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Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Manhattan

Where To Stay In Brooklyn

Top 10 Places to Visit in Manhattan Ks

Franklin Guesthouse

Tucked between boutiques and local eateries on Greenpoints Franklin Street, this cozy property blends in with the neighborhood, letting guests feel like locals in the apartment-style rooms. On the first floor rests Bar Glory, a Mediterranean inspired Chinese restaurant known for dumplings, noodles and curry to pair with thoughtfully curated cocktails.

214 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222, 383-3900,

To book:

Upper West Side Manhattan

The safest place neighborhood in Manhattan which people move to is the Upper West Side. The south half has less than twelve crimes per every one thousand crimes, and the north half has just over twelve crimes. There is more information about the neighborhood in the next section since it is one of the best in NYC.

Best Area To Stay In Manhattan New York

Booking a trip but arent sure of the best area to stay in New York? Which neighborhood is the best for tourists, and which areas should be avoided?

There are so many neighborhoods in New York City that it can overwhelming!

New York City is divided into five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.

In this New York City guide, we will focus on the borough of Manhattan, which is the borough most tourists stay in. If youre wanting to visit the most popular sites and tourist attractions in New York City, then youll find almost everything in Manhattan.

Traditionally, Manhattan is divided into Uptown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, and Downtown Manhattan, but within each area there are many smaller neighborhoods with different characteristics and attractions.

Lets look at each of the general Manhattan neighborhoods to help you decide which neighborhood to stay in during your next NYC visit.


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Notable Things To Do In Uptown Manhattan

I mean, Central Park is the big thing to see and it extends from spans 51 streets! Admittedly, I dont know too much about the park and have mostly just been to Bethesda Terrace! I do want to see Belvedere Castle on a return trip.

There are also a lot of museums near the park, including: The Frick Collection, The Jewish Museum, Museum of the City of New York, American Museum of Natural History, New York Historical Society, The Met, and more!

Hotels in Uptown Manhattan

Where To Stay In New York For Any Budget In A Nutshell

New York: The 3 best areas to stay
  • 5 areas of New York City: New Your City is divided into 5 counties, called boroughs. They all have their own identity that goes back to 1898 when they were all united in one municipal government. The best area to stay, especially on a first trip, is probably Manhattan. However, I would not discount the other boroughs, especially if you want to explore outside of the beaten path. Here below a map of the boroughs. They are all connected with city subways, buses and ferries. Read more below on all the 5 counties
  • Best place to stay in New York first time: My suggestion is to stay in Manhattan, unless:
  • you want to book your accommodation close to U.S. Open Tennis Championship
  • you are traveling on a budget and you plan a long stay, one week or more. I will talk more about it later

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East Village & Lower East Side

East Village and the Lower East Side of Manhattan is home mainly to hipsters but is also a cultural melting pot of immigrants, from Ukrainians to Puerto Ricans. Its where the old meets the new, to create the neighborhood that it is today.

If you love nightlife, then the East Village is for you! Its also unofficially known as NoHo .

Things to see and do in the East Village and Lower East Side:

The Sara Roosevelt Park is a hidden gem with a basketball, handball and volleyball court, soccer fields, five playgrounds and a community garden.

The Astor Place Subway Kiosk is one of New Yorks finest cast-iron kiosks.

The East Village and Lower East Side is home to whats known as Alphabet City, which is named after Avenues A, B, C and D. For many decades, this area was known as being unsafe but due to gentrification, the area has been mostly cleaned up and you can now find lots of bars and restaurants with young and hip people. Although the area is much safer, its still a good idea to avoid Avenue D after midnight!

Katzs Deli, the most famous delicatessen in New York City, is located on the Lower East Side. For culture buffs, you might know Katz as being the Deli from that famous scene between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in the 1988 movie When Harry Met Sally. The best-selling item on the menu is the Pastrami sandwich, but also popular is the Reuben sandwich and the Cheesesteak.

Things To Do In Central Park

You can easily spend a full day walking around Central Park.

  • Dont miss Central Parks The Mall, Bethesda Terrace, Bow Bridge and The Ramble.
  • Nearby world famous museums include The MET, Natural History Museum and Guggenheim Museum.
  • Easy access to the upper parts of Midtown, such as 5th avenue shopping, Top of the Rock, MoMA and Broadway.

We would recommend looking for a hotel right along the southern edge of Central Park or as close to it as possible for your budget.

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The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Manhattan

Moving to New York City? If you’re asking yourself where to live in Manhattan, you have a big decision to make: figuring out which neighborhood you should call home. Since NYC is often referred to as a series of small towns, each with its own unique personality, how do you decide which one is your match? With more than 50 to choose from in Manhattan alone, you have quite a bit of homework to do. Consider these five neighborhoods some of the best places to live in Manhattan depending on your lifestyle, budget, and interests.

Where To Stay With Kids In Nyc: Upper West Side

25 Best places to visit in NEW YORK CITY

Sprinkled with dozens of playgrounds, schools, toy stores, bookstores, arts and crafts centers and more, the Upper West Side is a popular neighborhood for families to live in and visit. The American Museum of Natural History offers hours of entertainment for little ones, as does Central Park nearby. Restaurants are equipped to seat and feed young kids and plenty of other little ones around the neighborhood are eager to make fast friends.

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Where To Stay In Long Island City

This up-and-coming neighbourhood in Queens lies just across the East River from Midtown Manhattan . Long Island City itself boasts one of the citys best flea markets, the highly rated MoMA PS1 gallery and Silvercup Studios.

Best hostel option: Q4 Hotel

Hip hostel with neat, clean dorms, small but stylish doubles, a shared kitchen and some of the cheapest rates in New York City.

Best for steampunk style: Paper Factory Hotel

Former radio manufacturer and paper factory with eclectic décor, original polished concrete floors and reclaimed materials giving it a retro vibe.

Where Should I Live In New York In 2021

Since 2020, people have been leaving cities for suburban homes with more space. This migration has caused a drop in prices in NYC real estate in an attempt to keep people in the city.

Because of the drop in prices by landlords desperate to rent out their properties, you can afford to live in a neighborhood that was too expensive before. Year over year, home and apartment prices have decreased significantly.

For example, if your budget for rent is twenty three hundred dollars per month, you might be living in Brooklyn or Queens prior to 2021. But with dropping rent prices, you may be able to find a place in Manhattan that is in your budget.

You could also stay in your favorite Queens or Brooklyn neighborhood and upgrade to a larger apartment.

Remember that your rent price can go up at the end of your lease. If you want to keep your lower rent price, you can sign a longer lease, such as an eighteen month lease instead of twelve.

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What Gives Us Credibility

Why should you trust us to know what were talking about?!

Well, New York was so irresistible to us, we actually moved to the city for three months in early 2021 and spent our entire temporary residency relentlessly exploring the city.

That certainly doesnt make us NYC experts, but it means we have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the popular places to stay than most.

For the purposes of this guide, we spent our own time, effort and money staying at many of the hotels we recommend below.

But perhaps more importantly, we have not recommended some of the hotels we stayed at if we didnt think they would be a good fit for visitors who dont know the city well.

Neighborhoods In New York City

Best Places to Stay in New York City

Where you stay in New York City will not only impact how much you pay, but will likely shape your experience of the city. Below, you’ll find a list of the top neighborhoods for hotels, with both their pros and cons for visitors.

The Financial District

In this part of downtown , you are far away from the bustle of Midtown. Busy during the day, the Financial District empties out at night, creating an almost eerie calm to the neighborhood.

Best for: Visitors doing business in the Financial District during the week, people who like things quiet at night. Plus, there are some substantial savings to be found when staying at a Financial District hotel on a weekend.

Drawbacks: Its a fairly long cab/subway/bus ride to many attractions.

TriBeCa, The Lower East Side and Nolita

Arguably the most expensive real estate in New York, TriBeCa is a mostly residential neighborhood with excellent restaurants. Both TriBeCa and the Lower East Side offer a taste of New York neighborhood living with lots of street life. Nolita is a bit less residential and is a bustling area of shops and restaurants.

Best for:A taste of life Downtown with a capital D. The Lower East Side, in particular, boasts some of the citys most vibrant clubs and hippest restaurants.

Drawbacks: All three neighborhoods are a little off the beaten track in terms of sightseeing, and the LES is hard to get to via public transportation.


The Village


Drawbacks: Can be noisy at night along the main drags .

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Top Ranked Hotels In Brooklyn:

Check the latest prices of more Brooklyn Hotels or book now with Booking or Expedia.

New York City is an absolute bucket list trip! Finding places to stay in Manhattan for the right price is a big piece of the planning puzzle. Luckily, NYC is such an amazing place that by using this guide to help sort through the best NYC neighborhoods and the best NYC hotels, youre sure to make a great choice for your trip.

Where would you like to stay for your NYC trip?

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Best Hostel In Upper West Side Hi Nyc Hostel

The HI NYC Hostel is conveniently located on the Upper West Side. It is well-connected throughout the city via the subway and a short walk to restaurants, parks, cafes, and landmarks.

HI NYC Hostel has an in-house theatre, billiards table, comfortable lounge, and recently renovated bathrooms. It also offers a laundry service and free wifi.

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Best Hostel In Lower East Side Blue Moon Hotel

The Blue Moon Hotel is our top recommendation for where to stay on the Lower East Side. Walking distance to some of New Yorks most famous landmarks, this hotel is close to shopping, dining, drinking and more. It boasts private bathrooms and balconies, as well as refrigerators, coffeemakers, and minibars.

Where To Stay For Solo Travelers: West Village

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Manhattan, New York In 2021 – Manhattan Travel Guide

No corner of Manhattan is immune to tourists, but if you want to blend in with the locals, head to Greenwich Village, where youll find clusters of people all on their own, doing their own thing. Days can be spent traversing the twisting streets of the village, admiring the townhomes, sitting in cafes and Washington Square Park with a book or a notepad or striking up conversation with an eccentric local at one of the neighborhoods many bars. With people roving through the West Village at every hour, solo travelers will never feel truly alone.

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Best Hostel In East Village American Dream Hostel

American Dream Hostel is the closest hostel to East Village and one of the cheapest hostels in New York. A short walk away, this hostel is conveniently located in Manhattans Gramercy Park and Flatiron District neighbourhood.

It offers private rooms, a common area, hot showers, and a delicious breakfast. American Dream Hostel is surrounded by bars, clubs, and New York landmarks.

Th Street To 110th Street From South To North From Central Park On The East To The Hudson River On The West

Image via Moved

I am a tad biased because I’ve lived on the Upper West Side for more than nine years, but you won’t find a more picturesque neighborhood in Manhattan. Not only does the UWS offer an abundance of public green space Central Park and Riverside Park flank the nabe but you’ll encounter tree-lined blocks of brownstones making you feel like you’ve wandered on the set of a Nora Ephron movie. Columbus Avenue features a trove of cool boutiques, and Amsterdam has mostly restaurants, cafes and bars. The subway runs along Broadway, also the center of the neighborhood, as well as Central Park West. For a one-bedroom apartment in the West 70s and 80s, budget at least $2,500 for a walk-up. For a full-service doorman building, expect to pay upwards of $3,500 per month, with many topping out at well over $4,000. You’ll save a bit on rent the further north you go, with walk-up one-bedrooms in the West 100s averaging about $2,000 per month.

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Best Affordable Hotel In East Village Canal Loft Hotel

Set in the heart of the city, Canal Loft Hotel is a smart and stylish two-star hotel. Each of the hotels 76 rooms is outfitted with a range of essential amenities, along with a shared lounge and TV room.

A short walk to the East Broadway Subway Station, this hotel is well connected to the rest of the city.

Lower Manhattan: Best Area To Stay In New York For Tourists Who Are Light Sleepers

Best Places to Stay in New York for First Timers ...

Lower Manhattan, also known as the Financial District is at Manhattans southernmost tip. Dutch settlers established the colony of New Amsterdam right here because of its prime business location for sailing goods in and out of the harbor. Clearly, they were onto something. Lower Manhattan is arguably the financial capital of the world. Its busiest during the week when corporate America is hard at work. The hotels in the area are more expensive during the week as they cater to business travelers. Weekend visitors, however, could get lucky with a surprise hotel deal.

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Where To Stay In New York Cheap

If Long Island and Harlem are still a little too costly for your budget then you might have to look for options outside the city.

In this case, Union City and Jersey City are your best choices.

Being away from the big city means that everything from the accommodations to entertainment and amenities will be more affordable.

The best part is that the two cities are well connected to Manhattan by train.

With a short commute back and forth you can still enjoy all that New York City has to offer.

Do it with the ferry and it will be epic.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

Where To Stay In New York City The Best Area For First Timers

Planning a city trip to New York City? Cool! Youre going to love the Big Apple! But finding a hotel in New York can be really stressful. Especially if its your first time traveling to New York. In this post, well help you get your bearings in New York. Well show you the best areas to stay and share our personal hotel tips.

Your trust is really important to us: This post contains so-called affiliate links. More information

Your trust is very important to us: This post contains affiliate links. If you book your hotel using one of these links, we get a small commission. It wont cost you any extra and its an easy way for you to support our work. Thanks, we really appreciate it! Jenny & Basti

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Its no secret that New York isnt exactly the cheapest destination for a city trip.

But lets be honest: This sprawling metropolis is most definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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