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Best Place To Stay In Paros

Antiparos Where To Stay In Paros For Beautiful Beaches

Where to Stay in Paros, Greece – Best Beaches, Towns, & Places to Stay

This small island little more than a mile southwest of Paros is another alternative if you are really looking for a quiet holiday with beautiful beaches. There are 1,000 locals living permanently on Antiparos and nearby Saiagos.

Antiparos is only 8 minutes by car ferry from Pounta and 30 minutes by ferry from Parikia.

Antiparos has some lovely sandy beaches, which such as Glyfa, Apantima, Agios Spyridonas, Psaraliki, Soros, Kampos, Monastiria, and Vathis Volos beach with magical sunsets

Tourism is important to their economies with fishing and farming local activities. Highlight attractions are the Antiparos cave, Despotiko island, and Antiparos town.

Facilities are basic but places like Monastiria Beach are gems. You can enjoy the colours, flowers like bougainvillea adding to the whitewashed houses and blue sea. The remote sandy beaches appeal to those looking for solitude.

The small uninhabited islands around Antiparos are of huge archaeological importance so if you are prepared to roam, there are treasures to be seen. Excavations over the years have discovered ancient cemeteries, pottery, foundations, marble statues, and arrowheads from Neolithic times.

The Venetians were here for over three centuries until 1537 when the Ottomans arrived with Greek independence much later. The Venetian Castle, Kastro of Antiparos is dated to the 15th Century when defensive structures were essential.

Best places to stay in Antiparos:

Best places to stay in Chrissi Akti :

Lefkes Where To Stay In Paros On A Budget

  • COOLEST Thing to Do in Lefkes Hike the Byzantine Route, the oldest trail on the island.
  • BEST Place to Visit in Lefkes The Folklore Museum of Cycladic Civilization.

Lefkes was the first capital of Paros and has a quaint city center. If youre interested in history or Venetian architecture, then youll love this tiny town. Lefkes is surrounded by mountains, boasting over 35km of local trails.

Paros isnt an expensive part of Greece, but Lefkes is a good choice when youre deciding where to stay on a budget. Many activities are free of charge, and it offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler.

Day Trip From Paros To Antiparos

A day trip to Antiparos is a must-do activity from Paros. You can get there on the numerous local ferries from Paros to Antiparos. Foot passengers can leave from Parikia. If you want to take a vehicle across, you need to leave from Pounda port.

While a day is enough to see the highlights of Antiparos, I would suggest staying there for a few nights if you can. The vibe is more laid-back and relaxed, and you don’t really need a car to enjoy the island.

Some of the best places to stay in Antiparos town include Asteras, Kastro Antiparos and Sunset Studios and Rooms.

If you want to stay out of the town, Statheros and Ergina Summer Resort are two of the highest rated options. There are also several villas on the island to choose from.

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Best Beaches On Paros Island

Paros isnt as well known for its beaches as neighbouring Cycladic islands like Naxos, but gosh, you can still find some beautiful gems here. Beaches Paros can be found all over the circumference of the island and arent necessarily concentrated in one area.

Rent a car to visit all of the best beaches in Paros and make the most of your sun-drenched Greek holiday on the island of Paros.

The best beach in Paros Greece, in my humble opinion, is either Lageri Beach or Chrissi Aktis Golden Beach.

Here is my shortlist of the best beaches in Paros:

What Is The Best Area To Stay In Paros


Forming part of the Cyclades group of islands in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Paros is an idyllic oasis of golden sun-kissed beaches, gin-clear waters, and beautiful natural landscapes. Easily accessed by a short ferry trip from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina in Athens, Paros is close to several other Cycladic islands such as Naxos, Mykonos, and Santorini, making it ideal for island-hopping in true Greek style.

Explore the island capital of Parikia, which is the busy commercial centre of Paros and has a wealth of places to stay, many excellent restaurants and some beautiful beaches on either side of the port. The picturesque fishing village of Naoussa is a fantastic spot to make your base with a buzzing nightlife, fancy restaurants, and stylish seaside bars, and the seaside village of Aliki on the southern side of Paros is exposed to the famous Greek Meltemi winds and is one of the best places to holiday if you like windsurfing.

Head to the east coast and be charmed by the sleepy fishing village of Ambelas and the diminutive port town of Piso Livadi. Both have clear waters and fantastic local taverns serving up the freshest seafood the island has to offer.

Soak up the sun on the stunning beaches of Chrissí Aktí and Logaras where you will find a great selection of accommodation and can enjoy a range of water sports or simply sip a cocktail at one of the beach bars and take in the beauty of the island.


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Naoussa Where To Stay In Paros For Nightlife

The charming fishing village of Naoussa is in the north of Paros, around 15 minutes from the islands capital, Parikia, and half an hour from the airport.

It is a fishing village, turned tourist resort with a town center filled with lively bars and tavernas. The village square near the port is its heart and you will find designer boutiques, other good shops, and a winery.

It is more expensive than Parikia but more upmarket as well. There is an increasing number of restaurants serving international cuisine. You will also find cocktail bars to satisfy tourist demand.

After sunset, it livens up even more with some places staying open until dawn although the back streets are quieter.

Naoussa is no longer a secret so you will find cosmopolitan tourists here. Despite being busy, Naoussa is also rated as a real Greek small village in atmosphere and architecture.

It is certainly picturesque with the narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed houses with bougainvillea, and fishing boats contrasting with the lovely blue sea.

The fishing fleet lands its catches morning and evening so you can be certain that the fish on your plate is fresh. Watch them land the fish before heading to Kastelli, the 15th-century Venetian castle ruins on the Old Port where you must have your camera.

The Old Port is the heart of the nightlife with many seafood restaurants, cocktail bars, and shops. You will amazing tavernas like Mario, Sigi Ikthios and Tsachpines.

Best places to stay in Naoussa:

Why You Should Visit Paros Now

I decided to spend my holidays on Paros for the following reasons:1. Easy to reach by ferry from Athens and other islands2. Affordable prices in comparison to Santorini or Mykonos3. Large cultural and historical options, with the marble quarry and several archaeological findings.

Even if Paros is not as touristy as its neighboring Cycladic islands, it as all you might expect from your perfect Greek holiday: white villages, mountains, spectacular views on the Mediterranean, Greek hospitality, little bays, a natural park, and amazingly fresh food.

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Recommended Hotels In Aliki

Evita Apartments are right across from the beach with wonderful views over the bay. The apartments are clean and comfortable and thoughtfully equipped.

On the road into town from the east are a number of small family-run hotels including Afrodite Boutique Hotel which has a beautiful shady pool and is a tranquil respite on a hot day.

Helens Minimal Studios is also a great choice again across from the beach and also facing west so the sunset views are quite incredible,

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What Not To Miss

PAROS Travel Guide | Top 10 things to do on the popular Greek getaway island | 4K
  • Be sure to visit the charming Panayia Ekatontapiliani Cathedral, dating back to the early Christian times – around the 4th century. Even if you’re not religious, you’ll love learning about its history and the various myths associated with the place.
  • Head off on the four islands tour to fully get to know your surroundings and marvel at the natural beauty.
  • The Folklore Art Museum of Cycladic Civilization is filled with hand-made miniature models of the area’s most iconic landmarks, ships and more. Created by an ordinary fisherman, it’s a splendid spot and you’ll no doubt leave the place incredibly impressed by his creativity and craftsmanship!
  • Head off to the Moraitis Winery and enjoy a wine tasting session accompanied by cheese and meat platters.

Be sure to book ahead if you are coming in the summer as the best places to stay in Paros get filled up quickly!

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Cruises Around Paros And Antiparos

As youre on an island, how about doing a day cruise around Paros and Antiparos?

There are numerous boat companies in Parikia and Pounda, offering half or full day cruises on different types of ships: you can choose between sailboats, catamarans or motor boats, its up to you!

During this tour, you will sail around Paros and Antiparos to discover the islands most remote beaches. You will have, of course, some time to take a dip.

You will see:

  • The Blue Lagoon in Tigani
  • The Sea Caves of Antiparos
  • The island of Despotiko, and Saint Spyridon reef.

The prices are starting from 40 per person, including lunch and soft drinks. If you want a semi-private cruise, it will cost you around 100 per person.

And if you want to admire the sunset from a boat, cruises are organized every evening from Parikia or Aliki. It costs 20 per person.

You can have more information on this website or on on that one.

Where To Stay In Aliki

Aphrodite Boutique Hotel Less than a 100-meter walk from the village, Aphrodite Boutique Hotel is a charming hotel close to the quaint village of Aliki. The hotel also includes an outdoor swimming pool.

Ostria Studios & Apartments You wont find a better location in Aliki than the Ostria Studios and Apartments whose location is directly on Aliki Beach. Units include a small kitchenette and a small bar on the premises is the perfect place for a nightcap.

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Best Places To Stay In Paros Island: Parikia The Capital

Unless you are travelling to Paros by plane, Parikia is the first place you will see on the island. It is a busy port town, with about 4,500 permanent residents.

The capital of Paros is a pretty, quaint Cycladic settlement. It is full of traditional white-washed houses with colourful windows and bougainvillea trees.

Parikia is a great place to stay. It’s ideal if you are interested in a combination of sightseeing, nightlife, and traditional Cycladic architecture.

I would also suggest staying in Parikia if you are only in Paros for 2-3 nights.

Montmartre: The Most Romantic Neighborhood In Paris

Paros Travel Guide: Where to Stay in Naoussa

Montemarte is fairytale Paris. Located in the 18th arrondissement, for couples seeking romance and wondering where to stay for their trip to Paris, its hard to beat, complete with cobblestone streets and some of the very best views of the entire city, particularly at sunset.

While its a bit further out than the other best areas to stay in Paris on our list, its well-connected via the Metro, close to Sacré Coeur which is one of the must-visit sights. High up on a hill, the neo-Byzantine basilica competes with Notre-Dame as the most magnificent church in the city, although savvy visitors will take their time to reach it, lingering in the narrow streets that serve as the artistic heart of Paris.

It came to life when creatives arrived in the late 19th-century, crowding into the cafes having been inspired by everyone from Picasso and Renoir to Degas.

Today, Montmartre still overflows with artists, including painters who will paint your portrait in Place du Tertre, while Musée de Montmartre features more than a century of the citys creative works. After exploring them, you can relax in the Renoir gardens where youll enjoy views of a real vineyard, the only one the remains in Paris, created by the city in 1933.

Further down the hill is Pigalles former red-light district, which can easily be reached to catch a cabaret show in the birthplace of Moulin Rouge.

Pros and Cons of Staying in Montmartre



Best Places to Stay in Montmartre

Image courtesy of Hotel des Arts

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Best Paros Island Tour

Whether you are coming for a day from a neighbouring island like Naxos, Mykonos or Santorini, or dont feel the need to rent a car to explore Paros, this full-day Paros island tour is for you.

Starting at 9AM in the port town of Parikia, you will first explore the highlights of Parikia town itself including the famous church and whitewashed alleyways of the old town. Then, you will hop on board a bus for the day.

You will explore the top attractions of Paros island including the charming town of Lefkes, the stylish harbour village of Naoussa and the quiet luxury of Antiparos. Enjoy a greek lunch in Piso Livadi.

I spent 10 days on this gorgeous Greek island, and I can recommend the stops included on this tour.

Where Is Greek Paros Island

The island of Paros Greece is located in the centre of the Cycladic Island group in the beautiful Aegean Sea. With Mykonos to its north, Naxos to its east, Santorini to its south and Milos to its west, The Greek island of Paros makes a great base for your Cycladic island hopping adventure or for taking day trips to neighbouring Greek islands.

To reach Paros, you can either take a 45-minute flight from Athens or a leisurely ferry ride from mainland Greece of 3.5 to 5 hours. So, if you are wondering where to stay in Greece, Paros should be at the top of the list.

Click on the Paros map below to be taken to an interactive version of Google Maps to see the location Paros and to peruse Paros Greece map.

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Where To Stay On Paros For Travellers

Parikia is the capital of Paros and subsequently probably one of the easiest places to arrive and depart. If youre looking for where to stay on Paros for convenience then this is your best bet

Full of history and architecture, you could spend your whole holiday here exploring and dining out. But if youre looking to travel around the island of Paros then Parikia has the best transport links and is the perfect place to find your footing.

Parikia has a bit more of an authentic feel when compared to a lot of the towns around, and many of the hotels here are still family-owned and run, making it one of the best places to stay on Paros.

What To See And Do In Parikia:

Paros Greece Best Hotels & Resorts – Reviews, Vacation, & Travel Info
  • Brush up on your Greek history at the Ancient Cemetery, where most tombs date back to the 7th Century BC.
  • Take in the views at the Archaic Temple Of Athena.
  • Eat plenty of local food at spots like Ephesus, the Trata Fish Tavern, and Aeoli.
  • Wander through the Paros Archaeological Museum.
  • Relax with a drink and a view at Bebop Bar or take in some local music at the Sativa Music Bar.
  • Grab food for a beach picnic at Ragoussis.

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Renting A Boat In Paros

If you want to rent a boat for a nice day at sea during your trip to the Greek islands, you should book it with Samboat.

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Lefkes Paros Where To Stay On Paros For An Authentic Experience

The town of Lefkes is situated 18 km east of Parikia ferry port in the centre of the island of Paros Greece. The town is perched on the hill and boasts panoramic views over the surrounding greenery and even the sea. The nearest beach to Lefkes is Piso Livadi one of the best beaches Paros is renowned for.

Lefkes was the capital of Paros in mediaeval times, and today this is visibly in its architectural heritage, especially the many beautiful churches that date back to medieval times. If you want to experience the authentic Cycladic village, the charming town of Lefkes is the best place to stay in Paros. And the best way to experience its beauty and charm is to stay a few nights. During the late morning to early afternoon of the high season, Lefkes may fill up with tourists coming for a day trip, but not many people actually stay in Lefkes outside of the rush hours, so you can have this cute place entirely to yourself!

The historic centre of Lefkas is entirely pedestrianised. Wake up in the morning and stroll its whitewashed alleys. Sit on the Byzantine square and drink a fresh orange juice. Lefkes is also a paradise for all photography lovers. Every street is picture-worthy, so dont forget to charge up your camera! The most iconic landmark of Lefkes is its beautiful Parekklesio Church perched on a hill.

Lefkes is also the best place to stay Paros if youre planning to hike the Byzantine Road, which is a spectacular 3.5 km hike to the village of Prodromos.


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