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Best Place To Stay In Bodrum

Quick Answers Where To Stay In Turkey

A Tour Of BODRUM, TURKEY | Is It Worth Visiting?
  • Istanbul The Overall Best Place to Stay in Turkey
  • Izmir & the North Aegean Best Place to Stay in Turkey for Families
  • Cappadocia Where to Stay in Turkey for Couples
  • Istanbul The Coolest Place to Stay in Turkey
  • Bodrum Where to Stay in Turkey on a Budget
  • Cappadocia One of the Most Unique Places to Stay in Turkey
  • Kas Where to Stay in Turkey for Adventure
  • Bodrum Where to Party on the Beach in Turkey

Bitez Where To Stay In Bodrum On A Budget

Bitez is located close to Downtown Bodrum but far enough away that you can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. There are still great restaurants, cafes, and shops in this area though, clustered around a lovely beach which is perfect for kids and people who love watersports like surfing and sailing.

Luciano Mortula LGM

This is one of the best areas to stay in Bodrum on a budget as the accommodation options are incredibly varied. No matter how much money you want to spend, youll find a variety of options in Bitez. It also has a laidback, relaxing vibe thats the perfect antidote to busier parts of this area.

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Best Hotel In Bodrum: Moonshine Hotel And Suites

This mid-range hotel in Bodrum is clean, comfortable, and offers easy access to the center of town and to the beach. Its only 400 meters to Bodrum castle and 300 to the marina and is surrounded by lush gardens to offset the hot summer days.

Theres a swimming pool on-site and rooms of varying sizes to suit every type of travel group.

Bodrum is a fairly small town and development is strictly regulated. This is both good and bad. It means that the city has managed to retain its historical, cultural features and charm. And it also means that the best places in Bodrum to stay fill up fast.

Theyre also prohibitively expensive in the busy season. So, make that you book really early if you want to get a comfortable place to stay at a good price.

Downtown Bodrum is a small historic area thats easily the best area to stay in Bodrum if youre looking for the beach, bars, and a vibrant atmosphere. Its full of all the local flavor and culture you could want, with easy access to the beach and an exciting nightlife.

Bitez is just 4 kilometers east of Bodrum and is a quieter alternative to the downtown as well as a little more budget-friendly. This is the best neighborhood to stay in Bodrum for its huge range of accommodation options.

Youll find everything from 5-star hotels to smaller apartments to suit every budget next to great restaurants, cafes, and shops in this region.

For Boutique Bargains: Divan Bodrum

The Best Places to Visit in Bodrum 2019  ToursCE Travel Blog

Divan Bodrum, on the northern tip of Türkbükü, exudes an easy trendiness that belies its affordability and its 60 rooms are decorated in soothing pastel tones. Theres a private beach and an outdoor pool thats an ideal spot for dozing. Iskele Restaurant, meanwhile, serves delicious Mediterranean fare and Sahil Bar mixes cocktails on the waterfront.

National Geographic Traveller

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Bodrum Marina Yacht Club

Bodrum Marina Yacht Club is a famous entertainment and nightlife center in central Bodrum overlooking the Bodrum port and historical Bodrum Castle.

It provides great views of the sea and Bodrum castle. Bodrum Marina Yacht Club is open for all year round and also the only facility that offers live music performances every day during the year. There are 3 restaurants and 4 bars at the Bodrum Marina Yacht Club.

Bodrum Where To Stay In Turkey On A Budget

Bodrum sits along the Mediterranean Sea of Turkeys coastline and is renowned for its crystal clear waters and plentiful beach activities including an underwater archaeology museum!

If youre dying to figure out where to stay in Turkey to not break your precious piggy bank, head on over to Bodrum! There are a ton of affordable hotels, guesthouses, and Airbnbs. In fact, some of the cheapest hotels in Turkey are in Bodrum!

Plus, you can always opt for not spending a dime by reclining on the beach all day. You dont have to pay a single admission ticket if you dont want to! However, if you do want to see a few things, I recommend heading over to St. Peters Castle or checking out the Bodrum Amphitheatre.

Want to hear about some free things to do? How about checking out the Bradski Cove or wandering around the cobbled stone streets of Gumusluk? Or why not meander around the Palmaria and take a stroll under the palm trees!

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Why Should People Visit During The Winter

Bodrum is well-known for its year-round friendly climate and is, therefore, quite popular among snowbirds as well. The city offers scenic views and has a significant cultural background which is an attractive feature for those curious travelers who are willing to go the extra mile and explore the city’s in-depth history. You can’t expect the town to completely shut down during this season as it is quite big and features many attractions which operate throughout the year. The fewer crowd makes it a lot easier to roam around the city and the temperate weather is the cherry on top.

Cappadocia Where To Stay In Turkey For Couples

Top 5 Tourist attractions in Bodrum /Turkey – Places that you must see in Bodrum!

The name Cappadocia does have a beautiful ring to it, doesnt it? Your romantic getaway in Turkey is already off to a good start! Cappadocia is a region in the center of Turkey. Its renowned for its unique rock formations in Monks Valley called fairy chimneys. Also, there are canyons to explore and great hiking to be had. So if your significant other happens to be an outdoor enthusiast you are in luck.

There are also underground cities and cave churches, not to mention houses carved into rocks. Its recommended to find out where to stay in Cappadocia before you start your travels. If youre able to splurge a little, take a hot air balloon ride to really see all the beauty of this moon-like landscape that will leave you and your partner positively breathless!

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Is Bodrum A Safe Place To Go

Bodrum, a popular tourist destination in Turkey, has seen many major improvements over the past decade. It is now a beautiful city full of sights, sounds and vibes that will impress every visitor.

Bodrum has a reputation for being one of the safest places in Turkey. Bodrum attracts tourists from all over the world, so its no surprise that there are some great vacation options in this area.

Why Is Bodrum Famous

Bodrum is a city in Turkey on the Aegean coast. Its a touristy place and many people come to Bodrum to spend their summer holidays. There are many reasons this city is famous. Here are some of them:

  • It has a beautiful seaside and the view from the window of your hotel room can be breathtaking.
  • It has some historical places that are worth visiting such as the Castle of St. Peter which was built by the Genoese in the 13th century or the ancient theater of Halicarnassus which still has its acoustics.

Bodrum is a place that really comes to life in the summer, and there are several reasons for that.

The climate. During the summer, temperatures reach highs of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit , while winters are mild and wet. Bodrum experiences some of the coldest and wettest temperatures of the year in February, so it isnt the best time for beach vacations.

Add to that the fact that its only over an hour away from Istanbul and you can see why Bodrum has become a favorite vacation destination. In case youre wondering why anyone would visit Bodrum in the winterwell, its because of the great beaches, of course.

Although Bodrum attracts style conscious, it has likewise a laid back atmosphere. The marina is packed with beautiful yachts, ancient places to walk around, and enchanting old whitewashed buildings.

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Best Airbnb In Bodrum: Entire Guest Suite

If youre deciding where to stay in Bodrum for nightlife and want a little bit of privacy, then this private apartment is a great choice. Its located right in the middle of Downtown Bodrum and within walking distance of buses, ferries, and local attractions.

Theres a grocery store nearby and a doorman for extra security and help if you need it. The suite can accommodate up to 3 guests.

Best Places To Stay In Kas

10 Best Beach Towns and Resorts in Bodrum

Since Kas is a relatively small town, everything is knitted pretty close together. Staying close to the beach is always a good idea though!

Yoga House with Garden

Best Airbnb in Kas: Yoga House with Garden

This beautiful home in Kas is yours for the taking. Its in a nice, residential neighborhood that leaves you just a few minutes walk from the center of Kas. This apartment is part of a yoga complex, where yoga classes are held daily. Theres also an outdoor garden that will be your own little slice of paradise.

Best Hostel in Kas: Ani Motel & Hostel

The Ani Motel and Hostel is just 100 meters away from the seaside! Its a quaint hostel that comes at bottom basement prices. This hostel is full of old-world charm and gives guests a complimentary drink upon arrival.

Best Hotel in Kas: Linda Beach Boutique Class Hotel

This seafront hotel is just a mere two minutes walk away from Little Pebble Peach, known to be the perfect spot to watch the sunset! If youre in the mood to collect seashells, its the perfect place to do it. Linda Beach Hotel also has an outdoor pool, and a huge continental breakfast to enjoy each morning.

Read our full review of the GRAYL GEOPRESS!

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Best Hostel In Bodrum: Melis Pansiyon

This hostel in Bodrum is centrally located, just meters from Downtown Bodrum and all its attractions and sites. The rooms are air-conditioned and offer a private bathroom as well as bright and colorful furnishings.

Some of the rooms even include a small kitchen. And theres an outdoor terrace on site where you can enjoy the sun while you eat your breakfast.

See Bodrum’s Myndos Gate

One for the supreme history fiends on a hunt for the remnants of Halicarnassus, this gate is the main still-standing chunk of King Mausolus’ once sturdy fortress walls, which originally wrapped around the ancient city for seven kilometers.

Unless you are particularly interested in ancient history, this small set of ruins, which include a scattering of tomb and stele slabs and the sparse remnants of a 4th-century moat surrounding the gate fragments, are underwhelming.

The site, though, is easily combined with a stroll from the marina, up to the mausoleum and the theater, and then visiting this site on the way back.

Address: Cafer Paa Caddesi, Bodrum Town

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Cappadocia One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In Turkey

While we already covered why Cappadocia is one the best city in Turkey for couples, it definitely is one of the most unique places to stay in all of Turkey too. With the moon-like landscape, and wildly bizarre rock formations called fairy chimneys, theres a lot to see and do in Cappadocia that is downright strange but completely marvelous!

Hike underneath Cappadocias rock formations and check out all 36 of the underground cities! And if you feel like taking a break from hiking, why not take a horseback ride on an Arabian house? Or why not take a pottery workshop in the historic town of Avanos known for its exquisite handmade ceramics.

Lastly, while Cappadocia has some amazing nightlight, bars, and dance clubs, a trip to Cappadocia wouldnt be complete without catching a belly dancing show!

Downtown Bodrum Where To Stay In Bodrum For Nightlife

Top things to do in Bodrum Turkey! Is it worth visiting ?#bodrum #goturkey #discoverturkey #travel

The best area for tourists looking for nightlife is in downtown Bodrum. The Bodrum city center is full of fun shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants, as well as a lively nightlife scene. The nearest beach is Bardakci Bay, just minutes from the town center.

There are also several destinations of cultural and historic interest, including Bodrum Castle, a 15th-century fortress overlooking the Bodrum Marina. Theres also the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, a museum in the castle featuring shipwreck artifacts. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is another historic site near the Bodrum town center and dates back to 350 B.C.

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Best Areas To Stay In Bodrum

The best place to relax in Bodrum is Kara Ada or Black Island, famous for its healing mineral springs. The island is located just a few minutes drive from the center of Bodrum.

It is a popular tourist destination and has many hotels, pensions and restaurants. The island has no cars, so you can enjoy the peace of the natural environment.

Are There Any Secret Spots You Like To Go To

IK: Orfoz restaurant is a great secret spot in Bodrum, behind the castle. Its really the most extraordinary restaurant on the coast for fresh shellfish, all prepared by brothers Cari and Calar and paired with a perfect local wine list. The original Orfoz was run by their parents in Bozburun, and I used to crave the food during the winter, but their sons restaurant in Bodrum is also a treasure.

NK: Bozburun Cave is still not known to many. Its amazing.

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What Would Your Ideal Day Involve

IK: Wake up early to the sounds of the birds around my home, then go for a walk along the Bosphorus. After a quick breakfast in a local café in Bebek, Id take a boat to the old city and take in Istanbul with all its contrasts. I love getting lost in the bazaar, listening to the shopkeepers who always have the most interesting stories from all around the world. I would finish the day in Pera, on the terrace of Mikla restaurant, sipping a locally inspired cocktail overlooking the Golden Horn and the Topkapi Palace for a true synthesis of East and West.

NK: My ideal day would be to wake up in one of the beautiful green bays of Göcek and enjoy the sun and sea with my family and friends. I like cruising around the coast and getting to experience all it has to offer. Whether its visiting a magical cave where you can enter with a dinghy or waterskiing in the late afternoon when the water is calm, theres always something to keep you occupied. At night I like going to one of the local restaurants for fish and mezze.

Gumbet Best Area To Stay In Bodrum For Nightlife

Where to Stay in Bodrum

Gumbet is one of Bodrums best neighborhoods for all the attractions of the center without the busyness and noise. This is a small area that has a good collection of restaurants and night clubs as well as shops and beautiful beaches where you can swim without the crowds.

Luciano Mortula LGM

There are a range of accommodation options available in Gumbet. Youll find the 5-star hotels just outside of the area and smaller hotels in more central streets.

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Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Here is our list of the best singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Bodrum girls:

  • Zula at Çar, Talk Sk. No:10/A
  • Mavi Bar at Kumbahçe Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. 175
  • Club Posh at Erguvan Sk. 15/A, Gumbet
  • B1 Club at Yarbay Sabri Erguden Sk. 8, Gumbet
  • Club Catamaran at Dr.Alimbey Cad.Barlar Soka 10
  • Daze at Keleharm Cad. 104. Sok. D:6, Gölturkbuku
  • Sopranos at Eskiçeme, Neyzen Tevfik Cd. 168
  • Korfez Bar at Çar, Cumhuriyet Cd. 2
  • White House at Cumhuriyet Caddesi 147
  • Kule Rock City Bar at Çar, Çar Mh Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Barlar Soka 55
  • Mandalin at Çar Mahallesi Dr. Alimbey Caddesi, 1025. Sk

There are a few areas for singles nightlife here, the main one probably being the infamous Bar Street right near the Castle. Cumhuriyet Street is the actual name, but most people just call it the Bar Street and any guys who want to hook up with Bodrum girls would be wise to book a hotel near it.

You also have quite a few nightclubs in Gumbet, and some more places to party in Turkbuku. Gumbet is a popular tourist destination very close by, and it is generally a cheaper place to stay and party if you are on a budget.

Bodrum itself is more touristy and expensive. Being that it is so touristy you will generally find many more single women visiting during the summer then you do throughout the rest of the year.

If you happen to show up here and the scene isnt what you were hoping for you can travel a few hours to try and pick up girls in Izmir.

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