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Best Place To Stay In Krakow

Best Hostel In Stare Miastro: Woodpecker Hostel

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Poland Travel Tips Guide

This is our favourite hostel in Krakow because it has an excellent location in Old Town. It is within walking distance of the citys top sights as well as restaurants, bars and shops. This modern property offers a variety of free things, like coffee/tea, vegetarian breakfast, lockers, board games and tours.

Zakrzwek Good For A Day Trip

The large suburb of Zakrzówek lies well to the west of the city centre, about a forty minute walk from the Old Town. Residential, removed from the main tourist districts, and covered in swathes of parkland, Zakrzówek is one of the most laid-back neighbourhoods in this neighbourhood guide.

The majority of the housing and infrastructure of Zakrzówek is located in the south of the district, well away from the city centre. You will find a handful of small, local restaurants and bars where you can get to know the locals.

Being a primarily residential district, there is a much smaller selection of accommodation options to choose from here. However, what is available are some of the most affordable hotels in Krakow.

Most of the north end of Zakrzówek is covered in the open green space of an old quarry. Having been retired as a quarry many years ago, nature has taken over the area again, covering it in grass and trees.

Many hiking trails lead through the quarry, winding through the trees. Along the trails there are numerous curious rock formations, caves, and lovely viewing spots to discover.

The main crater of the quarry, a turquoise lake, Zalew Zakrzówek, has filled with water, creating a beautiful lake. There are a few small, rugged beaches around the edges of the quarry and it is a popular place for the locals to swim, especially in the warmer months.

Best places to stay in Zakrzówek:

The Best Places To Stay In Krakow: The Top Hotels & Areas

Entering Krakow by air or train, you might be shocked at how big Polands most popular destination seems. Fortunately for most travellers, Krakows size is somewhat irrelevant. Most of the top attractions and best neighbourhoods to stay ring around the city centre. And in these central areas, youll find many of the best places to stay in Krakow.

Unless youre planning to live in Poland as an expat, Id recommend narrowing your accommodations search to these six central Krakow neighbourhoods.

The best areas to stay in Krakow include:

Now, lets dig into each of these areas in a little more detail, shall we?

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Check Krakow Hotel Availability

AirBnB apartments are thriving in Kraków. However, the concentration of hotels in the centre, and the competition this brings, makes them arguably the more attractive option in terms of location and price. See our full list of Kraków hotels, broken down into different price brackets.

Kraków is a good destination all year round. For this reason, its wise to book well in advance. This is particularly true of the peak months of July and August. Christmas can also be busy and cold. The spring months of May and June are a good option, as well as the autumn months of September and October.

Most areas are easy to reach from the airport, but an Old Town or Kleparz / Wesoa location are particularly convenient for the main train station. See our guide for reaching Kraków city centre from the airport. Alternatively, a private transfer will take you from Arrivals directly to your accommodation.

Alternatively, if you have a favourite brand you prefer to stay in, see our Chain Hotels in Kraków page.

Ludwinow Where To Stay In Krakow On A Budget

Top 7 Places to Visit in Poland

This vibrant district is located in central Krakow. It sits on the banks of the Vistula River and offers incredible views of Wawel Castle. It is the best area in Krakow to stay in if youre looking to be close to the action, but have the opportunity to escape the crowds.

The central neighbourhood of Ludwinow is also our pick for Krakows best neighbourhood if youre on a budget. Tucked throughout this chic and hip hood is an array of good value and affordable Krakow accommodation options. From backpacker hostels to boutique hotels, theres something for visitors of all styles in Ludwinow.

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Kleparz Where To Stay In Krakow For Families

Kleparz is a laid-back residential neighbourhood situated north of the city centre. It is close enough to Stare Miastro that you can easily enjoy the citys most famous landmarks, but it is far enough away that you can avoid the throngs of tourists.

This is our number one pick for where to stay in Krakow for families. It has a great selection of lush parks, historic landmarks, cultural icons and delicious restaurants to explore and experience. So, whatever youre looking for, youll find it and more in vibrant Kleparz.

Keen to try traditional Polish fare? Kleparz is one of the best places to stay in Krakow to indulge in pierogis, herring, and other local delicacies.

Best Airbnb In Podgorze: Unique Riverside Apartment

Yeah, the area youre staying at is super cool, but this Airbnb is even cooler. Just check out the pictures yourself! Its unique design will make you feel welcome as soon as you step in. The apartment is linked to an Art Gallery, which you can always check out. There are new artists almost every day. Bonus: youll have a beautiful balcony and two bikes to explore the city.

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Kazimierz: The Jewish Quarter

Kazimierz is the most famous Krakow district, after the Old Town. But unfortunately, its also the most infamous.

This was once the thriving heart of the Jewish community in Krakow and one of the biggest communities in Europe. But the tumultuous events of World War II saw the district turned into a ghetto before being systematically destroyed by the Nazis.

For many decades after the war, Kazimierz was seen as one of Krakows most dangerous areas, but in recent years things have begun to change as the district has taken on a new lease of life.

In fact, this is now one of the trendiest areas to be in Krakow. After learning about Kazimierzs long Jewish history, you can sit out on the cobbled market square and enjoy great coffee or drinks before visiting some of the liveliest restaurants in the city.

Kazimierz is renowned for its nightlife these days too, so if youre looking to party, then this is the area for you!

Budget: Goodbye Lenin

To delve into the communist history of Krakow, and for an idea of what the Kazimierz district might have been like just a few decades ago, then book into the Goodbye Lenin hostel. This is a communist themed and inspired hostel, which takes its name from the East German film that portrays life immediately after the fall of communism and the Berlin Wall when the people are saying a final goodbye to Lenin.

Mid Range: INX Design Hotel

Luxury: Dada Boutique Home Hotel

Where To Stay In Krakow: The Best Areas To Stay In Krakow Poland

5 Best Places to Visit in Poland – Travel Guide

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Where to Stay in Krakow: Advice from a travel blogger and expat in Krakow about the best neighborhoods to stay in Krakow, Poland!

We created this guide in collaboration with Charlotte Døvle, a Norwegian travel blogger and graphic designer who splits her time between Oslo and Krakow. Were thrilled to welcome her as our local city expert for this Where to Stay in Krakow Guide.

Disclosure: This Where to Stay in Krakow Guide contains affiliate links. That means we may earn a small commission when you use the links on this site to book a hotel, buy your travel insurance, etc.. You dont pay anything extra. If youd like to learn more about how this works, you can read more under our Disclaimer page.

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Luxury Hotels In Krakow

Even though Krakow is a cheaper city for accommodations, there are definitely great options if you are looking for a luxury hotel to pamper yourself in for a few days.

If youre set on this style of accommodation, then check here for some of the best luxury hotels in Krakow. Weve listed a few of the top ones below:

Hotel Stary Check Now

As one of the most famous luxury hotels in Krakow, the Hotel Stary has a lot to live up to.

Luckily, its location on the northwest corner of the Old Town Market Square means that you get amazing views of the Old Town and access to all the best attractions all at a 5-star level of quality.

Hotel Pod Polski Biaem Check Now

If you want to stay right by the old gate that enters/exits the north end of the Old Town, then stay at Hotel Pod Polski Biaem.

The patio area almost feels private and protected by the medieval walls while luxury and authentic design are a signature piece of this luxury Krakow hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Krakow

What is the best part of Krakow to stay?

The Old Town is the best place to stay in Kraków, this is where youll find the famous Main Market Square, plus a handful of hotels that are located just a walk away from the Main Square, like Hotel Unicus Palace.

Is Krakow safe to walk at night?

Yes, Kraków is safeto walk at night, but be mindful of exploring secluded areas by yourself, especially around the train station or on the bus.

How many days do I need in Krakow?

You should spend 3 or 4 days in Kraków, that way you get to see the important neighborhoods and attractions.

Where to stay in Krakow for nightlife?

Kazimierz is the best place to stay in Kraków for nightlife, there are many clubs and bars here, and you can stay at the Hotel Rubinstein, plus its located just a 20-minute walk from the Main Square which is also another good spot for bars and clubs.

Which are the best hotels in Krakow Old Town?

Hotel Unicus Palace and Hotel Gródek are the best hotels to stay in Kraków Old Town, both have amazing reviews and offer top services including an airport shuttle.

What a cool trip! I hope this article helped you decide where to stay in Krakow and which boutique hotel to book!

I know there are many options here but here are my 2 favorite ones both located in The Old Town

Safe Travels,

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Where To Stay In Debniki


  • Q Hotel Plus Kraków The 4-star Q Hotel Plus Kraków located within a royal-style building offers a fresh, young and fun experience to travelers. It boasts modern and spacious rooms with all of the creature comforts you need, from free Wi-Fi and laptop-sized safes to air-conditioning. Some rooms even have river views. Guests can choose from a range of options at the hotel restaurant and lobby bar and tuck into a wonderful breakfast every morning theres plenty of variety to suit every palate.
  • budget

  • Hotel Kolna With a focus on entertainment, youll never be bored at Hotel Kolna, located within a modern low-rise building. Take a swim in the hotel swimming pool, unwind in the sauna or solarium, hit the gym, or play a game of table tennis or billiards. If youd prefer to get out and explore, there are kayaks and pedalos you can rent along a quiet waterway close to the Vistula River. Kids are catered for with a waterslide and a riverside playground for letting off steam.

Where To Stay In Krakow: Kazimierz Is A Cool Bohemian Neighborhood

Best places to stay in Kraków, Poland

Great area for: Cultural Travel Hip Boutiques and Eateries Bohemian Area

As the home of one of the worlds most significant Jewish communities, Kazimierz was targeted and systemically destroyed during WWII. In the decades up until the 1990s, it was also one of the dodgiest areas in the city. Since its rediscovery, however, Kazimierz has become Krakóws coolest and most exciting neighborhood. It is rich in history and bustling with bohemian bars, restaurants, boutiques and galleries. It is also home to the impressive Corpus Christi Church: be sure to take a look inside! The Jewish community has also recovered, and is today flourishing with the colorful Jewish Square and numerous synagogues throughout the city. Plac Nowy is a market by day, and the center of nightlife in Kazimierz after dark. The perfect evening out starts with dinner at Plac Nowy 1, followed by drinks at Alchemia, a bar that takes its inspiration from a traditional Polish living room. For dancing, hit up Le Scandale, just next door.

Check Availability & Prices on

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Krakow Is Worth A Visit For Either A Long Weekend Or A

Krakow is worth a visit for either a long weekend or a longer trip or both! With tasty food, culture, history, music venues, and festivals galore, there is truly something for everyone. Be sure to stray away from the old town and into some of the other neighbourhoods Kazimierz for a mix of Jewish heritage and student nightlife or even Nowa Huta to get a taste of the communist planned city and Polands pre-Christian mythology at Wanda Mound.

Where To Stay In Krakow First Time: 11 Best Areas

The best areas to stay in Krakow for the first time tourists are the neighborhoods of The Old Town , Kazimierz , Kleparz, Stare Podgorze, Grzegórzki, Ludwinow. In this guide, we will be looking at where to stay in Krakow for the first time, and best things to do in each district.

First time visitors will want to stay in the sightseeing hotspot of Stare Miasto, the historic city centre. Alternatively, the nearby residential districts of Kleparz and Wesola offer the convenience of staying within walking distance of top attractions without the overwhelming crowds and inflated prices.

For the best nightlife in the city, you cant beat Kazimierz. This is another super historic and culturally significant area, so you will have plenty to do day and night. If sticking to a tight budget is your top concern, the lower cost areas of Ludwinow and Grzegórzki allow you to keep close to the city centre without breaking the bank.

Wherever you choose to stay, I suggest familiarising yourself with Krakows tram network before you head off. The comprehensive public transport system with a whopping twenty-seven tram lines will allow you to explore the whole city easily and quickly, no matter where you choose to stay.

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What Area To Stay In Krakow: Podgrze

Across the river from the Kazimierz district is Podgorze. It was its location close to the Jewish district that led to it becoming the walled Jewish Ghetto, where Jewish people were moved to during World War 2. Although traces of this tragic history can still be found there today, such as Krakus Mound, Schindlers Factory, and Ghetto Heroes Square, Podgorze is now an up and coming neighbourhood. We went to some great restaurants and coffee shops here and noticed a lot of new beautifully designed buildings and areas. Although not as central as Krakow Old Town or Kazimierz, it still a great location.

A Note About Our Hotel Recommendations In This Krakow Neighbourhood Guide


Our goal with this Where to Stay in Krakow Guide is to make a small contribution to your trip planning process, and hopefully help you have a better time in Krakow, with less research required. We figured the best way to do that was hire a local who knows the city well, but that comes with one small problem: locals dont tend to stay in hotels. So, what weve done is choose hotels in the neighborhoods suggested by our local expert , using online review scores to find what we think look like the best options. Basically, we list the hotels that based on the online research we would personally stay in, or would be happy suggesting to a friend or family member. We havent personally been to these hotels, but weve asked ourselves things like: Have past guests left amazing reviews? Does it look like somewhere Id like to stay? Does it seem to be in a great location for enjoying Krakow? If it ticks those boxes, weve added it to the list.

Hopefully this info will help you have a better trip, but at the end of the day, we figure youll also do your own research.

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Best Hotel In Podgorze: Apartamenty Lila

This modern property is the perfect home away from home in Krakow. It has comfortable and spacious rooms, a private bath and plenty of features. Youll have your own kitchenette where you can prepare meals, and theres also a small seating area. This property is also outfitted with free wifi.

Where To Stay In Krakow

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Krakow.

If you want to splash the cash on a luxury hotel in Krakow, you cant go wrong with Hotel Unicus Palace! The on-site spa centre is unbeatable, with an underground pool, well-equipped fitness centre and authentic hammam. They also provide free parking, making it the top choice for travellers with a car.

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Book Your Activities In Advance

The most popular attractions are very busy in high season so pre-booking activities can save you a lot of time and can guarantee that you will not miss it. The most popular attractions are Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, The Wieliczka Salt Mine, Oskar Schindlers Enamel Factory, Nowa Huta Museum, Wawel Castle.

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