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Best Neighborhood To Stay In Rome

Best Hostel In Esquilino: The Romehello Hostel

Where to Stay in ROME for 2021! Best Neighborhoods!

Lively, colorful and vibrant, you wont find a better hostel in Rome than the RomeHello Hostel. Located in the Esquinillo neighborhood, this hostel is close to public transit, the citys main train station, Termini Station, and just a short walk to Romes top attractions and best bars. Enjoy clean, classy, and comfortable accommodation in Rome.

Monti One Of The Best Areas To Stay In Rome

Monti remains the oldest part of Rome. Once it was a dangerous neighborhood in which the gladiators lived. Today it is the pulsing heart of the citys nightlife and the location of many fine Roman and fusion restaurants.

The shops here are vintage and hip. This district allows for views of the Coliseum from some of its streets.

You should not neglect to visit the Santa Maria Maggiore. It is among four different papal basilicas. Hidden in its treasures is the oldest known nativity scene constructed back in 1290.

There is also the Saint Peter in Chains Church that has a well-known Michelangelo sculpture Moses . Even though it was based on a mistaken translation of the Bible, this is a worthwhile sculpture to see.

Nature lovers should stop in to see the Celio Park found in Monti. From the benches here you can take in an incredible vista of the Coliseum.

For anyone staying in the area, La Casetta a Monti offers a cozy cafe found in a little house covered in ivy. The breakfasts are worthwhile. You can go from this first meal of the day full of energy to experience the Coliseum that is only several blocks from here.

This is a great area to stay in if you love the mystery of ancient Rome including the gladiators and Forum. Monti is also an ideal base for people who love nightlife. It offers great aperitivos ahead of dinner and good drinks available well after midnight.


Monti Best Neighborhood For Local Vibe

Monti would probably be my second choice for staying in Rome. This tiny area that spreads between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum was once the red-light district of ancient Rome. Today, Monti is packed with traditional trattorias, chic boutiques and lots of bars and hip cafés where the locals hang out.

Monti is not as touristy as Trastevere and Centro Storico, although its just a stones throw from Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The area has good access to public transportation.

In terms of accommodations, there are a number of nice boutique hotels in the area, apartments and bed-and-breakfasts in the area.

Where to Stay in Monti

Here is a list of great hotels in Monti you can choose from. If you are a budget traveler, you might want to check out this article for the best hostels in Rome for backpackers.

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Eur Modern Rome Area Save Some Money In A Very Modern Area

There is also a good place to see and stay in that is not in the heart of the historical center. This modern area begins behind the San Paolo Church and is called the EUR Modern area. The EUR is just south of the citys center.

The area became constructed in the fascism period. Since then it has grown into a center for nightlife and a residential area.

Something not to be missed here is the Piazza Guglielmo Marconi. It includes an obelisk at the center that is dedicated to the famous Italian inventor. The Square Coliseum is today a Fendi palace that holds a cinema and free exhibition of the EUR lake and its little waterfalls that have only recently been opened up to the public.

People who love contemporary architecture also enjoy seeing La Nuvola, Romes recently built convention center. The Cloud by Fuksas draws in contemporary architecture enthusiasts like pilgrims.

Children are sure to love the LunEur. This theme park was recently renovated so be sure to spend some time here if you bring children on your trip to Rome.

This is a good area to stay in if it is not your first trip to Rome, meaning that you are already acquainted with the citys historical sights and attractions. It is also a less expensive area to get a good hotel. People who appreciate modern architecture will really enjoy being based here.

The closest metro stops include the Eur Palaport and Eur Fermi on Line B. From here you can get the bus 714 to reach the Termini.


Advantages Of Staying In The Heart Of Rome

Where to Stay in Rome

There are many reasons to stay in the historic heart of Rome. Here are just some of the main advantages of staying in the area around the Pantheon:

  • You can walk everywhere on foot. Staying close to the Pantheon means that the majority of must-see places in Rome are located within a short walking distance from your hotel. The most famous sights like the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, or the Spanish Steps are just 5-15 minutes walk away. You can also easily walk to the Vatican or to the Colosseum in about 20-30 minutes .
  • You can beat the crowds at some of the most popular landmarks. Staying in the heart of Rome means that you can walk to some of its iconic landmarks in just a couple of minutes. While the city is always busy during the day, its usually very quiet early in the morning. So if you make an effort to wake up a bit earlier, you can see the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and other amazing places without too many other people. And after a short morning walk, you can easily walk back to your hotel for a relaxing breakfast before you set off for the day.
  • There are lots of amazing gelaterias nearby. If you stay close to the Pantheon, youll never have to eat a bad gelato in Rome. Some of the best gelaterias in Rome Giolitti, Della Palma, Venchi, and quite a few others are located in the heart of the city center.
  • You dont have to waste time on commute. I guess this is quite self-explanatory. Being able to just walk everywhere is such a big advantage.

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Vatican City / Prati Best Neighbourhood Near The Vatican City

The Vatican City is one of the worlds smallest states, at 17sq miles.

It is the home of the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, where its head, the Pope, resides and does most of his work with his elaborate team. Step inside the Sistine Chapel an hour before it opens to the public on this special access Vatican tour.

There are quite a few good bars and restaurants around the main tourist streets and by the main sights. Staying here means you are right by public transportation, with one of Romes major train stations being Vaticano, the metro station, and walking distance to St. Peters Square.

Where to Stay in the Prati Neighborhood

  • Enjoy fast-track entry to Romes historic sites, such as St. Peters Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and the Colosseum, with a 3-day combined city pass.
  • Free entry into top attractions
  • Free Hop-on Hop-off bus access for the duration of your pass
  • Also, take advantage of FREE UNLIMITED PUBLIC TRANSPORT.

You can get it for 3 days and it includes all of these and more: BOOK YOUR OMNIA PASS NOW!

Trastevere: The Best Area To Stay In Rome If You Have A Pulse

Trastevere is hands down my number one recommendation for the best area to stay in Rome. In fact, Ive literally stayed in Trastevere every single time Ive been to Rome. And Im doing it again for an upcoming trip this year.

To me, it feels like one the most authentic areas of Rome with winding cobblestone streets opening up onto vibrant piazzas filled with markets and locals going about their day.

The neighborhood is about a 30 minute walk to all of the main attractions, and less on the extensive metro system, so the location is plenty convenient for exploring the main sights of Rome. However the neighborhood is an attraction in itself with little shops and markets and beautiful churches that you will have seemingly all to yourself. Its just far enough off of the beaten path to avoid the throngs of tourists .

Here you will be among the locals as they go by their daily lives. Which makes it the best place to stay in Rome if you really want to immerse yourself in the true culture and lifestyle of the Eternal City.

Personally, this is my favorite neighborhood in Rome as it offers a little bit of everything.

Pros and Cons of Staying in Trastevere

Pros of Trastevere:

Cons of Trastevere:

  • Not Super Central. This obviously goes along with the last bullet above. Its a little out of the way from the main tourist sights like the Vatican and Colosseum, so plan on using the Roman metro and buses to get from home to your days attractions.

Trastevere Highlights

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Where To Stay For Nightlife: Tridente

The Tridente area has plenty of tourists coming to see the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, but theres also amazing shopping and fancy hotels and restaurants. Strolling back to your accommodation in Tridente, youll pass historic sites, old architecture, and endless options for dining.

Staying here means you might not get a particularly local feel for what its like to live in Rome, but youll be near many of the places youll want to visit, and youll get a taste for where wealthy Romans live.

Best places to stay in Tridente

Trevi: Perfect Location Around The Worlds Most Famous Fountain

Where to Stay in Rome | 7 Rome Neighborhoods to Stay in & Visit

The Trevi Quarter is a perfect location for sightseeing in Rome.

    Why is this the best area to stay in Rome:

  • Fontana del Tritone
  • Boutique hotels

Located halfway between the Pantheon, Spagna and Termini, the Trevi Quarter offers a perfect location in the heart of Centro Storico.

At its centre, lies the Fountain of Trevi. Designed by Nicola Salvi, this breathtakingly beautiful fontana is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome and one of the most famous fountains in the world. Legend has it that if you toss a coin over your shoulder directly into the fountain, you will return to the Eternal City.

Not far, near Barberini metro station, youll find the Fontana del Tritone, another famous fountain by the Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Connecting Piazza Barberini to Villa Borghese, Via Vittorio Veneto is, together with Via dei Condotti, one of the most luxurious streets in Rome.

Other attractions in this lovely area include the Modern Art Gallery, the Quirinal Palace, the Vicus Caprarius, the National Gallery of Ancient Art in Barberini Palace and the Capuchin Crypt.

As can be expected from one of the most desirable quarters in Rome, Trevi is home to some of the most beautiful luxury and boutique hotels in town, especially around Barberini and Via Vittorio Veneto.

Best Hotels in the Trevi Quarter

Maalot Roma Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Palazzo Caruso
Quirinale Luxury Room
Trevi Palace Luxury Inn

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Pantheon: Best Location For First

Located between Trevi, Navona, Spagna & the Imperial Forum, the Pantheon Quarter is perfect for those who want to stay close to the best attractions in Rome.

    Why is this the best area to stay in Rome:

  • Very central location
  • SantIgnazio di Loyola
  • Great area for walking

Located around 1.3 km east of Piazza Navona, the Pantheon Quarter is one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Rome.

Its most important monument, the Pantheon, is one of the most visited tourist sights in Rome. This former Roman temple, located on Piazza della Rotonda and originally dedicated to all the gods was later turned into a Catholic church. It is one of the best-preserved examples of ancient Roman buildings and, almost two millennia after it was built, still has the worlds largest unreinforced concrete dome.

Around the temple, youll find other Roman attractions, such as SantIgnazio di Loyola church, Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, the National Roman Museum Palazzo Altemps, Tempio di Adriano and Piazza Colonna.

This quarter is a great starting point for those who like to discover the city on foot, as the ancient Imperial Forums, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps are easily accessible.

Best Hotels in the Pantheon Quarter

Singer Palace Hotel

Boasting a rooftop restaurant, Singer Palace Hotel is located right on the famous Via del Corso shopping street. Set 350 m from Trevi Fountain, the property offers air-conditioned rooms.

Argentina Residenza Style Hotel
Albergo del Senato

Bonus : Where Not To Stay In Rome

So Ive told you about all the best places to stay, but here are some places I suggest you avoid:

  • Colosseo Quadrato. Villa Ada, Villa Doria Pamphili, Cinecitta: These are all just a bit too far outside the city. Theres not very convenient transportation unless you are renting a car or motorbike
  • Near Vittorio Emmanuele: This area is close to Termini Station. Its just not my favorite area. I used to go there for my Italian lessons and I always had to hold my breath because of the smell of urine.

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The Best Area To Stay In Rome For Residential Atmosphere: Trieste Neighborhood

If you have been to Rome already and want to get away from the busy city center and enjoy a residential and gorgeous part of town, I recommend the area around Villa Torlonia, on via Nomentana.

This area is just outside the historical center, which you reach with a 15 min bus ride on a direct line, and it is a gem. Parks, restaurants, local schools and a lovely family feeling, plus some beautiful architecture in the nearby Quartiere Coppede.

This is an area popular with academics and intellectuals and has a distinctive radical chic feel to it.

If this sounds appealing, check out the lovely Hotel Villa Pirandello, a small oasis of peace in this green corner of Rome

Hotel Vs Airbnb In Rome

Where to Stay in Rome  Area &  Hotel Guide  Trips To Discover

This is a question I get a lot when people are preparing for their trip: Should I book a hotel or Airbnb in Rome? It really comes down to your preferenc, group size, and budget.

If youre traveling as a couple, I think hotels can be just as affordable as Airbnbs, but if youre traveling in a larger group, such as families, and you need more space or several bedrooms, Airbnbs are a better option. If you like to cook your own food and want a kitchen, Airbnb might be the best option for you. If youre only staying for one night, a hotel will probably be the best choice for you.

Definitely look at both options before making your decision. Some of these neighborhoods will have hotels and some wont at all. So if you choose to stay in one of these areas without a hotel, Airbnb is a great alternative. Weve stayed in Airbnbs all over the world and think they can be a great way to experience a destination like a local. If youve never tried Airbnb before, be sure to use my special coupon for $50 off your first stay.

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What Neighborhood In Rome Should I Stay In

There is so much choice in Rome!

Depending on what you want, different areas may offer different vibes and choices. We have covered some of the best neighborhoods in Rome in this extensive hotel guide to help you get a flavor for whats on offer.

In that guide we highlight the centro storico the old center, located within the Rione as the best for ease of access to the main attractions and vibe. But this area comes at a price it is generally more expensive than others and is crowded almost 24/7!

Tip The Testaccio area is less crowded and offers some great local food options, so its an excellent choice for foodies! We also cover the Termini area in that guide its got tons of budget options that are great for backpackers or those looking to save a few euros on accommodation.

Some other popular places to stay include the Monti neighborhood Rome home to star attractions such as the St John in Lateran church, and the Ponte Rome neighborhood an area that boasts narrow streets and is teeming with great photo opportunities for your instagram.

And what about living in Rome as an expat?

Some great areas include Monteverde quieter, with plenty of green spaces, this attracts families and those looking for a slower pace. Or try Aventino perhaps the only place in the old center that still maintains an element of calm!

Where To Stay Near The Pantheon

  • Luxury Hotel: The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel An elegant five-star hotel in a period building right around the corner from the citys famous Roman temple. The on-site restaurant offers Michelin-starred cuisine and there is a panoramic rooftop terrace.
  • Mid-range Hotel: Le Clarisse al Pantheon A charming boutique hotel on a quiet street only steps from the Pantheon, with a lovely terrace for al fresco breakfast in the warmer months. They can arrange transfers from both Romes airports and the Port of Civitavecchia.
  • Budget Hotel: Little Queen Pantheon A cozy hideaway on the fourth floor of a noble palace dating from the 17th century. Youll find spacious, stylishly furnished rooms that come with Smart TVs with Netflix access and pretty views over the rooftops of Rome.

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