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world! Satisfy your appetite with exotic menus such as Thai curries, Mediterranean grilled vegetables, and Indian delights. Throw a couple of laughs while enjoying your meal, as this cafe carry an informal vibe.

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Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Switzerland

As the land of incredible mountains and milk chocolate, planning a trip to Switzerland is definitely a good idea. Whether you want to soak up some romantic vibes in Lucerne, or check out the art scene in Basel, or go skiing in Zermatt youre sure to have an incredible trip! Hopefully one of our Switzerland accommodation options caught your eye! The lodging in Switzerland can get a bit pricey, its not Indonesia after all, but we hope that you found your dream hotel, Airbnb, or hostel on our list!

Do you own or run a kick-ass hostel? Want to be featured on this list? Get in touch at

Niederdorf And Oberdorf: Old Town Zurich Is One Of The Best Areas To Stay In Zurich

Best Hotels in Europe Baur Au Lac Zurich Swiss Luxury 5 star

On the other side of the River Limmat is Altstadt, or Old Town Zurich. Here among medieval alleyways and squares are a host of markets, interesting shops and international eateries galore. It is also fast becoming the coffee shop center of town, featuring establishments like the incredibly kitsch Conditorei Schober and its chocolate delights, to the understated chicness of Café Henrici, with its more contemporary offering.

Old town Zurich is where the Dada art movement was founded and you can still visit its birthing place, the Cabaret Voltaire bar/café. In this area there are also many of the fine guild houses and guildhalls many of which date back to the 14th century. Rising above the higgledy piggledy alleys is Grossmünster church, perhaps Zurichs most famous landmark, from whose towers you can look out on a 360° panorama of the city, the river, and the lake, with a backdrop of mountains in all their glory! It makes a great landmark to use while youre navigating the streets of central Zurich!

Together with the city center, Zürich Altstadt is the best district to stay in Zurich for tourists searching for the perfect combo of convenience, charm, and things to do. The city center is also home to some of the best hotels in Zurich. There are also plenty of fantastic hotels in Zurich Old Town, meaning you wont be starved for choice.

Best Hotels in Zurich Old Town

Check Pricing & Availability

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Langstrasse Where To Stay In Zurich For Nightlife

This small district north of Old Town, adjacent to Zurich Main Station, Langstrasse is where to stay in Zurich for nightlife. There are hip hotels, nightclubs and casinos in Langstrasse, which was once the red light district of Zurich.

There are also many restaurants, and a few parks, but the location makes it easy to visit other areas of Zurich in the day time. Being such a lively area, its not the best place to stay for families, but anyone looking for a fun time out on town will love staying in Langstrasse.

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