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Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

The Best Places To Stay To Explore Each Region

Port Angeles Washington. Things to see and do

There are plenty of places you can stay within each region. I think its important to emphasize just how huge this park is before going any further.

If you were to decide to stay in one place, youd end up doing a lot of driving.

Depending on how much time you have, Id recommend staying in different places during your trip. This will drastically reduce how much driving youre doing. For example, if you stayed in Port Angeles for your entire trip, it would be a four-hour round trip to get to the Hoh Rainforest!

  • Port Angeles: This is an area you will want to stay at if you want quick and easy access to Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent. There are some great cabins near Lake Sutherland, which is a nice middle ground between the two locations.
  • Forks: This town sits on the Western side of the Olympic Peninsula and is an excellent jumping-off point to get to La Push Beaches and the Hoh Rainforest. And yes, its THAT Forks.
  • Kalaloch: To access the southeastern Pacific coast area of Olympic National Park, Kalaloch is a great option. This is an unincorporated resort area that features a lodge, cabins, and a campground.
  • Lake Quinault: Lake Quinault is a great entry point for accessing the Quinault Rainforest. You have your pick of a resort, lodge, cabins, and campgrounds.

Unless you have more than three days or so, Id stick to staying in Port Angeles and Forks to explore the three areas I mentioned above, otherwise youre going to spend more time driving than exploring.

Vacation Rental Nearby: Poulsen Point Tiny Home

Located just a few miles over the hill from Lake Crescent is Port Crescent, where the scenic Poulsen Point is located. This 1 bedroom vacation rental is the perfect tiny home for a couple looking for a romantic retreat by the lakes. The home may be small but it has everything you need. Plus, theres a ton of hiking and cycling in the surrounding area.

Things To See And Do In Lake Quinault

  • Quinault Rain Forest Trail is a reasonably easy hike, making it an excellent option for families visiting with younger kids.
  • Head to Quinault Lake Fisheries to learn about fish farming in the area and grab a couple of catches for family dinner later in the evening.
  • Speaking of delicious seafood, The Salmon House offers some of the best in the area with gorgeous lakeside views.
  • Head into Olympic National Forest for an insight into one of the most unique ecosystems in the United States and make sure to pay the largest Sitka spruce in the world a visit.

Weve tested countless packs over the years, and now weve found our absolute favourite: the nomad-approved Nomatic Travel Bag.

Want more deetz on why we love it so damn much? Then read our comprehensive review for the inside scoop!

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Bonus : The Best Campsites Inside Olympic National Park

I think that sleeping under the starry sky in a national park is on the list of most travelers who love to explore these stunning places in nature. It can be quite exciting but do make sure you know which facilities are available before you book your place, and decide super early if you want to stay in a campground as they sell out sometimes even a year in advance.

You may not have an indoor pool or any fancy facilities but its super worth it! Especially when you wake up in the morning to the best views and the prices are great, all the campgrounds are just $25 per night. So lets see which campgrounds are the best for you!

1. Heart O the Hills Campground Located near the Lake Angels trailhead, this campground is open all year round, and the reservations work on a first-come-first-served basis so make sure you choose your spot early and get there ASAP! There are 105 camping sites here, and you can also bring your RV. Some of the facilities at the Heart O the Hills Campground include potable water and flush toilets. 2. Heart O the Hills Campground Camping near the lake always secures some scenic views, especially if you wake up super early to watch the sunrise! This campground is located near Lake Crescent and it works on a first-come-first-served basis. Youll find 88 sites here for both tents and RVs. There are also some fire pits, perfect for late-night gatherings and picnic tables as well.

Juan De Fuca Cottages

Visit Port Angeles: 2021 Travel Guide for Port Angeles, Washington ...

A charming boutique hotel, the Juan de Fuca Cottages offer an idyllic setting on a low bluff along the shores of Dungeness Bay in Sequim, Washington. The waterfront cottages offer marvelous views of the Dungeness Spit, New Dungeness Lighthouse, Olympic Mountains, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Victoria, British Columbia. The hotels guests will enjoy easy access to water activities that include ocean kayaking, sailing tours, and deep-sea fishing charters. The cottages are bright and airy, rustic in design, and furnished with eclectic vintage pieces. All of the cottages are equipped with private bathrooms, whirlpool tubs, complimentary Wi-Fi, and cable TV.

182 Marine Drive, Sequim, WA, Phone: 360-683-4433

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Have you had a relaxing, enjoyable stay at this accommodation here in the Olympic National Park? Do you have a great story or an interesting experience to share? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to share it in the form below. Be as wordy and as descriptive as you like. Include photos as well, if you have them there is plenty of room for it all on our website.Just click into the title box below and go from there. When published, you’ll have “your own” page on MyPortAngeles which you can share with friends or anyone who asks!We’re happy to ensure professional and amateur photographers get credit for their work. Leave us your name in the form below, and means of contact, website, or FB page info so we can link back to you.

With You!

Cristy, from Port Orchard, Wa, Says:“I wanted you to know that I appreciate your book so much! I have a few books about hikes in the area but your book is unique. I love how you include maps, online resources, restaurants, places to stay, and on and on.“Plus, your writing is professional yet personal. Our neighbors just moved to Washington and have been trying to explore the local area. I recommended this book to them. They bought it on the spot!“Thank you for the time and effort you put into making a much needed book. I have lived here most of my life with your book, I feel like Im discovering where we live through a new lens. It’s simply wonderful” .

Sequim Where To Stay For Nature Lovers

Located 15 miles west of the Olympic National Park Visitor Center, Sequim has that small-town charm, and its a great place to stay for anyone who loves nature!

Agriculture plays a big role in the towns affairs, thats why youll see many organic farms as you explore Sequim. The town is also known as the Lavender Capital of North America, as many farms cultivate this beautiful plant. Just wait until you see the purple lanes in mid-June/July, they look so magical!

Although youll be a bit further away from the Olympic National Park, youll be lucky enough to experience the perks of staying in a town like Sequim, where natural beauty reigns over the whole land. And dont worry, there are many spots where you can engage in all kinds of outdoor activities like the Olympic Discovery Trail.

Thats not it, though! A holiday cant be complete if you dont add a shopping session or 2. Lucky for you, Sequim is the regional retail center of the Olympic Peninsula, and youll find all kinds of quirky shops in the downtown area!

Things to do in Sequim

  • Visit the mesmerizing Purple Haze Organic Lavender Farm
  • Enjoy the river views at Railroad Bridge Park
  • Learn more about the town at Sequim Museum & Arts
  • Explore with the family the Carrie Blake Park
  • Play with the cute animals at the Olympic Game Farm near Sequim
  • Go on an adventure in Sequim Bay State Park
  • Spoil yourself with some shopping in downtown Sequim

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Forks Best Place To Stay For The Hoh Rain Forest Entrance

If youve watched Twilight, Im sure this name will sound familiar to you. After all this is where most of the action took place. However dont get too excited, the movie was not filmed here.

Forks is located on the northwest side of the Olympic Peninsula, just 30 miles south of the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center in Olympic National Park, and its a great place to start your outdoor adventures before you head to the park!

This small town is not only famous because of the Twilight books, its natural beauty, and the proximity to Olympic National Parks Hoh Forest, the largest temperate rain forest in the continental US, has brought people from all over the world to visit it.

Just a few minutes away from Forks, youll find 200 miles of wild rivers, so if youre into fishing, kayaking, or rafting this area is for you! And there are also quite a few beaches nearby Forks, like La Push Beach, another famous spot from the Twilight movies.

There is a wide range of attractions here, depending on whether youre more into outdoor adventures or you like to visit museums and learn more about the towns culture. Elk Creek Conservation Area is great for exploring and hiking, but I would also visit Johns Beachcombing Museum. Its an interesting spot!

Log Cabin Resort: Serene Waterfront Cabin

These 5 Washington “Ports” are great places to visit – KING 5 Evening

This luxury waterfront cabin on Lake Crescent has luxury all over it, its like staying in a resort. It comes with a full kitchen with a coffee maker and a grill, plus theres a washer and dryer for doing laundry. Since its right on the lake, theres a kayak rental nearby, and the lake is accessible from the yard. The outdoor wraparound porch is the perfect place to admire the view from.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Olympic National Park

Where should I stay when visiting Olympic National Park?

Port Angeles is the best area where to stay in Olympic National Park, as its super close to the Visitor Center, it has some amazing hotels like Sea Cliff Gardens, and other cool attractions that you can visit before you head to the park.

How many days do you need in Olympic National Park?

Youll want to spend 3 or 4 days in Olympic National Park, that way you can explore all the big attractions like the Quinault Rain Forest, Lake Quinault and the nearby areas like Ruby Beach and Rialto Beach.

What is the best time of the year to visit Olympic National Park?

The best time of the year to enjoy the beautiful Olympic National Forest and Park is , thats when the weather is perfect for sightseeing and most roads and facilities are open.

What city is near Olympic National Park?

Port Angeles, is located near the Olympic National Park Visitor Center, and north entrance, and its one of the best places to stay during your holiday as youll find some amazing vacation rentals like the Sea Cliff Gardens hotel.

What are the best cities to stay in Olympic National Park?

Port Angeles and Forks are the best cities to stay in while you visit the Olympic Peninsula and the park and both towns have some great accommodations options, like the Misty Valley Inn, and other facilities like restaurants and grocery shops.

Safe Travels,

Red Lion Hotel Port Angeles

The Red Lion Hotel Port Angeles is a waterfront accommodation offering guests great value with breathtaking views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the snowcapped Olympic Mountains. The hotels guests will be just steps from downtown Port Angeles waterfront restaurants, stylish boutiques, and cozy cafes. Hotel guests will thrill to the easy access to Olympic Peninsula attractions that include the Olympic National Park, Cape Flattery, and Olympic National Forest. The décor includes forest-green carpet, pastel yellow walls, plush bedding, and contemporary furnishings. Rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The hotel provides a sparkling pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, and on-site seafood restaurant.

221 N. Lincoln, Port Angeles, WA, Phone: 360-452-9215

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Things To See And Do In Lake Crescent:

  • Hike the scenic and historic Spruce Railroad trail.
  • Hike or bike the Olympic Discovery Trail.
  • Soothe your aching limbs in the Sol Duc Hot Spring Pools.
  • Kayak along the Elwha River.
  • Hike up the Pyramid Peak trail.
  • Look for deer and eagles from the Hoh rainforest.
  • Take a dip at the cascading Merrymere Falls.
  • Battle the iconic Mt. Storm King trail.
  • Take a trip over to Ruby Beach, the inspiration for Twilight.

Revel In The Rainforest

The Manresa Castle is one of the finest, historic, Hotel in Port ...

Of the many breathtaking landscapes in Olympic National Park, the mossy rainforests are perhaps the most magical. It’s like walking through a terrarium when visiting these dense regions. The many shades of green add to the parks’ palette and the reasons why Olympic is one of the best national parks in Washington.

The Hoh Rain Forest within the park is one of the most popular ways to experience lush surroundings. The Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center is a scenic two-hour drive from Port Angeles. At the visitor center, several family-friendly trails span out through the thick landscape. And the iconic 17.3-mile Hoh River Trail departs from the visitor center and heads to the base of Mt. Olympus.

If you are looking for an easy way to explore the area, you can join a Hoh Rain Forest and Rialto Beach Guided Tour in Olympic National Park. This option takes care of the transportation from the Visitor Center and includes a guided one- or two-mile hike with a naturalist and a stop at Rialto Beach.

Bogachiel State Park offers a shorter drive from Port Angeles and similar access to a less-crowded rainforest area. Farther south in the park and a longer drive, the Quinault and Queets rainforest areas are also verdant, with hiking trails and scenery.

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Bicycle Tour The Olympic Discovery Trail

One of the best ways to tour the coastal landscapes of Port Angeles is via bicycle. The slower pace of travel allows more time to enjoy the unique environment at the continent’s edge. And the number one route to follow is the Olympic Discovery Trail , which cruises right through the downtown waterfront.

The ODT is a 130-mile route navigating the Olympic Peninsula’s northern coast. Stretching from Port Townsend to La Push, the trail crosses five converted railroad trusses and navigates several postcard-worthy environments. The trail is still in development and currently comprises a combination of paved roads, gravel roads, and bike paths. Non-motorized sections are added to the route every year.

The ODT section connecting to downtown Port Angeles is well developed, with a paved pathway free of vehicle traffic. It’s an excellent bike path to reach the lavender fields of Sequim to the east. The trail extends west to Lake Crescent with a 25-mile ride, including sections on a gravel road.

Places in Port Angeles like Sound Bike & Kayak and Adventures through Kayaking have bicycles available for rent.

Be A Lighthouse Keeper For A Week

This volunteer vacation comes with responsibility. First youll need become a member of the Lighthouse Association and then secure a week of duty. Even though this is a job, its popular so you may have to reserve your spot a year in advance. Daily duties include raising and lowering the flag, giving tours, cleaning, and lawn maintenance. The closest lighthouse to Olympic National Park is the New Dungeness Light Station on the sea spit outside of Sequim. On the Hood Canal is another.

For more information:

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For Over 30 Years Guests Trust Domaine Madeleine To Set The Standard For Olympic National Park Luxury Lodging

Covid may be less in the news these days, but your health and safety are always top of mind at Domaine Madeleine. As a small property, all of our suites and cottages have individual entriesso no passing through common corridors to get to them. We disinfect every room and the lobby using a nontoxic naturally-derived disinfectant thats EPA-registered to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi, and is safe for food surfaces.

Our experience is completely contactless from arrival through departure. On-site staff is available 24/7 via text message to assist whenever needed. Our self-service amenities collection is available 24/7 and includes everything you need to enjoy a stay, including dishes for takeout, extra large trash cans, extra amenities , plus games, towels, and more.

So, go ahead and picture your romantic getaway on a high bluff overlooking the sea. Take in the sweeping views of Victoria, the San Juan Islands, Mount Baker, and the Dungeness Lighthouse. Explore nearby Alpine Mountains, Coastal Beaches, a Temperate Rainforest and much more all year round. Dont wait another day. Domaine Madeleine is the perfect place to hide away from the world. Book Now on our website for the best rates and real-time availability.


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