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Best Places To Stay In Bari Italy

Where To Stay In Puglia: Ultimate Beach Resort Guide


Heading to Puglia this year for some summer sun? This region in the south east of Italy is home to a heady combination of white sand beaches, stunning coastal scenery, historic villages, baroque towns, and vibrant turquoise seas.

This is a beach-lovers guide to where to stay in Puglia and it will cover:

  • which part of Puglia to choose
  • Puglias main beach resorts and coastal highlights
  • the best places to stay for atmosphere and nightlife
  • the best sandy beaches
  • the best luxury and boutique beach hotels in Puglia
  • the best quiet unspoilt areas for couples, families and nature-lovers
  • the best hotels right on the beach

Visit Castel Del Monte

Castel del Monte is another fascinating day trip from Bari. The small castle is located on top of a hill and for years it mystified historians who could not work out its purpose.

Built-in the 13th-century by Frederick II, it has long been debated whether the building was an elaborate hunting lodge or a defensive building. Recent excavations have discovered a further defensive wall meaning it was likely that it was intended as a citadel.

The mysterious building was probably never used for its intended purpose and over the years was used as a prison and a sanctuary from the plague.

At some point, it fell into disrepair and was eventually looted of pretty much anything valuable, including all the marble used within. Around the castle, you will find a prestigious winemaking region, which produces a range of regionally protected wines.

From Bari, you can take a guided tour to the castle where you will be picked up and driven to it. Once at Castel del Monte, a local guide will talk you through the history of this fascinating building.

Do Some Shopping On Via Sparano

Had enough culture for the day? Head to Via Sparano for some retail therapy. This is in the newer part of Bari and is lined with all kinds of modern shops, from Armani, Gucci, Max Mara, Benetton and so many more. In addition to stores, youll find trendy bars, cafes, and restaurants, perfect for refueling if you need to rest during your shopping spree.

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When To Visit Puglia

It can be warm enough for swimming in May and October too. On our two-week road trip in May we had two days of rain, a few cloudy afternoons, and the rest was hot and sunny in the mid-20s Celsius and we were swimming and sunbathing.

We found April and May a great time for sightseeing as it wasnt too hot.

If you arent bothered about lazing on beaches, then winter is a quiet and inexpensive time to explore Puglias towns.

Are You Off To Discover Southern Italy And The Adriatic Sea Find Out About The Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Bari

Best Places to Stay in Puglia, Italy

Located above the heel of the Italian boot, Bari is the capital of Puglia and the nerve center of cultural and commercial exchanges between Eastern Europe and the West since antiquity. With a population of 325,000 inhabitants and more than 700,000 in the metropolitan area, Bari is the ninth largest city in Italy and the third largest in the south of the country. Accommodation to stay in Bari can be expensive because of the high influx of tourists from May to October.

Stay in Bari and visit the province of Apulia which boasts a rich historical, cultural, gastronomic and architectural heritage. Between the old town Bari Vecchia and the modern part the Murat district -, discover the citys diverse atmospheres. Heres our selection of the best places to stay in Bari.

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Check Out Piazza Mercantile

Piazza Mercantile has been an important commercial hub of Bari since the early 14th century. The ornate square is surrounded by beautiful palaces, like Palazzo Sedile, and it really feels like one of the citys historic treasures.

Located towards the edge of the old town, the square is one of the most common places where local people arrange to meet their friends before spending time in the city together.

Along the edges of the square, you will cute cafes and gelato shops where you can get an espresso or enjoy a cooling gelato on a hot summers day.

The square remains pretty busy from morning until night, meaning you can experience the full range of the Italian way of life. Checking out Piazza Mercantile is one of the essential things to do in Bari when youre there.

Torre Della Loggia Abruzzo

This 12th-century fortress tower, converted three years ago into a seven-room lodging, dominates the medieval fishing port of Ortona. Thick stone walls encircle a maze of courtyards, gardens, shady arcades and sea-view terraces built almost 1,000 years ago. The comfortable rooms are minimalist and modern, functional rather than luxurious. The tower looks out over a 14km stretch of beach, with hiking and bike paths nearby part of the Costa dei Trabocchi, named after Abruzzos distinctive fishing cabins that sit on raised stilts above the water. Head to Cantina di Ortona vineyard to discover the local Montepulciano dAbruzzo wines. Doubles from 75 B& B,

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Best Places To Visit In Puglia

Whether you are thinking of taking a trip to Puglia or you have already booked your plane ticket, there are countless amazing Puglia destinations you can visit.

A land kissed by the shining sun and the breeze of two different seas, and painted with the colors red, blue, green, and white, visiting Puglia will be an unforgettable and authentic Italian experience.

What questions do you have about the best places in Puglia Italy to visit?

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Where Is Puglia Italy

PUGLIA, ITALY: Must visit places and things to do in Puglia

The teacher in me cant help but start with a few basics. So, lets first cover some practical information about the region, as well as helpful Puglia tips so you can plan a successful trip.

In Italy, Puglia is affectionately called the heel of the boot because of its position.

Imagine Italys boot shape, and Puglia is located in the southeastern part, the heel. The region is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the southeast.

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Where To Stay In Puglia Without A Car

Puglia is a beautiful place with a lot to offer and the best way to take it all in is by taking a road trip out of the visit. There are very many places for you to rent a car including the airport and in the city.

However, just because you do not have a car does not mean you will not have as wonderful of an experience.

All you have to do is to ensure that you base yourself in a part of Puglia with many attractions as well as access to the major public transport networks.

Below are two places that fit the bill perfectly.

Take A Bari Street Food Tour

I LOVE Italian food and I also love street food so what could be better than a tour of Italian street food in Bari. Take a tour through Bari trying some of the best street food in the city.

As you walk around, your guide will take you to many of the most important sights in the city along with some of the best little eateries. I am obsessed with learning more about the regional food of Italy, so if youre like me, this is a great way to learn from an expert.

You will learn how to make the Bari classic of Focaccia Barese in a charming little bakery. After visiting a delicatessen to try cheese, salami, and local wine, you will then head to taste Bariâs most classic street food, Sgaglioza.

The dish is a simple fried polenta dish in the shape of sticks and is seemingly out of place as polenta tends to be found in the north of Italy, not the south.

You will also try another great friend snack, the Panzerotti, like an empanada or a miniature calzone, is stuff stuffed with mozzarella and tomato sauce.

The tour will finish with the Italian classic, gelato, while exploring the modern French district.

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Biohof Luech Da Uridl South Tyrol

This rambling, 400-year-old farm is in verdant Val Gardena, part of the Dolomites Unesco world heritage site, just outside Ortisei, a picture-postcard ski resort dominated by the jagged stone peaks of the Dolomites. Claudia Insam and her husband are committed organic farmers, with cows, chickens and splendid vegetable gardens. Guests are welcome to help out with farm work, and can lodge in three cosy Alpine-style apartments, with a fabulous sauna made by Claudias carpenter son. Prices are a bargain compared with the classic hotels in town. As with all of Italys South Tirol, expect to hear people speaking either German or the unusual local Ladin language, and check out the many carving workshops in Ortisei, which are famous for their wooden statues and toys.Studio for twofrom749 a week,

What To Eat And Drink

Best Places to Visit in Puglia  Simply Madeleine

As a coastal city, you can expect to find lots of fresh seafood in Bari. One of the local specialties is tiella, a rice dish that’s made with potatoes and mussels. If seafood isn’t your style, don’t worry as there is plenty more to enjoy. The tiny ear-shaped orecchiette pasta is most associated with Puglia and you’ll likely see it served alla cime di rape e salsiccia, with turnips and sausage. Walk around the residential neighborhoods and you’ll likely see local women set up with their pasta-making tables in the street. Another delicious speciality of Bari is one you may already be familiar with: burrata. This creamy ball of mozzarella-like cheese is nothing short of decadent, and there’s no better place to try it.

When the weather is niceâwhich it often isâyou’ll see people sipping on drinks on outdoor terraces. Puglian wines may not have the international recognition as those from Tuscany in the north, but the wine-lovers are picking up on what the region has to offer. One type of local wine that’s celebrated by sommeliers is Negroamaro, and very little is exported so it’s difficult to find outside of the region.

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Travel In Bari: Overview

Bari is sometimes skipped by tourists, as nearby Lecce is extremely popular thanks to its Baroque and Renaissance architecture. Thats not to say Bari doesnt have a lot to offer though, especially in terms of history and culture. The 12thcentury Romanesque Basilica of San Nicola is an important Catholic pilgrimage site and holds the bones of St. Nicolas .

Theres also the 12thcentury Norman castle in the west of the city, which provides fantastic panoramas. On top of all the architecture, there are a number of piazzas, lined with traditional trattorias where you can sample delicious cucina Barese. If youre still not ready to go back to your hotel after that, you can enjoy some of Puglias best nightlife here too.

The port city offers onward connections to Croatia, Albania, and Greece.

If you are travelling in Europe, book your tickets Jetradar. For those using the train, buy train tickets on Trainline.

San Nicola Stadium Where To Stay In Bari For Great Events

The San Nicola Stadium area in the southwestern suburbs of the city obviously takes the name from its famous stadium, home of the Bari sports association, a national football team.

Being the 2nd largest stadium in Italy, this arena has a capacity of 58,000 people and hosts the most diverse events, but is mainly known for football matches .

The surroundings of the stadium are characterized by a modern type of architecture and is residential and quiet. It is populated mostly by locals so you will get an authentic feel of the city here. This neighborhood is the ideal choice because it offers lower costs for accommodations and extensive connectivity with public transport to Bari and other surrounding cities!

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I’ve Been In Italy Many Times And To Many Places

I’ve been in Italy many times and to many places. Bari had for sure the best food, even from Rome or Naples. Great focaccia, great pizza and pasta and i totally recommend it.The old town is also amazing because in every house there’s an open door so that the tourists can see the procedure of pasta making and there are tables in the streets so that you can buy whatever you like. The images of old ladies singing and “kniting” the pasta is something words cannot describe sentimentwise.It’s not a city you need more than 2 days to see everything it has and because of many trips around, i did not have the chance to live the nightlife. Maybe next time.People here have a class in contrary to Genoa or Naples. I can’t explain why, i just got that impression. Of course, one main selling point is that you can go to the smaller cities in the south such as Polignano A Mare, Monopoly, Alberobello, Locorotondo and of course Matera, which i think is overestimated.

Soak Up The Sun On Baris Beaches

Best Towns in Puglia – Santa Maria al Bagno

You cant spend time in the seaside town of Bari, Italy, without a trip to the beach. Take a trip to Beach Lido San Francesco. This stretch of sand is set east of the old town center. Youll find clear blue water and golden sand. Rent a sun lounger and watch the action, from ball games to kids building sandcastles. There are also many restaurants, beach bars, and shops nearby.

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The Best Beaches In Bari

You may be wondering why were talking about beaches here, but the truth is, one of the most common questions we get asked by our readers is for a recommendation of some of the best beaches to visit from Bari. It therefore only seemed fitting to create this little section, and point all the beach-lovers in the right direction of some sandy loveliness.

The first thing to know, if youre still very much in the planning stages for your Bari / Puglia holiday, is that the very best beaches of the region are not in Bari. The city has a couple in and around it, but if youre craving Italian sun, sea, and sand in summer, then your best bet is to use a cheap flight to Bari as an access point to the region and take a Puglia road trip to some wonderful beaches and coves. Weve shared more info on how to do this in the next section, but all you need to know right now is that a road trip really is the best way to discover all that Puglia has to offer.

Go To The Pinacoteca Metropolitana

Pinacoteca Metropolitana is the best art gallery in the city, displaying a range of art from across the ages. Located in an impressive building on Bariâs seafront, the art gallery is an old Italian-style palace.

The gallery has a host of permanent displays that feature works of art from all around Italy and the many prominent styles of art from throughout history.

Pinacoteca Metropolitana is also often referred to as Pinacoteca Corrado Giaquinto, named after Corrado Giaquinto.. a famous Rococo style painter who was born close to Bari in Puglia.

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How To Get Around Puglia

Another element you should keep in mind is transportation. Unfortunately, the Puglia region is not well served by public transport. While its possible to take a train to Bari from other Italian cities like Rome or Florence, it will be difficult to rely solely on trains or buses to explore the area.

The best solution would be to rent a car and to travel around. Finding a car to rent is very easy: both the two main Puglia airports offer car rental services.

Best Things To Do In Bari Italy

10 Best Places to Visit in Puglia Italy (Where to go &  Points of Interest)

Italys Puglia region has long called my name, in fact, several times I have had tickets booked there but decided to always cancel at the last minute as I couldnt be bothered traveling.

However, in February, I finally made it to Puglia for an extended escape.

If Im going to be completely honest, my draw to Bari and Puglia was food. I had heard it was Italys food capital . And after going there BOY, WAS IT EVER.

The food was some of the best Ive had in the world and Im putting Pugliese food up there with some of my favorite regions in Italy and Thailand and that is a huge compliment.

In addition, I found that I could easily live in Puglia especially in Bari. I will forego another post begging Italy to give me a passport but if they want to, I wouldnt refuse it.

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The Nicolaus Hotel Bari

If youre looking for another one of the luxury hotels in Bari Italy, then you must check out The Nicolaus Hotel Bari. The rooms are very elegant, with modern furnishing and they just overall feel luxurious. Inside the hotel, youll find an indoor pool, gym, sauna, Turkish baths, and even a hot tub. These are not the only features the hotel has.

There are 2 restaurants on-site. On one hand, theres The Roof, which is situated on the 14th floor. It has a roof garden and they serve food for more private functions. The Seasons restaurant on the other hand has Italian and Puglia specialties. The Nicolaus Hotel Bari has an 8.8 rating.

The Nicolaus Hotel Bari address: Via Cardinale Agostino Ciasca, 27, 70124

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