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Best Places To Stay In Mexico City

Coyoacn: Where To Stay In Mexico City On A Budget

Where to stay in Mexico City | Our picks for best neighbourhoods

The most famous thing in Coyoacán, and potentially all of Mexico City, is the Frida Kahlo Museum.

From some of the best coffee in the city, to thriving markets and vibrant public squares, Coyoacán is truly one of the best places to stay in Mexico City.

If you stick around and do some exploring, youll find a treasure trove of riches. We spent 4 of our 9 days here on our last 9 day stint in Mexico City, and loved every second of it. If youre on a budget, Coyoacán should at the top of the list.

But I didnt even get to the best part yet.

It will be easier on your wallet than the other two Mexico City neighborhoods that I listed.

Instead of $100+ a night, you can find amazing places to stay in the $50-$75 range per night.

Here are some things to do while youre in this charming, vibrant neighborhood.

  • The world-reknowned Frida Kahlo Museum.
  • Coffee at Cafe Negro or Cafe Avellaneda .
  • Browse the seemingless endless stalls at Mercado de Coyoacán for fresh fruit and vegetables, tostadas, and crafts to bring home with you.
  • Soak up the energy around Plaza Hidalgo and the Coyote fountain.

The Best Coyoacán Hotels and B& Bs

Coyoacán was my second favorite neighborhood to explore after La Condesa / Roma Norte.

Most people probably come to the bustling and energetic neighborhood for the Frida Kahlo museum and turn right back around without exploring.

4 Great Airbnb Options in Coyoacán

Here are 3 more Airbnbs to consider that I came across and liked, but they were already booked.

Where To Stay In Santa Fe


  • Presidente Intercontinental Santa Fe Set within a cream-colored high-rise, the 5-star Presidente Intercontinental Santa Fe offers exceptional views over the city and surrounding valley. Every guest will feel like a VIP with absolutely everything they need right here luxury rooms and suites with floor to ceiling windows and a restaurant and terrace with superb mountain views. Theres also a boutique, a wine store, an art gallery, a gym, and a sauna located on the property.
  • midrange

  • Hotel Aspen Located in a modern building, the 4-star Hotel Aspen is tailored to executive travelers. Youll have everything you need directly at your fingertips spacious and comfortably furnished executive rooms and suites, complimentary corporate transport and free Wi-Fi. Guests will also enjoy access to a well-equipped fitness center, an elegant restaurant, and free undercover parking.

Del Carmen Best Area To Stay In Mexico City For Family

Del Carmen is a small neighborhood that sits within the Coyoacán municipality located south of the city. The Coyoacán area used to be a village and retains a sense of its rustic charm, with an abundance of leafy parks, cute cafes, and bookstores.

Meanwhile, artistic types will relish the opportunity to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum and film buffs will be drawn to the film archive at the Cineteca Nacional de México.

Viveros de Coyoacán is one of the highlights of the area. Containing a tree nursery and pathways sheltered by canopies, this national park is a lovely place to find some shade in the summer months.

Further south, Coyoacán Park contains fountains and statues of coyotes, in honor of the many animals who used to dwell here during the Aztec period. Del Carmen takes the top spot for the best area in Mexico City to stay for families.

Pros and cons of staying in Del Carmen


  • This peaceful area is perfect if you want to stay away from the bustle of the central areas
  • Blessed with a plethora of green spaces, Del Carmen is an appealing option for travelers with young children


  • If you are traveling to Mexico City and want to feel the rush of the Zócalo and central barrios, then Del Carmen is not the best area to stay in Mexico City
  • Accommodation is limited but you can consider staying further south within the Coyoacán district

Best places to stay in Del Carmen

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The Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Mexico City

Mexico City is full of incredible places to visit, but where should you stay? We asked our local trip planners in Mexico City for advice. They helped create this guide of Mexico City’s top neighborhoods to stayas well as a few to avoid.

Benefit from local and personalized advice. Our local trip planners can help narrow down where to stay in Mexico Cityand create a guidebook full of stuff to do once you get there. Learn more.

Have A Coffee At El Jarocho Cafe

Getaway: Top tourist attractions to visit in Mexico City ...

Cafe El Jarocho Coyoacan is a city institution thats been open since 1953. This old school coffee shop had one of the first industrial coffee machines in Mexico, allowing them to make espresso and cappuccino long before other coffee shops make these cosmopolitan drinks.

Want to learn more about coffee from Mexico? Join the Coffee Tasting with National Judge Experience, and learn all about Mexico coffees from hosts Ricardo and Christian.

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For History Lovers: Centro Historico

The heart of Mexico City is filled with old churches, museums, fine colonial architecture, and shops. So whether you want to take photos of landmarks like the Palacio de Bellas Artes or dine on local cuisine , centro histórico has it all.The stunning National Palace, the magnificent National Museum of Art with its renowned Diego Rivera murals and other attractions are within walking distance. You can see the fantastic Diego Rivera paintings, admire the ornate Mexico City Cathedral, and be amazed by the massive National Palace.

Plus, you can enjoy pieces at the National Museum of Art but just seeing it is worth a trip alone. Its safe to say that Mexico Citys oldest neighborhood is bursting with 16th century culture and history.

Oaxaca One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In Mexico

Oaxaca is one of the places where all of the historical periods of Mexico shine through. From the pre-Hispanic period to the colonial period to the modern period, you can see plentiful examples expressed in nearly every street. With archaeological sites to visit, bio fluorescent lagoons to check out, and gastronomic delights to be hadOaxaca is definitely the best city in Mexico for unique experiences!

Let me start off by discussing the culinary scene of Oaxaca. Its where tons of innovative chefs are taking the local cuisine to the next level even street vendors. The most renowned Oaxacan dishes that you simply cannot miss out on trying are: memelas, tlayudas, tetelas, tamales Oaxaqueños, and well, um, chapulines aka grasshoppers.

When in Oaxaca, there is also so much to see! Make sure to visit the Temple de Santo Domingo de Guzman, a truly impressive church from the 16th century. Also, if you are up for a drive, just 90 minutes from Oaxaca city is the Herve el Agra which is actually a petrified waterfall!

Theres a cool hike to enjoy around the falls, and mineral springs at the top to take a quick dip in. Also, just a short drive from Oaxaca City is Monte Alban which is an incredible archaeological site and the former site of the ancient Zapotec City which dates all the way back to 500BC!

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Best Area To Stay In Mexico City

Before introducing you to the best hotels, I would like to spend a few words on the best areas to stay in Mexico City. These are the few best areas renowned for their trendy restaurants, museums, and iconic sites and for being relatively safe.

Polanco: Polanco is one of the most upscale places to stay in Mexico City. Full of history and culture, this is an upmarket and fashionable neighborhood famous for its restaurants and shopping. Its an ideal place for affluent visitors who would love to do some luxury shopping at Avenida Presidente Masaryk. While you are here, you will soon realize why its the most expensive and ritzy street in the country.

Roma and Zona Rosa: If you are looking for a cool neighborhood in Mexico City, you will be in luck if you get a place in Roma and Zona Rosa. Fancy, trendy, and safe, Roma is the coolest barrio in the world where you can walk around and observe the location. Zona Rosa, known to be the gay-friendly hub of the city, boasts plenty of sounds and sights to explore. Brimming with quirky cafes, nightlife, and art galleries, visitors often hail Roma and Zona Rosa among the coolest areas to stay in Mexico City.

Now that youve got an idea about the areas where to stay in Mexico City, you must be thinking about which are the best hotels that you must book. Below Ill give you names of some of the best Mexico City hotels distributed across different places.

San Rafael: Where To Stay In Mexico City For Art Lovers

10 best places to visit in Mexico | 10 mejores lugares para visitar en México

I visited San Rafael for the first time during my second trip to Mexico and fell in love with its quirky stile. This is a neighborhood where homes have a myriad of architectural styles from several time periods. There are French style mansions, Art Deco homes and styles that were modern in the 1950s.

An annual festival, the Saints Cosmas and Damian, is celebrated here on September 27th. The festivities include food, fireworks and live music.

On Sundays an outdoor art market takes place on Sullivan Street, organized by Jardin del Arte. All works of art sold are original works by the artists no copies are allowed to be sold here.

The streets of San Rafael contain many small businesses or mom and pop stores. A number of services can be found here such as shoe repair and knife sharpening. Many small cantinas are located in the area. On any day, you will see locals gathering and chatting in shops and on the street. Its definitely a fun area to stay in Mexico City.

Best Places To Stay In San Rafael

If you want to stay in San Rafael, you may want to take a look at these options:

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Where To Stay In Mexico City Neighborhoods & Area Guide

If youre looking for the perfect balance between the old world and the new, Mexico City has the charm and tradition of the Aztec people balanced perfectly with the mariachi-modern square of Garibaldi. With rich, historic features lining its streets, from ruins to museums, Mexico City has plenty to offer visitors. One of the biggest and oldest cities in the Americas, this capital has something for everyone whether youre looking to satisfy your hunger with spicy eats or in search of architecture and cultural heritage to sate your appetite.

Lets break Mexico City down into its different historical and well-known parts.

Monterrey: The Best Kept Secret In Mexico

Just south of the border, the millions that call Monterrey home seem to be quietly laying claim to one of the best and most beautiful cities in the entire hemisphere. Once a favorite of Sinatra, Monterrey has some of Mexico’s top universities, a lively nightlife scene, and plenty of natural wonders that serve as a backdrop to the most “Americanized” city south of the border. If you want to get away without feeling lost, it’s a perfect destination for travelers and ex-pats alike. Familiar stores and restaurant chains are plentiful. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a non-English speaker. And yes, there’s Uber. A future host city for the 2024 World Cup, put it on your list nowit won’t be long until everybody else does, too.

Habita MTY

The first thing you notice at Habita is the attention to capturing the city’s beauty. A jaw-dropping piece of brutalist architecture rising out of the San Pedro Garza García neighborhood, the ground level is adorned with Rick Owens furniture, while the rooftop, boasting two infinity pools, is the ideal place to take in Monterrey’s vastness, flanked on both sides by mountains that disappear into the heavens. The second thing youll notice is the drink they put in your hand as you walk in. Bienvenidos, amigo.



La Madalena

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Coyoacan: Filled With Color And Culture

Locals tell us that beautiful Coyoacan moves at a slower pace than other neighborhoods in Mexico City , which makes it a perfect place for anyone looking for a chill area to call home. So what is there to do in Coyoacan? Get some local tips. Our trip planners recommend:

  • Museo Frida Kahlo: the Museo Frida Kahlo is one of the most popular attractions in Mexico City. Kahlos beautiful blue house is where the artist lived for many years. Visitors can learn about her life, admire her art, and take in the aura of the place where this Mexican legend called home. Our trip planners tell us that this is a very popular attractionso reserve your spot early!
  • Mercado Coyoacán: There are tons of great restaurants in Coyoacan, which makes this neighborhood an ideal place to stay. But locals tell us that one of Coyoacans biggest draws is its Mercado Coyoacan. Not only will visitors find some out-of-this-world tostadas in this huge marketplace but its a great place to shop for authentic souvenirs as well.
  • Viveros de Coyoacán: One thing that makes Coyoacan so special is the wonderful park in the middle of the neighborhood. The Viveros de Coyoacan is a gorgeous green space full of trails, a variety of trees and flowers, and tame squirrels. Its a great place to run, stroll, or simply relax in the fresh air.

Since Coyoacan is on the quiet side, its considered a safe place to visit or stay.

Local Tip

A Neighborhood Guide For Where To Stay In Mexico City

Most Beautiful and Best Cities to Visit in Mexico

Visiting Mexicos capital city is nothing short of amazing from our experience. This incredible city is full of history, art, amazing culture, and food that youll dream about after you leave. Its pretty spread out, so figuring out where to stay in Mexico City can be tricky. We put together a neighborhood guide for the best places to stay in Mexico City as well as our picks for the best hotels to take help make planning your trip as easy as possible.

And trust us, no matter how much time you plan it just wont be enough! Youll be leaving with the feeling that youll want to come back for more.

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Juarez / Zona Rosa: For Incredible Nightlife

If you spend your days waiting for the sun to go down, then Juarez is the neighborhood for you. Its Zona Rosa section is the place in Mexico City for nightlifeas well as the LGBT core of the city.

Juarez and Zona Rosa have some of the best clubs in town, but there’s lots to enjoy no matter how you like to party. Get personalized advice from locals: our trip planners tell us that if youre looking for something on the quiet side, try to find the Hanky Panky speakeasy for an inventive cocktail. Locals also note that Juarez is a great place to see some of the nearby monuments at their most glorious, all lit up at night. Just between San Rafael to the north and Condesa to the south, Juarez is also a pretty central neighborhood.

Mexico City is safe after dark, but its all about being smart . Be aware of your surroundings at night, call an Uber when its time to go home and get some insider safety recommendations from a Mexico City local before you visit.

Local Tip

You’ll also find spectacular late-night street food in this are. Be sure to try pambazos, sandwiches that are dipped in salsa and then grilled.

Casa De La Cultura Jesus Reyes Heroles

This House of Cultures is a public event space, but you can enter for free to wander the grounds. There are bronze sculptures of Frida and Diego, and other large-scale sculptures and Aztec artifacts throughout the gardens. Theres also Aurelia Café Restaurant, with peaceful outdoor tables.

Also in this area

  • PlazaSanta Catarina: This is a small park with a nice church, called the Chapel of Santa Catarina. Its a nice place to hang out for a while and people-watch, located just across the street from Casa de la Cultura Jesús Reyes Heroles.
  • Meson Antigua Santa Catarina: Also located across the street from Casa de la Cultura, theres one of the most popular Coyoacan restaurants especially for weekend brunch. Meson de Antigua is a colorful restaurant with large painted murals inside and nice outdoor tables.

The colorful Chapel of Santa Catarina in CoyoacanMexicolocated in PlazaSanta Catarina

Things to do in Coyoacan mexico city

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San Angel: Beautiful And Off

The charming neighborhood of San Angel offers an even quieter vibe than Coyoacan, to the northperfect for someone who wants to go to Mexico City to finish their novel, spend their afternoons strolling cobblestone streets or shop at the Bazar Sabado market with the locals.

That said, like Coyoacan, San Angel is outside of central Mexico City. Its about an hour via metro to get to San Angel from Centro Historico.

Staying In Centro Histrico

Top 17 Coolest Places to Visit in Mexico | Mexico Travel Guide

Great neighborhood for first-timers to Mexico City. Built upon the ruins of the Mexica city of Tenochtitlan, the oldest part of present-day Mexico City is the expansive Centro Histórico the closest Mexico City comes to having a downtown. Its centered on the large, historic Zócalo square, busy with souvenir sellers and street performers. The surrounding grid of streets is lined with handsome colonial architecture dating from the 16th century onwards, a number of must-see landmarks, such as the Museo Nacional de Arte, Casa de los Azulejos, Palacio de Bellas Artes, and Templo Mayor, as well as some excellent restaurants, specialising in traditional Mexican cuisine. Good public transport connections via the Zócalo and Allende metro stations.

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