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Best Place To Stay In Oahu Not Waikiki

Pros Of Staying In Waikiki Or Honolulu

Where to Stay in Oahu, Hawaii | Stay in the Best Resort Areas of Ko Olina, Waikiki, & North Shore

-You dont need a rental car if youre staying in Waikiki . You can walk from your hotel to the beach to restaurants to world-class shopping. Many activities and excursions around the island offer van services that pick up from Waikiki hotels.If you want to explore the island a little more, TheBus runs right through Waikiki and takes you to most parts of the island easy since there are really just a few main roads. Uber is also an option to get to some parts of the island .-Theres a reason Waikiki Beach is world-famous. Its a great place to learn to surf and it has some of the cleaner waters around Oahu. Theres no denying its a beautiful place! Youre also a pretty quick drive or bus ride to Hanauma Bay, which isnt perfect but still offers some of the best snorkeling on Oahu.-There are lots of fun activities around. Free hula shows Tuesday and Saturday evenings near the Duke statue. Friday night fireworks. A zoo and and aquarium. Catamaran trips. Mega-hotels with waterslides. World-class shopping. Museums. Music clubs, bars, restaurants. If theres a developed amenity you want, youll find it in Waikiki! If youre coming from a small town or a rural area, an action-packed city like Waikiki could be an amazing change of pace.-Those Waikiki sunsets! Theyre hard to top.

Where To Stay On Oahu

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Oahu is Hawaiis most populous island by a lot and often gets a reputation as being too developed or too commercial or too busy. Oahu just cant catch a break! But the good news is that if you spend some time doing research on where to stay on Oahu, nearly every traveler can find the kind of experience theyre looking forward to on this seemingly-crowded island paradise. Finding the right place to stay on Oahu for you can make or break your entire visit!

In this article well take you through the pros and cons to help you pick the best area of Oahu for your visit including showing you where to stay on Oahu besides Waikiki, in case the big city doesnt float your boat. Well also help you find the best places for you to stay on each part of the island. Ready to get planning?

Before you book another hotel, make sure to read these 5 simple hacks for saving more on every reservation!

Ala Moana / Honolulu Downtown Sightseeing Shopping And Entertaininment

The bustling district of Ala Moana is where you will find all the sightseeing, shopping, and entertaining one could desire.

While relatively small in size, Ala Moana is host to the largest open-air shopping center in America, making this a must stay in Oahu.

More than just a mall or market, the Ala Moana Shopping Center brings commerce and culture together through a subtle blend of nature and architecture.

Along with over 290 merchants selling everything from luxury brands to specialty items, the Ala Moana Shopping Center boasts an international food court guaranteed to satisfy the most diehard of foodies.

And if that wasnt enough, the shopping center transforms into a live Hula show Monday through Saturday, offering visitors a unique glimpse into the iconic Hawaiian dance.

Once youve had your fill of the Ala Moana Shopping Center the Ala Moana Beach Park awaits, drawing visitors from around the world to its serene beaches and unhurried, relatively tourist-free pace.

The beach park also has plenty of hiking and biking trails, playing courts, and various outdoor amenities. And you wont find a better place to pause and watch the sunset after a busy day.

Downtown Honolulu is more than just a business hub with its intimidating skyscrapers and luxury high-rises, but an eclectic gathering place where culture is celebrated alongside every conceivable modern convenience.

Guests are encouraged to visit the Bishop Museum, which offers an invaluable peek into Polynesian culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honolulu Hawaii

Is Honolulu a good place to stay in Hawaii?

Honolulu is the best place to stay in Oahu, Hawaii Island thanks to its amazing white sand beaches, outdoor activities, historical museums, food, and night scene. The best Hotels I recommend staying in Honolulu are The Royal Hawaiian and Castle Waikiki Shore.

What is the best area to stay in Oahu, Hawaii?

Waikiki is one the best areas to stay in Oahu if you are visiting the island for the first time as you will be close to the most famous city attractions. Some of the best places to stay here are The Ritz-Carlton Residences and The Surfjack Hotel.

How many days do you need in Honolulu?

I recommend staying at least 5 days in Honolulu to discover the beaches, cultural sites and do outdoor activities such as hiking to the famous Diamond Head, snorkeling, and surfing in the best spots.

Where should I stay in Honolulu on a budget?

Where is the best place to stay in Honolulu on a beach?

What should I not miss in Honolulu, Hawaii?

The main landmarks in Honolulu, Hawaii that you shouldnt miss are: Iolani Palace Diamond Head crater

For those who are having difficulty in choosing a hotel after all of those accommodation options, let me help you. Here are the absolute best 2 hotel options in Honolulu where you can have an unforgettable holiday!

Have an amazing vacation,

Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Oahu

Best Places to Visit in Oahu Hawaii

According to most travelers, the best areas to stay in Oahu are all in Waikiki. But this isnt even close to the truth. The discerning traveler, who isnt afraid to get off the beaten track, knows that there are many more beautiful beaches and towns in Oahu.

And if you really want to get to know this laidback island, then you need to get out of the main areas and out among the locals. That will give you not only a more authentic view of Oahu, but pictures and memories that few travelers ever get!

And dont forget to take out Travel Insurance for your trip! I have been using World Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the years. Theyre easy to use, professional and relatively affordable. They may also let you buy or extend a policy once youve started your trip and are already abroad which is super handy.

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Laie Easy Going Coastal Area

This easy going coastal area is famed for its luau feasts held at the nearby Polynesian Cultural Center.

On this 42-acre expanse of tropical vegetation visitors and especially families are encouraged to immerse themselves in hands-on activities that celebrate all aspects of Polynesian culture, from song and dance to food and game playing.

Guests can even learn how to fish without a net and learn how to wrangle the fiery poi.

While the waters of Laie Beach Park draw surfers from around the world between May and October, Hukilau Beach Park is where swimmers and sunbathers can enjoy a less competitive environment.

A little ways inland youll find the Laie Falls Trail, along with the magnificent Laie Temple.

As with other listed areas of Oahu, there are plenty of beachfront resorts and hotels to choose from should you wish to stay in Laie during your Hawaiian sojourn.

Best Places To Stay In Oahu: Top Hotels In Oahu

The places to stay on Oahu have beach access, pool access and are walking distance to restaurants. These are the best places to stay on Oahu, and they are top-rated by guests.

These places to stay on Oahu Hawaii are organized by cost.

Budget hotels will cost you under $150 per night. Mid-Range hotels should be between $150 -250 per night. Our affordable luxury category is for travelers who want finder touches for under $400 per night. the ultimate luxury hotels are the most expensive and most impressive hotels on Oahu. They can cost you over $400 per night.

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Never Leaving The Resort

While Im proud to say Im not guilty of this mistake, I’ve met multiple vacationers who were.

All-inclusive resorts are wonderful, but they cant come close to all that Oahu has to offer. When deciding what to do in Oahu, look beyond your hotel. If you never leave the resort, youll won’t experience the incredible opportunities on the island.

I bet your resort doesnt provide:

  • Exceptional hiking trails
  • Quaint, peaceful beaches
  • Local food
  • Conversations with locals

Spending your entire vacation at a resort is a costly and quite frankly, boring, mistake to make in Oahu.

Best Airbnb In Waikiki: Healing Hawaii Apartment

Best places to eat and visit and stay in Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu – Hawaii Food and Travel Guide

If youre trying to decide where to stay in Oahu for nightlife, this apartment is a great choice. It has enough space for up to 4 guests, stunning ocean views, and is a short walk from the beach, shopping areas, and restaurants. The apartment is fully furnished and nicely decorated with a free parking space available for your use.

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Where To Stay On The North Shore Of Oahu

Another popular area to stay in when visiting Hawaii is the North Shore of Oahu. Its known as a laid-back surfers paradise but theres a lot to love for visitors of all types.

While most people think of the North Shore as the stretch from Haleiwa to Kahuku , it actually extends all the way from remote Kaena point on the far west up to Kahuku Point and then down past Laie on the east side. Its a huge area and youll find plenty of variety in activities and types of North Shore Oahu accommodations. Think it might be right for you?

West Honolulu For Sightseeing

There are two major parts of West Honolulu. Firstly, Ala Moana is located 2 miles away from Waikiki and is known for its beautiful beaches, upscale restaurants, and shops. Here you will find the worlds largest open-air shopping mall, Ala Moana Center which will make you shop till you drop!

Luckily, there is also the stunning, Ala Moana Beach Park where you can chill on the white sand beach surrounded by palm trees. Up for spending a day in paradise?

If you go 2 miles west of Ala Moana you will reach Downtown where you will find the islands most famous museums, art galleries, and historic buildings. Apart from cultural attractions, you will love the night scene as there is a great selection of cool bars and nightclubs here too. What else do you need?

By staying in West Honolulu you will find a bit of everything so it is a great place to stay in Honolulu whether you are a sightseer, beach bum, or foodie. I handpicked the top 4 hotels here but if you want more options check out the best places to stay in Oahu.

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Not Bringing Or Wearing Sunscreen

We just talked about the essentials, didnt we? My husband and I brought sunscreen to Oahu. Plenty of it, in fact. But after a life-changing snorkeling experience at Hanauma Bay, I decided to take a nap on the beach. What could go wrong?

Forgetting to reapply sunscreen. Thats what could go horribly wrong.

While I woke up before getting too badly burned, I looked like a lobster for several days and the flight home was not comfortable. As I looked around the airport before my flight, I learned out that I was not the only tourist who had made this mistake!

No matter what activity or adventure you choose to experience in Oahu, bring and apply sunscreen. However, be sure to bring reef-safe sunscreen! Certain types of sunscreen can damage the tropical reefs and you wouldn’t want to contribute to that, now would you?

Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Honolulu

Best Places to Visit in Oahu Hawaii

Honolulu is the perfect destination for a tropical vacation. This world-class city has white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees and lush jungles, as well as lively nightlife, delicious dining, and excellent shopping. With so much to see, do and eat, theres no doubt about it, Honolulu is an excellent option any style of traveller.

In this Honolulu neighbourhood guide, weve looked at the best place to stay in the city. If youre still not sure which is right for you, heres a quick recap.

Waikiki is our pick for the best neighbourhood because it has a world-renowned beach, vibrant nightlife and mouthwatering dining. Its also home to the best hostel The BEACH Waikiki Boutique Hostel by IH.

Another great option is the Ilima Hotel because it has spacious and comfortable rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and a relaxing rooftop terrace.

And dont forget to take out Travel Insurance for your trip! I have been using World Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the years. Theyre easy to use, professional and relatively affordable. They may also let you buy or extend a policy once youve started your trip and are already abroad which is super handy.

Getting an estimate from World Nomads is simple just click the button or image below, fill out the necessary info, and youre on your way!

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The Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

The Marriott is a well-known hotel chain famed for great family friendly hotel options located all over the country.

Their Waikiki Beach location certainly wont disappoint, and its a great place to stay for families even if you have small kids or toddlers.

At the resort, two supervised pools are available that are great for kids, and youre just down the road from a beautiful stretch of kid-friendly beach thats absolutely unforgettable.

Kids and adults are both welcomed at the spa, offering a range of professional beauty treatments great for a confidence boost and a fun day out.

Fast Facts: Staying At The Royal Hawaiian With Kids

Activities: Fitness Classes, Resort Cultural classes (lei making, Yoga, Hiuwai-Cultural Ocean

Activities, hula lessons, Weekly Diamond Head Hikes

Kids Club: Poppins Keiki Waikiki available at the Sheraton hotel next door for children 3 months 12 years and is available to anyone, not restricted to just hotel guests

Restaurants: children under 5 eat free surf lanai breakfast buffet

Pools: access to the Sheraton family pool with a full and mini waterslide overlooking the ocean

Location: Right in the heart of Waikiki

Henry enjoying the beach in front of the Royal Hawaiian .

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The Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel

The Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel is where you should go if you want to be closeby to extras like the zoo with the beach right across the street, and in view of most of the available rooms and suites.

Theres a great kid-friendly pool with a shallower end for younger visitors, and youre welcomed to the hotel with an included breakfast.

While theres no club for kids at the Aston, whats available right around the resort more than makes up for it.

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Best Luxury Hotel In Diamond Head: Lotus Honolulu At Diamond Head

Paradise Bay Resort | Best Places To Stay In Oahu Hawaii Series | Part 4 of 7

If youre looking for a comfortable place to stay, then this hotel in Oahu is a good choice. Its close to local attractions like the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial and offers rooms with private bathrooms and balconies. Theres a small fridge in each room as well as entertainment equipment and the beach is within walking distance.

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Diamond Head Where To Stay In Oahu If You Are Looking For A Mix Of City And Nature

Diamond Head refers to the area in which the Diamond Head Crater is located, an extinct volcano known by the natives as Leahi. The name Diamond Head was coined by 19th century sailors who mistook the shimmering calcite crystals foryou guessed itdiamonds.

The Diamond Head State Monument is the best spot to see the crater, and historic hiking trails offer particularly stunning views of Waikikis vistas.

While the Diamond Head State Park is the main draw of the area, visitors can also visit the nearby Fort Ruger, Hawaiis first United States military reservation.

The nearest hotels to Diamond Head are generally located along Waikikis beaches and inland around Honolulu, though there are several resort spas in the immediate vicinity.

Staying On The North Shore

Including Haleiwa to Turtle Bay

When driving north out of Honolulu, you’ll eventually come to Oahu’s famous north shore. From Haleiwa to Turtle Bay and onward to Laie, this is what Oahu locals refer to as “the country.”

You won’t discover any big box stores or fancy restaurants up here, but what you will find are plenty of beautiful beaches and a variety of quaint surfing towns. Most of your accommodations options are going to be Vacation Rentals or B& B’s.

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, but still want to be close to shopping and dining, try and stick closer to Haleiwa. Or consider the one major resort property on the north shore of Oahu, the Turtle Bay Resort. At only 45 minutes from Waikiki, it can feel like an escape on the island – offering less noise and crowds than the busier regions. If you’re looking to stay over near the Laie area, consider the Courtyard by Marriot Oahu North Shore.

  • Beautiful landscape and many stunning beaches, including Sunset Beach and the world famous Banzai Pipeline
  • Summer conditions are great for water activities
  • Less crowded & more laid back than other parts of Oahu
  • Historical and cultural sights to experience, including Waimea Valley, and Queen Liliuokalani Church
  • A variety of boutique-style/vacation rental choices available
  • Limited choices and availability of accommodations
  • Dining and entertainment options are limited

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