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Best Place To Stay In Cefalu

Why Stay In Palermo

SICILY IS UNDERRATED! Cefalù is a 2022 MUST-VISIT (Sicily Road Trip Pt 1)

This is where to stay in Sicily if you plan to see other great sites within the city as Via Roma connects you to most of them. You can easily visit Palermos main sites as you also take advantage of the fantastic shopping opportunities. This is a great base for your one-day trips to places like Segesta, Cefalù, Agrigento, and Erice. Palermo has accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes ranging from B& Bs, hostels, guest houses, villas, self-catering apartments to luxury five-star hotels.

Palermo Where To Stay In Sicily First Time

When youre deciding where to stay in Sicily for your first time, you cant go past Palermo. This is a somewhat chaotic city thats filled with majestic Baroque buildings built by Kings and emirs. If you love history and architecture, then youll spend hours exploring the streets, cathedrals, and palaces. And if that isnt enough culture for you, then check out the popular museums or art galleries in the town.

But Palermo has more to offer than just history. Its a great choice when youre deciding where to stay in Sicily for nightlife as there are lots of trendy bars and restaurants as well as opera and ballet performances. And in the summer, the city holds not-to-be-missed outdoor performances. This town also contains some of the best places in Sicily to stay at every budget point, with a variety of high-class and budget accommodation options.

Boat Excursions And Water Sports

The beautiful Mediterranean waters around Cefalù, as well as the scenic coastline around it make it popular for water sports and boat excursions. At the marina, you can sign up for day trips for snorkeling in the crystal waters, sailing cruises, or even paddleboard tours. On the latter, you can often explore some of the sea caves along the coast, and on any of these, you can be sure of beautiful scenery. It is sometimes possible to make day excursions as far as the Aeolian Islands from Cefalù.

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Messina Packed With Beautiful Old Architecture And Museums

Messina lies on the point of the triangular island of Sicily that is closest to mainland Italy, and it is a thriving port city, deriving its income from tourism especially from cruises agriculture of citrus fruit, olives and wine grapes and commerce.

The city has long been known Shakespeare even based two of his plays in the city . Any visit to Messina should begin in the immense central square, which offers easy access to the beautiful bell-tower and the immense cathedral.

In fact, the whole city is packed with beautiful old architecture and museums and galleries displaying the many artistic wonders that were either created in Messina, or were created by sons of Messina.

The city is largely safe with the worst criminal activities taking the form of petty theft and vandalism cars being broken into for the valuables left accidentally on display, for example. As long as reasonable precautions are taken, you will be very safe in Messina.

Getting around Messina is easily done. Buses ply regular routes around the city, and you can easily bus your way from hotel to attraction after attraction before returning to your hotel having seen all the sights. Or as many of them as you can find in one day, anyway!

Walking is also an excellent way of getting about, with much of Messina within easy walking distance. For those days when you are in a rush or simply dont feel like walking or using the bus, there are cabs readily available from three spots within the city.

Palermo Where To Stay In Sicily For The First Time

Cefalu Sicily

Located in the northwest part of the island, Palermo is the capital of Sicily and it is the best place to stay if you are visiting for the first time. Here you will discover amazing baroque buildings built by kings, historical churches, charming palaces, museums, and art galleries. You can easily explore the main landmarks in the old town on foot so if you love history, Palermo has a lot to offer to you!

Even if youre not that much into history, you can also enjoy views of the impressive streets from a number of very nice local restaurants, bars, and trendy nightlife. After a long sightseeing day just pick a quirky cafe and enjoy the view while having a nice wine and a delicious Sicilian meal. Im already jealous of your future holiday!

There are so many hotels in Palermo from luxury to budget. Before talking about them I would like to remind you of the importance of making a booking in advance for this super popular city. As this is a very touristy area, hotels can fill up so quickly, so it is better to be safe than sorry! Whilst youre planning your Italian getaway, I can highly recommend these hotels in Rome and the Amalfi Coast if you have more time!

Lets find a nice place to stay in Palermo:

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Get The Perfect Shot At The Molo

If you have seen pictures of Cefalu, you will certainly have seen the iconic shot of the town and cliffs across the still water. This is taken from a small cove called the Molo a pretty part of the town to stop by. At the end of Via Bordonaro in the historic center lies this cove. Bring along your camera for a classic view of Cefalu.

Cefalu Sicily A Complete Travel Guide


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When planning a holiday to Sicily, you just have to spend some time visiting the small towns. While Palermo has its excitement and charms, the smaller destinations like Cefalu are where the real beauty of Sicily can be found.

Cefalu is a seaside town on the northern part of the island. With its dramatic stone cliffs, sparkling oceanside location, and amazing historic buildings, visiting this town is a must for anyone in the area. Cefalu is a destination that offers all of the top things to do in Sicily beautiful beaches, delicious food, rich history, and vibrant culture.

Here is our complete guide to anyone visiting Cefalu, Sicily.

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West Coast Best Place To Stay In Sicily For Beaches And History


  • Beach
  • Historical city
  • Romantic couples for seclusion
  • Families
  • Trekking and walks in the Riserva Dello Zingaro
  • Snorkelling and Diving in Favignana Island

This part of Sicily is the real treasure of this beautiful region.

And you know the best part?

Most of the attractions are within 1 hour by bus or rented car, or a short ride with a cable car.

The only airport in this region is in Trapani. Its a small one with mostly flights from within Italy .

You can also take a flight to Palermo and from there you can catch a bus or rent a car .

If you are planning a stay at the beach then you should check out San Vito Lo Capo, for one of the best beaches in Sicily and possibly Europe.

The only drawback of having your hotel in San Vito Lo Capo is that you need to rent a car if you want to explore the nearby attractions and towns as public transportation is not the best.

San Vito Lo Capo is also one of the best places to stay in Sicily for family, thanks to its long and wide beach with shallow super clear water, a real haven.

If you are flying to Palermo I suggest booking here your direct transportation to/from the airport. Unfortunately, San Vito Lo Capo is not well connected to Palermo.

If you are wondering where to stay in Sicily for history besides Palermo then the Trapani Old Town should be your destination.

Its an open-air museum based on a multitude of architecture. Byzantine, Arab and Baroque are the most striking.

The Most Romantic Places To Stay In Sicily

Where to stay in Sicily – The 7 best areas
  • Wine Resort Villagrande is a peaceful, elegant country house with four rooms overlooking the winery. The decor is cool and quite traditional and the views spread all the way out to the Ionian coast. The sunsets are magical.
  • Tenuta Cammarana, is a gracious 18th-century country house owned and run by a Sicilian aristocratic family. They have a passion for both local food and wine, so you can expect fabulous gastronomic experiences. With just three rooms – some with stone vaulted ceilings – filled with antiques, staying here feels like youâre a family friend rather than a paying guest.

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Cefal Best Hidden Gem Stay In Sicily


  • Romantic for couples
  • Family trip

Cefalù is one of the best-kept secrets of Sicily.

There are tourists around, but they are nowhere in number near Taormina, Palermo or Noto.

The Old Town is absolutely stunning with plenty of small lanes, hidden stairs, secret corners and small family restaurants offering amazing food

An ancient castle sits on top of the hilltop town, making it the perfect romantic getaway for couples.

The beach is to die for, especially the section near the old town.

It does extend for over 1km, getting quite wide in a few sections, making it perfect for families with kids.

If you are travelling with your children then Cefalù is a great choice because you can alternate some time sunbathing and building castles with nice walks in the old town or up to the castle.

Cefalù is also well connected to Palermo, with a direct train

For you stay in Cefalu, you should check out

What Not To Miss

  • Climb to the smouldering peak of Mount Etna or take the cable car to the top!
  • Visit the Valley of Temples outside of Agrigento, the largest archaeological site in the world, teeming with ancient temples…
  • Explore the Villa Romana del Casale , a 4th century UNESCO-protected ancient villa featuring beautiful mosaics.
  • Hike through the Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro , a natural park boasting mountains, seacoast, rare birds and prehistoric sites!
  • Check out the Monastero dei Benedettini – one of the largest monasteries in Europe – in the heart of Catania.
  • Enjoy the many sunswept beaches across the island – from Cefalu to Taormina.
  • Walk through the picturesque streets of Modica and sample her famous chocolate.
  • Munch on tasty street snacks in Palermo.
  • Immerse yourself in the ancient world while exploring the Parco Archeologico dello Neapolis, Syracuse’s great archaeological site, where stands a gleaming Roman amphitheatre and ancient quarry that once was mined by Athenian prisoners of war.

There’s so much to do and see on this wonderful island that during the peak summer months it is seriously busy! So if you want to guarantee a room in one of the best places to stay in Sicily book well in advance.

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Best Hotel In Sicily: Hotel Palazzo Brunaccini

This hotel in Sicily is located in the heart of Palermo. Its an ideal base if you want to explore the town as its close to local attractions like the Palermo Cathedral, Quattro Canti, and Piazza Pretoria. The hotel has an outdoor terrace, restaurant, bar, and comfortably furnished rooms with private bathrooms.

Sicily is a small island that packs a lot in a small area. When youre looking for the best neighborhood in Sicily to stay in, youll have your pick of small cities and towns that all have their own culture, food, and historical attractions. You can explore the main parts of this island in a couple of weeks by moving from city to city. Just make sure that you see these more popular sites.

Palermo is hands down one of the best places to stay in Sicily. Its filled with history and attractions and offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget. With its vibrant nightlife, its also ideal for anyone who wants busy nights as well as busy days.

But if you want to be closer to the beach, then looking for somewhere to stay in Cefalù. This charming town must be part of any good neighborhood guide because of its relaxed atmosphere and beach activities.

But if youd prefer to explore the regions history, then spend some time in Agrigento. This is where youll find lots of historical buildings and sites in the middle of a modern town.

Palazzo Planeta Self Catering Suites In Palermo

Best places to stay in Cefalu, Italy

Best for: a very comfortable stay in the centre of the city

When I worked for an Italian tour operator, I used to struggle to find decent hotels in Palermo. It was before the time of Airbnb. Nowadays, there are plenty of appealing places to stay in pretty much every city in the world. And Palermo is now no exception.

The Palazzo Planeta is part of the rather wonderful Planeta family group which is predominantly about wine. If your children are of the right age and disposition, I can highly recommend a stay at the Planeta Estate a modern country hotel near the sea in south western Sicily. Id recommend it even more as a place to escape to without children should that opportunity present itself. There arent many places where you can see vineyards stretching to the sea but at the Planeta Estate, that will be your view.

Anyway, back to Palermo, Palazzo Planeta offers seven apartments with one or two bedrooms. They are elegantly furnished and set in a great position for exploring the capital. Breakfast can be taken at a neighbouring café and theres a tour guide available to show you the sights.

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Palermo The Capital Of Sicily

Despite Sicilys fearsome reputation with Hollywood, a recent study of the twelve biggest cities in the whole of Italy saw Palermo score the lowest crime rate of all.

Having said that, opportunistic theft can occur in any city at any time, so be wary of showing off expensive equipment, wads of cash and loosely secured valuables.

Women might find themselves the target of wolf whistles and cat-calls, but during the day, at least, this is nothing to worry about. Walking alone at night is not recommended for anyone.

Get around Palermo in a number of ways: buses are cheap but quite unreliable and to be avoided if you are on a tight schedule. The bus system officially runs from 5.30am until 11.30pm, but quite often there is no bus after 10.30pm!

Bus tickets are very cheap, and do not be inclined to dodge the fare as they are monitored and fines for improper tickets can be very expensive.

There is a skeleton subway service in the city and also a partial tram service, which will get you to the most popular tourist areas in Mondello, Old Town and Politema/ Liberta.

Much of Palermo is easily accessible by foot if you like walking and are not going far, but do check out the weather report before committing to long hours in the sun.

The three areas mentioned above are the parts of the city best geared for tourists, and you will find few hotels or accommodations outside of these places.


Best Hostel In Sicily: Iuvara Rooms B& b

When you arrive in Sicily you will probably land in Catania, which is where this hostel is located. That makes it a great choice when youre deciding where to stay in Sicily for your first time. The rooms come in a variety of sizes to suit all travel groups and have charming decorations and everything youll need for a short or long stay. The hostel is central and offers lots of tours.

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Lounge And Swim At Cefalu Beach

No holiday to Sicily would be complete without spending plenty of time on the beach. Luckily, Cefalu is one of the top beach destinations on this island. There are some great beaches to explore around the town. However, the main strip of Cefalu Beach, Sicily is where most people will end up.

Cefalu Beach is definitely one of the best on the island. This is a long stretch of white sandy beach, with all of the charms you would desire from the Mediterranean coastline. The beach is only a short walk from the towns main road, so its very easy to access.

Masseria Degli Ulivi Near Noto

Cefalù, Sicily: Romantic Port Town

Best for: families of all ages

As with the Marabino, the Masseria degli Ulivi is a rural property with suites for families this time the kids stay upstairs. And theres space for a third child on an extra bed.

The Masseria has a swimming pool and restaurant and sits in slightly more appealing surroundings than the Marabino. Its on the Ibleo plateau, around 500 metres above sea level, so it should be a little cooler than some of the sea-level properties.

Theres a tennis court and table tennis, plus bikes can be hired on site.

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Which Part Of Sicily To Stay In

Its worth noting that the cities empty out in August when inhabitants flee for the cooler coast and mountain areas.

  • NORTH: Train line runs along the north coast linking coastal towns with Palermo. White sandy beaches towards the east. On the west side, the Aeolian Islands funnel off the visitors. Mountainous and green with mainly residential areas.
  • SOUTH: Long windswept sandy beaches, many of them empty, plus impressive Greek ruins and characterful working towns. The Montalbano effect is drawing some tourism to the south.
  • EAST: The most popular area for beach tourism, with sandy beaches running down the east coast from Catania and the glamorous Taormina to the north. Lots of baroque villages and chic rural B& Bs around the UNESCO Heritage zone of Val di Noto. The landscape around Mount Etna is also ideal for adventure activities.
  • WEST: The best area for sandy beaches. Some resort areas such as the lively San Vito Lo Capo, plus gems like the Egadi Islands, golden baroque towns with Arab heritage, and fantastic vineyards.

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