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Best Island To Stay In Hawaii For Honeymoon

Airfare Cost To Hawaii

Best Honeymoon Destinations In Hawaii

Airfare can always vary but in general, a trip to Hawaii will cost around $450 round trip per person. Flights from the midwest will run around $500 $650 and from the east coast closer to $700. If you plan on going between islands those flights are very affordable on Hawaiian Airlines or Southwest Airlines. They run all day, every day, and usually cost between $50-$80 each way.

My Choice For The Best Resort On Maui

Some of the best honeymoon resorts on Maui are the Hotel Wailea, The Andaz Maui, and the Travaasa Hana. If you want a quiet, adults-only experience but still stay close to the action, I recommend the Hotel Wailea.

Prefer to stay at an eco-friendly, trendy, high-end resort? The Andaz Maui cant be beaten. If you prefer to stay away from it all in a beautiful, luxury resort, check out the Travaasa Hana. While there are no actual all-inclusive hotels in Hawaii, the Travaasa Hana comes close, offering options that include your meals.

You can also check out the 10 best resorts on Maui for more options.

How Popular Is Hawaii For A Honeymoon

Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the top destinations for honeymoons, at least for Americans. Maui made The Knots list of best island honeymoons, for its breathtaking sunrises, horseback riding, and unforgettable snorkeling.

Despite a slight decline , Hawaii still remains a top honeymoon destination, with well over 260,000 honeymoons for every six months.

Perhaps thats not so surprising when you consider that a staggering 7.6 million tourists visited Hawaii in 2017.

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Best Island To Visit In Hawaii For First

Hawaii is a destination youll no doubt want to visit more than once. From world-class snorkeling and surfing spots to tropical beaches and fiery volcanoes, this collection of islands is amongst the finest in the world.

Whether youre a history buff, a nature lover or simply looking for blissful relaxation youll find a treat for all your senses.

Be beach bums on the many miles of beaches, indulge in the most luxurious resorts, and have a dream vacation.

With limited time during your stay, you might just want to know which is the best island to visit in Hawaii.

Theres such an incredible range of great options to choose from its tough to choose just one island!

But dont stress, this article does the heavy lifting for you.

Here are some things to consider when choosing which Hawaii island to visit.

Is Kauai Good For Honeymoons

10 Most Popular Honeymoon Resorts in Hawaii

Arguably the most beautiful island, Kauai is the perfect destination for honeymooners seeking adventure. Kauai has plenty of beautiful resorts for relaxing by the beach/pool or a spa day. Kauai also has more adventure activities than you can imagine. While Kauai is more remote than the other islands on this list and is perfect for anyone looking to getaway.

The list of adventure activities on Kauai is long, but a helicopter tour or sunset sail down the Na Pali coast is a must. Check out more of the best Kauai adventure activities here.

If you love to hike, Kauai offers some of the most amazing hikes, including the 11-mile one-way Kalalau Trail. If you arent feeling up to an 11-mile hike, there are plenty of other hikes you can try. Check out my post for the best hikes on Kauai.

The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas

Kauai is also perfect for surfing, kayaking, or even just hanging out on a secluded beach. If being on an island with no large towns doesnt bother you, and you love being outdoors, Kauai is one of the best islands in Hawaii for honeymoons.

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Choosing Which Island To Visit

Deciding which is the best Hawaiian Island is an integral step in planning your trip to the Hawaiian Islands. The word best is subjective, of course, as each island has its own unique charm and personality. Its also worth noting that while many people visit just one island, others choose to do a little Hawaiian Island hopping and see even more.

After youve taken the quiz, come back here and get an even better idea of what each island has to offer.

What Should You Pack For A Hawaii Honeymoon

  • Sunscreen never understatement the sun in Hawaii, even if it rains!
  • Portable Phone Charger this one needs no explanation, youre on an island, there arent many plug sockets on the beach.
  • Waterproof Bag/Case For Phone/Camera perfect for photography at the beach.
  • Hiking/Comfy Shoes while flip flops and sliders come in handy, they arent great when it comes to hiking up a volcano, so bring some shoes safe for hiking.
  • Sunglasses theres nothing worse than lying on the beach with the sun in your eyes, so bring some sturdy sunglasses.
  • All The Necessities clothes, towels, toiletries the whole works .
  • Fancy Outfit being your honeymoon, it goes without saying that you may enjoy some fine dining whilst on holiday, so bring appropriate dinner attire!
  • A Good Book theres never a better time to get off social media than when youre on the beach in Hawaii. But to keep preoccupied, bring a good read along with you!
  • Insect Repellent possibly the only downfall when it comes to holidays in Hawaii mosquitoes!
  • A Beach Bag while its not for everyone, its always a good idea to bring an extra tote bag to take with you, even if you arent a beach lover!

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Lanai Exclusivity And Remoteness Vibe

Lanai is located just nine miles off of the coast of Maui, but it can sometimes feel like an island lost in time. Not only is it the smallest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, but its also the most secluded.

Its one of the less popular tourist destinations in the archipelago, so you can get more of a feel of the local flavor here, and theres still plenty to explore despite its smaller size. And just because its small doesnt mean that its not accessible.

Airports on both the main island and Maui offer direct flights to Lanai, and you can also take a ferry from Maui if youd prefer to not fly.

If Maui has a reputation as the Hawaiian island for those who want to see and be seen, Lanai has a reputation as the Hawaiian island for those with the wealth that can afford luxury and privacy at once.

It has an air of exclusivity thats appealing, and 98% of the island is actually owned by a singular investor: Oracle founder Larry Ellison. The other 2% are simply private homes, and that means that almost all of the places to stay in Hawaii on this island are going to be expensive resorts.

You can expect to spend at least $140 a night and spend nearly two hundred to make it to the island in the first place. And your options are limited too. To maintain the secluded reputation of Lanai, there are only three hotels on the island.

Sweetheart Rock offers one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world with a sky thats rich with pinks, blues, and purples.

Maui: Great For Honeymooners

Is This the Best Maui Resort for a Honeymoon? | Hawaii’s only adults-only hotel tour

Home to stunning scenery and some of the best resorts in the country, the Valley Isle of Maui is a no-brainer for honeymooners. Maui is a fantastic option for those who want to have most of the vacation amenities offered on Oahu, such as the restaurants, bars, and accommodations choices, without the large crowds. The possibilities on Maui are endless Newlyweds can drive past waterfalls and rocky coastal shores along the Road to Hana, go ziplining through the rainforest, frolic through lavender fields, watch the sunrise over a dormant volcano on Haleakala, or simply lounge on the sand. Haleakala National Park encompasses over 33,000 acres, most of which is wilderness, along with the spectacular Pipiwai Trail and Mauis tallest peak. Kaanapali Beach and Makena Beach Park are often on lists of the states best beaches, and nearby Lahaina town has a condensed group of restaurants, shops, and art galleries. Maui also has incredible whale watching during the winter season, with a good deal of boat tours and ferries leaving the Lahaina Harbor throughout the day.

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Moana Surfrider A Westin Resort & Spa Hawaii Island

Moana Surfrider

Couples who want to explore Honolulu and Waikiki during their special trip should check out the Moana Surfrider, a Westin Resort & Spa. This iconic beachfront property is home to Waikiki’s only oceanfront spa, as well as the renowned Beach Bar. Rooms geared to couples celebrating their honeymoon include Tower Ocean Suites, which boast a separate bedroom and living area and extraordinary ocean views. The property’s location along the main drag, Kalkaua Avenue, make it ideal for couples who want to enjoy nightlife and the city’s best dining as they celebrate their big day.

Night Kauai & Maui Honeymoon Package

Split your time between two unique Islands of Hawaii. Stay for 5 nights in Maui with luxury honeymoon accommodations at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort. Customize your stay with experiences like day cruises, snorkeling, zip-lining, or many others. Next head to Kauai for 4 nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa where you can relax on the beach, at the resort pool, and enjoy a couples massage at Anara Spa. Before you head home, take a helicopter tour of the entire island.

Honeymoon Package Extras

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Best Islands In Hawaii For Honeymoon

The white-sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and the vibrant coral reefs just add to the pristine beauty of Hawaii. Let this tropical paradise be the ultimate destination for your honeymoon, look at these best places to visit in Hawaii for a perfect chance to unwind with your significant other.

Help Please Honeymoon In Hawaii

10 of the Best Hawaii Honeymoon Resorts

This post has been removed at the author’s request.

Thing is………..that 3K doesn’t include taxes or resort fees, right?

Also, it def doesn’t include any food or drinks. At 20.00 a drink, Kea Lani will add up fast.

It includes taxes, not fees. I think the KL fee is 30 a night, and you can self-park for free, or could last time I was there a couple of years ago. a regular suite is ~$2,500 for the same dates

The resort fee is 35/nt, plus tax, but it does still include self parking.

We still don’t know where the OP is from, or what the 4000.00 includes.

You are really not giving enough real information for us to help you.

First, you need to go figure out what airfares are going to cost you. You don’t even tell us where you live so no way we can even help estimate what that might be.

You don’t tell us how long you will be there, or which island or islands you plan to visit. We can’t estimate what it will cost you to “drink a lot.” Depends what you drink, and what a lot.

We can give you some help if you want to tell where you are going, what your nightly budget is for accommodations and what type of place you want to stay.

But, we can’t really do much with what you have provided so far.

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Kauai For The Lovers Of Beauty Adventure And Food

Couples returning from their honeymoon in Hawaii have often waxed poetic about the Garden Isle of Kauai. One of the most romantic places in Hawaii, the island offers awe-inspiring beauty in the form of its green-velvet mountains & valleys, pouring waterfalls, canyons, and sizzling shores. Furthermore, the delectable food available at the diners in Hanalei and Princeville totally lives up to the reputation of the island as a paradise for foodies.

Must-visit beaches: Hanalei Bay, Tunnels Beach, Poipu Beach, Kiahuna Beach, and Mahaulepu Beach

For that ultimate romantic experience: Catch the stunning sunset views from one of the gorgeous beaches, hike through the trails of Waimea, go for deep sea diving & snorkeling, kayak on the Wailua river, enjoy a hot-stone couples massage overlooking Bali Hai mountain, and take a romantic sunset cruise with your beloved

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Honeymoon Resorts In Hawaii

Now that youve homed in on your criteria for your ideal Hawaii honeymoon resort, say Aloha to the top options, and discover your perfect fit. Fortunately, you cant go wrong with any of them.

If you want to feel like youve dropped into a private, romantic haven with your spouse, Four Seasons Resort Lanai should be at the top of your list. As one of the few resorts on a 140-square-mile island nicknamed the private isle, it allows you to enjoy your honeymoon activities without the presence of throngs of strangers.

While the lavishness of this famous resort could easily keep you happy for weeks, the concierge can also craft one-of-a-kind itineraries if you feel like exploring the island. Popular outings include a sunset catamaran cruise, a private, five-course dinner under the stars, horseback riding on the beach, and 4×4 adventures across wild terrain. And dont miss the most romantic activity: a leisurely walk up Hulopoe Bay Beach that ends at a cliff-side perch overlooking Puupehe .

If the idea of lounging on the white-sand beach of Oahus iconic North Shore sounds appealing, Turtle Bay Resort could be for you. It offers the idyllic combination of tropical foliage, powder-soft shores, a warm sea that seems to fade into infinity, and all of the amenities youd expect from a world-class resort.

The resort also offers paddleboarding, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, and surfing for those looking for a side of adventure.

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The Seven Best Honeymoon Resorts

Your honeymoon is a special trip, and the resort you choose should reflect that. To pick the best honeymoon resorts, we considered amenities , location, and overall review satisfaction.

Its important to note that Hawaii is very family-friendly in general. If you want to minimize the number of kids youre sharing a pool with, consider not going to Hawaii during school breaks and looking for a resort that offers a separate adult pool. Weve specifically called out separate adult pools in our review summary.

In no particular order, these are the seven best honeymoon resorts on Kauai.

Advice On Planning Our Honeymoon To Hawaii For 3 Weeks

Honeymoon in Hawai’i: Where to Visit on the Big Island!

My husband and I are planning honeymoon vacation to Hawaii from September to October for 3 weeks and we thought about visiting Kauai, Oahu and Maui during our stay. Is it worthwhile visiting all 3 islands in this time period or is it better to stick to 2 of the new mentioned above, as we can see that all the islands have a lot to offer. Any suggestions or feedback about what to see and where is much appreciated.


No one can answer that question for you. You need to make a good list of what you want to see and do on each of the islands and then decide which ones and how long you want to spend on each one.

You can only see Pearl Harbor on Oahu, and you can only see an active volcano on The Big Island of Hawaii, but other than that, many things to see and do can be seen on almost all of them. It costs several hundred dollars and takes up a good part of a day to change islands so keep that in mind.

Read a good book on Hawaii, many recommend “Hawaii for Dummies,” and then make the decision on your islands. If you have specific questions, go to the forum pages for that island and ask and lots of nice people will try to help you answer those.

We all have our favorites, so you are going to get all of the islands recommended, but again, you need to spend some time studying what is available and decide for yourself.


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Where Should You Stay On Your Hawaii Honeymoon

While the Big Island of Hawaii is stunning, theres actually a lot more to it! Hawaii is home to a wide variety of beautiful towns and cities, perfect for newlyweds looking for a great honeymoon destination. Whether youre looking for an adventure or a romantic hideaway, theres somewhere and something for absolutely everyone.

Classic – Kauai

For a classic Hawaiian getaway, Kauai is one of the greenest, most luxurious Hawaiian islands. For more of a relaxed vibe away from the big city, this island is perfect for a couple who love to be one with nature! Known for having one of the most beautiful golden sand beaches in Hawaii, Hanalei Bay is the perfect place to catch a few rays with your S/O. Or if youre looking for something more active, take a hike through the stunning Kalalu Trail!

Modern – Oahu

The perfect mix of beautiful beaches and built up cities, Oahu is the ideal location for a couple looking for a more modern holiday. Known for its restaurants and beach-front resorts, as well as shops and museums, this island really is the best of both worlds. Head to Honolulu, the biggest city in Hawaii, for a bit of hustle and bustle, surf around with the locals in Waikiki or travel to North Shore to explore the beautiful botanical gardens. Bliss!

Romantic – Lanai
Adventurous – Hawaii
Escape – Maui

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