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Best Place To Stay In San Francisco Area

The Central Area Of San Francisco: Union Square

2021 SAN FRANCISCO Travel Guide: California Hidden Gems, Top/Best Free Places To Visit, Things To Do

Union Square is well known around San Francisco for its shopping and fashion. Every large fashion brand and retailer has a shop in this area. Union Square is also San Franciscos hotel district, this is where big branded hotels have set up and made their hotels.

Along with shopping, Union Square has a large variety of restaurants and dining options.

Its a great place to stay in San Francisco for business travellers, families, and couples, with good transportation links and many attractions within walking distance.

Pros & Cons Of Staying In Union Square


  • Close to public transport systems
  • Great shopping, restaurants, and bars
  • Branded hotels

Best Places To Stay In San Francisco: Union Square

One of the best places to stay in San Francisco is in Union Square. It’s the perfect choice for those visiting for the first time or those that have visited already.

The reason this is such a great choice is that it’s centrally located, you can easily access public transportation, and there are a wide range of options from budget accommodations to five-star gems.

In Union Square, you are walking distance to high-end and budget-friendly shopping, a variety of restaurants, and fun areas to enjoy our nightlife. You are also just a quick walk or cab ride away from Oracle Park where you can catch an SF Giants game, the theater district where you can see a traveling Broadway show, or unique districts such as Chinatown, North Beach, and Nob Hill.

You can also easily get to the attractions and activities in Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s about a 20 to 25-minute ride by bus or historic streetcar.

When I’m asked about the best places to stay in San Francisco, Union Square is my answer most of the time.

Here are a few of the top-rated hotels in this district.

You will also find some additional recommendations on my Union Square hotels page.

Where To Stay In San Francisco: Advice From A Local

02/15/2019 by Carol Guttery

Find the best places to stay in San Francisco to fit your budget and your vibe with this very thorough neighborhood guide to hotels and accommodation.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and know the neighborhoods. So, you can trust me to help you figure out where to stay in San Francisco. SF may be just 45 square miles but it has a lot of great neighborhoods and accommodations and picking a spot can be tricky. This thorough guide will help you figure out your own best location to stay in San Francisco based upon your personal needs, interests and budget.

Do you need a family sized room? Are you on a budget? Do you want something stylish? Do you crave great food? Dont worry, you can find what you need. Each section of this guide has a neighborhood overview, three hotel suggestions and three ideas for fun things to do while there.

Find your own best area to stay in San Francisco by scrolling through the list of neighborhoods.

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Soma South Of The Market Another Neighborhood To Stay In San Francisco

SoMa is a place full of old buildings that have been converted into art galleries, pubs, and true cultural centers. There are also a lot of fast food restaurants and coffee shops.

Among the attractions here, dont miss Yerba Buena Gardens, a famous park in this neighborhood. Its worth looking for hotels in San Francisco in this area for this park alone.

SoMa. South of the Market, another neighborhood to stay in San Francisco

Another positive thing about staying in SoMa is that youll be very well connected, since transportation here is very efficient. Therefore, its, in general, a good area to sleep in San Francisco. Here are my hotel recommendations:

Here are other accommodations in SoMa.

The Best Area To Stay If You’re Bringing Your Best Friend : Nob Hill And Fisherman’s Wharf

Where to Stay in San Francisco The Best Neighborhoods 2021

San Francisco is a city for everyone, even the furry ones in our lives. We know how important they are to you, so if you’re bringing your pets with you on your trip, you’ll want to stay in Nob Hill or Fisherman’s Wharf. These two neighborhoods in the heart of San Francisco give you and your pet a spectacular view and access to the bay breeze.

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Sausalito: Pros And Cons

The last available option certainly has a more charming landscape, but it is less practical since the BART does not travel there. Im talking about Sausalito, a pleasant coastal city beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, north of San Francisco. Read our article about Sausalito to get an idea of how to get to San Francisco and where to stay in this coastal city.

Keep in mind, however, that travel time is inevitably longer and prices are higher. If, on the other hand, you are particularly sporty and would like to take a scenic bikeride, this is the right choice for you.

Where To Stay Downtown

Dense with history and humanity, Downtown San Francisco comprises several vibrantly distinct neighbourhoods jammed together between the waterfront and the hills.

At the heart sits Union Square. This is one of San Franciscos liveliest urban spaces, the citys main hotel and shopping district, and the junction of its major transportation lines . Along the waterfront stands the elegant Embarcadero, anchored by the Ferry Building and its immensely popular marketplace, which rims San Franciscos stalwart Financial District.

Union Square cant be beat for its variety of options and central location. A few hotels near the Embarcadero offer a mix of both luxury and Bay views.

For classic luxury: Hotel Union Square

One of the top Art Deco hotels Downtown, this boutique destination features brick walls, mosaics galore and an impeccable overall design. Cable cars rattle by directly outside its main entrance.

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The Best Area To Stay If You Are A Health Nut: Embarcadero

It’s not about having access to a gym, but access to great outdoor spaces that will elevate your heart rate. Hotels along the Embarcadero give you that and a gorgeous morning view of the Bay Bridge. Get up to see the sunrise and work out like a local by running along the Embarcadero by the Ferry Building to PIER 39 and back again.

Worst Neighborhoods In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO: Top 5 Places to Stay in Downtown San Francisco, California (Hotels & Resorts!)

Is San Francisco a dangerous city?

Yes, it can be, like any other city in the world if you end up in one of the worst neighborhoods in San Francisco.

According to the FBI crime database that counts the number of crimes per 10,000 capita, these areas should be avoided, especially after dark:

  • The Tenderloin, west of Union Square. Police consider this neighborhood dangerous at all time
  • Hunters Point, well known as a place to avoid
  • Bayview, with often gun violence, its increasing the exposure to street art and becoming more attractive in the last few years

If visiting Western Addition, watch out more for petty crime than anything else.

There are a few programs from the council to improve and enhance these areas.

Fingers crossed it will happen soon. At the moment, if you can, try to avoid them.

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Fishermans Wharf One Of The Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Sf

Fishermans Wharf is perhaps one of the best-known neighborhoods in San Francisco because Pier 39 is here as well as seafood restaurants. When you visit, dont leave without trying Dungeness Crab and clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl.

Fishermans Wharf, one of the best neighborhoods to stay in San Francisco

This is a good area to stay in San Francisco and the best place to see sea lions. Moreover, the hotel where we stayed in San Francisco is here.

These are the recommended hotels in Fishermans Wharf:

Here are other accommodations in Fishermans Wharf San Francisco.

Best Things To Do In Craters Of The Moon National Monument & Preserve

Other activities: The Presidio Officers Club, Golden Gate Vista Point, the national historic site of Fort Point, Crissy Field

Where to Stay: Travelodge by Wyndham at the Presidio offers a wonderful view of the Golden Gate Bridge and is set conveniently within the Presidio of San Francisco National Park. This is an upscale hotel close to the Palace of Fine Arts theater.

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A Luxurious Casino In Reno Nevada

You didnt think this list was going to be all cabins and wagons and roughing it, did you? No. We love luxury we just usually cant afford it.

Enter Reno: The Biggest Little City in America! Reno is low-key awesome, with a lot of charm to discover that seems to get overlooked despite being an excellent weekend trip from the Bay Area and next door to Lake Tahoe.

And when visiting Reno, you absolutely must stay in a casino. Not just because it rhymes. But because its Nevada, baby!

Staying in a plush casino in Reno is just a luxurious as staying in a casino in Las Vegas, except you get to keep more of your money and spend a lot more quality time outdoors.

Our favorite pick is Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. First of all, its totally affordable. Second of all, check out that freaking spa. Its legit one of the best casino spas in the world

And thirdly, because some dude from Redding said The Atlantis is an amazing place, if there is ever a zombie apocalypse it would be a great place to be. Like, this an actual quote on the website.

Sold, you guys. Sold.

You can thank us later, after your Milk and Honey Cocoon at the spa has transformed you into a heavenly goddess, youve tucked into a melt-in-your-mouth steak at the AAA Four Diamond steakhouse, taken a dip in the whirlpool , and won a few bucks at the slot machines .

Union Square Best Place To Stay In San Francisco Withfamily

Best Places to Stay in San Francisco: Tips to Decide

Union Square is the transit hub of San Francisco, and makes an excellent home base for your visit. With so many transit options, including the famous cable cars, Union Square is a great place to stay in San Francisco because you can get to other parts of the city quite easily. Union Square is San Franciscos main shopping district, and there are many restaurants to choose from as well. If you travel on points and plan to stay in a big-name chain hotel, youll find many options in Union Square. This is also a great area if you are wondering where to stay in San Francisco for a weekend.

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Fishermans Wharf Where To Stay In San Francisco For Seafood

This district is one of the most exciting areas of San Francisco. Here you will find the fascinating Aquarium of the Bay along the citys famed Embarcadero, an amazing site where the great beauty of San Francisco Bay lit brightly by glistening lights provide a breathtaking view from an elevated deck.

Inside this site, you can watch spiraling schools of anchovies and jellyfish swirling past. This unforgettable scene is the perfect visitors venue before relaxing over cocktails in celebration of the city.

At the riveting San Francisco Dungeon on Jefferson Street, live actors lead you on a precarious trip through the authentic and sometimes grimy Bay Area history. You will meet the grisly Rat Catcher with his chilling tales of the Plague and take a chilling tour of Alcatraz prison on a staged attempted escape.

You can experience the heart-thumping drop ride, a jump from Alcatraz into the Bay below. You will be amused, scared and thoroughly exhilarated by this unique escapade in one of the most unusual and thrilling areas in San Francisco.

Then visit Madame Tussauds famous wax museum to mix with all your favorite icons and celebrities before sampling delicious breads in the tasting room at the renowned Boudin Bakery & Cafe as part of your Museum and Bakery tour.

While in this district, be sure to enjoy a fabulous meal at such outstanding seafood restaurants as Scomas, Fog Harbor Fish House and Franciscan Crab Restaurant.

A Glamorous Riverboat In Sacramento California

Stay on an actual riverboat right next to bustling downtown Sacramento. The Delta King is a real, historical riverboat. From 1927!!

The Delta King used to shuttle passengers from the California capital of Sacramento to bustling San Francisco and back again until the construction of the much more iconic Golden Gate Bridge relegated it to the land of Myspace and Betamax. Now, its a fabulous hotel in a prime location.

Other than staying on an actual freaking riverboat, the best part about the Delta King is that they have MYSTERY DINNER THEATRE. You guys. Fake gunshots. Twiddly mustaches. Suspects. Victims! Its like IRL Clue and the only thing cooler would be if Tim Curry was the host and it was Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the revolver all along.

  • What to do in Sacramento: What more could you possibly want than mystery dinner theatre?! But if you insist rent a bike and hit the epic 32-mile bike trail, cool off at Raging Waters or Golfland Sunsplash , hit up apple hill and pretend its real fall, go white water rafting, and check out the hip downtown Sacramento Grid.
  • Cost: Rooms from $107 per night. Verdict: I feel like this would make a pretty good third date, but only if your date is into Clue.
  • Distance from the Bay Area: 1.5 hours | Book: The Delta King

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Union Square The Best Place To Stay For Nightlife

Want to be completely immersed in the throbbing heart of the city? Then staying in Union Square is a must. Union Square is the heart of Downtown San Francisco, youll be surrounded by skyscrapers, locals and tourists alike, glitzy storefronts, and good eats for all budgets.

Its one of the best neighborhoods in San Francisco for shopping, a central good restaurants, and being in the middle of all the action. Here youll find some of the highest rated restaurants and high end shopping

Downtown San Francisco is the most convenient location for getting around the city, either by foot or public transit. You are a short walk to the financial district and the ferry building.

A really good place for a stroll is the pedestrian mall of Maiden Street. It used to be a red-light district but now it is home to art galleries and boutiques. If you are a real museum buff then make sure to check out some of the best museums in the city including the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Museum of African Diaspora, SF MOMA, and the California Historical Society.

Great Airbnb Neighborhoods In Sf

Top Places to Visit in San Francisco
  • The Mission: By far, one of the best areas to stay in San Francisco. The Missions vibrant streets are like a cross between of your Latino uncle and Sergy Brin. You can find illuminating street art, dinosaur-sized burritos and its home to two of the best bookstores in SF.
  • Potrero Hill: A quiet residential neighborhood hipped up with artsy warehouses. Take a tour of the Anchor brewing distillery and then eat local at one of the restaurants on 18th street.
  • Castro Valley: Ground zero for being out and proud. You can catch films, fests and drag queens at the Castro theater and explore SF queer history at the GLBT History Museum.
  • Noe Valley: Strollers, yoga and coffee fill the 24th street corridor in Noe. The strip has something for everyone including cute book stores, a craft brewery, a dive bar, some cute clothing shops and designer togs for the discerning toddler.
  • The Haight/Cole Valley: Its been fifty years since the Summer of Love but the hippie vibe lives on in the Haight. They still sell vinyl at Amoeba records and you can purchase Grateful Dead gear, tie-dyed socks and, err, other paraphernalia.
  • North Beach/Chinatown: The AirBnBs in this neighborhood offer all of the benefits of the downtown hotels, but with more hills! You can spend most of your allowance money buying books at the City Lights bookstore and then spend the rest on mysterious vegetables and dried fishes in Chinatown.

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Where To Stay In San Francisco Neighborhoods & Area Guide

San Francisco, one of the most significant cities in the state of California and the cultural and commercial epicenter of Northern California, is among the top-visited places in the world. The crown jewel of the Bay Area, San Francisco is known to the world for its grand ethnic and cultural diversity, Victorian architecture, gorgeous landscape, summer fog, and of course, its extremely liberal community.

Often dubbed as The Paris of the West and The City by the Bay, San Francisco is home to the second-largest Chinatown outside of Asia and the oldest and the largest Japantown in the United States of America.

Did you know that every year, in the month of February, the city of San Francisco hosts the worlds largest competition of American wines? Also, the next time you get lucky on a fortune cookie, dont forget to thank Makoto Hagiwara, a Japanese resident of San Francisco who is also the person behind Golden Gate Parks Japanese Tea Garden.

Let us now explore some of the popular neighborhoods in the city so you can easily plan where to stay in San Francisco on your next visit.

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