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Best Places To Stay In South Rim Grand Canyon

Where To Stay At The Grand Canyon South Rim The Best Places To Stay At The Grand Canyon

Places to see and stay at the Grand Canyons south rim

One of the Worlds Severn Natural Wonders the Grand Canyon is one of Americas most visited National Parks and a real National Treasure. One of the Canyons defining Qualities is its sheer size, it is also not really near anywhere and is a remote and wild place. This all means visiting it in a single day form Las Vegas or Pheonix is not really Practicable, hence you are going to need somewhere to overnight, especially if you plan on doing more than just seeing the canyon. If you want to Hike, Explore watch the sunrise or sunset, then you are going to need a place close by to rest your head.

Fortunately, there are several options and this article looks at where to stay near the Grand Canyon South Rim. We take a look at all the options available, Show you the Best Places to Stay at the Grand Canyon, and take a look at all the top hotels in the area.

There is no doubt some options are better than others, but some are just different and will suit different people for different reasons. Not everyone wants to hike 10 miles and camp in the backcountry, and not everyone wants to splurge $600 on a Rim side Suite!

Your basic three options are Staying in one of the official National Park Lodges, Staying Just outside in Tusayan, or camping in one of the campgrounds.

Best Inexpensive Hotel In Tusayan: Holiday Inn Express Grand Canyon

There arent many cheap accommodations in Tusayan, but at least this one has a free breakfast! This delightful hotel has a range of great features, including an indoor swimming pool and a hot tub. It has large and modern rooms with private bathrooms, tea and coffee facilities, and a flatscreen TV for vegging out after the hiking.

Phantom Ranch Sleeping At The Bottom Of The Grand Canyon

Phantom Ranchis located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and is a favorite for hikers. However, the only way to reach it is by walking. The trail is 8 miles down, but remember that the next day youll have to walk another 8 miles up. Its certainly not the easiest option.

If youre looking for a place to stay in the Grand Canyon and you travel in summer, think carefully, since you can experience heat stroke due to the high temperatures. Also, keep in mind that reservations must be made 15 months in advance, and if you dont want to carry food with you, youll need to book meals as well. This is only an option for those who plan their trip well in advance.

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Luxe And Charm Just Outside The South Rim Park Entrance

Just one mile from the Grand Canyon National Parks South Rim entrance, the Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon in the village of Tusayan is a three-Diamond property with a laid back luxury vibe. Designed to look like a three-story chalet, the sprawling property offers rustic contemporary design throughout, making good use of wood, stone and brick. The rooms and suites are nicely decorated with hand-crafted bed frames, plush mattresses, and faux flowers in colorful vases.

If you spent the day hiking in the canyon and your legs are feeling sore, you can relax before dinner under the hot tub jets. The hotel also has a heated indoor swimming pool and fitness center. Grab dinner at the Canyon Star Steakhouse, where the menu focuses on hand-cut steaks and barbecue dishes, but also has vegetarian options.

After dinner, head to the adjacent Canyon Star Saloon, where youll feel transported back in time taking a seat the bar. Some of the stools are still made from the original saddles that mule runners used a century ago. There are 12 draft beers and a full line up of cocktails. There is also often live nightly entertainment from cowboy singers to bands.

Best Hotel In Tusayan: The Grand Hotel At The Grand Canyon

The West

This modern and elegant hotel is our recommendation for where to stay in Tusayan. It has an indoor pool, a Jacuzzi and a great fitness centre. Its rooms feature stylish décor, private bathrooms, and free wifi. Theres also a fantastic on-site restaurant that serves cuisine from around the world.

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Where To Stay At The Grand Canyon: Complete Guide To The Best Places To Stay

The Grand Canyon is unbelievable. When you walk up to the canyon rim on a sunny day preferably with a bright blue sky and puffy white clouds the reds, oranges, and yellows of the canyon look fake. The way that the canyon changes as you traverse the rim is also fascinating. At some points, you can see clear down to the Colorado River. At others, youll see layers and layers of unique rock formations. Regardless, your trip to the Grand Canyon is one you wont soon forget. We have a whole Grand Canyon itinerary to help you make the most your time in Grand Canyon National Park, but this guide is dedicated to helping you find the perfect place to stay at the Grand Canyon for your particular style and budget.

Whether youre looking for a nice campground, a budget-friendly hotel, or the top-of-the-line hotel in the park, weve got you covered in this guide to where to stay at the Grand Canyon.

Before we get into specific recommendations on where to stay, well talk about the geography of the Grand Canyon, the differences between the north and south rims, and an overview of the best places to stay to explore each rim.

Then, well give you a way to narrow down your options, and specific lodging recommendations to help you find the perfect place to stay for your trip to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon South Rim

It may surprise you or thrill you to know that Grand Canyon National Park is not a theme park. While the South Rim’s Grand Canyon Village does offer most of the goods and services that one might want or need, and is capable of aptly serving the 4 million visitors that come each year, you won’t find a glittering boulevard of flashing signs, myriad restaurants, souvenir shops at the park’s access. The South Rim truly preserves the National Park feel and caters to enabling guests to have the safest, most enjoyable experience. Grand Canyon is beyond anything humans could fabricate. The South Rim leaves all the awesomeness to Mother Nature. The village of Tusayan, right outside the south gate, is a modest small town with several quality hotels and motels, a smattering of restaurants and the Grand Canyon airport.

South Rim Hours


South Rim Reservations

At 6 months out from arrival, on the advance planning timeline, you can make reservations for Mather Campground. Up to 4 months prior, you can submit a request to obtain a Backcountry Permit as well as a spot at one of the campgrounds below the Rim at Bright Angel or Indian Garden Campgrounds. Click here for more information on campgrounds and backcountry permits.

Below, you’ll find resources for making reservations for the most quickly sold-out experiences:

South Rim Entrance Fees

Annual Passes
Average Fees for Grand Canyon Hotel and Guided Tours
South Rim Tours & Activities
South Rim Lodging Inside the Park

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Campgrounds In The Grand Canyon

Camping in the Grand Canyon is an excellent option to experience the great American outdoors. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, when we went camping, we booked well in advance.

There are four official campsites within Grand Canyon National Park: one in the North Rim and three in the South Rim. For all of them, you must bring your own camping gear. Additionally, theres always glamping for those who want to camp but dont have the necessary equipment. I recommend you book Arizona Luxury Expeditions if you have never camped before and want to try it in the best place you could imagine, Grand Canyon Village.

Lodging Inside The Grand Canyon Or Nearby Pros And Cons

Grand Canyon South Rim in the Winter | Why it can be the BEST time to visit the Grand Canyon

Visiting the Grand Canyon does not necessarily require you to stay within the park: in fact often, depending on how you have designed your road trip itinerary, it may be more functional to choose accommodations in the immediate vicinity or perhaps somewhere 1 or 2 hours away. Everything depends on your travel plan.

At the same time, if you choose to sleep outside the park, it will be easier to find accommodations and at a more affordable price. Hotels inside the Grand Canyon tend to fill up quickly and tend to be more expensive, but they have two indisputable advantages. namely, the location which is convenient for visiting the park and the possibility in some facilities to enjoy a breathtaking view from your window.

Lets look at both possibilities in detail:

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La Quinta By Wyndham Flagstaff East I

It is nice to spend some time relaxing in a place where you can still feel you have never been away from home and at the same time you get your moneys worth. And if you are looking for a hotel where you can truly enjoy their convenient amenities to relax and recharge, this hotel is a great choice. You will start your day with their complimentary Bright Side Breakfast that is composed of eggs, waffles, and a lot more.

You can also choose to unwind with your friends on their relaxing outdoor swimming pool and hot tub. And if you are a fitness enthusiast, they also have a fitness center where you can work out alone or with your friends and make sure not to skip leg days!

Their pet-friendly and comfortable rooms have free WiFi where you can update your family or friends, a flat screen HDTV, mini-fridge, microwave, desk, coffee maker, and ironing amenities. The entire property is well maintained, and the staff are very professional and courteous to their guests.

Which Rim Of Grand Canyon Is Best North Rim

Though part of the same National Park, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is strikingly different from her Southern sister. While the South Rim bustles with activity during peak travel season, at the North Rim, you can still hear the call of a canyon wren echoing through the Ponderosa Pines it receives only 1/10th of the visitation that the South Rim does.

A full 1,000 higher in altitude, the North Rim runs about 10 degrees cooler than the South rim, and supports plant and animal life that the drier South Rim cannot, such as aspen, birch, maple and oak trees, and the Kaibab Squirrel with its metallic gray coat and distinctive tufted ears.

Grand Canyon North Rims season is relatively short. It is only open from mid-May through mid-October due to heavy snowfall during the winter months. It is also less accessible from most major Western cities than the South Rim , though commuter flights are offered into St. George, Utah and Page, Arizona, both of which are about 3 hours away.

At 8,000 above sea level, summertime temperatures are surprisingly pleasant, with daytime highs in the 70s and 80s. Nighttime lows remain quite cold until late spring, and can dip back down into the 20s as early as August. For those visiting in the fall, particularly the second or third week of September, Grand Canyon North Rim is THE place to be for a radiant display of fall colors put on by the areas deciduous trees you wont see that at the South Rim.

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Grand Canyon Village Tusayan


Grand Canyon Village is the most popular place to stay in Grand Canyon and it is not hard to see why. This tiny township has been purpose-built for easy access to the National Parks main entrance gate. Unless you camp inside the park, you cant stay any closer than this.

Grand Canyon Village is home to just 2,000 permanent residents, who take great pride in living so close to this national treasure. In the town, you will find Hopi House, an interesting historical landmark well worth a quick visit. The gift shop is one of the best around and offers a wonderful selection of authentic Native American gifts.

Naturally, no visit would be complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon Visitors Centre.

Good For: Active Travelers, Backpackers, Couples, Country Bumpkins, Families, Older Travelers: All Kinds of Travelers

Neighborhood Highlights: Mather Point, Yavapai Point, Hopi Point, South Rim Trail, Grand Canyon Railway, Lookout Studio, Trail View Point, Powell Point, Maricopa Point

Hotel Recommendations:

Things To See And Do In Grand Canyon Village

The Grand Canyon South Rim Guide: Best Places to Hike ...

Hike the Cape Final Trail.

Take in the incredible views of the canyon from Eagle Point Skywalk.

Drive the Hermit Road and views the incredible vistas of the canyon.

Have your cameras ready, you wont want to miss the chance to snap pictures of the unforgettable view from the Grandview Point.

Drive along the rim of the canyon on the South Kaibab Trail.

Explore the stunning surroundings on the Rim Trail.

Trek the spectacular Bright Angel Trail.

Hop in a helicopter and enjoy a birds eye view of the breathtaking national park.

Dine on delicious American fare at the Phantom Ranch.

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Best Budget Accommodation In Grand Canyon Village: Camping Equipment Rental

Undoubtedly your cheapest bet for staying in Grand Canyon National Park. The only way its going to get any cheaper is if you pack your own camping equipment from home! All the equipment youll need for a night sleeping and cooking under the stars is provided youll just need to book your own campground .

There are a couple choices two: the 2-person setup for the couples, and the 4-person setup for the families.

The Grand Hotel At The Grand Canyon

The Grand Hotel is a 3-Diamond hotel less than a mile from thesouth entrance of Grand Canyon National Park and is one of the finer places to stay in Tusayan. Reservations are recommended for this hotel near the Grand Canyon, thanks to special amenities like the Grand Pool and Hot Tub, or the Grand Lobby, adorned with antique decor and comfortable furnishings.

Rooms at the Grand Hotel range from two-queen guest rooms to the Grand Suite, featuring an additional in-room lounging area.

Address: 149 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, Arizona

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Which Rim Of Grand Canyon Is Best Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West and the Grand Canyon Skywalk are the closest, most accessible portion of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, Nevada. The Glass Skywalk, which is sometimes called the glass skybridge, glass walkway, glass balcony, and glass floor, has become the main attraction at Grand Canyon West. Due to its proximity to Las Vegas and the Skywalk, Grand Canyon West has become the 2nd most visited location at the Grand Canyon. Experiencing over 1 million visitors annually now.

Grand Canyon West is located on the Hualapai Indian Tribal Lands and is NOT a part of Grand Canyon National Park. However, this is the Grand Canyon regardless of whose lands it is administered or protected by. You need to know that Entrance Fees to Grand Canyon West are sole and separate from any of the National Park Pass Entrance Fees. The Hualapai Tribe Entrance Fees are JUST for Grand Canyon West. Learn more about the Entrance Fees to Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk here.

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West has become a highly sought after experience at the Grand Canyon. While walking on the Skywalk, which juts 70 feet out over the Grand Canyon, you can look down and see nothing nothing but air between you and the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Until recently, a sensation like this could only be experienced in dreams.

Staying Near The Grand Canyon South Rim

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In The Grand Canyon, Arizona In 2021 – Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Staying near the Grand Canyon South Rim means you can choose from a range of hotels and lodges. While the word lodge might conjure up images of roughing it, these historic havens offer modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs and on-site restaurants. While you can book a hotel directly on the South Rim, we also suggest considering the small resort town Tusayan where the Grand Canyon National Park Airport is located or the family-friendly Grand Canyon Village only three kilometres from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. In all three locations, youre less than 10 minutes from the parks entrance, various National Historic Landmarks and excellent dining options.

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Best Hotel In Grand Canyon Village: Arizona Luxury Expeditions Grand Canyon

Well, its glamping, but at a certain point luxury glamping just becomes a hotel. Besides with a breakfast like this, whos can complain anyway! The beds and tents are super cozy and decked out with all the trimmings to feel like a little fur cabin, and youll be touring the Grand Canyon in style from right on its door step!

Best Hotels In Tusayan

  • Price $150-200 per night
  • Best For Luxury

Probably our favorite hotel in the Grand Canyon area, the Grand Hotel has a real luxury feel about it. The Upscale hunting lodge vibe fits perfectly with the area . Rooms are large and well-appointed with excellent beds, they are everything the Rooms at the Park Hotels are not.

The prices are far more competitive than the Park Hotels and at $150 a night, all-in is very reasonable for what you are getting. This is actually an official Park Hotel, but as you are outside park boundaries that does not really matter. If you are looking for a large, comfortable room at a much friendlier price then the Grand Hotel is a great choice. If we ignore the location, the only place better to rest your head at the Grand Canyon is the El Tovar Suites, and they start at $600 a night!

Also unlike any of the Rim Hotels, the Grand has a pool, which can be very pleasant, especially after a hard day hiking, floating in the pool can really ease aching joints and battered muscles!

  • Price $150-200 per night
  • Best For Modern Contemporary feel

Location is Identical to the Grand, just across the street, and as a whole, it really is down to preference and taste as to which to choose, the more rustic atmospheric Grand Hotel or the contemporary, modern Best Western. Both are great choices.

  • Price $150-200 per night, Breakfast Included
  • Best For A place to Lay your head

Red Feather Lodge

  • Price $130-180 per night
  • Best For If the others are full?

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