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Best Place To Stay In Charleston Sc Without A Car

Best Private Room In South Of Broad: Private Room Near The Battery

Charleston, South Carolina: Things to do in 2021 (vlog 1)

Guests staying in this private room will get to experience the authentic local lifestyle. This Airbnb is for two guests and sits in one of the oldest homes in Charleston. Youll have access to the whole house, which is located a short walk away from the harbor. Its within walking distance of Charlestons attractions, but the hosts offer access to their golf cart to make exploring more adventurous.

Things To See And Do In South Of Broad

  • Eat a fantastic sandwich at Brown Dog Deli.
  • Explore the scenic and picturesque Philadelphia Alley.
  • Go for a stroll through Battery & White Point Gardens.
  • Indulge in tasty treats at Normandy Farms.
  • Learn about daily life in one of Charlestons most luxurious settings at Nathanial Russel House.
  • Snap a pic of the colourful and iconic Rainbow Row.
  • Take a walk along the Charleston promenade.
  • Tour Heyward-Washington Home.
  • Visit Sword Gate House, one of the oldest and most expensive mansions in the city.
  • Walk through Stolls Alley.

Things To See And Do In Nomo

  • Dine on tasty dishes at Workshop.
  • Dont miss the food and drinks at The Tattooed Moose.
  • Eat flavourful American fare at Edmunds Oast.
  • Enjoy southern cooking at its finest at Martha Lous Kitchen.
  • Feast on delicious Mexican dishes at Santis.
  • Grab a sandwich at Butcher & Bee.
  • Indulge in tasty barbecue Lewis Barbecue.
  • Listen to live music at The Royal American.
  • Relax on the rooftop patio at Revelry Brewing.
  • Sample a variety of beers at the Cooper River Brewing Company.
  • Sip local brews at Tradesman Brewing Company.
  • Try Belgian style beers at Munkle Brewing Company.

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Best Airbnb In Charleston: Stylish Loft Condo

This stylish Airbnb in Charlestons Historic Downtown area is directly next door to a number of the districts top bars and restaurants. The loft is ideal for two people, however the host will provide a spare mattress and linens for an extra guest. Its been newly renovated and includes a full kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities and Wifi.

Avoid The Usual Tourist Traps

New York to Charleston: 4 Best Methods of Travel?

Every city has tourist traps, and Charleston is no exception. Dont be fooled by cheap marketing tricks when youre strolling past rows of restaurants with lines bustling around the corner stay away from places like Hymans Seafood and Jestines Kitchen, which always have a line of suckers waiting outside the door. Put down the free tourist map and ask around. Everyone in Charleston is friendly and full of advice. For the juiciest burger in town, head to the Tattooed Moose and order a side of duck-fat fries. Pop into Revelry Brewing Co. and swig a fresh beer on its new rooftop. For a fancy night out, order a steak at Halls Chophouse followed by a locally brewed peanut-butter-and-jelly beer downtown at Edmunds Oast. Find top-notch seafood at Coast Bar and Grill, then head to King Street and follow the sounds of live music playing. If you want to eat or drink on the water, Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, pictured below, is the place to be.

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Charleston Public Transportation From Airport

If youre wondering about Charleston public transportation from airport, keep in mind that there are no trains to and from the Charleston Airport. However, you have multiple other options, such as rental cars, taxis, and buses.

Charleston Airport Shuttle Transfers offers door-to-door transportation. After every fifteen minutes, a shuttle leaves CHS Airport to downtown Charleston, and the prices are pretty economical.

For example, the CARTA Express Bus charges only $3.5 one-way to/from airport.

Exploring Charleston Without A Car: Is It Possible

Yes, exploring Charleston without a car is pretty much possible. There are plenty of fun activities and exciting places to go about in the city.

What else is good? With a relatively low cost of living, you do not need a lot of money to experience the best of Charleston. Weve compiled a few top places to visit in Charleston without a car.

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Do You Need A Car In Charleston 5 Things To Know

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Going to Charleston for the first time? If youre all on your own or have no local friends to roam around the Holy City with you, this post makes sure you dont feel uncomfortable when traversing this curious city.

Located near the center of South Carolinas coastline on Charleston Harbor , Charleston is the largest city in the state of South California.

Also known as the Holy City, Charleston has tolerated religions of all kinds for centuries, making it the states most beautiful and cherished historical center.

But thats not all, the city has much more to offer, such as the fantastic watersports, splendid attractions, and exquisite dining.

Every year, millions of people across the globe plan a tour to Charleston, SC, and for the right reasons. The rich history, festivals, and cultural attractions appeal to all sorts of travel geeks.

But do you need a car in Charleston for a tour? What about Charleston public transportation? Are there places to visit without a car?

Read on to know everything about touring Charleston!

Without A Car In Charleston

First time visitors to Charleston SC. The In-Laws came to town.

I’m Polish. Together with my family we are going to do sightseeing in Charleston. As our plan is to stay in a hotel downtown, we are not going to rent a car. Is this a good idea especially if we’d also like to see places outside of the city ? Can we get there by bus? Or renting a car is a must-be?

Guess you can get there by bus. Not sure.

You can easily rent a car for one day when you choose to visit the plantations or anything outside of Charleston proper. You certainly don’t need a car if you stay in the historic district, and will be better off without one while you’re there. I’ve heard that Enterprise car rental will bring you to the car/bring the car to you, not sure which. I’m not aware of buses that would take you to either place, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just for your information, Boone Hall and Magnolia are both on opposite sides, across rivers, from Charleston.

Edited: 3 years ago

Make sure your hotel is in the “historic district”, which is NOT the same thing as “downtown”. The historic district is walkable to restaurants, shopping, historic sites, museums, etc. Downtown is not walkable to much of anything.

There are also some bus tours that take people to the plantations. Check at the Charleston Visitors Center next to the bus shed on Ann Street. They have all the information and can make reservations for you. You can check on TripAdvisor to find reviews. Put in “plantation bus tours” and Charleston, SC and you will find a list.

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Avoid The Hoi Polloi In Mount Pleasant

There are quite a few options out on Mount Pleasant, from chain hotels to places to stay on Airbnb. Quite a few of the hotels are right next to the Ravenel bridge. Getting downtown is easy from them, as well as accessing all the best things to do in Mount Pleasant, SC, like Boone Hall Plantation. These are also less expensive than almost everything downtown. Theyre generally not as inexpensive as the next location on our list, though.

Hang With Locals At Happy Hour

Quite possibly one of the best things about Charleston is its lively happy hour scene. It doesnt matter what day of the week it is there always seem to be food and drink specials that draw in crowds to pack the house. Tourists often make the mistake of going out after 8:00pm, when really they should be joining the locals between 4:00pm and 7:00pm for food and drink specials, live music and the chance to see real Charlestonians blowing off steam after a long day. A few of my favorites include half-off sushi at Locals Bar in Mt. Pleasant on Mondays after 3:00pm, or $5 Moscow Mules at The Rarebit in downtown Charleston any weekday between 4:00pm and 7:00pm. Waters Edge on Shem Creek offers cheap beers with a waterfront view, but my favorite happy hour in town is at Barsa Lounge and Bar on upper King Street, where every day youll find incredible paella specials along with some the cheapest drink deals in town go on Thursday after 7:00pm for live jazz.

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Do You Need A Car In Charleston

Charleston is a city famous for its slow pace. Many locals prefer to walk or bike around the town instead of getting in a car. So, do you need a car in Charleston?

Well, exploring Charleston with a car is suitable for two reasons. First, if you have small children, it can be easy to get around the city with them. Second, if you plan to visit remote and far-off places on the outskirts of Charleston, exploring the city with a car is your best bet.

On the other hand, if you want to visit Downtown Charleston and nearby areas, you can quickly get around the city without a car, thanks to the Charleston public transit system.

The city offers a reliable, fast, and convenient public transport system. What else is good? Its pretty affordable.

Also, if you do not wish to travel on public transport, know that living in Charleston without a car is possible, and you can still make the most out of your tour! Bikes, electric scooters, and rental cars are other great alternatives.

So, whether or not you need a car depends entirely on your travel preferences.

Great Chain Hotels In Charleston Sc

Why Charleston Is the South

1. Charleston Marriott

2. Holiday Inn Express Charleston

3. Courtyard Charleston Waterfront and Hilton Garden Inn Waterfront

4. Holiday Inn Charleston Historic Downtown

5. Hampton Inn Charleston-Historic District

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Day 1 In Charleston: Historic District Waterfront + Food Tour

Start your 3 days in Charleston by snapping photos at the Battery.

This scenic section of Charleston is lined with mansions right along the water and makes a beautiful first stop in the city.

While youre there, be sure to check out the beautiful White Point Garden before moving on.

Stroll over to colorful Rainbow Row.

Of course, any Charleston itinerary has to include a stop at Rainbow Row!

This line of pastel-colored houses lined with palm trees is one of the most iconic sights in the city and is located a 10-minute walk from your first stop, on East Bay Street.

Though the homes date to the 18th century, the bright colors only date to the 1930s and 1940s. Speculation abounds as to why they were painted, with theories varying from simple aesthetics to coping with the summer heat to helping drunks find their way home at night.

Whatever the real reason is, theres no doubt that theyre worth seeing when exploring Charleston in 3 days!

Head over to the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon.

Built in 1771, the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon has a long history of being one of the most consequential buildings in Charleston.

During its centuries, it has operated as a custom house, as a military prison during the American Revolution, as the site of horrific public auctions of enslaved people, and as a place to entertain elite members of society .

Dive into Lowcountry cuisine on an epic food tour.

Book A Ride Share To Folly Island

Charleston has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. If you want to make your way out to Folly Island, we cant blame you. We wish we were there right now!

This is one instance where you will need some wheels to get you to where youre going. Luckily, rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have made their ways to our city, so you dont need to rent a car to get here.

Yes, technically, this is kind of cheating when it comes to a car-free list. But wed never let you miss out on something special because were too busy following arbitrary rules.

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Things To Do In Charleston Without A Car

Charleston is known for its slow pace. That means that many Charlestonians choose to walk or bike around the city instead of hopping in a car especially in the historic downtown area. Luckily, most of our tourist attractions are also accessible without a car. Check out these 9 must-do activities by foot, bike, boat and car share.

If you want to make your way into the city without a car, we recommend booking a car share, like Uber or Lyft. Some local hotels offer free shuttles to and from the airport. Or, you could act like a local by taking the bus.

Things To See And Do In Mount Pleasant

BEST PLACES to EAT in Charleston, South Carolina | EPIC FOOD ADVENTURE
  • Dine on delicious seafood and steak at Old Village Post House.
  • Dont miss the burgers and fries at Coleman Public House.
  • Eat tasty local cuisine at Crave Kitchen & Cocktails.
  • Enjoy good food and an unbeatable view at Waters Edge.
  • Explore the grounds of the Boone Hall Plantation founded in 1681.
  • Get back to nature on Dewees Island.
  • Relax and play at Isle of Palms Beach.
  • See the retired warships at the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum.
  • Tour the Fort Sumpter National Monument.
  • Visit the Cold War Submarine Memorial at Patriots Point.

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Bike Across The Ravenel Bridge

While most Charlestonians and visitors drive across this stunning bridge, but we recommend taking your time by cycling over on a bike.

You can rent bikes from one of the local shops in the city. Or, use the local bike share to save a little cash. Holy Spokes rents bikes for $8 an hour or for $12 a day per bike. You can even buy a monthly pass for only $15 if you plan on hanging out in the city for a while.

Once you get to the other side of the bridge, you can turn around and make the trek back over the Cooper River. Or, stay in Mt. Pleasant for the day.

Isle Of Palms A Magical Little Island Town

Located on a slender barrier island, the Isle of Palms is a tropical playground nestled on the Atlantic Ocean and just 12 miles from historic Charleston.

Encompassed by a network of marsh creeks and white-sand beaches, the Isle of Palms is your classic island vacation spot, widely opened to the public in 1929 when a connecting bridge was constructed.

Now, visitors and residents alike stay on the Isle of Palms for incredible fishing, golfing and relaxed luxury. Like Folly Beach, you wont find pretentious vibes here.

Just flip-flop and t-shirts, peace and quiet and the undeniable excitement that Charleston is known for. It is a quintessential beach town with all of the fun and none of the frills.

The entire Isle of Palms is just 7 miles long and 1 mile wide. Because of the islands excellently-maintained beaches and pristine waters, natural vegetation flourishes here, including nesting sea turtles.

Theres ton of recreational activities to do as well. Isle of Palms County Park is perfect for bike riding, walking, running and roller skating with stunning ocean views along the boardwalk.

Theres also a playground for the kids and a sand volleyball court. Smaller Sullivans Island also neighbors the Isle of Palms, and makes for a great day trip if you have the time.

To get in a little shopping, there are several small beach and boutique gift shops that will sell travel essentials and cool souvenirs.


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Low Country Rapid Rail System

Although a Charleston light rail system could be a possibility in the future, the city is currently without any form of inter-city rail system. They do have the next best thing in the form of the Low Country Rapid Transit System to help create your great American adventure.

The LCRT, being Charlestons mass-transit project, will take you to the heart of action safely and quickly, using less energy and generating fewer pollutants than cars or planes.

All you need to do is head to a nearby train station, purchase the ticket, and get on the train. For more convenience, you can book a ticket from the comfort of your home.

Best Studio In Nomo: Taste Charleston Lite

Charleston, South Carolina Homeowners Insurance

This Airbnb in NoMo is conveniently located within walking distance of the best places to visit in Charleston. The studio sleeps up to three guests, and comes complete with modern amenities including Wifi, a smart TV, and a refurbished kitchenette. Theres also a nice porch for enjoying meals in the sunshine.

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What Is One Of The Most Haunted Hotels In Charleston Sc

A fair number of people come to town to experience some of the best Charleston ghost tours. As such, it stands to reason those visitors would be interested in haunted hotels here. As far as I know, the most haunted inn in Charleston is the Battery Carriage House Inn close to Waterfront Park and Rainbow Row on the Battery. The owners do not admit to seeing anything. Employees and guests have reported many sightings and strange happenings over the years, however.

Mount Pleasant Best Neighbourhood In Charleston For Families

Once known as North Point, Mount Pleasant boasts a rich naval and maritime history. Here youll find several retired warships, a cold war submarine and Patriots Point as well as a myriad of other one-of-a-kind attractions.

Mount Pleasant is also where youll find fun and interesting attractions, shopping malls, delicious restaurants and lots of tasty treats. With so much to see and do, Mount Pleasant is our top location for families visiting Charleston.

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