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Best Places To Stay In Sayulita Mexico

Unmissable Things To Do In Sayulita Mexico + Useful Travel Tips

Where to Stay in Sayulita, Mexico

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Are you planning your vacations in Sayulita? Look no further, in this article, I will share my tips on all the best things to do in Sayulita and other practical information.

Ive spent about 2 weeks in the area, exploring the hippie town and the cute little neighbor San Pancho,which, is becoming more popular for those who are more into a laid back and peaceful atmosphere. Sayulita, founded in the 70s by American surfers in search of good waves, has made itself more popular as a party town.

Sayulita made for itself a fame as the place for the boho-culture followers. However, this quirky, laid-back town welcomes any character, whether you are a yogi-mama or a health guru, a party seeker, a weekend tourist, whether you are a nostalgic hippie or a posh, wealthy millennial, whatever you are or want to be, in Sayulita you will be received by just a happy, laid-back crowd that wants to celebrate life every day.

It is in fact considered now the best place to go in Mexico, or one of them.

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We always enjoy writing helpful articles focused on the communities weve based ourselves in over the years, and this one is no exception!

Sayulita is indeed a Pueblo Magico with a captivating vibe and a welcoming spirit. Its no wonder why many visitors cant seem to stay away for long and come back year after year.

If you are planning a trip to Sayulita, Mexico, be sure to check out our other helpful article for putting together the best travel itinerary possible!:

Hotel Villas Sayulita North End

An amazing family getaway! Villas Sayulita offers unique amenities kids will love, including a swimming pool, tree house, swing set, lots of animals to visit with , and a BMX bike park with complimentary bikes and helmets. A wellness-focused hotel, they offer daily yoga, plus temazcal rituals, guided meditations, and lessons in permaculture. Each villa is different, but all have at least two beds, a full kitchen or kitchenette, and a private terrace. Their Smoothie Bar serves garden-fresh breakfast and brunch daily, with much of the produce grown onsite. Located on a quiet street in the North End, walking distance to Downtown and only 150 meters to the beach.Hotel phone: +52 329 291 3063

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Best Beachfront Accommodation For Surfing

Pick any of the best places to stay, they have been planned to surf, obviously visitors that come with the only intention to surf in this part of Riviera Nayarit, want to stay as close as possible to the beach, to what just a few steps may have your room to rest if necessary.

In addition to these hotels that are ideal for surfers, offer various services designed in that activity, or rather, in that lifestyle, providing what is necessary to run that activity, like to rent equipment, give instructions, tips and so on, in case the visitor requires it

Take A Day Trip To Puerto Vallarta

5 Best Places To Stay In Sayulita Mexico

The friendly city of Puerto Vallarta is one of the first Mexican beach resorts and has been welcoming expatriates and tourists alike for many years. Its beaches, the art gallery, the romantic walk along the Malecon, the fancy restaurants, and charming historical center will make you fall in love too. If you are staying in Sayulita, you might want to spend a day in Puerto Vallarta and see it for yourself. Its only a 1-hour drive on a spectacular panoramic road.

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Best Hotels In Sayulita

So many awesome places to stay in Sayulita, so many highly-ranked choices its difficult to choose just one. Heres a sneak peek at our Top 5 hotels in Sayulita to make your decision super easy.

Also, be sure to check out our Sayulita beach guide packed with lots of helpful information on the areas best beaches and .

El Pueblito De Sayulita

  • Location: North Side, Calle Playa Azul
  • Distance to Beach: 250 m
  • Distance to Center: 400 m

With an excellent location in the laid back North Side and just minutes from the beach, El Pueblito de Sayulita takes our number one spot on our list of best hotels in Sayulita.

This 4-Star tranquil urban oasis features spacious rooms, warm staff, tasteful decor, and one of the best hotel pools in Sayulita!

If you are looking for a stay outside of the loud and busy Center, yet within short walking distance to excellent restaurants, North and Central beaches, and Sayulitas famed nightlife, you wont go wrong with a stay at El Pueblito.

HOT TIP It looks like were far from the only ones who love this place! If youre dreaming of a getaway to sunny Sayulita, make sure you reserve your stay at El Pueblito as soon as possible. They book up quick!

Check Rates & |

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See How Tortillas Are Made

Behind the scenes at a small tortilla shop in Sayulita

While many people in Sayulita still make their own tortillas by hand, this shop offers locals the opportunity to buy fresh ones in bulk. If you’re simply a visitor like myself though, it’s fun to get a behind the scenes look at how the process works. Here at Tortilleria y Molino, the owners were nice enough to let my friend Yuting and I sample a tortilla and take pictures of their machinery.

Playa Escondida Sayulita Room Types

Best place to stay in Sayulita – Nayarit, Mexico

Most of the rooms are designed for couples, for extra people in the room, please ask front desk.

Front Beach: Comfortable houses, Beach front, king size bed, wide Windows

Ocean View: Studio, Rocosa, Guest House, Love Nest

Surrounded by an exuberant tropical vegetation, you will feel as if you were in the middle of a wonderful jungle, very close to the ocean.

Bird Canyon: Exclusive houses imported form Thailand, 100% Teak wood, with a perfect combination between rustic and luxury, with an incredible Canyon view, surrounded by local birds you will feel covered by the Mother Nature.

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Incredible Things To Do In Sayulita

There are so many amazing things to do in Sayulita.

Whether you simply want to beach hop or you want to get active and get hiking, there are truly endless possibilities in this little Pueblo Magico.

I had never been to this stunning town before and after 10 days here, I already decided that I needed to come back. Next time Ill bring Luke, and maybe also stay for a few months.

All because there is just so much to do in Sayulita and the surrounding Riviera Nayarit.

Amor Boutique Hotel Is Perfectly Situated In The Safe And Charming Mexican Seaside Town Of Sayulita Mexico

A short drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport, Amor Boutique Hotel is a luxury boutique resort and is the best place to stay in Sayulita. Sayulita offers true Mexican heritage and culture, great surf breaks, fantastic fishing, swimming and is an easy trip from major US cities.

We offer beachfront Villas, exquisite ocean views, and exceptional service. Our unique and beautifully-designed rooms are truly magical and are perfect for your vacation rental.

Our recent addition of 10 newly-designed ocean view luxury villas are perched at the top floor of our resort and truly make Amor Boutique Hotel a standout in all of Sayulita. Weve invested heavily in the refurbishment of all 31 of our villas and grounds, achieving the development of one of the most important and emblematic icons in Sayulita.

If youre looking for a luxury resort in Mexico suited for everyone in your family, Amor Boutique Hotel is the perfect choice.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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Rooms & Other Facilities

In keeping with the hotels design, the hotels rooms are beautiful and spacious, one of the best places to stay in Sayulita. You can learn a little more about each room on their website. With colors like white, red, pink and orange leading the way, the rest of the hotel facilities are cosy and peaceful, and hanging out in the premises feels like spending time at a friends house. There is just one BUT and that is the party noise during the evenings. We recommend you to bring your earplugs for a good night sleep at one of the best Sayulita Mexico hotels!

This little gem is very small so it does not offer so many other facilities but the rooftop is amazing, a perfect spot for some afternoon chill after a long day at the beach. If you want to do some yoga on your own there is also space for you to roll out your yoga mat on the platform next to the decorated space.

Check Out The Incredible Food Scene

The 5 Best Places To Stay In Sayulita Mexico

There are SO many amazing restaurants.

For such a small town, Sayulita is packed to the brim with incredible food options. They have great cafes, healthy smoothie options, seafood options to die for, and late-night tacos that will blow your mind.

A few of my absolute favorites that you dont want to miss?

Tacos de Pastor Diaz tacos are some of the best pastor tacos Ive had ever!!

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Playa Escondida Sayulita Dining Options

Gourmet options a la carte style. We serve breakfast , lunch and also dinner. We have 3 different Menu from which you will be able to select: a 100% Mexican Menu, a Premium Selection from the Chef and one that changes everyday.

We also serve snacks on the Beach. Romantic Dinner on the Beach can be also arranged.

Take A Tour Of Las Islas Marietas

The Islas Marietas is a worldly famous spot for a vulcanic conformation that leaves a hidden beach underneath a crater. They are only accessible through a watery tunnel.

Its a dreamy place from a natural point of view.

Because of the fast deterioration of the natural environment, due to uncontrolled hordes of tourists, authorities had kept it close for a while and then reopened for a limited number of visitors. Sadly enough its a bit of an elite selection because, in order to control the access, they raised the prices to 2600 pesos versus the 400 in the past.

Therefore who can afford it can see it. To get to Marieta Islands from Sayulita you need to go on an organized tour with authorized companies.

There is another tour that is cheaper, about 1600 pesos which takes you around the islands without having access to the most interesting part though.

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Sayulita Is A Nice Place To Visit During This Pandemic Is A

Sayulita is a nice place to visit during this pandemic, Is a small town, but you need nothing else, I was supposed to stay for a weekend and ended up staying 3 weeks .*Food isn’t the traditional Mexican food we are used to, and the price is a bit higher. * There is no Bank/ Just ATMs* So good for hikes*people like to party here, but you can also come in a chill mood*Wifi is good in some hostels like Selina or Sayulinda* Nice to learn how to surf

Booking & Tours Information

sayulita beach mexico the best place to visit mexico

Inspired to have yourself a Sayulita Mexico yoga retreat? Below are the best tours to plan your trip to the beautiful yoga Sayulita shalas!

  • Visa. Check below if you need a visa for your trip and how to get it via quick and easy iVisa form.
  • Flights: Find the best flights to the Mexican Pacific HERE. Momondo is my Go To All in One Travel App. If you have not downloaded it yet just
  • Transfer. Book a luxurious transfer from the airport to your Sayulita hotel here!
  • Hotels. Book your stay at Petit Hafa Hotel here, or find the lodging of your dreams in Sayulita through, clicking here or use the map below!
  • It is also possible to do a day trip to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta. CHECK IT OUT & BOOK HERE!
  • Check out the Get Your Guide city guide for Puerto Vallarta, below!

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Escaping The Crowd In Puerto Vallarta

My favorite thing about Puerto Vallarta is that it is very well known and 45 minutes away from Sayulita which keeps most of your average tourists visiting Mexico away from Sayulita.

PVR has the international airport, the mega resorts, beaches, shopping malls, and even an old town to keep most tourists happy. Theres no reason to trek out nearly an hour to go to another beach when you can just stay put and safe at your hotel with its private access to a beach.

It is the ultimate buffer that has kept Sayulita a more hidden enough town at least for now.

And yet, being just out of arms reach from Puerto Vallarta means that I can take a 2.5 hour flight from Los Angeles in the morning, jump on a local bus across the street from the airport, and be there in time to catch an afternoon surf and settle in for some beers on the beach at sunset.

It’s A Great Small Town With Great Beaches And Friendly

It’s a great small town with great beaches and friendly, helpful people. Many food options, and all of them delicious, great ambiance downtown, and shopping locales. The scenery was picture perfect and the beach relaxing and not over crowded. Rent a golf cart to get around, there’s great restaurants by the beach that are very affordable and taco stands that are so good, you have to try tacos El talivan, couldn’t eat enough tacos of el pastor, chorizo, and mushrooms, will return soon.

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Where To Stay In Sayulita For Those Chill Beach Town Vacation Vibes

Is there any other way to start off your morning on your Mexico vacation than waking up to the sounds of the gentle morning ocean waves while shades of pink and purple dance over the horizon?

Grabbing a seat on your balcony, overlooking the serene sandy beach and sipping your Café con leche? Watching the palm trees delicately sway in the salty ocean breeze?

The jurys out I dont think theres a better way! And this was one of my favorite parts about my time in Sayulita.

If youre planning a trip to this colorful beach town, here are my recommendations about where to stay in Sayulita to get all these vibes!

The great thing about spending a few days in Sayulita is that you have a variety of options to choose from.

Small boutique hotels are the most common type of lodging here.

And you can find these either right on the beach, in the middle of the downtown core where all the action is, or up in the hills for a quieter stay with gorgeous views below.

But you also have a selection of villa style accommodations, complete with palapa thatched roofs, bamboo walls and open air kitchens!

Unlike the mega resorts found in Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita hotels are mostly boutique style and sometimes referred to as hotelito .

So if youre looking for a break from these massive complexes in the busy city, Sayulita is the perfect option just 45 minutes north.

» Beachfront and Best Choices for Surfing

» Bungalows and Villas

» Budget Picks

Whats Next After Sayulita

5 Best Places To Stay In Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita is a small town and many people get hooked on staying here long-term. However, if you want to explore more of its neighbors, here are some recommended trips after your vacation in Sayulita:

San Pancho

Just 15 minutes away from Sayulita is San Pancho, a small town with the same vibe but more mellow. San Pancho is usually known as a hippie town with lots of artisanal stores and vegan restaurants. The beach is less crowded and lots of surfers love the waves here.

Puerto Vallarta

When youre sick of the beach town life, Puerto Vallarta is just an hour away from Sayulita. This city is very modern with shopping malls, lots of restaurant options, and all-inclusive resort stays.

Check out my Puerto Vallarta blogs for recommendations!


An hour south of Sayulita, Chacala is another less popular beach town. Cant tell you much about it but I will write a blog post when I visit!

Lo de Marcos

20 minutes away from Sayulita, this beach town is not yet popular with tourists but is very limited in terms of restaurants and nightlife. Its a good place if you want to disconnect for a few days!

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Design & Boutique Feeling

Our AirBnb was a really cute apartment with a cool feel to it, even though not among Sayulita Mexico hotels. A rustic, industrial vibe and nice, simple and comfy furniture still gave it a good boutique feeling. After 2 months of traveling and staying in hotels, it was great to check into our own home. We loved being able to cook and have some more space to relax and hang out, wash our clothes, all just a couple of minutes from the beach. Thats what sets AirBnBs apart from other best places to stay in Sayulita.

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