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Best Places To Stay In Serengeti National Park

Finding Accommodations In The Serengeti

Serengeti National Park #16 in World’s Best Places to Visit

To ensure that you get the most out of your time in the Serengeti, it’s therefore important to choose your accommodation carefully. There are several different types of accommodation, ranging from tented camps to five-star lodges, and each one offers a very different experience. Location is also key, especially if you’re planning your trip around the famous wildebeest and zebra migration. Book a room in the wrong area of the park at the wrong time of year, and you could miss the spectacle completely.

In this article, we take a look at the different accommodation types on offer in the Serengeti, as well as a few recommendations for each category.

If You Love Adventure Then A Honeymoon In Serengeti Is For You

So, there you have it a brief insight into our honeymoon in Serengeti. Although, we only spent three days here, we felt like we saw everything we wanted to see. Our expectations were well and trully exceeded and we mentioned numerous times to each other on the trip that we wished we had left Serengeti until the end of our trip. As no other safari lived up to what we saw in Serengeti. The Serengeti is trully a place like no other, and what better way to see it than with your spouse on honeymoon.

These are the best tours to Serengeti National Park that we could find this 3-day 2-night tour which includes both Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater is very similar to the one we did! This 2-day luxury tour departs from Arusha and is a great option for those wanting only luxurious accommodation. And if you are short on time this one-day tour from Mwanza is ideal.

*We booked our Serengeti trip through Shidolya Tours and we highly recommend them. They were quick to answer our questions and are reasonably priced. Our driver Peter was so knowledgeable and friendly.

Thanks for reading, we also have loads more blog posts on Africa including gorilla trekking in Uganda, Zanzibar, Amboseli National Park, climbing Kilimanjaro and much more!

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Best Hotels In Serengeti National Park

As is the case in Tarangire, it is preferable to be based within the Serengeti National Park rather than in one of the game-controlled areas that adjoin it, where livestock is as predominant — if not more so — than game, and pressure on water resources and poaching keeps predator numbers low. The exceptions to this are & Beyond’s Klein’s Camp in the north and the Singita’s camps in the west these operate on what are effectively private game reserves bordering the Serengeti, with no human habitation allowed. They offer exclusive traversing rights for their clients, making these the most desirable destinations in Tanzania. At research time, the park had four large lodges catering to the package deal tourist, all reviewed below the fifth, the 74-room Bilila Lodge Kempinski , opened in June 2009 and features an infinity pool, wine cellar, art gallery, bar, boma, restaurant, lobby lounge, and spa. Rooms are en suite, and rates are full board and range upward from $572.

Lemala and Nomad offered the best value at press time, but it is worth checking with the following top operators for their fly-in deals and comparing these for the dates you have in mind . Serengeti Under Canvas has always been the priciest option, but bear in mind that booking more than one & Beyond camp can offer significant savings.

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How To Reach Serengeti National Park

Most safaris to the Serengeti National Park start from the town of Arusha. Your best option to get there is to take a flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport, situated about 46 kms from Arusha. The most convenient way to get to the Serengeti National Park from Arusha is by taking a small plane to one of the many airstrips in the park. The drive to the park from Arusha is roughly 202 miles or 325 km and will take roughly 8 hours.

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Are you excited about going to the Serengeti National Park? It is no surprise that you are! With so many amazing sights and attractions awaiting you, book your customized holiday package to Tanzania with TravelTriangle and witness the world beyond the hustle-bustle amidst the wildlife.

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Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp

Serengeti National Park: Tanzania

lodge location Central Serengeti

Are you seeking a classic, diverse safari experience? Lemala Ewanjan is located in the bustling Seronera area attracting abundant wildlife big game, elegant antelopes, majestic birds discover it all at this warm-hearted camp. Private plunge pools included.

from US$ 451 per person per night

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Serengeti National Park Tanzania

Serengeti is one of the most visited places in Tanzania thousands of tourists visit it every year. In 1981, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a wildlife refuge, Serengeti National Park is home to 4,000 lions, 550 cheetahs, and 2 million ungulates .

Its also home to the Great Migration, which earned its UNESCO status. This is when two million wildebeests as well as gazelles and zebras with their predators, travel over 800 kilometers every year. They start in southern Serengeti and then travel with all the newborn calves north towards the Kenyan border.

To visit Serengeti National Park, I recommend booking a tour with a safari company. While you can explore the park by yourself, its much easier to let the tour company do all the work for you.

They drive you to all the best wildlife viewing spots as well as prepare all of your meals and book your accommodation. The price you pay also includes airport pickups and drop-offs. So, basically, all you have to do is show up.

If you want to do additional activities in the park, like hot air balloon rides or having a bush meal, they also arrange them for you at fair prices. I have found that booking these extra activities at a hotel rather than a tour company is much more expensive.

What Did We Eat In The Serengeti

As mentioned above, throughout our time in the Serengeti we were on a full board package. I believe this is common in most hotels in the Serengeti as its not like a normal destination where you can go for dinner in a nearby restaurant. Here, almost everyone eats and drinks in their accomodation due to the distances between accomodation options. Our meals were a lot better than expected considering the remote nature of the Serengeti.

Breakfast for us was a buffet offering fruits, cereals and baked goods as well as made to order pancakes or omelettes. Our lunch was pre-packed and eaten in the park during our game drive. It consisted of a sandwich, fruit, crisps and a cake. Dinner was buffet-style with soup and salad to start. A variety of meats, vegetables and french fries for the main. There were some small cakes on offer for dessert.

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Where We Stayed In Serengeti On Our Honeymoon

In total we spent three nights in the Serengeti and surrounding area . Our first two nights here were spent in Lobo Wildlife Lodge in the Lobo area of the park. This is a government-owned lodge that was built back in 1968. It has a beautiful setting overlooking the park but it does need some work. The floorboards in our room were very squeaky. But the view from the deck area of the bar and the pool more than made up for the minor quirks. We stayed on a full board package and the food was good although not as good as some other Lodges we stayed at.

For our third night we stayed at Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge . This is located within the Ngorongoro Crater National Park and is approximately 3 hours drive from the exit gate of Serengeti. The Lodge has a fantastic view from the main deck of the crater, when we arrived we even spotted a black rhino through the Lodges binoculars from here. Like Lobo Wildlife Lodge this Lodge is government owned but seems more modern . It was built in 1969. Again, we stayed on a full board package and the food here was of really high quality.

This 3-day 2-night tour is very similar to the tour we did in Serengeti!

Medium Lodges In The Western Serengeti

Best Place to go on Safari | Serengeti National Park | Ngorongoro Crater | Budget Safari Tanzania

The Grumeti region is serviced by a number of affordable tented camp options for those wanting to experience the Wildebeest Migration.

Grumeti Migration Camp

Located just outside of the Serengeti National Park in the Grumeti Private Reserve, Grumeti Migration Camp offers a different experience than you might get elsewhere in the Serengeti ecosystem.

Its private location means youre away from the worst of the crowds, but youre still close enough to the Serengeti property to arrange hot air balloon safaris or venture deeper into the wilderness.

Each private tent provides guests with a private balcony, ensuite bathroom facilities, and a front row seat to the Wildebeest Migration.

Recommended For: Those wanting a base between Seronera and Grumeti.

Mbugani Migration Camp

Another mobile camp that follows the movements of the Wildebeest Migration, Mbugani sets up shop in the Kirawira region of the Western Corridor every May through July.

Boasting 24/7 electricity, large ensuite bathrooms, and huge viewing windows from which to see all of the action, Mbugani is our go-to recommendation in the Grumeti area.

Recommended For: Families.

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Medium Lodges In The Central Serengeti

Seroneras popularity means that it provides the broadest variety of accommodation options, with both tented and lodge facilities to be found in abundance.

For those wanting their WiFi and comforts from home, the Central Serengeti lodges provide this in spades.

Kat Kati Tented Camp

Another property from the ever-reliable Tanganyika Wilderness Camps, Kati Kati Tented Camp has served hundreds of Shadows of Africa clients over the years.

The epitome of a tented camp experience, youll sleep in a comfortable bed with ensuite bathroom while being lulled to sleep by the grunts of Wildebeest and the high-pitched chuckle of hyenas.

Recommended For: Everybody.

Kenzan Tented Camp

Kenzans Kisura Camp is another Shadows of Africa favourite, offering comfortable accommodations at the heart of all the action.

There are no fences or walls here to separate you from the untamed wilderness of the Serengeti, but your tent will be an escape from it all as you take a hot shower and sleep in a big, comfortable bed.

Recommended For: Everyone!

Kiota Tented Camp

A luxury camp at family-friendly pricing, Kiota Tented Camp is fast becoming one of Shadows of Africas most recommended options in the Central Serengeti.

Part of the impressive Chaka Camps brand, Kiota hilltop location in the Central Serengeti affords guests spectacular 360 degree views. The large, breezy tented rooms have plenty of windows to allow you to enjoy it all from the comfort of your bed or desk as well!

Sopa Serengeti

Luxury Lodges In The Northern Serengeti

As befits the most popular attraction in the Serengeti, the Northern Serengeti has some truly stunning luxury lodges and camps for those with a little more money to spend.

Angata Bologonja Tented Camp

The most affordable option when it comes to luxury camping in the Northern Serengeti, Angatas Bologonja Camp finds the right balance between comfort and cost.

Like all Angata properties, it boasts a smaller number of tents to maximize the level of personal care you can expect to receive from its staff.

Recommended For: Barefoot luxury.

& Beyond Kleins Camp

& Beyonds Northern Serengeti property is Kleins Camp, and it boasts the level of decadence youd expect from the premier luxury brand.

Situated in a private concession that straddles both the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara, Kleins Camp offers something you cant get anywhere else in either country.

Its location means off-road driving, night game drives, and guided hikes are all possible while staying at the property, while you can still duck across to the Serengeti proper to see the Migration in action.

Recommended For: Romance.

Bologonya Under Canvas

A luxury property from the people being Kati Kati and Kubu Kubu, Bologonya Under Canvas is affordable luxury with front row seats to the Wildebeest Migration.

Moving three times each year to keep pace with the Wildebeest Migrations movements through the Northern Serengeti, youll always have the best seats in the house to see all of the action.

Lemala Kuria Hills

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Visit The Maasai People

The Maasai people are an important part of Tanzanian culture. There are still many traditional Maasai villages near Serengeti.

Dont miss a day tour to one of the villages to meet the local people. You can also share a meal with them and see how their culture is different from other tribes in Tanzania.

When I visited a Maasai village, they also did a traditional dance ceremony. They will probably offer you food thats different than what youre used to.

If youre really lucky , they might even serve you a glass of cow blood mixed with warm milk. This is considered a traditional drink for Maasai people.

Luckily, its not considered rude to turn down food or drink! If youre not comfortable trying something, just politely decline. All the people I met had a great sense of humor so youll enjoy your visit!

& beyond Grumeti Tented Camp

Serengeti National Park United Republic of Tanzania UNESCO

lodge location Western Corridor

Sleeping under canvas is a genuinely calming experience: the sounds of nature trickle right into your ear. And upon opening your canvas to stunning views, you will immediately slip into a relaxed pace of life at this camp in this remote corner of the Serengeti.

from US$ 1,080 per person per night

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Visit The Moru Kopjes

Looking for something to thrill the adventurer in you while in the Serengeti? You should make your way to Moru Kopjes, the most interesting rock formation that you will ever see. Mound-like rocks that rise up high in the center of the Serengeti plains, provide not just shade but also hydration for animals. This is also one of the top animal viewing areas, so you can spot predators like leopards, cheetahs and lions. If you are interested in exploring the areas culture, you can check out ancient African rock paintings by the Maasai. Do not forget to visit the Gong Rock that the local people revere as they believe that it is an ancient musical instrument.

Groups of semi-nomadic tribes have lived in Tanzania and Kenya for many years. A few hours at the village will allow you to experience the Maasai way of life in village-like communities known as bomas. You will love interacting with the Maasai as they are welcoming, hospitable and very eager to share information about their traditions, customs and lifestyle.

Other Things To Do In Serengeti National Park: Witness a crocodile-wildebeest engagement in the Grumeti River, Rent a tent in one of the Serengeti campsites, contact your travel agent or a local NGO to schedule a less touristy private Maasai village trip, and more.

What To Pack For Your Honeymoon In Serengeti

  • A good pair of hiking boots with ankle support, synthetic material as opposed to leather is best. And a sole with a good grip. Although you will be in the car most of the day these are helpful when you get out to stretch your legs or go on a safari walk with your guide These are the newer version of the hiking boots I had and I found them brilliant! My husband had these ones!
  • Long pants and a long sleeve top ideally with built in insect repellant . I had this pair of ladies trousers and they were so comfortable. These mens trousers are the pair my husband had. Alternatively, these ladies pants are a stylish safari pants.
  • Thick wool socks, preferably merino wool so you feet dont get too sweaty in your boots. Theses are a great pair of merino wool socks! We also recommend tucking your pants into your socks to limit insect bites

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Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride

If youre not afraid of heights, taking a hot air balloon ride over the wilderness is a great way to see the plains and the animals from a different viewpoint! Most tour companies will arrange for an early morning hot air balloon ride. Then, they will serve you breakfast.

Most hot air balloon rides fit about 12 people, so you might join other guests. If you want a private ride for just you and your friends, ask the tour company as it can be arranged. Youll likely have to pay a bit extra, though.

When And Where To Stay On The Serengeti

Discover the Magic of the Serengeti with Four Seasons Safari Lodge

The Serengeti National Park covers a truly massive area of land, with different corners of the park offering up wildly different game drive and accommodation experiences.

Dependent on the time of year you are visiting, different areas of the park offer up something different.

The movements of the Wildebeest Migration, arguably the Greatest Show on Earth, further complicate things. If youre hoping to track this massive movement of wildlife, youll want to be right at the heart of the action.

Below, weve broken down the best regions to stay in during each portion of the year.

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