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Best Neighborhood To Stay In San Juan Puerto Rico

Culebra Island: Nearby Island Paradise

What are the Top Neighborhoods in San Juan PUERTO RICO? [Part 1]

Speaking of great island destinations…if you’re looking for beachy things to do in Puerto Rico Culebra is a great place to stay. Just off the coast of Puerto Rico proper, Culebra is home to Playa Flamenco , which is known for its warm turquoise waters and white sands. It’s a great place to go in Puerto Rico if you dream of sunning yourself near the ocean.

Getting suggestions from locals is a great way to enjoy Culebra’s excellent, healthy options for meals. One of our trip planners recommends Vibra Verde, a locally-owned brunch spot that bakes their own bread!

Local Tip

You can believe those TripAdvisor Puerto Rico reviewsPlaya Flamenco is gorgeous and classic. It would make Bachelor contestants envious.

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Best Location In San Juan Puerto Rico: A Quick Guide

Below, youll find a list of the best areas to stay in San Juan depending on your travel style and what you may be planning to do during your trip. Keep reading below to find all the specific information you need about each particular area mentioned here.

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Condado Coolest Area To Stay In San Juan

Its hard not to fall in love with San Juans most sought-after neighbourhood, Condado. Condado is by far of the coolest places to stay in San Juan, given its abundance of restaurants, cafes, and bars along with chic squares with luxurious stores. Whats best is most places are easily walkable from the beautiful white sandy beaches to the vibrant beachside bars.

Visitors also head to Condado for its spectacularly beautiful natural parks, and it certainly isnt short of them Antonio Quiñónez and Laguna del Condado are two of the most popular!

Condado The Best Place To Stay In San Juan For Luxury

The Best Places to Stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico

If youre looking to treat yourself during your holiday to San Juan, and money is not an issue, then go to Condado. The area is one of the most luxurious districts in the city, and located just 3 miles away from Old San Juan, is the perfect spot for you!

Expect to see many Beachfront hotels, high-end boutique stores, and fine dining restaurants in Condado. Here, everyone comes to relax, do yoga, eat delicious food, and just enjoy the good life!

Ashford Avenue, also known as the Puerto Rican Fifth Avenue, is where youll find la creme de la creme! Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier are some of the big brands that have stores here. What better way to end a full day of shopping than with dinner and drinks? Ashford Avenue is also home to a few high-end restaurants.

Condado offers its visitors the full package! Shopping, food, and one of my favorite parts: the beach! Condado Beach is super popular among the people who stay in San Juan, and the Sailing Dreams Sunset & Cruises offer some amazing sailing trips. And lets not forget about the beautiful Condado Lagoon, which is perfect for anyone who likes kayaking.

Things to do in Condado


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Ocean Park Where To Stay In San Juan For Tranquility

Located 4 miles east of Old San Juan, this area is super quiet compared to the city center that is packed with tourists all day long. Ocean Park can be a nice holiday spot for people looking for a more tranquil atmosphere where they can book beachfront hotels or a beach resort thats not too loud and crowded.

Ocean Park also has a handful of restaurants that serve delicious seafood, shop, and cafes where you can spend your time. But most certainly, youll hang at Ocean Park beach all day long!

The beach offers lots of space, and its the main attraction in the neighborhood. You can relax and enjoy some fun days here, do some swimming, sunbathing or try some watersports such as surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing.

Now lets find some amazing beachfront accommodations to stay in San Juan, Ocean Park! Everyone wants the ocean view rooms and if you do too, make sure to book in advance.

Things to do in Ocean Park

  • Spend a fun day on Ocean Park Beach
  • Go for a walk after dinner around Parque Dr. José Celso Barbosa
  • Have a delicious Mexican dinner at Acapulco Restaurant
  • Buy some souvenirs from the Norte Shopping Center

Old San Juan The Best Area To Stay

Old San Juan is the best place to stay in San Juan due to its 500 year old history. This enchanting piece of land in the Caribbean never fails to impress anyone that stays here. There are several historic fortresses in Old San Juan that are a must visit. These fortresses capture the essence of the past in a way that nothing else can.

Al Morro and La Fortaleza are one of the biggest fortresses in the entire island that have spectacular ramparts, cannons, and walls. These structures were used as defense in the earlier times to protect the Island from enemies. Old San Juan is also famous for its extra-ordinary art scene. There are several galleries throughout this part of the city that display unique art and creation of great artists of the Caribbean. The best galleries to visit in Old San Juan include Galeria Botello, Obra Galeria, Galeria Sanchez, and Siena Art Gallery.

The Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan is a great spot to enjoy tasty cuisine and food of the Caribbean. You can also enjoy the taste of local Rican cuisine at the restaurants in this area. Dragon Fly, Aguaviva, and The Parrot Club are one of the most famous restaurants on Fortaleza Street. This food street also holds food festivals for locals and tourists. Puerto Rico is famous for the Salsa dancing style. If you are staying in Old San Juan then it is a good idea to experience salsa dancing. Latin Roots is a salsa teaching school where you can learn this amazing form of dance.

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What Part Of Puerto Rico Is The Best Place To Stay

What part of Puerto Rico is the best place to stay?

The best areas to stay in Puerto Rico include Old San Juan for sightseeing, Rio Grande for adventure lovers, Rincon and Cabo Rojo to surf and find the best sunsets, Vieques to see the bioluminescent bay, and Culebra to relax on the beach.hace 2 días

Where should I stay in Puerto Rico for the first time?

Old San Juan where to stay in Puerto Rico for the first time. Culebra Island where to stay for sandy beaches. Rincon where to stay for budget travellers. Ponce where to stay for culture enthusiasts. Vieques Island where to stay for ultimate relaxation.

What is the most beautiful part of Puerto Rico?

Old San Juan. Cathedral. El Yunque National Park. Forest, Park. Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay. Natural Feature. Rincón. Natural Feature, Architectural Landmark. Isla Desecheo. Natural Feature. Río Camuy Cave Park.

What is the best area of Puerto Rico to stay in?

1. Old San Juan, best area to stay in Puerto Rico for sightseeing. We begin our search on the main island, in the capital city of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan.

Where do people stay when they go to Puerto Rico?

The hotels in San Juan and the east coast are the most popular among off-island visitors to Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, the south and west regions of the Island are more often frequented by locals and tend to be busier during summer months, which is the high season for Puerto Ricans traveling around the Island.

Palmas Del Mar Where To Stay In San Juan For Nature Lovers

Where to stay in Puerto Rico: Best Areas to Stay in Puerto Rico

Located just a short drive away from San Juan, in the municipality of Humacao lies the beautiful Palmas del Mar area. An ideal location for outdoor adventurers, Palmas del Mar has a sense of tranquillity while also boasting a great array of activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, and surfing. Its surrounded by natural wonders including the endearing Pterocarpus Forest, making it the best place to stay in San Juan for outdoor adventurers.

Not only does Palmas del Mar treat visitors with a great deal of natural beauty but it also has a vast selection of great restaurants, laid-back bars, and charming apartments. Its been considered an exclusive area in the past with its has boutique hotels and resorts, however, weve managed to find some hidden gems that suit a variety of budgets.

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Vieques One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In Puerto Rico

Vieques is actually a separate island, but its quite easy to get to by ferry from the main island. Its easily the most rural destination in Puerto Rico, and youre likely to find farm animals roaming freely around the streets. If you want something completely off-the-beaten-path, Vieques is an excellent choice.

Vieques is largely unspoiled by tourism so not only is it the most unique destination in Puerto Rico, but its also one of the most unique in the entire Caribbean. There is a bioluminescent bay here that shines even brighter than its better-known cousin on the main island. Tourism is starting to make its way here though, so make sure to visit soon before that all changes.

Rincon Where To Stay For Budget Travellers

Rincon is a small town in the far west of Puerto Rico Island . Its known for its colorful architecture, smiling locals, and beautiful beaches. Think of it as a mix between San Juan and Culebra! It has the perfect balance of culture and breathtaking views which makes it a compelling place to stay in Puerto Rico.

Moreover, its filled with Puerto Rican restaurants and bars that embrace the culture religiously. The accommodations here are fairly cheap compared to the previous neighborhood since its relatively far from the center. But luckily for you, the things to do here are nothing short of amazing!

You can check out its famous Playa Doña Lala where tourists and locals alike enjoy its relaxing vibe. After your day at the beach, you can head back to the town where youll have your choice of colorful restaurants to eat Puerto Rican delicacies. Some even offer free tastes to get you hooked!

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Isla Verde Is The New Face Of San Juan

Just a 10-minute drive from the airport, Isla Verde is perfect for travelers who like to have everything right on the doorstep. High-rise condos, luxurious hotels and international restaurants line an oceanfront boulevard Avenida Isla Verde flanking a long beach.

When it comes to eating, Ceviche House serves some of the best ceviche in town. Afterward, sip an artisanal Maya West beer at the buzzing Ocean Lab Brewing Company, an award-winning microbrewery on the beachfront.

What it lacks in historic character, Isla Verde more than makes up for with its broad crescent of gleaming white sand and clear waters. Local outfitters can organize everything from parasailing and windsurfing to sailing and scuba diving, and resorts offer wave runners, Hobie cats and surfboards for rent. Take a surf class with Alejandro Moreda one of Puerto Ricos top pro-surfers at Pine Grove Beach, just east of Isla Verdes main beach.

What Are Puerto Rico Travel Restrictions

Best Areas to Stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re traveling to Puerto Rico from the US, you do not need to quarantine or get tested upon your arrival if you’re fully vaccinated. However, all visitors need to fill out a Travel Declaration Form on the Puerto Rico Health Department’s online portal, which produces a QR code required to proceed. Fully vaccinated travelers need to upload a photo of their official Vaccination Card through the online portal.

International and non-vaccinated travelers must upload a negative PCR molecular or antigen COVID-19 test result to the portal. Tests must be taken within 72 hours of arrival. Otherwise, the traveler must take either a PCR molecular or antigen COVID-19 test on the Island, within 48 hours of arrival, or receive a $300 fine. You can get a test at the airport for $110. If the uploaded result is negative, the quarantine is lifted. If the result is positive, the person must isolate and follow the local isolation protocol at his/her own expense.

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Why We Recommend This Hotel

Vacationers whod like to experience the expensive ambiance of 5 star hotels in San Juan will have an enjoyable stay in this resort.

Besides having luxurious guest rooms and oceanfront villas, this Puerto Rican hotel is also home to your choice of a beautiful restaurant, a spa, and other A-rated amenities. Plus, its many bars and nightclubs make for fantastic nightlife.

Where Should I Stay In San Juan

If you want to stay somewhere that highlights island culture and history, head to Old San Juan, a cobble-stoned idyll that dates back more than 400 years. If you prefer to maximize your beach time, visit Condado or nearby Isla Verde.

The best part of San Juan is that it’s a small enough place that visitors don’t need to choose between beach or city. All of the hotels we’ve listed offer easy access to San Juan’s museums, historic sites, restaurants, shopping, art, and beaches.

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Ponce Where To Stay For Culture Enthusiasts

Best Places to Stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico // Where Should I Stay for Vacation?

San Juan was already a beautiful spot that offers a healthy cultural experience and historic takeaways. But, if you want to take it even further, then let me introduce you to Ponce: the cultural center of Puerto Rico, just a 1.5 hour drive from the capital. Just like Old San Juan, Ponce offers a diversified cultural experience with a hint of history and modern touch.

Ponce is perfect for those who are looking to experience the Spanish roots of Puerto Rico as it has lots of examples of old mansions in the unique Ponce Creole architectural style. Its also got a plethora of museums and art galleries to explore. Ponce is not just a plain historic town its a colourful bustling metropolis that is filled with commercialized centers, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Its so diverse that you can really mistake it as the capital city of Puerto Rico.

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Ponce: Puerto Rico’s Incredible Jewel Of The South

Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second-largest city, is packed with incredible things to dowhich makes it a pretty stellar place to stay. Ponce offers amazing history and fun activities like sipping pina coladas along La Guancha boardwalk. Less-visited than San Juan, it’s also a great place to stay if you want to avoid crowds.

Santurce Buzzes With Art And Music

Set back from the water, the revitalized Santurce district bursts with color and creativity. Bold street art, fashionable cocktail bars and gastronomic temples orbit La Placita de Santurce a historic farmers market that transforms after dark into one of the citys top nightlife districts.

This is where you’ll find some of the city’s top restaurants Chef José Santaellas namesake restaurant showcases the islands rich cultural influences through dishes such as pasteles .

At weekends, dozens of live music venues provide a stirring introduction to local folk music styles such as bomba and plena, while bars shake with the booming bass of reggaetón, the island soundtrack made internationally famous by Daddy Yankee.

Santurce is also home to one of the Caribbeans most vibrant artistic communities. Stroll along Calle Cerra to see the district’s iconic street art, which has its origins in the Santurce es Ley street art festival. Housed in a beautiful neoclassical building, Puerto Ricos Museum of Art assembles a fascinating timeline of Caribbean art. The world-class collection comprises over 4,000 artworks spanning the 14th to 19th centuries, including a superb collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

A foodies guide to San Juan

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Luquillo Where To Stay In San Juan For Nature Lovers

Although Luquillo is located further away from Old San Juan, 30 miles east of the city, its such a wonderful place that I just had to include in this list. I dont know about you, but when Im visiting such a fabulous spot like Puerto Rico, I like to explore around, and there are always rental car services that will help you get anywhere.

Also known as La Capital del Sol and as La Riviera de Puerto Rico, the town lives up to its nicknames, and it offers some incredible spots perfect for those who love nature and outdoor activities.

Luquillo Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the San Juan area, and it looks like your perfect dream holiday spot. Palm trees, soft sand, and the beautiful ocean will make you forget all your worries and troubles! Get an iced coffee from one of the cafeterias and sunbathe all day long!

Nearby Luquillo, youll find the El Yunque Rainforest, one of the most biologically diverse national forests, that offers breathtaking scenery and lots of hiking trails for you to explore!

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