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Best Places To Stay In Tuscany

Relais Borgo Santo Pietro

Tuscany Travel Guide to Top 6 Destinations in Tuscany, Italy | Tuscany Best Places to Visit

Danish owners Claus and Jeanette Thottrup have given this 13th-century country manor a majorly luxe facelift, adding trompe l’oeils and glittering chandeliers everywhere from the restaurant to the guest rooms, where oil paintings and clawfoot bathtubs complete the picture. The real stunner, however, is the groundswe’re talking winding paths lined with rose bushes, a vegetable garden for the restaurant, and a new standalone spa that incorporates a line of products launched by Jeanette herself featuring ingredients grown right on the estate.

Best Guest House In Tuscany Arezzo Poggio Del Drago

Outside of Florence, you wont find many hostels in Tuscany but backpackers still have plenty of great budget options in the form of guesthouses. This gorgeous retreat just outside Arezzo lets you experience authentic Tuscan charm on a budget. They also have some great social spaces where you can mingle with other travellers and a complimentary Italian breakfast every morning.

B& b Countryhouse Villa Baciolo

Tuscan charm and a stellar customer experience

Location: San Gimignano

A cozy San Gimignano bed and breakfast with a 5-star rating, B& B Countryhouse Villa Baciolo boasts lush green gardens, a bar, terrace and a large pool. Its just a short drive into central San Gimignano and slightly further to neighboring Volterra, and feels like a welcoming, tranquil home away from home.

Visitor review: Everything. The location and view are fantastic, accommodation and service exceeded expectations. Highly recommended. One of our favorite places in Tuscany. Nikola, Croatia

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Understanding The Tuscany Region

The first, most important thing to understand about Tuscany is that it is a region, not one singular place. Rather, it is a collection of cities, towns, and less populated pieces of countryside. It includes the world-renowned cities of Florence and Pisa, as well as lesser-known but equally beautiful Siena and Terme di Saturnia. We recommend picking a couple of places that you would really like to spend some serious time in and making those your base.

Whether you are planning your 10 days in Italy, have a bit more time and are spending 2 weeks in Italy, or renting a car and doing an Italy road trip, all of our itineraries recommend a stop in Tuscany in some way, shape, or form. This is because the region is stunning!

We are going to cover seven different places in the region to help you figure out where to stay in Tuscany. If you are planning to spend a good amount of time in the countryside during your time in Tuscany, we do recommend renting a car. It may be cheaper to rent in larger cities such as Rome and then drive to your Tuscany destination. Keep in mind that renting a manual transmission is generally less expensive than an automatic when renting in Europe.

Places To Stay In Tuscany By Area

The Best 10 Places to Visit in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a beautiful destination in Italy, but its not just a city or a town. Its a region with 10 provinces, which is essentially a collection of cities and picturesque little towns.

The 10 provinces in Tuscany include Florence, Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.

Of these 10, the most popular cities you may have heard about are Florence for its fantastic collection of Renaissance art, Pisa for its stunning leaning tower, and Siena for its authentic medieval history.

But Tuscany is much more than these beautiful cities. As a matter of fact, the entire Tuscan region is rich with spectacular hillsides and magical landscapes, magnificent architecture and cityscapes, charming historical wonders, amazing cultural heritage, superb local cuisines, fantastic Italian wineries, and the list goes on.

The Italian Tuscan region has a sea of options available to tourists that it may be challenging to figure out the best areas to stay. To help you decide on the best areas to stay in Tuscany, think of the towns and cities youd like to explore and places youd like to spend the most time in, then choose one of them as your base.

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Pisa Best Place To Stay In Tuscany For Families

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an enduring symbol of Italy across the world, making the city of Pisa a must-visit destination for anyone heading to the country for the first time. Campo dei Miracoli is also home to an impressive Duomo and Monastery, with a small art gallery inside. Even if you dont choose to stay here, we recommend you pass by.

For families, Pisa has a more laid-back atmosphere than Florence, but still has great train connections to the city. Its also well connected to nearby Lucca and has some interesting cultural sights of its own. The Leaning Tower is actually outside of the city centre, and the area surrounding the train station feels like a completely different place.

Visiting from elsewhere in Europe? Pisa Airport has some great budget flights, making it a popular gateway to Tuscany from across the continent. The bus connections to neighbouring countries are also quick and easy. Despite being home to a major landmark, Pisa is an excellent option for those looking to save some cash.

Arezzo And Eastern Tuscany

Relatively few visitors make it beyond the vast number of sights to the west to eastern Tuscany. We stayed in the Mugello region to the east of Florence for a week and didnt see another tourist. That said, we found it fascinating, following in the footsteps of Giotto, Michelangelo and even St Francis of Assisi in these remote hills.

Arezzo, the provincial capital, has the regions greatest treasure, the Legend of the True Cross fresco cycle by Piero della Francesca in the Basilica di San Francesco, one of the great art treasures of Italy. The city sustained heavy damage during World War II, but what has survived is beautiful, especially the enchanting main square, the sloping Piazza Grande. Arezzo is around an hour from Florence by train.

Arezzo is the obvious place to stay, and there is a good range of Arezzo accommodation and hotels to choose from. The other main town in the region, Cortona, is sometimes called the mother of Troy and grandmother of Rome, in a nod to its ancient Etruscan origins, and its one of the most beautiful of all the hill towns. Its Etruscan Academy Museum has a host of artefacts of this ancient civilisation, as well as a varied collection from Roman bronzes to paintings by the Futurist and Cortona native Gino Severini.


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Top : The Best Luxury Hotels In Tuscany

An expert guide to the best luxury hotels in Tuscany, including the top places to stay for incredible infinity pools, sumptuous spas, vineyards, romantic restaurants, lavish interiors, sun-soaked surroundings, jaw-dropping views and private beaches in locations including Lucca, Montalcino, the coast and countryside.

9Telegraph expert rating

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9Telegraph expert rating

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Pienza Is The Ideal Renaissance Town

The Most Beautiful Places In TUSCANY Italy

Located in the same province as Siena, Pienza is another town in Tuscany that will steal your heart. Siena and Pienza are both part of the region of Val dOrcia, a region famous for pretty views and rolling hills. Pienza is built on one of those sprawling hills and takes full advantage of the scenery this region is renowned for. People come from all over the world to experience the beauty, serenity, and wonder of this place.

Before the 1400s, Pienza was actually known as Corsignano, a town that had been in existence from at least the 9th century. Pope Pius II was born there, and rebuilt the place after becoming pope. He wanted it to be the ideal Renaissance town, and we think he succeeded! Visit it yourself and you will see why. While you are at it, visit the Palazzo Piccolomini, the cathedral in the center of the piazza, and the Palazzo Vescovile. For a pretty little town, there are plenty of things to see and do here.

Upsides: Views for days. Less touristy. Romantic, relaxed atmosphere. Surrounded by countryside and vineyards, making everywhere you look gorgeous. Fun culture and places to eat.

Downsides: Even though fewer people means fewer crowds, it also means fewer amenities. Further away from major cities. Takes a little longer to get here from more major destinations.

Best Hotels in Town

Affordable: Hotel Corsignano

Check Rates:

Midrange: La Saracina

Check Rates:

Luxury: La Bandita Townhouse

Check Rates:

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Chianti Classico Wine Region

TripSavvy / Christopher Larson

The Chianti Classico wine region lies between the larger cities of Florence and Siena and is a very interesting area to visit. The Chianti region has picturesque villages like Greve, and of course, many fine wineries. Start your wine tasting is at Barone Ricasoli Winery and Brolio Castle.

Best Places To Stay In Tuscany For All Budgets

Welcome to the most comprehensive guide for the Best Places to Stay in Tuscany. Here you can find that dreamy accommodation in Tuscany that fits your budget, from the most charming villas to the enchant castles that will just blow your mind!

If you are planning to visit the most beautiful towns in Tuscany, you will be amazed to find out about these incredible dreamy places to stay in Tuscany!

Tuscany is a magical destination in west-central Italy, rich with stunning vistas, incredible cultural heritage, well-preserved ancient architecture, and historical wonders.

With a long list of places to explore and memories to create, the big question becomes what are the best places to stay in Tuscany? This can be especially difficult to figure out if youre visiting Tuscany for the first time. But dont worry because I got you.

As a passionate traveler who has been to Tuscany several times, I put together this detailed guide on the best places to stay in Tuscany without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned to discover my recommendations on the best towns to stay in Tuscany and accommodation options that fit your budget.

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    Stay In Florence For Art History And Culture

    The fact that Florence is the most popular and largest city in Tuscany is the least impressive thing about this place. Florence is home to the world-famous Florence Cathedral, locally known as Santa Maria del Fiore, or the Duomo. Florence is the perfect base for beginning or ending your Tuscany road trip itinerary if that is why you are in this region!

    This city is so packed with history that its historic center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When considering where to stay in Tuscany, Florence has to be at the top of our list. Stay here, and you will never run out of spectacular sites to see. Because it is such a large and popular city, there are also basically endless choices for places to stay here.

    Even if you are coming to Tuscany more for the beauty and aesthetic than for history, Tuscany is still a worthwhile consideration. The weather here is seasonal and lovely. You will still want to dress for the season you arrive duringcool breezy clothes for summer, warm cozy clothes for winterbut Florence does not generally see temperatures below freezing or over 100° F. If you want some more ideas for things to do in Florence, check out the article we wrote all about it!

    Upsides: Good weather. Tons of things to do and see. Easy access to transportation and car rental services.

    Downsides: Lots of touristslots of people in general. Can become quite humid.

    Best Hotels in Town

    Affordable: Villa Aruch

    Check Rates:

    Midrange: The Frame Hotel

    Where To Stay In Tuscany: Best Places & Hotels

    15 Best Places to Visit in Tuscany (Italy)

    Last updated on March 8, 2021 in Hotels, Italy

    The central Italian region of Tuscany is rich with culture, history and stunning scenery. Here is where youll find an incredible landscape bursting with an abundance of vineyards, dense olive groves, crumbling castles and medieval hilltop towns which boast dramatic views.

    Tuscanys landscapes and rustic villages are romantically charming: small, narrow lanes inside walled towns hide hotels housed in medieval buildings, old piazzas where locals gossip, and decadent, antique villas all add to the classically Italian atmosphere. Tuscanys spectacular towns and cities offer travelers a glimpse into an Italy of the past through world renowned iconic landmarks, such as the leaning tower of Pisa and the open-air museum feel of Florence with its awe-inspiring architecture.

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    Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Tuscany

    It should come as no surprise that we believe Tuscany is a destination everyone should visit at least once! This highly diverse region has so much to offer, including world-class cuisine, fascinating historical attractions, and thriving art hubs. The Renaissance capital of Florence is by far the most popular destination, but theres so much more to discover outside of the city.

    If we had to pick one destination as our favourite, we would struggle but Lucca is an excellent choice for first-time visitors. It is only a short journey away from Pisa and has great connections with Florence. This is a great way to maximise how much you get out of your first trip to this stunning region. Its also a beautiful city in its own right.

    That being said, Tuscany has so much variety that we really do recommend travelling around the region. Public transport options arent that bad, but hiring a car is the only way to guarantee youll be able to fit it all in.

    We hope this guide has helped you plan your upcoming trip to Tuscany. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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    What Not To Miss

    • Visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence, a beautiful 13th century Gothic architectural masterpiece!
    • Go to Pisa and see the Leaning Tower…
    • Take a car or bike trip down the Chianti Classico route, a few km outside of Florence, full of vineyards and olive groves.
    • Attend the Palio horse race in Siena, on either the 2nd July or 16th August!
    • Head to San Gimignano, a picturesque Tuscan hill town, and climb the famous Torre Grossa, which features countless works by great Renaissance painters.
    • Explore the perfectly-preserved 10m-high medieval walls of Monteriggioni!
    • Hike through the rolling green heart of Tuscany, the Val ‘Orcia.
    • Check out the wonderful and intriguing city of Voltera, which boasts a Roman amphitheatre, Romanesque cathedral and some mysterious Etruscan archaeological sites!

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    For Scenic Sunrises Stay In Asciano

    Many people think of absolutely stunning countryside when they think of Tuscany. If the beautiful fields and hills are the whole reason you are interested in spending time here, definitely consider staying in Asciano. A stark contrast to the bustle of Florences crowded streets, Asciano is a quiet little medieval town. As with basically all Italian towns, Asciano has plenty of history. Consider staying here if exploring ancient streets and churches is your idea of a good time.

    Asciano is also a great choice for where to stay in Tuscany because it is centrally located. If you are interested in visiting a variety of Tuscany locations, Asciano makes a great base. It is not as expensive as Florence and gives you the chance to really get to know the Tuscany countryside. Asciano also offers the advantages of being far more rural than many of our other suggestions.

    Upsides: Not as busy and populated as larger cities. Offers easy access to the rest of Tuscany. Very affordable places to stay across the board. Off the beaten path.

    Downsides: Not as many amenities as in larger cities. Does not offer as many things to do in the immediate vicinity.

    Best Hotels in Town

    Affordable: Costaregoli

    Check Rates:

    Midrange: Agriturismo Dipinture

    Check Rates:

    Luxury: Casa Country House Girasole

    Check Rates:

    Arezzo One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In Tuscany

    10 Best Places to Visit in Tuscany

    When it comes to the most unique place to stay in Tuscany, everywhere mentioned in this guide would be able to take the crown for one reason or another. What truly makes Arezzo stand out is its place as a major trading centre of industry, agriculture and gold. Arezzo is the place to come if you want to experience local life without staying out in the sticks.

    Arezzo was an important town in the Etruscan era, and much of the architecture harks back to this part of Italys history. There are a number of museums in the town with a more understated vibe than those in the larger urban centres in Tuscany. Arezzo maintains a sleepy vibe, making it the perfect place to kick back and relax.

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    Pisa Where To Stay In Tuscany For Nightlife

    Im sure you only read the headline and got a visual picture of this town. Located 80 km west of Florence, this city became famous because of a mistake, one could say. Maybe it will come as a surprise to you but the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which was completed in 1372 wasnt supposed to look like that. It started leaning in time because of the soft ground underneath.

    How lucky were the people who built it, they made a city famous by mistake! You can climb the 297 stairs of the leaning tower and see the bells which dont function for fear that if they do, something horrible could happen to this huge landmark.

    I highly recommend coming here if youre looking for a place to party but still want to see tons of historical places and museums. Because its a university town, youll find many young people ready to dance the night away and do some bar hopping. Stop by LOrzo Bruno and have a beer to get your night started!

    Whatever you do, just dont spend all your trip in the Miracle Square where the tower is! Most attractions are there but make sure you visit the Blu Palazzo and check the exhibition there. If youre in the mood for some shopping, head to Borgo Stretto and Corso Italia and treat yourself a bit because youre on vacation!

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