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Best Riads To Stay In Marrakech

The Rooms With A Moroccan Decoration

Best Place to stay in Marrakech | What RIADS in Marrakech looks like | Riad Tour

We have been warmly welcome by Alice and Gabi the owners of the riad. We stayed in one of the rooms of this riad that are all unique and different. Our room had an amazing bathroom! Yes I remember it first haha it was green with mosaics and a green bath. The room itself was really pretty too with orange and terra-cotta tones and Moroccan stuffs.

Medina Where To Stay In Marrakech For The First Time

Theres something about Marrakech I only need to close my eyes and I can already see all the amazing colorful souks and old buildings in the city center, I can smell the traditional Moroccan food and all the spices! Its such a stunning place that anyone has to visit at least once!

Tucked away in the heart of the city sits the historic neighborhood of Medina. Painted in the most beautiful colors, the 1000-year-old UNESCO Heritage Site is a top choice for anyone who comes to Medina, Marrakech for the first time. If youre up for a small detour in Morocco then Casablanca should be your destination, check this post with the best areas and hotels that will help you get around the city!

Medina is one of the best places to stay in the city as everything is situated within walking distance and some of the citys biggest historic attractions are located here. Like the stunning Bahia Palace, which was built in the 19th century. But I always say, try not to get too caught up in all the tourist visits and make this holiday as authentic as you can!

Medina is a walkable area where you dont really need to use public transport. So I would just take a day to explore every corner, walk in the amazing markets to buy all the souvenirs that I can. I dont know about you but I usually go crazy in these types of markets and need someone to get a hold of my purse so I dont end up spending all my money on my first day!

Things to do in Medina


Riad Dixneuf La Ksour Marrakech

In a sea of kaleidoscopic Arabian riads, this six-room jewel from Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty of Studio KO stands out thanks to a minimalist Afro-European twist. Sure, youll still find traditional furniture and the occasional Moorish carving, but walls are stark white, furniture is made from dark mahogany, and more contemporary pieces, like African statuettes and leather armchairs, give the space an updated edge. Dixneufs centerpiece: the central courtyard’s plunge pool, with a jade-green mosaic floor and flanked by imposing pillars. Ask about their cooking lessons, which are led by the resident chef and include a visit to the local market.

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Le Riad Villa Blanche Agadir

A welcoming environment with twenty-six rooms blended with traditional and modern Moroccan decoration creating a relaxed and private atmosphere. The services offered by Le Riad Villa Blanche are a large swimming pool located in the centre of the great indoor patio divided into three different rooms, a spa where you can enjoy a relaxing massage and the fitness room to keep on track during the holidays.

The restaurant creates dishes influenced by the French and Moroccan cuisine based on regional products from the sea and fresh ingredients from their garden.

This coastal city has sun throughout all year with amazing landscapes to visit. Agadir beach is less than five hundred yards from the hotel. Some touristic spots like Medina Polizzi, Souk el Had of Agadir, Amazigh Heritage Museum, or the Ocean Golf course are less than two miles from the riad! The nearest airport is Agadir-Al Massira at less than twelve miles from Le Riad Villa Blanche.

Six Of The Best Riads In Marrakech

Best Riads In Marrakech, Morocco: Where To Stay In Marrakech?

12 August, 2019

Olivia Morelli

AfterAfterdays spent getting lost in labyrinthine streets or haggling for that must-have kaftan in thesouks, there’s nothing better than retreating back to your ownprivate riad to laze in dappled sunlight or sip drinks on therooftop terrace. Here’s our favourite Moroccan stays where youcan do just that.

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Hotels And Riads: Your Guide To Finding The Ideal Place To Stay In Marrakech

Are you looking for a hotel or riad in Marrakech? If so, this page will help you to gather the best information to find the right kind of accommodation.

This article provides more information on the hotels and riads that visitors rave about in Marrakech. Ill highlight the best areas and districts to find accommodation and explain why its best to steer clear of certain areas. So, youll be able to choose top-rated riads in different parts of the city. My summary also recommends accommodation to suit individual needs, for example, low budget and family-friendly hotels.

As this is a long article, you can use the contents guide to find what youre looking for.


Should I Stay In A Luxury Riad Or A Budget Riad In Marrakech

This question is really up to you and depends what type of trip youre taking and what your budget is. Maybe this is your big treat trip this year or your honeymoon, in which case you might want to splash out on luxury. Perhaps youre backpacking or a long term traveller and budget friendly options are most important to you.

Whatever your situation, Morocco accommodation is very reasonably priced and from my experience, I felt like I got a lot more for my money, even with the more budget options, compared to budget options elsewhere in the world.

In that case, you may decide to do what I did, and stay in budget to mid-range riads, which still turned out to be some of the most luxurious places Ive ever stayed!

I was in Marrakech for 3 nights and staying in a different riad each night, all in the name of research of course!

I ultimately decided that since I was embarking on a long trip, I had to stick to my budget, so I picked a budget riad, a mid-range riad and I found a deal on to get a more expensive riad for the price of my mid-range one.

Below Im sharing the riads I stayed in, my review of each and how much they cost. Then I will share other riads in each budget range which I always considered or was recommended during my research.

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The Kasbah Best Place To Stay In Marrakech For History

Hey dear history enthusiasts, dont worry! I know youve been looking for a neighborhood to stay in Marrakech that has all the big old attractions. The Kasbah area is the perfect place in Morocco for you!

Everyone comes here to remain in awe of the 12th century Bab Agnaou gate, which has quranic inscriptions on the surface. With brownish buildings and old architecture, this area feels like it has seen the passing of time. However, the modern-day Royal Palace brings a new touch to the neighborhood.

Another spot that all history lovers have to see during their trip in Morocco is the Saadian Tombs which were rediscovered in 1917, until then everyone forgot about them. They are very unique and made out of marble and solid gold! You definitely need to come and see this attraction, no matter where youre staying in Marrakech!

There are many riads and cool hotels here, and usually, after a full day out everyone goes back to their accommodation and spends a relaxing night in the garden, while drinking some delicious mint tea. Just living the Moroccan lifestyle!

A Perfect Wellness Getaway: Bliss Riad

Where to STAY in MARRAKESH Morocco? Beautiful RIAD TOUR!

For a boutique riad in Marrakech where design is king, check out the beautifully-designed Bliss Riad. Its a great place to go for a wellness getaway. Not only is there the typical plunge pool and steam room that youd expect from a luxury riad in Marrakech, but you can also take yoga classes, indulge in mani-pedis, get hair treatments or waxes, etc. its basically a riad meets full-service spa all-in-one.

Theres a library on site where you can pick a book and relax in one of the many reading nooks the riad offers, or you can relax on the sun terrace and enjoy the views over the medina rooftops. A lovely staff, delicious dinners, and beautifully-designed rooms all get a special shoutout from guests. One thing to note is that sound carries quite a bit in the riad, so be prepared with some earplugs and to conduct yourself quietly during the evening hours.

Check prices, availability, photos, and reviews here

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Unfussy Glamor & Beauty: Ryad Dyor

For luxury for less, check out Ryad Dyor. This gorgeous central Marrakech riad has a plunge pool and hammam on site for the ultimate relaxation. At night, the courtyard gets an even more magical look with lanterns and candles surrounding the pool area, begging you to relax and unwind poolside after a long day exploring Marrakech and its surroundings.

The design of this riad is understated beauty at its finest: white walls broken up with pops of color and intricate detail, whether that be beautifully embroidered pillows on a bench inviting you to relax, traditional leather poufs to sit on, wood elements, intricate Moroccan tilework. It screams tasteful luxury, whereas some other riads can be a little over-the-top in their design.

The rooms are large, extremely spacious, and a beautiful mix between modern and traditional Moroccan elements. The rooms are really bright and airy with soaringly high ceilings and tasteful decoration. The en-suite bathrooms are simply beautiful, with either a relaxing bathtub or shower. Basic double rooms are affordably priced for a little more luxury, opt for a suite which are larger and more comfortable.

Theres a hammam and massage center on site, with both an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, solarium, and steam room available. The riad is slightly larger than others, as its a combination of two family-owned riads which have been blended together the original property dates back centuries and the walls are over 300 years old!

Gueliz & Hivernage Where To Stay In Marrakech For Nightlife

If you want to know where to stay in Marrakech for nightlife, these adjacent areas are the Marrakech districts for you. The area is home to a casino, several large hotels with dance clubs and roof terrace bars, plus a lively entertainment district that includes The Royal Theater.

Hivernage and Gueliz are close to the city center, and public transportation is easily accessible for visiting other areas of Marrakech, which youll want to do during the day as there arent many other things to do in this area besides enjoying the nightlife and restaurants. If you are looking for luxury hotels, there are several in Hivernage, while Gueliz is where youll find the majority of restaurants.

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Riad Dar Soufa Rabat Medina

The noisy shopping street went quiet once we stepped into Riad Dar Soufa, on a tiny hidden alley in Rabat Medina.

Our host welcomed us with a big smile, and she quickly fetched a tray with mint tea and delicious cookies, even if we were in a hurry to catch the sunset by the waterfront.

Its tradition, she said while pouring the sweet and hot tea into our glasses, suggesting there was no way we could have skipped this Moroccan hospitality ritual.

That moment I realized Tahir Shah was in no way exaggerating the importance of traditions in Moroccan culture when describing it in his entertaining book The Caliphs House: A Year in Casablanca.

Our smiling host led us to a beautiful room in the Riad, and we discovered the reason why most interior designers love Morocco. The white room with indigo accents is a minimalists dream! Every element in the room was carefully chosen not only to embellish but also to serve a clear purpose. Still, even in this newly renovated room, the main Moroccan motifs are honored the tall wooden door and ceiling, the minimal bathroom design, the Moroccan lamps, and the traditional textiles.

In the morning, our host prepared the best breakfast we had during our stay in Morocco, going the extra mile by adding lots of fruits and bread to the traditional Moroccan breakfast. We served it on the sunny rooftop terrace and then left to discover Rabat.

Riad De Tarabel Marrakech

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In the heart of the Medina, with an old colonial-style where euphony and grace meet to create the marvellous Riad de Tarabel. This riad has ten rooms and suites, possesses three indoor patios, terraces with spectacular light and open lounges. The decoration of Tarabel is influenced by Moorish architecture with Second French Empire sophistication.

Riad de Tarabel is distinguished for its neutral colours, and the nature surrounding this symbolic site. This beautifully created combination of nature and mosaics will bring peace, tranquillity, and privacy to your holidays.

The strength of this establishment is its spa, located in the courtyard distinguished by its various fragrances including eucalyptus, orange blossom and ghassoul, with seven plants orientated and carefully created to experience a fantastic body ritual with natural Moroccan ingredients.

Riad de Tarabel has an optimal location thanks to its closure to some of the citys most popular attractions, a few minutes walking distance from the Musée des Confluences in the Royal Palace, Dar el Bacha and at only three miles distance from the main airport of the city!

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Modern Style & Instagrammability: Bck Art Riad

If youre looking for one of the more Instagrammable riads in Marrakech this is it! BCK Art Riad is literally designed to be photographed from the gorgeous pool to the plush Berber rugs to the colorful floor pillows, its an interior design dream.

The in-house hammam is just as beautiful, with Moroccan lanterns lighting the dim spa room in a smattering of shadow and light. There are so many nooks and crannies of this designer riad to relax in, and theres colorful art on the walls to add vibrancy and a modern touch to the more traditional Moroccan elements.

The rooms are decorated in a more modern style, with quirky wall art, white linens, and exposed wood elements, perfect for someone who prefers a little more of a streamlined look rather than over-the-top glamor. BCK Art Riad is a little more away from Djemaa El Fna than others about 1 kilometer away but this means its a little extra tucked away from the noise.

Riad Be Marrakech From 115 Per Night

Riad BE is an absolute feast for the eyes and hands down my favorite hotel stay to date!

The decor is seriously stunning classic Moroccan with elaborate tile details, a beautiful plunge pool in the central courtyard, and a gorgeous bohemian-styled terracotta rooftop.

Its located just inside the Marrakech Medina, within walking distance to Djemaa el Fna Square.

If you dont feel like venturing out for meals, you can devour a delicious housemade breakfast on the rooftop terrace, or try a traditional Moroccan tagine for dinner.

If you need to unwind after exploring the chaos of Marrakech, the property also features a hammam spa and massage service! They also offer Moroccan cooking classes and a yoga studio.

But what really sets Riad BE apart is its outstanding staff, who are always happy to chat over a coffee or offer insider tips on Marrakech. I couldnt recommend this riad more highly and cant wait to stay there again!

Riad BE Marrakech, photo by Jaleh Michelle

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The Best Riads In Marrakech : An Amazing Stay In Morocco

Do you want to stay in the heart of the Medina? Here is our selection of the best riads Marrakech! To stay in Morocco in an authentic way and to discover the Moroccan culture, its the best thing to do. These riads are typical Moroccan houses in which Moroccan families are living together. There are usually around 10 rooms and a patio inside, with a pool or a fountain. The architecture is really typical and decoration is made of mosaics, cactus and sofas on the floor. These riads are absolutely gorgeous and staying there is a unique experience. They are inspire of the arabo-andalou heritage and from Persian and Romain constructions.

These was the culture minute just incas you were curious! But lets go back to these riads that are sometimes transformed into a guest house to welcome tourists. However, many of them are still belonging to Moroccan families and are not open to the public. We had the occasion to stay in a few riads in the heart of Marrakech and we will share our favorites! They are idealy located in the heart of the médina, near the places and souks. If you want to know everything about our experiences, read on!

Riad Kheirredine From 190 Per Night

The ultimate family vacations – explore amazing riads in Marrakech

I love a good challenge and finding the hidden Riad Kheirredine in the heart of the medina is certainly one of them.

You can of course have the wonderful hotel team pick you up at the old town entrance, or you can work on navigating the winding alleyways yourself to be handsomely rewarded with this elegant hideaway.

Theres so many highlights to this oasis of a property. Rooms are airy and light, opening to the courtyards or lively streets below.

Water features bring tranquility to the lobby and lounging areas, especially enjoyed with Moroccan tea and sweets.

Up on the rooftop, have your breakfast with luxury imported ingredients and plenty of local delicacies too try the msemen flatbread with honey.

Staff are happy to recommend off-site dining experiences and show you where the best shopping spots are nearby.

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