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Best Hotels To Stay In Iceland For Northern Lights

Best Hotels In Iceland For Northern Lights

Best Northern Lights Hotel Iceland

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Finding the best hotels in Iceland for the northern lights is a top priority for most travelers visiting the Nordic country.

The aurora borealis, or northern lights, consist of multi-colored streaks twirling through the skies, almost hypnotizing you with their dance.

They are best seen on crisp, clear Icelandic nights in winterSeptember through April.

The island is famous for magical displays of nature and rugged beauty. Meaning a visit anytime would be an incredible experience.

But to get an opportunity to see the northern lights checked into an amazing hotel with excellent service and accommodations as a base?


Thats why weve researched the best hotels in Iceland for northern lights by compiling verified guest ratings.

Our favorites are listed based on location, amenities, service, and, of course, food and drinks.

Now lets get mesmerizeduh, started.

Arctic Gourmet Cabin Sweden

What happens when you combine fantastic gourmet cuisine with the sights of Northern Lights? You get fine living, such as the one offered by Arctic Gourmet Cabin in Sweden. These exclusive stays at cottages in the wilderness will indulge you into a life that you have only dreamt of. An authentic Swedish experience, it is also quite big on sustainibility.

Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel And Spa

The Blue Lagoon is possibly the number one must-see attraction in Iceland, and has been luring visitors to its silica-rich, milky blue geothermal waters for decades.

Of recent construction, the exclusive Retreat Hotel and Spa is surrounded by moss-covered lava fields and has its own private lagoon, with infinity pools and lava canyons.

Designed with its guests privacy and well-being in mind, this luxury retreat offers spa treatments and a fine dining experience at the onsite Moss restaurant.

Its secluded location aside from the main Lagoon, together with its panoramic windows and terraces, canyons and pools, makes for an incredible take on the northern lights experience.

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When Should I Go To Iceland

There’s never a bad time to go to Iceland depending on what you want to see and experience.

However, if you’re keen on seeing the Northern Lights, your best bet is booking a trip between mid to late October through early March. Just note, it’s never a guarantee that you will see them and weather conditions change on a dime in Iceland. Winter also sees harsher weather, and if might be more difficult to drive around the island if that’s something you want to do.

Canopy By Hilton Reykjavik City Centre Reykjavik

The 8 Most Unique Hotels in Iceland I Totally Iceland

Another hotel in Reykjavik center that we recommend is Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Centre . As the name implies, the hotel is located just 50 meters off of Laugavegur, the shopping street that runs right through the heart of Reykjavik. The Harpa Concert Hall is just a 5-minute walk away and restaurants, cafes and nightlife are practically on your doorstep.

The hotel is housed in six connected historic houses and though Hilton is a globally known chain, loads of local Icelandic touches are incorporated into the hotels design and artworks by local artists adorn the walls. Youre welcomed with a local treat at check-in and the hotel provides complimentary bicycles for guests to get easily get around town.

Aside from the extra comfy Canopy bed with gel memory foam and Serta Cool Balance® Technology, the rooms are all equipped with a mini fridge so you can stock some snacks and drinks and a Nespresso machine. Wifi and breakfast are complimentary. Plus, theres lots of little extras like included evening tastings in their Canopy Central coffee shop and other surprises.

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Best Luxury Hotels In Reykjavik Iceland To See Northern Lights

Reykjavik, Iceland is a place filled to the brim with cultural, historical, and natural wonders.

If youre like other travellers, youll want to see the Northern Lights and what better way to do it than unobstructed views from your hotel

To get the most out of your trip, weve looked into over 400 properties in Reykjavik, checking rooms with window views, balconies and rooftop access.

Here are the best luxury hotels in Reykjavik where you can enjoy perfect views of Northern Lights at night.

When To See The Northern Lights In Iceland

Because of its high northern latitude, Iceland is a country whose calendar is dominated by winter. The short summer and shoulder seasons are popular for many tourists who want to explore Iceland without snow and ice. But when can you see the northern lights in Iceland? If youre chasing the aurora, youll want Icelands dark winter months to help you.

Icelands long winter is the best time for seeing the northern lights in Iceland. Between and , longer nights give you ample opportunity to see the aurora if the weather permits. is the wettest month of the year in Iceland , so keep that in mind when youre planning a trip since clouds are more common then too.

What about the other seasons in Iceland each year?

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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort: Glass Dome Hotel Northern Lights

One of the most unique ways to see the northern lights is by staying at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. This is one of the most popular places to stay as there are two different types of glass igloos to choose from.

The first is a smaller two-person igloo that is perfect for a romantic getaway. The second, four-person glass igloo is perfect for a group of friends. Both options provide the utmost luxury, boasting private ensuite showers and toilets.

While youre waiting for the northern lights to appear, you can spend the day enjoying various arctic activities, including cross-country skiing, ice-fishing expeditions, and even snow tank safaris.

Each activity will not only give you a chance to explore your surroundings, but youll get to see the Finnish Lapland from a unique perspective.

Hvolsvollur One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In Iceland

Where to see the northern lights in Iceland

Now lets talk about tiny Hvolsvollur is an absolutely teeny-tiny town located in South Iceland. It only has a population of 950 people! What makes staying in Hvolsvollur so unique is not just the sheer novelty of staying in such a tiny town, but also the number of wonderful hiking routes in the area. One of our favorite hike involves seeing the strange rock Drangurinn that sits by the farm Drangshlíð, which is under the towering Eyjafjöll mountains.

Photo: Diego Delso

Hvolsvollur is also just a hop, skip, and a jump away from some of Icelands other beautiful sites such as one of Icelands oldest swimming geothermal pools, Seljavallalaug which is just 27 miles away. Plus, there are natural caves and lovely waterfalls just a quick drive away too!

So choosing to stay in the tiny town of Hvolsvollur will bring you even closer to your travel companions, and to some of Icelands most beautiful landmarks. Stay off the beaten path in Hvolsvollur, and cozy up with all that is, well, incredible!

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Magical Pond: Northern Lights Finland Igloo Hotel

There is nothing more magical than spending the night under the stars in Finland. Thankfully, Magical Pond offers you the chance to do just that.

Youll find Magic Pond located in the Finnish Lapland near the famous Ruka Ski Resort. The modern igloos, which draw inspiration from Scandinavian style, allow visitors to observe nature as close and comfortably as possible.

Magical pond stresses the importance of being environmentally friendly, so the hotel makes use of local and organic products in its igloos. This includes handmade dishes, linen beddings, and wooden sinks.

With so much thought and effort put into the Magical Pond igloos, it should be no surprise that this is rated among the best hotels in Finland to see the northern lights every night.

The Arctic Treehouse Finland

Seeing the northern lights requires a lot of dedication and time spent outside in freezing cold temperatures unless you happen to get a room at this hotel. At the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, each treehouse suite has a panoramic window offering views of the skies so you can enjoy the frequent displays of the aurora borealis from your own room. They even have underfloor heating and specifically positioned beds so you can stay cozy while you wait to see the lights. It sure beats standing outside in the snow.

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What Are Current Iceland Travel Restrictions

Iceland travel restrictions are subject to change on June 15, but at present, passengers traveling to Iceland need to pre-register via Iceland’s official government website. Vaccinated travelers and anyone previously infected with COVID-19 must show proof of their vaccine certificate and do not need to take a COVID test prior to traveling.

Vaccinated travelers are still required to take a test upon arrival . Unvaccinated passengers from low risk countries are permitted to travel as long as they adhere to testing and quarantine regulations. You can find more information about current rules and travel restrictions here.

While border requirements are subject to change by June 15, it’s expected that if anything, restrictions will only be loosened. It’s also important to follow government guidelines, which you can find here, as well as driving conditions around the island which you can find here.

Reykjavik Where To Stay In Iceland On A Budget

Cosyness in Hveragerði, top class in Reykjavík

If youre looking for the best city to stay in Iceland for the overall health and happiness of your wallet, Reykjavik is the way to go. Lets be real. Iceland is expensive. When wondering where should I stay in Iceland on a budget, yessiree, the answer is Reykjavik.

Not only will you be close to the airport and to great public transportation options, but youll also have the cheapest choices for lodging in Iceland available to you. Plus, there are a lot of free things you can do in Reykjavik too! From doing a free walking tour of the city, to hiking Mount Esja, to visiting the beach of Nautholsvik. If you didnt want to miss out on the geothermal pool action, dont think that the pricey Blue Lagoon is the only option out there. You can visit free, or cheaper, hot springs around Reykjavik. The website Hotpot Iceland can provide more information on that for you!

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Luxury Lodge L7 Finland

In the wild remotes of Finnish Lapland, about a two-hour drive from Rovaniemi, is a luxurious log cabin called Lodge L7 . Nestled on the shore of Lake Äkäslompolo and close to Pallas-Ylläs National Park, L7 offers everything from gourmet dining to a spa, and it has a large outdoor Jacuzzi for watching the northern lights. There’s even an outdoor fireplace, perfect for warming up after a day out in the cold spent cross country skiing, snowmobiling, or on a husky or reindeer safari.

Recommended Photography Equipment For Taking Photos Of The Northern Lights

Mirrorless or DSLR Camera | Personally, I prefer mirrorless cameras because they are really lightweight. Ever since I started blogging in 2016, Ive been using the Sony mirrorless series.

I now use a Sony A7 II camera body, which is a step-down from their top-tier full frame camera, but it is still professional grade. Before that, I was using a Sony A6000, which is a more affordable option.

Wide Angle Lens | Besides your camera body, youll also want to make sure you have a wide-angle lens .

As a rule of thumb, full frame camera gear tends to be pricier than crop sensor gear, but you will be able to capture a lot more of the night sky with a full frame camera with a wide angle lens than you will with a crop sensor, which has a magnifying effect.

Lens Warmer | If you have a large camera lens, you may want to grab a lens warmer which will keep your camera from icing up.

Sounds weird, but trust me, it happens a lot when shooting the Northern lights

Hand Warmers | It gets super cold while waiting for the Northern lights a lot of the time!

These rechargeable hand warmers are great to keep in your gloves or mittens, or in your pocket to keep your batteries warm!

Extra camera batteries | Be sure to have lots of extra batteries with you, fully charged.

The cold will zap the battery way faster than you are used to! This four-pack of Sony-compatible batteries will serve you well.

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Best Hotels In Iceland For 2022

From Reykjavik to remote rural spots to view the Northern Lights, these are the best hotels in Iceland

Green by definition its energy provided by more than 200 volcanoes and a huge number of hot springs Iceland is a must-visit for anyone who loves nature in its rawest, wildest incarnation. And the best hotels in Iceland are the perfect place to start if you’re planning an adventure to the Land of Fire and Ice.

In Iceland, glaciers loom roadside, waterfalls thunder down within arms reach, geothermically toasty rivers invite you to strip off and plunge right in, and whales leap out of the sea beside you – it’s a place like nowhere else.

But while this country is all about the great outdoors, the best hotels in Iceland respond to the landscape in very special ways, providing alfresco amenities such as hot tubs but also warmly welcoming interiors that emulate rather than try to rival the landscape.

Local stone, wood, grasses and other materials are used in their construction – as seen most dramatically in the Torfhús Retreat with its green-roofed turfhouses – and earthy, sombre palettes echo the colours of the local moss, heather, berries and black-sand beaches.

Check out the best hotels in Iceland for 2022.

Youre right on hand for the Myvatn Nature Baths, a naturally heated artificial lagoon with mineral-rich waters that make it a good alternative to the Blue Lagoon across the island.

How Do I Find Iceland Hotels With Hot Springs

The ULTIMATE Guide To Iceland’s Northern Lights

Geothermal hot springs are ubiquitous across all of Iceland. The most popular hot springs are, of course, found at the Blue Lagoon. But if you’re looking for a hotel with hot springs, you’ll notice we included two on this list that offers hot springs as an amenity.

Additionally, TripAdvisor lists some of the top-rated properties that have their own hot springs.

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The Retreat At Blue Lagoon Iceland

You’ve heard of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s world-famous open-air spa fed by geothermal seawater, but what about the ultra-luxury hotel right next to it? As well as offering easy access to the Blue Lagoon itself, The Retreat has a rooftop viewing deck for watching the northern lights. Even though it’s busy by day, at night it’s a private inlet of a super-dark UNESCO Global Geopark on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, perfect for viewing the aurora.

Harbour View Cottages Grindavik

Being in the Grindavik region, Harbour View Cottages is 15 minutes away from the Blue Lagoon and about 30 minutes away from Keflavik International Airport, making it a perfect stop after your long flight or before you head home. The convenient location aside, you will get to stay in a personal cottage that has an excellent view of the sea in front of it.

The 10 cottages are well-furnished with beautifully decorated interiors. You even have a front patio to chill out on to enjoy the sights better. As you indulge in the luxury offered to you, marvel at the Northern Lights in Iceland that has steadily appeared in the skies while you were busy enjoying the cottages facilities.

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Levin Iglut: Finland Igloo Hotel

Whoever said spending the night outdoors is an unglamorous activity has clearly never heard of Levin Iglut. Located on the slopes of the Utsuvaara Fell in Finland, Levin Iglut offers a unique perspective of the northern lights.

There are a total of 15 Superior glass Igloos, each of which features 360° of glass ceilings allowing you to see the aurora Borealis no matter what direction youre looking.

There are quite a few glass igloos you can choose to stay in. This includes the Suite Igloos, the largest of all the igloos measuring 53 m². Another option is the Prime Superior Igloos, which measures 23 m² and has space for two extra beds if youre travelling with children.

How To Get To Iceland And Get Around:

Northern Lights Bar, Iceland: Have you seen this hotel? Great food and ...

Keflavik Airport is the main international airport in Iceland. It is located about a one-hour drive from Reykjavik and is only about half an hour from the Blue Lagoon. It is in the southwest of the country.

This is why most visitors tend to visit the Blue Lagoon on the first or last day of their trips. I think it is a great way to end a trip.

Flights to Reykjavik

Without question, the best way to see Iceland is to Hire a Car. Not only will it save you a fortune it is the best way to see most of the sites that Iceland has to offer. Most of the key sites are free eg the Golden Circle so if you have a car costs drop dramatically especially if you are with a group.

And make sure you read this great post on 12 Things to Know Before Visiting Iceland before you get on the flight!

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