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Best Place To Stay In Pamukkale

You Should Totally Spend Time In The Town Of Pamukkale Turkey

Pamukkale Travel Guide | Must Visit places in Turkey | Things to do in Turkey | Turkey Vlogs EP3

Our AMAZING hosts in Pamukkale. If you go, definitely stay at the Cotton House.

The town of Pamukkale gets dismissed by everyone we have spoken to travelers and locals, alike. Frankly, they have no idea what they are talking about!

Pamukkale, Turkey is great for being a sleepy little town with not much to do. Its a town where everyone knows each other. When you tell your hosts where you are going for dinner theyll say oh cool, tell Mustafa I say whats up. It is all about the people to us!

Also, the town is walking distance to the Cotton Castles lower entrance. If you want to get there right when it opens, then why not stay a couple of nights. There are also enough places to eat with great views of the Cotton Castle!

PS: This is the link to the hotel we stayed at. Tell Tufan & his wife we say hello!!Also, they love Baklava! Bring them some and enjoy it together with çai or coffee

Conservation Of Pamukkale And Hieropolis

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources which tracks the state of conservation of all natural World Heritage sites, there is a need for better planning with regards to tourism management.

The natural values of Hieropolis-Pamukkale, as well as its cultural attributes, caused a flood of tourists to visit the site which in turn stimulated the rapid growth of a tourist infrastructure. The diversion of spring water to feed hotel pools, pollution by sewage, mechanical damage to the stone and constant tourist bathing and littering in the pools diminished them and began to turn the travertine grey.

Moreover, the thermal water flow that feed travertine has decreased compared to previous times. The encroaching hotel development was therefore pushed back and the commercial use of water came under control. As a consequence the quality of the travertine deposit returned.

However, high tourist numbers are still an issue which requires careful management for which the current level of staffing is insufficient. There are some concerns about the clarity regarding the responsibilities of different authorities and lack of cooperation between them. There is an urgent need to establish a management unit with representatives from all relevant agencies. There may also be a need to revise the current management plan with integration of social, cultural, economic and natural values at larger landscape level.

Pamukkale Produces The Most Blinding Reflection Of The Sun

Ever been skiing? I have not. But I lived in Chicago, so I know the glare of the sun reflected off fresh white snow can be incredibly intense.

Well, it is no different in Pamukkale, Turkey. Once the sun gets to a certain height, the reflection is blinding. Try to take your sunglasses off at noon, I dare you!

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Further Reading For Turkey

Turkey is a country that stands in the middle of Europe and Asia. Empires after empires rose and fall on this land and in order to see Turkey as a whole, you will have to go further than just Istanbul.

Here is a selection of articles and travel guides that you might need to further plan your trip to Turkey:

Bring A Waterproof Bag And Wear Swimwear

Things to Do in Turkey

I was surprised to find that much of the white chalky surface was wet. There are few places to put bags and belongings down where they will stay dry.

You will also definitely find yourself in your swimwear all day long. We noticed that many people even seemed to stay in their swimwear whilst walking round the Hierapolis ruins which really seems quite odd.

You will definitely be barefoot inside, so make sure you have a bag to put your shoes in so you hands can be free.

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The Cleopatra Actually Had Spa Days In Cleopatras Pool

Just hanging in a hot spring with ancient ruins in it. No biggie.

There used to be an exclusive thermal pool within a temple that Cleopatra and other fancy people used. It was a gift to Cleopatra from Mark AntonyI wonder what J-Lo thought? JK! We are clearly talking about this Mark Anthony. Be sure to read this article which narrates the scandalous love affair between these two powerful figures.

Anyways the temple was destroyed in an earthquake and the ruins fell into the pool and are still there today! We literally sat on an ancient column while enjoying the warm healing waters. It was a pretty cool experience!

Visit The Area Surrounding The Theater

Unfortunately, not all of this area has survived the test of time. The Cathedral at Hierapolis has very little left. You need to use your imagination to imagine what it looked like. Not many visitors make this short walk on the Roman road to the remaining arch, but it still an important part of history.

Someone who visited this area but reportedly was not so lucky was St. Philip. He was supposedly martyred it was said that he was hung upside down from a tree, after challenging the snake-worshippers at the nearby temple. His body was found buried about 40 meters away from the church, the Martyrium of St Philip the Apostle.

Tours dont really visit this area you have to head uphill from the Roman theater, where youll find the Martyrium of St Philip the Apostle, which is a strange octagonal shape. As well as this great ruin, you also have some of the best views of Hierapolis from this site

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Why Do The Hot Springs Of Pamukkale Look Like That

This travertine is why the terraces of Pamukkale have that blinding white appearance. Its the water that hasnt yet solidified that gives off the brightest blue shade as it cascades over the top of the travertine.

Pamukkale is astonishing. Theres no other word for it, and its in such stark comparison to the rest of the landscape around the area, which is as green as green can be.

Back in the day, Pamukkale was one of the most popular thermal pools in Turkey. It literally was a spa, first used in the 2nd century BC. The water is a naturally warm temperature, of around 50-100 degrees Celcius, year-round.

Cotton Castle Pamukkale: In Turkish, Pamukkale translates to cotton castle, describing exactly how the site looks.

Things To Do In Pamukkale

Why You NEED To Visit Pamukkale (Arctic in Turkey)

Cascading down the mountainside, Pamukkale’s World Heritage-listed travertine pools are truly magical, especially at sunset. Youll often see visitors slathering themselves with silt, as the mineral-rich mud is known for its healing properties.

Hierapolis has been watching over the travertines since 190 BC. Entrance to the ancient spa city is via a soaring 5th-century Byzantine gate. Highlights include the Roman Theatre, a magnificent venue built to house 12,000 spectators. You can also stroll around the ruins of the Temple of Apollo.

While the travertines tend to steal the spotlight, it’s also worth visiting the nearby ruins of Aphrodisias. The Heritage-listed ancient Greek Hellenistic city dates back to the 3rd century. Stroll around the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite, dedicated to the Greek goddess of love.

Set beside the Temple of Apollo, Pamukkale’s Antique Pool is the perfect way to unwind after a day of sightseeing. The mineral-rich hot spring maintains a balmy temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. It’s dotted with half-submerged ancient columns and surrounded by lush tropical plants.

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The Best Place To Stay In Pamukkale

We have been to Pamukkale 3 times and every time we end up at this hotel after a thorough inventory of every hotel and B& B in the area. Rooms are fairly basic though very pleasant, the hotel is situated in a very quiet part of the settlement, and there is the obligatory mineral waters pool that is refreshed every night . Plus they have a regular swimming pool. Their dining area is shaded by a dome of wild grape vines and breakfast is quite extensive. The owners are friendly and respectful of your privacy.In our opinion, it’s the best place to stay at in Pamukkale!More

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Best Hotels In Pamukkale Turkey

  • Hotels
  • 11 Best Hotels in Pamukkale,
  • Mountains and beaches might be the mainstream options for a relaxing vacation, but if youâre looking for a more interesting option to find clarity and relaxation, visit Pamukkale! Get ready to soak and relax in thermal spas with the view of travertines and Roman ruins during your stay in one of the best hotels in Pamukkale Turkey.

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    But What Is Pamukkale Exactly

    Well, it is a natural spa, located in the River Menderes valley the carbonate minerals left by the flowing water makes an unbelievably relaxing natural bath. Many weary travelers have passed through Hierapolis over many thousands of years to experience the wonders of this natural beauty and profit from the health benefits.

    When you first see thisgeological phenomenon, you will just stand back and stare. How can this benatural? Man must have had a hand in making it. Well, the answer is no!

    So how did this great wonder come about? There are lots of hot springs in this area, around 17 to be precise. When the water from the hot springs comes to the surface, it moves to the travertine. Wait, travertine?

    Travertines are a kind of limestone, which are formed with the minerals from the hot spring water. The calcium from the hot spring cools when it reaches the surface, and when mixed with the soil, it creates travertines. Travertine is a strong material, and did you know that it was used to build? The Romans used travertine to build St Peters Basilica and square in Vatican City!

    Where Is Pamukkale In Turkey How To Get To Pamukkale

    Places for Traveling: 5 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

    These world-famous Turkey hot springs are a short distance from the city of Denizli, located in southwestern Turkey. Denizli is just 15 minutes away from Pamukkale, and there are regular local buses, or you can just take a taxi.

    There are several ways to get to Pamukkale, depending upon where you are basing yourself.

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    Take A Day Trip From Pamukkale

    If you fancy a little trip outside of Pamukkale, about 10 kilometers away is the small village of Karahayit. This village houses the 5-star spa hotels unfortunately, a few too many hotels were built and have ruined the area a little. There is a fountain in the center, which shows off the iron minerals which have left behind a rust-colored hot spring.

    Another place worth visiting outside of Pamukkale is Laodicea this is another ancient city that is still being discovered. As it is set in an earthquake zone, it has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. Slowly this ancient city is being rediscovered and is becoming a place of interest.

    Hotel Doa Thermal Health & Spa

    Dubbed the âparadise of relaxationâ on one of their star-studded reviews, Hotel DoÄa Thermal Health & Spa deserves its name. The hotel is complete with a spacious garden, outdoor and indoor pools, even a physiotherapy clinic on site! Guests can be pampered with various relaxation services such as spa, sauna, Turkish bath, and massage treatments at an additional charge.

    The luxurious hotel offers everything any traveler could want, and more! From a library to a game room and a hot spring bath, you will find everything you want in a five-star hotel. As the hotel is also wheelchair accessible, everyone can enjoy all the facilities available. If these dont make it one of the best hotels in Pamukkale, Turkey, we dont know what will!

    Every morning, the hotel provides buffet-style breakfast, with options of special diet menus at the request of the guests. Various room service, including breakfast in the room, is also available for guests staying in Hotel DoÄa Thermal Health & Spa.

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    How Long Does It Take To Visit Pamukkale

    You can easily spend a full day at Pamukkale and Hierapolis. Youll probably find that you wont spend more than an hour exploring the terraces at Pamukkale, just because theres only a certain number and as it gets busier, it does get more unbearable. You can easily spend a fair few hours walking around Hierapolis and, if you pay the extra cost, enjoying the hot springs at the top.

    As mentioned, it is very common to visit as a day trip. Ive popped loads of great suggestions below:

    But How To Get From Ephesus To Pamukkale

    What is the most visited place in Turkey | Pamukkale the most beautiful place to visit in Turkey

    Research reveals that a combination of train and bus will do the trick. The train ride from Selcuk/Ephesus is a relaxed 3 ½ hours to Denizli.

    I get my first glimpse of the white mountains of Pamukkale from the train as we pull into the Denzili station. Its remarkable, even from a distance and I cant wait to get up there and explore.

    Once off the train in Denzili, I find the bus station and catch a dolmas to Pamukkale, about 25 minutes away.

    Dolmas leave every 15 minutes and luckily there is one ready and waiting.

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    You Can Visit All Of Hierapolis And The Cotton Castle With The Same Ticket

    Visiting Pamukkale Turkey is definitely more expensive than other sites in Turkey, so better make sure you take full advantage of the entire site. Hierapolis is an important part of Pamukkales magic. There is no extra cost to visit the ruins, so why not step away from the crowds for a while and get a little taste of the areas history. I promise it is worth it!

    Where To Exchange Currency

    The unit of currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira .

    I dont recall seeing any currency exchange offices in Pamukkale town. There may be banks but we didnt run into any. Nearby Denizli is a bigger city so youre sure to find plenty there.

    Instead of exchanging currency, it may be easier to withdraw TL from an ATM instead. This is what we did. Not only is it the quickest and most convenient way to get TL, but ATMs are said to give the best rates as well. There are plenty of ATMs in Pamukkale.

    Just be sure to inform your local bank that you plan on using your ATM card overseas so you dont run into any problems. In my experience, my ATM card works in some machines but not in others.

    NOTE: Some ATM machines may offer the option of proceeding with or without conversion. NEVER choose with conversion. Proceeding with conversion allows the foreign bank operating the ATM to do the conversion for you, usually at terrible exchange rates.

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    What Can You Do At The Pamukkale Thermal Pools In Turkey

    Aside from standing in awe and taking plenty of Insta-worthy pictures, Pamukkale has plenty of things to see and do. You can swim in the hot spring waters, and these are reputably great for healing. You can walk over some of the travertine shelves, although do be careful â more on that below.

    When you visit Pamukkale, dont forget to learn more about Hierapolis. This spa city was founded in 190 BC, and the ruins are notably well preserved. Visiting the Necropolis and theatre are a must, as is the Antique Pool, or Cleopatra Pool, where many a famous person bathed.

    This area is something that will make your jaw drop. Here youll find roman columns that have submerged into the water due to a large earthquake many years ago. There are changing facilities next to the pools, for when youre finished bathing in the crystal clear waters. There is also a nearby archaeology museum if you want to learn more.

    Of course, the local area is also great for hiking and walking if you want to burn off some calories or generally soak up the local atmosphere.

    Walk Up Pamukkale Plateau


    Pamukkale Plateau is where the travertines have formed. There are three different entrances to the plateau. Please note that walking in this area can be difficult for small children or people not so steady on their feet there is no railing or steps. This is an archaeological site so the paths can be uneven and a little rocky.

    To get to the plateau, you can enter through the town entrance and walk up to the plateau, shoes off of course to avoid damaging the travertines! It is about a 20 to 30 minutes walk. You can park your car in the town.

    The other two entrances have a car parking area with a fee. The north entrance is the best entrance to get to the plateau and the other attractions. You can park your car then either take a shuttle bus or walk the 20 or 30 minutes to the attractions. The south entrance is not the best. You can park your car in the large car park but then you have to walk for 30 minutes under the hot sun.

    Feeling even braver? Why not paraglide over it book your tandem paragliding experience here!

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