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Best Place To Stay In Paris For First Timers

Contrary To Popular Belief Parisians Are Pleasant And Friendly

9 Best Areas & Places to Stay in Paris

We North Americans sometimes stereotype Parisians as being a little snooty, pretentious or unfriendly.

On my recent visit, I can tell you that I did not have a single encounter with a local in which this was the case.

To my surprise, every Parisian I interacted with was very pleasant and friendly.

As long as youre respectful and make an effort to speak a few words or phrases in French, this goes a long way for many locals.

Tips For Ordering At A Restaurant In Paris

Your server will usually ask if you would like some water. Most of the time, unless you specify, they will bring you sparking bottled water in which they will charge you.

If you want free water with your dinner, you must order tap water! Simply ask for une carafe deau sil vous plait. This means youre asking for a pitcher of tap water, please.

When youd like to order house wine, ask for une verre du vin. Rouge is red and blanc is white.

Dont ask or expect ketchup with fries, Parisians think this is kinda gross.

So if you dont want to stick out like an obvious tourist, try your fries with the mayo!

When youre ready to pay, simply flag down your server and ask for: laddition, sil vous plait !

Th Arrondissement Best Location To Stay In Paris For Honeymooners

Montmartre, located at the right bank of the River Seine, is an area that upholds the charm of old Paris. It is the most popular outer neighborhood of Paris.

The 18th arrondissement is actually a high hill that houses one of Pariss most famous landmarks the white Sacré-Coeur Cathedral.

Moulin Rouge the number one cabaret show in the universe is another tourist spot in Montmartre. The area is also well-known as many famous painters like Pablo Picasso, Renoir, Edgar Degas had their work studios in this place in the 19th century.

You could literally spend hours exploring the cobbled alleyways of Montmartre. Visit the cemetery, the vineyards, and the stairs of Montmartre from where you can get the best views of Paris.

A stay in the hills of the 18th arrondissement will guarantee the best sights and a romantic getaway, making it amongst the best arrondissements to stay in Paris or honeymooners.

Pros and cons of staying in 18th Arrondissement


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Where To Stay On Le Saint Louis


  • My Maison in Paris – Large 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with views of the Seine River highly rated
  • Luxury River-View Apartment – Wonderful large 1-bedroom apartment with views of the Seine River, elevator, and caretaker also highly rated


  • Hotel Saint-Louis en L’Isle – Charming 3-star boutique hotel with 20 rooms, air conditioning, sound proofing, and historic details such as beamed ceilings many return visitors so book early
  • Hotel du Jeu de Paume – Occupying a former royal indoor tennis court now designated as French Historical Monument, this 30-guest room is both charming and luxurious, and offers air conditioning, an onsite fitness room, and a hammam 2 nearby apartments are also available


  • Hotel de Lutèce – Small charming 23-room boutique hotel with air conditioning with welcoming staff on the island’s main street
  • Saint Louis Studio – Cheerful studio accommodations with beamed ceilings, air conditioning, and a kitchenette for up to 2 people excellent value for the money

Where We Stayed In Paris For The First Time

Best Places to Visit in Paris for a First Time Traveller

To find where to stay in Paris you first need to understand how the city is organised. Paris has 20 Arrondissements and each of them has its own virtues. Starting from North of Seine, the arrondissements are distributed clockwise . This means that 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th arrondissements are the most central. These arrondissements are generally safe and walkable and are home to some of the most well-known landmarks.

When we visited Paris we stayed near Palais Garnier in the 9th arrondissement. This is definitely the best district in Paris for culture. However, looking back, we realise it would have been better to stay in the 7th arrondissement to be closer to all attractions in Paris.

We stayed in InterContinental Paris Le Grand which was just minutes away from the Opera Garnier, and since we had evening tickets for the show, this seemed the perfect location for our needs. Paris sure is a romantic city, full of love and life. It’s very close to our hearts.

During our second, third and fourth trip to Paris, we moved around a little to experience what the city has to offer. We even asked the locals what they think of each district so we can help you pick the best arrondissement to stay in Paris. Here’s some of the feedback we gathered.

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Bastille Rpublique And Nation Cheaper Accommadation

Bastille is often viewed as a much cheaper alternative to staying in the Marais neighborhood with access to most of the same attractions. Of course, Bastille more than hold its own with help from some great institutions.

The Parc Zoologique de Paris, Opéra Bastille and Le Musee du Fumeur top the list of the best Bastille attractions. You should also expect great shopping and dining in what is quickly becoming one of the hippest corridors in Paris.

History buffs often focus on République due to the fact that this neighborhood is both an affordable option and a gateway into French history. Youll be able to jump from a stroll along the idyllic, soothing Canal Saint-Martin to the busy heart of the neighborhood that houses the famed Monument to the French Republic.

This part of the city also has a real up-and-coming vibe due to its many new comedy clubs and bars. This is a naturally lively spot that serves as the home base for many of the citys concerts, food festivals and parades throughout the year. The République station serves the area.

For history buffs, Place de la Nations dark history is enough to make them need to tour this slice of Paris in person. Place de la Nation is known for being the most active site for guillotines during the French Revolution.

The big perk of staying in Place de la Nation is that youll get a taste of a residential neighborhood where very few tourists stay.


Best Arrondissements To Stay In Paris

Each traveler has their own specific requirements while choosing the place to stay budget, facilities, time, and other similar factors. It is best to look through the best locations to stay in Paris and then decide which one you want to opt for.

Youre still not sure where to stay in Paris? Dont worry, I got you covered! In this article, you will find all the best arrondissements to stay in Paris, together with a bunch of useful information about each district, pros and cons, and some hotel recommendations.

If youre a visual type, you can use the below map for getting familiar with each arrondissement mentioned in this article. Lets dive right in!

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What Is The Best Location To Stay In Paris

In this post, you will learn more about the 3 best districts to stay in Paris during your vacation. Given the huge number of hotels to choose from, I also name a few hotels in Paris for every budget that are amongst the most popular in their price range, so get a better idea of where to stay in Paris.

The criteria for my best hotel location in Paris list are the proximity to sights, transportation, and the number of restaurants and bars within walking distance. But of course, all suggestions are secure and safe areas to stay in Paris and very important: They have loads of flairs!

If the top 3 locations are not your cup of tea, jump right ahead to the section with the best locations in Paris for families and my recommendation for budget travelers.

Revealed: The best places to stay in Paris

The following 3 locations are the best area to stay in Paris for first time visitors and it is absolutely safe to pick a hotel in those areas. You cant go wrong if you want to have the full Paris experience.

  • Opéra

Montparnasse / 14th Arr The Local Neighborhood

Le Marais Where To Stay In Paris | Where to stay in Paris First Time

In case you want to live like the locals while also being pretty close to all the interesting sights and attractions in Paris, then the 14th arrondissement, also known as the Montparnasse is a top option!

Montparnasse is a lovely area on the left banks of the Seine River and its full of nice restaurants and cafes so you can properly enjoy living like a Parisian. You will also have plenty of museum choices and art galleries nearby, so it will be pretty much impossible to get bored around here!

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Hotels Near The Louvre

The hotel enjoys a perfect location in the heart of the French capital. Easy reach of many key places of interest, including the Louvre Museum, Opéra Garnier, Orsay Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral.Why book 250m from the Louvre Museum, close to metro stations, quiet comfy rooms with air-conditioning

Fantastic location, right on the famous Rue de Rivoli, opposite the Tuileries garden. Walking distance to plenty of restaurants. The soundproofed rooms feature typical Parisian decor with antique furniture.Why book 250m from the Louvre Museum, close to metro stations, views of the Tuileries garden, comfy beds

Where To Look For Accommodation In Paris: Useful Info

Paris is a huge metropolis formed by a series of neighbourhoods, each different from the next in style and rhythm of life. Each of the areas of Paris has its own essence. You can find bohemian neighbourhoods and modern areas, luxurious quarters, commercial districts and even some cheap, no-frills areas.

Choosing the best area to stay in Paris will depend a lot on your personal tastes, where you feel most comfortable and of course, your budget.

One of the best things about Paris as a tourist destination is that its metro system is extremely efficient and reaches almost every corner of the city, so you dont need to stay in the centre of the city to have a great holiday.

That said, Paris is not a cheap city, in fact, it is one of the most expensive cities in terms of accommodation. However, with an incredible variety of accommodation options, it will not hard to find budget-friendly alternatives.

This is a list of the best areas to stay in Paris, with selected hotels in each quarter for a perfect visit to the City of Light.

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St Christophers Inn Paris Gare Du Nord

Whether traveling solo or with a group, St Christophers Inn Paris Gare du Nord has the nightlife youre looking for without even having to leave the grounds.

The hostels on-site bar, Belushis has a constant lineup of entertainment as well as drink specials every night.

  • A great place to meet locals and travelers alike!
  • Just a couple steps away from Gare du Nord.

Whats The Best District To Stay In Paris For Fashion Lovers Champs

5 Top places to visit in Paris for first time travelers ⢠langyaw

The Champs Elysees is the most famous area for fashion lovers. The avenue is large and it has an exciting view on the Arc de Triomphe. The district is pretty at night illuminated by lights from the city and cars. Many people think of it as a chic place with various stores and many people walking down the streets. There are so many tourists and Parisians in this part of the city. There are many clothing stores where you can shop some of the best fashion and accessories such as Adidas, Zara, Celio, Gap, Benetton, Louis Vuitton among others.

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Where To Stay In Montmartre

As a bonus, Montmartre is one of the best areas in Paris to find affordable hotels for a budget-friendly vacation.

Our recommendations include hotels just in Montmartre, not other 18th arrondissement neighborhoods, and we avoid hotels on Boulevard de Clichy/Boulevard de Rochechouart, a noisy and rather charmless road.


  • Terrass Hotel – Best know for its rooftop terrace bar offering spectacular Paris views, this 4-star hotel offers chic 92 rooms and suites in the Abbesses area about a 10 minute walk from Sacre Coeur
  • Montmartre Residence – Enjoy having your own charming and well-equipped apartment by the famous Wall of Love in the lovely Abbesses area of Montmartre


  • Hotel des Arts Montmartre – Recently renovated, this high-rated 4-star hotel features vibrant yet soothing decor in its 50 guest rooms and a wonderful location
  • Odalys City Paris Montmartre – This “appart’hotel” offers studio and 1-bedroom apartments equipped with kitchenettes breakfast is available if you choose, and there is an onsite fitness center – highly rated, and excellent value for the money


Where To Stay In Paris Budget Overview

Accommodation in Paris lands on the more expensive side, but if youre looking to splash out, you get a lot from your money with sweeping views from your balcony and a highly walkable city thats just waiting to be explored.

One of the main things to remember, whether youre staying in Paris on a budget or looking for some luxury, is to make sure youre based near a metro station.

At just $1.80 a ticket, the metro extends right across the city into the suburbs so theres no issue staying further out if youre looking for something more affordable.

Where to Stay in Paris:

  • Budget hostel: $45-$65 for a dorm room
  • Mid-range hotel: $90-$180 per night
  • Luxury hotel: $200 +

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The Latin Quarter Paris

Moving over to the Left Bank, the Latin Quarter is the best area to stay in Paris if you love being centrally located and in the heart of bohemian Paris.

This area is packed with restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops, and is ideally situated next to the islands in the Seine.

The Latin Quarter is home to everything from the famous Shakespeare & Company bookshop in Paris to the Pantheon.

Its also home to the Sorbonne University, making it one of the best places to stay in Paris for students and 20-somethings.

My favorite place to stay in the Latin Quarter is the Melia Paris Notre Dame. Its in an elegant 19th-century building in a great location near the river.

Ive stayed here and sent my travel planning clients here, and weve all been happy with it. You can book a room here.

Making The Most Of Your First Time In Paris

Where to Stay in Paris: 6 Best Boutique Hotels in Le Marais

If you only have a few days to visit Paris, its helpful to book a couple short tours to make the most of your time.

The first thing I love to do when visiting a city for the first time, is to take a walking tour.

This gives you a great lay of the land on your first morning or afternoon, and gives you a little confidence boost in navigating the streets like a local for the rest of your trip.

If you prefer to eat your way through a city, book this French gourmet food & wine tasting tour.

  • Youll sample gourmet cheeses, delicate pastriesand perfect wine pairings.

Take advantage of skip the line packages to help you save time seeing the sights instead of waiting in line.

Take a browse, theres tons of great ideas for essential things to do in Paris for first timers.

My last final tip for your first time in Paris is actually for when you return home.

You will miss it dearly and will start saving your pennies to make your way back to the city of love as soon as possible!

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Th Arrondissement Best Area To Stay In Paris For Families

The 6th arrondissement, also known as Saint-Germain-des-Prés, is located at the River Seines left bank.

Major attractions of this neighborhood are the Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Jardin du Luxembourg . The gardens are popular for picnicking with families.

The Saint Germain neighborhood is known for its excellent café culture. You can visit the oldest cafe in Paris, Le Procope, while you stroll through the streets of this area.

The picturesque backstreets like the Place de Furstenberg are incredibly beautiful. Also, the Latin Quarter is an easy reach from the 6th arrondissement.

Pros and cons of staying in 6th Arrondissement


Batignolles In 17th Arrondesment Very Local Atmosphere

The 17th Arrondissement is located in the west of the city, immediately north of the Arc de Triomphe. Despite its proximity to such major attractions, the district itself is far enough from the city center to have a much more local atmosphere.

The Batignolles region, in the center of the district, is known for having a more laid-back, village atmosphere. Youll find lots of trendy cafes and restaurants, along with fashionable wine and cocktail bars.

Batignolles district is borded by Avenue de Clichy to the east, Rue de Tocqueville to the west, Boulevard des Batignolles to the south, and Boulevard Berthier to the north.

In the east, Place de Clichy leads into the red light district of Pigalle. If youre looking for somewhere close to some of the best nightlife in Paris, but want to be able to escape the crowds when youre done, this might be a good location for you to consider.

In the center of Batignolles stands the charming square called Place du Dr Félix Lobligeois. It is surrouned with restaurant terraces, fountain, and the church of Sainte-Marie des Batignolles.

If you want to soak in the atmostphere of this French village, visit the Batignolles farmers market on Saturday on Boulevard des Batignolles. There is also a Batignolles covered market during weekday on Sunday.

There are numerous of parks in the area including the charming Square des Batignolles Park, and a ten-acre park of .

Best places to stay in 17th Arrondissement:


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