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Best Place To Stay In Bilbao

Frequently Asked Questions About Bilbao

5 BEST Places to Visit in BILBAO, Spain, on a Day Trip!

What is the best area to stay in Bilbao?

If youre looking for the best area for where to stay in Bilbao then Casco Viejo is the place for you, this medieval neighborhood is filled with amazing architecture and attractions. The NYX Hotel Bilbao is one of the best hotels in Bilbao that has amazing reviews

Is it better to stay in Bilbao or San Sebastian?

If you prefer big urban cities with modern architecture, museums, and rich history, Bilbao is one of the best places to stay in Spain. San Sebastian is a small town with beaches and a very laid-back atmosphere.

How many days should I spend in Bilbao?

You should spend between 3 to 4 days in Bilbao, that way you can explore all the big touristy spots like the Guggenheim Museum and still enjoy the nightlife of the city.

Which hotels in Bilbao are good for families?

If youre looking for where to stay in Bilbao with the family, the best hotels are Hotel Gran Bilbao, Pensión B4R, and Logan Rooms. They are well-equipped and have rooms big enough for the whole family.

What hotels in Bilbao have nice views?

You can stay at Vincci Consulado De Bilbao, a riverside, modern hotel and one of the best places to stay in town to get the best views of the city, or at the Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao.

Thats it from me, chicos! I hope this article will help you decide where to stay in Bilbao, the best hotels in the Basque Country, and which plaza to visit first!

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Best Neighbourhood In Bilbao For Couples

  • COOLEST thing to do in La Vieja take part in art workshops, and admire the work of up and coming artists, at Bilbao Arte
  • BEST place to visit in La Vieja head to Trakabarraka for the latest in international fashion with a unique twist

Nicknamed Bilbi by locals, La Vieja is a bit of a hipster neighbourhood offering a wide range of modern attractions and facilities! Located just across the river from Casco Viejo it features some old architecture, though much of it has been renovated to reflect the artistic nature of the area.

Bilbao la Vieja is perfect for young couples looking for a short break in the city thanks to the wide range of shopping and dining facilities. The neighbourhoods creativity is reflected in the wide range of boutiques offering local takes on modern fashion! The innovative restaurants serve high-quality food at reasonable prices, and the bars have a very relaxed atmosphere.

Things To See And Do In Bilbao La Vieja

  • Browse the collections and exhibitions at The Museum of Artistic Reproductions.
  • Eat fresh seafood and other Spanish dishes at Pikas.
  • Excite your senses with a mouthwatering meal at Peso Neto.
  • Feast on flavourful Peruvian delicacies at Dando la Brassa.
  • Grab a delicious snack at Bar Marzana.
  • Hunt for treasures at the bohemian, artistic and cultural Dos de Mayo flea market.
  • See incredible works by local artists at BilbaoArte.
  • Shop for one-of-a-kind designs at TrakaBarraka.
  • Sip a coffee or start your day with a great breakfast at cosy Bihotz Café.

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Best Place To Stay In Bilbao

Really luxurious experience staying here–and very good price also! Obviously the location is great–also just by the bus stop to the airport which is a goof service and renders getting a taxi pointless. The room was fantastic–the sort of room where you say “wow” as you walk in. Many extras like bath robes and slippers. The reception desk was very helpful–even posting a postcard for me with them providing the stamp.More

  • Trip type: Travelled as a couple
  • Location

Dear mullionboy,We appreciate your trust in choosing our Gran Hotel Domine as your hotel in Bilbao. Thank you very much for taking the time to evaluate your stay and rate us with top score. It is a fulfillment to learn that we have meet your expectations and that you have enjoyed your experience with us. We love creating WOW moments to be cherished for life. Our goal is to make each of our guests feel extra special and pampered. We are eager to learn that we have been successful!We would be pleased to welcome you again for another wonderful stay. Best wishes,

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How Do You Get Around In Bilbao

Where to stay in Bilbao: The best places

Bilbao is a totally walkable city, and youll find that most of the main attractions can be reached on foot.

However, if you prefer to forego walking youll be thrilled to hear theres also a pretty top notch public transport network.

In particular, the Eusko Tren tramline is a convenient way to get around, especially between Casco Viejo and the famous Guggenheim Museum.

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Casco Viejo Where To Stay In Bilbao For First Time Visitors

Casco Viejo, also known as Old Town is the oldest part of the city and the best place to visit if you really want to experience the history and culture of the town.

Located in the heart of the city with plenty of restaurants, bars, churches, museums nearby, this medieval area of Bilbao is also an ideal base for first-time tourists.

Located in the center of the Old Town is the citys main square, Plaza Nueva, known as Plaza Barria, a beautiful neoclassical monumental, built in 1821. The square is surrounded by arches, called cuevas, and charming arcaded buildings such as Euskaltzaindia, the Basque language Royal Academy.

You will also find many shops, bars, traditional taverns and restaurants, and cafés surrounding. It hosts the flea market each Sunday morning.

Plaza Nueva is a good spot to do people-watching and enjoy a coffee. Make sure to try txikitos and pintxos, Bilbaos version of the Spanish tapas in of its taverns.

Nearby, on the banks of the estuary sits the oldest theatre in Bilbao, the Teatro Arriaga. The historic building is a wonderful place to take in a show and spend an evening experiencing the artistic heritage of Bilbao.

To the north of the theatre is the Areatzako Parkea, a riverside park, lush with trees and fountains. The Café Koiska el Arenal at the center of the park is decorated in a charmingly unique style, whilst the terrace seating area is a lovely spot to take a break overlooking the river.

Best places to stay in Casco Viejo:

Whats The Best Area To Stay In Bilbao Spain

If its your first time in Bilbao, youll love a stay in Casco Viejo. Everything is within walking distance and the entire area seeps history. Everywhere you turn, there will be a soaring cathedral or old church, city monument or a charming alley beckoning you to explore it. Since theres a wide range of accommodation in this area, its generally suited to all budgets!

Abandoibarra is a great choice, if the Guggenheim is the main focal point of your trip to Bilbao. That, and if youre interested in shopping and fine dining in the city. Things are more expensive around here, but if you dont mind splurging, youll have a fair share of gorgeous hotels to choose from and have the rest of the city right out your front door.

To experience Bilbaos nightlife, stay in Indautxu, which has a place for everyone. Its great that there are so many accommodation options in this area because it makes getting home from a big night out a total breeze.

Bilbao La Vieja is the best area to stay in Bilbao if youre looking to get off the beaten path. There are still tourists, albeit not nearly as many as in Old Town. Plus, this neighborhood has a distinctly chilled-out feeling to it. Its unique and interesting, perfect for a charming stay outside of the city center.

Editors Note: Traveling somewhere else in Spain? Check out our complete guide on where to stay in Spain!

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Deusto Best For Backpackers

The last area I want to talk about in the Where to Stay in Bilbao article appeals to backpackers. The area where Deusto University is located in the student district of the city.

As a result, there are much more affordable cafes, bars, hotels, and dozens of hostels here. It is possible to reach touristic places such as Guggenheim Museum and Zubizuru Bridge from Deusto District in 15-20 minutes on foot.

Those who like to walk can also walk to Casco Viejo in a maximum of 1 hour. However, for those who do not want to walk, transportation to almost all touristic places of the city by metro is extremely fast.

Another advantage of staying in this area is that it is one of the most local areas in the city. If you dont like touristic places and want to mingle with the local atmosphere and life of the city you are visiting, you can choose Deusto even if you are not a backpacker.

Deusto Hotel Recommendations

  • 3-star NH Bilbao Deusto: The most important advantage of NH Bilbao Deusto Hotel is its location, as the hotel is located on the border of Deusto Region, which is adjacent to Abandoibarra Region. As a result, you can walk to all touristic places in an average of 20-25 minutes.
  • Bilbao Akelarre Hostel: Recommended hostel for backpackers. In terms of socializing, it is the best among hostels with services such as a game room, shared kitchen, and lounge. It is 2-3 minutes walking distance from the metro station.

Hotel Nh Bilbao Deusto:

The Best of Bilbao

If youre planning on visiting the Guggenheim Museum , then Hotel NH Bilbao Duesto is super convenient.

Located just a few hundred metres from the museum in student favourite Duesto, it offers great value for money and convenience.

Inside, the hotel is modern, stylish and well-equipped with free wifi, satellite tvs and an on-site restaurant.

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Best Hotel In Abando: Hotel Carlton Bilbao

Five stars and a great location its no wonder this is one of our favourite Bilbao accommodation options! This stunning hotel is close to well-known attractions as well as dining, nightlife and shopping. Guests can enjoy the Turkish steam bath and relaxing sauna or play a round on the hotels golf course.

Best Neighbourhood In Bilbao For Your First Time

  • COOLEST thing to do in Casco Viejo catch a live theatre, dance or music performance at Arriaga Theatre
  • BEST place to visit in Casco Viejo head to Mercado de la Ribera the largest covered market in Europe with great fresh produce!

Casco Viejo, which translates as Old Town, is Bilbaos main historic district and a great spot if you are interested in architecture and local culture! The narrow streets are filled with historic buildings, magnificent churches and hole-in-the-wall restaurants showcasing local cuisine.

Of these restaurants, we recommend trying out the pintxo bars. Pintxos are the Basque version of Tapas and are highly popular with locals and tourists alike! Though there is some nightlife in Casco Viejo, it is a little more touristy than in other areas of the city perfect if you are simply looking for a cheap place to grab a drink.

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Indautxu: Where To Stay In Bilbao Like A Local

The cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Indautxu is a favourite amongst Bilbaos locals.

With great shopping, dining and a good spattering of nightlife, theres plenty to do here but in an environment that bit more relaxed than Casco Viejo.

Another highlight of Indautxu is its proximity to the world-famous Guggenheim museum, while the Old Town is also easy to reach on foot.

Indautxu Highlights

  • Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park perhaps Bilbaos most famous green space, this is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing stroll. Dont miss the Duck Pond.
  • Azkuna Zentroa a multi-use art space located in the former corn exchange. Today, you can see different art, theatre and music shows.
  • Museum of Fine Arts Bilbao find out even more about Bilbaos impressive art credentials by taking a stroll through this excellent museum and gallery.

Suggested Indauxtu Hotels in Bilbao

  • Hotel Carlton this luxury hotel is located in one of Indauxtus most beautiful buildings, and the inside is just as chic.

Santutxu Where To Stay In Bilbao For Families

15 Best Places to Visit in Bilbao, Spain

Santutxu is a residential neighbourhood situated in southern Bilbao. It sits across the river from trendy Bilbao la Vieja and offers a calm atmosphere and easy-going experience.

Busting with green space and natural attractions, Santutxu is our best recommendation for where to stay in Bilbao for families. Here you can enjoy a breath of fresh air and a walk in the park, all without straying too far from the city centre.

But Santutxu isnt all green grass and landscapes. This district is also home to a good selection of restaurants and bars, as well as shops, museums and attractions that will enthral all members of your family.

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Gran Hotel Domine: Ensanche

As is only right for a hotel located literally opposite the Guggenheim Museum, the Gran Hotel Domine is an architectural wonder in itself.

Modern, stylish and sleek, it could be its own attraction thanks to its appealing and unique exterior and interior.

Inside, the rooms are equally chic with hand-selected artworks giving a pop of colour and style. Other features of the room include a large flat screen television and USB chargers.

Theres also a wellness centre including a gym, sauna and Turkish bath, a bar and two restaurants.

Then theres the charming rooftop terrace offering some pretty epic views. I think youll agree this is a serious contender for best place to stay in Bilbao, Spain.

Where To Stay In Bilbao For Nightlife

  • COOLEST thing to do in Indautxu head to the Garcia Rivero zone where most of the bars and nightclubs are located
  • BEST place to visit in Indautxu enjoy a wide range of activities from art to sports at Azkuna Zentroa, a large building that serves as the hub of the region

Located just west of Abandoibarra, Indautxu is an eclectic region offering a mix of culture, nightlife and cheap dining. Most of the nightlife is centred around the Garcia Rivero area. Though many guides suggest you head to Casco Viejo for nightlife, Garcia Rivero offers a much more local experience with dive bars and unique nightclubs!

Like Abandoibarra, Indautxu is a very modern area of the city with excellent tourism facilities. The Azkuna Zentroa building is popular with visitors and locals alike, hosting art galleries, a swimming pool and sporting events amongst other attractions! Indautxu is great if you want to see the many different sides of Bilbao.

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Additional Requirements: Eu Digital Covid Certificate And Other Certificates

If you come from a country/area considered at risk for COVID-19, you must present a certificate or document certifying vaccination, an active infection diagnostic test or recovery from COVID-19. These certificates will be different if they have been issued in a country of the European Union or in a third country.

If you come from a country, at the health controls on arrival in Spain, you will be required your SpTH QR code together with a vaccination or recovery certificate and, in addittion, a SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test certificate with a negative result.

Children under the age of 12 years are exempt from submitting these certificates, but not from completing the Health Control Form and obtaining a QR code.

EU Digital COVID Certificate

On 17 March 2021, the European Commission adopted a legislative proposal to create a digital certificate to facilitate the safe free movement of citizens in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. The EU Digital COVID Certificate will be valid in all EU Member States and will be issued by the competent authorities of the EU countries.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate may be of three different types and any of them may be used by travellers to enter Spain, as long as they meet the following criteria:

NOTICE: Since 1 February, some EU Covid Digital Certificates of Vaccination must be reissued, following the administration of a booster dose. Please contact your issuing organisation and check its validity before travelling.

Other certificates

Hotel Melia Bilbao: Ensanche

A LOCAL’S GUIDE TO BILBAO | Top 5 things to do in & around Bilbao

Waste no time in transit at Hotel Melia Bilbao, which boasts a fabulous location just ten minutes from the Guggenheim Museum.

The five-star hotel is luxurious and stylish, with minimalist rooms that all feature a flatscreen TV and free wi-fi. Theres even a balcony in most rooms perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or evening bubbly.

Foodies staying at the hotel wont need to go far for something delicious to eat the hotels restaurant picked up a Michelin star back in 2014.

Theres also a cosy cocktail bar for the days when the citys nightlife is that bit too far away.

Oh, and theres a swimming pool for cooling off after a big day of exploring the citys sights.

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Best Hostel In Bilbao: Bilbao Akelarre Hostel

This is our pick for the best hostel in Bilbao. It is conveniently located in the Deusto neighbourhood and offers easy access throughout Bilbao. This hostel has 36 comfortable beds in shared rooms. There are also lockers, wifi, a games food and a delicious complimentary breakfast.

If you love hostels, you should check out our list of the coolest hostels in Bilbao!

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