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Best Spots To Stay In La

Getting Around Los Angeles

DOWNTOWN LA: Top 5 Places to Stay in Downtown Los Angeles, California (Hotels & Resorts!)

Los Angeles has a metro system that is inexpensive. The public transport options include buses, light rail, and subway trains. If youve spent time in New York, London or Tokyo, dont expect it to measure up. But if you plan ahead, you can definitely avoid getting a rental car.

A car is the most efficient way to get around Los Angeles, especially if you avoid the downtown traffic. Just be aware that parking fees will quickly add up. So to make this really worthwhile, combine your car hire with a road trip north towards San Francisco or south to San Diego. Book Your Car Rental here for the best rates.

Venice Beach One Of The More Unique Places To Visit In Los Angeles

  • A place to see a side of Los Angeles that has nothing to do with the movies.
  • Soak up the rays and relax.
  • Lots of great food options in the area.

Why its so awesome: If you get sick of the polished perfection of Hollywood then Venice Beach is the remedy. This is an area that, despite the rush of tourists, holds onto its bohemian vibe and remains stubbornly eccentric. Some would even call it a little crazy. No matter who you are or what you like, this place will welcome you and offer people and attractions that suit your preferences.

What to do there: One of the best things to do in this area is people-watch, and youll find no shortage of fascinating and unusual people on the boardwalk. Youll see everything from bodybuilders to skaters and everything in between. When or if you get sick of that, grab lunch at one of the many great restaurants or cafes in the area. Also, if you like to read then make sure you check out Small World Books for a kooky selection.

The Beverley Wilshire Beverly Hills

The Beverley Wilshire is part of the Four Seasons hotel range, and offers a seriously luxurious stay for both adults and kids, with a lot of special touches for kids thrown into the entertainment.

Theres a shopping complex there, and access to several pools, restaurants and games all without having to leave the comfort of the resort.

Wi-fi is available throughout the hotel, and there are several different family suites available including larger ones that are still kid-friendly.

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Where To Stay In La: Santa Monica

With 280 days of sunshine all year, Santa Monica has earned its place as one of the best beach destinations near LA. Its perfectly suited for walking or biking just about anywhere you want to go on the 22 miles of bike paths. There are miles of beach to relax on, or you can head to the infamous Santa Monica Pier for carnival attractions, shops, and food. At night, youll want to head over to the Third Street Promenade where youll find bars, street performers, movie theaters , and more. Santa Monica is a bustling yet chill place you have to check out.

Why I Love Santa Monica

  • Beaches for miles with plenty of walking and biking paths.
  • Upscale vibes in Santa Monica next to casual neighborhood vibes in Venice Beach.
  • Great nightlife, shopping, and wellness options

Attractions Near Santa Monica

The Old Zoo Picnic Area

Things to do in Los Angeles: 26 best attractions

Photo: Omar Bárcena

  • A depressing look at how society treats animals.
  • Educational and even important, but not an enjoyable lesson.

Why its so awesome: Modern zoos can sometimes be good places where the focus is on education and protecting endangered animals. But this isnt always the case, and, in the past, it was hardly ever the case. The Old Zoo Picnic Area is a stark reminder of that reality. This zoo was closed in 1966 but some of the cages still remain, a reminder of a past that shouldnt be forgotten.

What to do there: This is now a picnic area with benches and grills where you can hang out with your friends and have a nice meal. But dont forget to at least acknowledge the other side of this place. Theres a trail that will take you up from the caves and around to more of the abandoned cages so you can experience just what it was like to be on the other side of the bars.

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Tips To Find The Best Deals

  • If your trip includes arrival and departure in Los Angeles, then I suggest that you check out the flight + hotel package on Expedia . Usually, this results in major savings compared to booking the flight and hotel separately.
  • If you want to just book a hotel, then is definitely the first search engine to consult, then try Expedia. Alternatively, you can check prices on all these sites through a price comparison website .
  • In the past, did not include taxes in the prices from the beginning , but luckily now it includes them in the final price from the beginning, making it easier to compare it with other portals, such as Expedia.
  • Griffith Park One Of The Nicer Places In Los Angeles To Sightsee

    • A nice natural area where you can walk outside of the busyness of the city.
    • There are a lot of different routes which will take you to various iconic spots in the city.
    • If you dont feel like walking, you can always go on horseback!

    Why its so awesome: Chances are youll be getting around by car and by public transport while youre in Los Angeles and sometimes theres nothing better than taking a break from that and stretching your legs. And when you can do that in a place with panoramic and iconic views of the city, all the better!

    What to do there: This park is extremely accessible and popular amongst locals and tourists alike. If you enjoy walking you can make it all the way up Mount Hollywood and be treated to views of the Los Angeles basin and the Hollywood sign. And if youre a little more adventurous, you can hire a horse at the nearby private stables and take the specially marked trails to the same spots.

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    Where To Stay In Los Angeles Without A Car

    Should you choose to forgo the option of having your own car then Downtown would be the best place to stay.

    It has well-established public transportation that will get you safely around the area and to other parts of LA.

    The streets are also relatively safe allowing you to enjoy the districts lively night scene.

    You could go to one of the many amazing restaurants like Faith and Flower. This is a retro-themed upscale restaurant famous for its unique twist on rustic American cuisine as well as its awesome craft cocktails.

    Finding a place close to the 7th St/Metro Center train station would offer further convenience especially if you are planning to explore out of town attractions.

    The Haas Building Residences is 3 blocks from the metro station, particularly ideal for exploring Los Angeles without a car.

    Its also conveniently close to bike share stations if you want to have your adventure on two wheels.

    One of the best things about this accommodation is the unique blend of modern and industrial era décor themes .

    Other available options are:

    From the 7th St/Metro Center train station you can grab a direct train to Santa Monica and Long Beach for a swim. Or to Hollywood and the Universal Studios.

    Plenty of options, without mentioning the bus network.

    This part of town is also really close to the iconic Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa.

    Have A Plan For The Iconic Hollywood Sign

    Los Angeles Weekend Travel Vlog | Top Places To Visit in LA

    Few sights in Los Angeles rival this icon. Originally it was a billboard for a fancy housing development, putting it in a residential area that is tricky to navigate.

    If you want a picture of the Hollywood sign, the best way to go is by doing this official Hollywood Sign hike. Alternatively, there are good photo ops for this feature on Beachwood Drive, north of Franklin Ave and south of Rosalia Drive.

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    Best Places To See Celebrities

    For many people around the world, Los Angeles is synonymous with Hollywood, the California neighborhood that had great influence on the beginning of the movie industry. Book a hotel here or in Burbank, Universal City, Culver City or the Universal Studios Area, where stars often commute to and from sets and the film industry offers frequent tours. Some of the best hotels to stay in to spot celebrities are near the same places any LA visitor goes to enjoy good food, a fun day in the sun or a shopping outing. West Hollywood’s trendy restaurants are noted for celebrity sightings. The bohemian vibe of Venice draws stars for beach activities and people-watching. Celebrities do actually stay in Beverly Hills and shop in the area’s luxury stores or get coffee in the same cafés as regular folks.

    Tourism In Los Angeles: Overview

    Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States, coming after New York City. In 1771 it began under the rule of Spanish Missions, starting as a small pueblo. In 1821 the city and its territory fell under Mexican rule until the Mexican-American in 1847. After 1847, the city was under the influence of American rule and culture and in 1910 Hollywood merged into Los Angeles, helping to create the iconic city as it is today. The city itself has an impressive landscape that is close both beaches and mountains.

    The best ways to get around the city are by walking or taking a car. The city extremely spread out and is notorious for traffic. If you want to explore different areas of the city, a car or other motorized transport will be necessary. Walking can be a great way to travel once you have pinpointed a specific area you would like to explore, such as Rodeo Drive.

    Los Angeles is mostly a safe city, but it is busy and bustling. There are lots of people in the city and there are many different places to explore. The entertainment industry draws many tourists who are hoping to catch a glimpse of their on-screen idols.

    If you are flying to California compare and book flights using Jetradar.

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    Pasadena: A Good Balance Of Art And Fun

    Pasadena is an interesting city where you can stay and feel safe and at ease. It is not a neighborhood but an actual city in Los Angeles County and there are very picturesque, artistic, and cultural areas, with many spaces suitable to host events as well as boutiques for shopping and leisure .

    People often overlook Pasadena when they look for accommodations, because they think that it is a little far from the main attractions of L.A., but in reality, the area is on the outskirts of the city and the attractions in L.A. are easily accessible by metro. If you are traveling by car, then Hollywood and Universal Studios will only be a short drive away . I recommend:

    • Hotel Constance Pasadena: The style of this attractive hotel harmoniously mixes ancient and modern influences. Equipped with every imaginable comfort, dusitD2 boasts a quiet location far from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.
    • Rose & Crown Hotel: simple but very good 3-star hotel with spacious and well-kept rooms. Here you can save money which would be impossible elsewhere in Los Angeles and have the opportunity to take a stroll to the historic district of Pasadena.

    Find accommodations in Pasadena

    Where To Stay In La California For 2022

    Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Los Angeles

    Heading to LA for business or pleasure? There are hundreds of incredible hotel options in the Los Angeles area. While the Greater Los Angeles area stretches for five counties to the east and southeast, well focus on the areas closer to the Los Angeles metropolis. You can watch for celebrities in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, hang out in busy downtown, or enjoy a relaxing stay on the beach.

    Heres what you need to know:

    Traffic in LA is notoriously difficult, so youll want to pick your hotel based on where you plan to spend the most time. Getting from the LAX airport to downtown LA at the wrong time of day can set you back at least an hour or so. However, heading to the beach from downtown is worth the trek. Weve divided our list of where to stay in LA by four of the most popular areas that will keep you close to all the best that Los Angeles has to offer.

    Pro Tip: Bookmark this post so you can circle back to it while you decide on a hotel. We update it frequently so you have the best recommendations no matter when you travel.

    Our Partnership with If you like our content, please book by clicking on our links. The price is the same for you, and we get a small commission that helps support our helpful blog content. Weve partnered with because they have the most options, great prices, and a solid loyalty program.

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    Where To Stay In Los Angeles For Families:

    Santa Monica tops the list of where to stay in Los Angeles. The beachfront town has plenty of great accommodation to suit most budgets while taking advantage of the natural splendor that exists along the coast.

    There are parks for the young ones to run around, not to mention the Ocean Front Walk and only a short drive stands between the family and several larger state parks north of town. Most importantly, this neighborhood features the famed Santa Monica Pier and the wide-open beach that can keep the whole family entertained for days on end.

    La Brea Tar Pits And Museum

    Photo: Peter D. Tillman

    • A slightly quirky but still fascinating place.
    • Another iconic location in Los Angeles.
    • Youll get some great photos here.
    • Great for kids.

    Why its so awesome: If your kids love dinosaurs, and what kids dont, then theyll love this museum. These tar pits have been bubbling for hundreds of thousands of years and more than a million animal bones have been found in their depths. And a lot of them are on display in the museum for your kids to marvel at.

    What to do there: The tar pits are free, so check them out and take photos with your group or kids to mark the occasion. Then, if youre interested in learning more, make sure you check out the attached museum to explore the creatures whose bones were preserved in the bubbling mess.

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    Santa Monica Where To Stay In Los Angeles With A Family

    Santa Monica is located in the Western part of the city, on the coast, and I totally recommend it if you want to have a cool vacation by the beach. Its also one of the best areas for families traveling to the City of Angels!

    I can say that Santa Monica is the ideal combination between the vibrant center and a relaxed beach atmosphere sounds pretty much ideal, right? If you choose to stay in this area, youll be surrounded by everything youll ever need unforgettable restaurants, tons of shops, interesting sights and, of course, superb beaches.

    While youre here, make sure to pay a visit to the Santa Monica Pier and the Aquarium, Santa Monica History Museum, the Museum of Flying, the Farmers Market, Tongva or Palisades Park or take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Or simply sunbathe at Santa Monica State Beach why not?

    Convinced? Here are the best hotels in Santa Monica I could find for you:

    Hollywood Where To Stay In Los Angeles For The First Time

    Best Places To Stay LA (On A Budget) | Downtown LA Travel Guide | Hotel Room Tour

    Hollywood is definitely one of the BEST areas to stay in Los Angeles for people who are experiencing this city for the first time! Why? Besides being extremely famous, Hollywood has something for everyone people watching, iconic attractions, incredible food places and more!

    Ah, the iconic sights in Hollywood! Where do I even start? From the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame to the picture-perfect Hollywood sign, from the well-known Graumans Chinese Theatre or the Universal Studios Hollywood to the scenic Hollywood Boulevard or Griffith Park youll find all these in this amazing district, and more!

    Hollywood is very safe and its also FULL of amazing restaurants, cafes, pubs and, of course, clubs for all tastes and budgets out there. Im sure you associate the word Hollywood with a luxurious lifestyle, but Ill let you know that, although super beautiful, this part of the city is not as glamorous as in the movies, and you might be surprised to find out that there are also some very good budget accommodations in this area!

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    Where To Stay In Los Angeles: 10 Best Areas

    • Pin

    Planning to visit LA? Are you wondering where to stay in Los Angeles? This guide breaks down which is the best area to stay in Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis of glitter and palm trees that attracts artists, visionaries and hopeless romantics hoping to live the Southern California dream.

    Californias largest city also happens to be the heart of the Hollywood entertainment industry. The famed Hollywood Sign nested high into the Hollywood Hills ensures that visitors never lose sight of the fact that theyre walking among cinema royalty.

    However, there is also a hidden Los Angeles tucked away in vibrant neighborhoods or paths that cut into the canyons of the Santa Monica mountains. It all makes the decision of where to stay in Los Angeles all the more interesting!

    An itinerary for a Los Angeles vacation can fill up pretty quickly. Visitors with stars in their eyes have a lot of ground to cover between attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Rodeo Drive.

    In addition, magical places like TCL Chinese Theatre, Venice Beach and the Griffith Observatory make it easy to get swept up in La La Land. That may leave you wondering where the best place to stay in Los Angeles can be found.

    Take a look at the best neighborhoods to stay in while getting the full Los Angeles experience!

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