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Cheap Places To Stay In Germany

The Harz National Park A Forested Reserve To Explore Known For Its Nature Myths And Legends

Germany – The 10 Best Places To Live and Work In 2021

The Harz National Park is a lovely nature reserve located in the German federal states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Its a mountainous region shrouded in mist and filled with lakes, woodland, tales of folklore and plenty of opportunities to be at one with nature.

Popular for both walking and skiing, the park also offers botanical gardens, hiking trails and rare flora and fauna. The area is blessed with many species of butterflies and small creatures unique to this area. Make sure you pay a visit to Brocken, the highest mountain in northern Germany which is located in the park. Take a gauge train to the summit to get the most stunning view of the park below.

A Good Education System

Education is well ordered in Germany. It is high quality, and most importantly, it is FREE. You will most likely not have to pay any tuition for university, or maybe just a few hundred euros per semester. The difference with U.S tuition, for example, is astounding. Whereas in the U.S you graduate with a mountain of debt, in Germany, you can start earning a full salary without the burden of paying back your education.

Everything Closes Down On Sunday

This might sound strange, but it is not a myth. All stores are closed down on Saturday evening and do not open until Monday morning. Sunday is a time of rest in Germany, so anticipate it and use it well. Most foreigners when they first move to Germany forget this important fact and might end up without bread on Sunday, so be sure to go to the store on Saturday and pick up food and other things you need.

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Bonn Airports & Subway Stations

With its proximity to Bonn airport, Galerie Design Hotel Bonn is a great option to stay in Bonn before an early flight. Consider booking a hotel like Apartmenthotel Kaiser Karl near Bonn West subway station, as this is a great way to explore other neighborhoods. To take advantage of public transport in Bonn, think over booking Hotel Mercedes that is right close to Bonn Central train station.

Pensions Inns Private Rooms And Farmstays In Germany

Best places to stay in Berlin, Germany

A shift away from the formality and anonymity of blander hotel chains is the pension: by and large smaller, cheaper establishments, often in large houses or in city apartment blocks. What they lack in mod-cons youll usually have to share bathroom amenities, for example they make up in character in the form of personal service and homely decor. In Bavaria they are often called a Gästehaus a similar style can be found in a Gasthof or a Gaststätte, which roughly translates into English as an inn. Accommodation is generally above a traditional restaurant that it is often in a historic building is all part of the charm of a stay, although bear in mind that this means room dimensions are historic, too. For obvious reasons these are especially prevalent in small towns and in the countryside. Both pensions and inns will provide breakfast.

A step down from the pension or inn is the private room in the house of locals. Priced from around 15, these are rarely more expensive than 30, making them a valuable alternative to the hostel for budget travellers. At their best, private rooms offer a chance to dip a toe into everyday life and to glean the insider information from a local host. Such intimacy may not be to all tastes, however. Tourist information offices can book rooms, or look for signs advertising Zimmer frei or Fremdenzimmer, or source rooms online at and

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Discover In Cologne: Affordable Solo Trips In West Germany

Cologne is the capital on the Rhein and a real tourist magnet, not only thanks to its world-famous cathedrals and Carnival celebrations. But also for its choice of B& B hotel accommodation in the city. Tailored to your needs: Perhaps youre looking for a single room and want to bring your dog. Solo travellers will love the connections in the so-called Cathedral City. A Kölsch beer in the old town or a visit to one of the well-known art museums will bring you closer to the locals, as well as other travelers. On your business trip, experience real Kölle city vibes in the evening, before relaxing in your Cologne hotel.

Exemptions From The Requirement To Quarantine:

Exemptions from the requirement to quarantine apply to persons who:

  • have merely passed through a high-risk area without a stopover,
  • are only passing through Germany and leaving the country via the fastest route available, or
  • in the case of border traffic from high-risk areas : persons who have spent less than 24 hours in a risk area or are only entering Germany for a period of up to 24 Hours.

In addition, for high-risk areas the following applies:

The requirement to quarantine applies to arrivals from high-risk areas until proof of full vaccination, recovery from an infection or a negative test result is submitted via the entry portal of the Federal Republic of Germany .

The quarantine period may be ended on the basis of a negative test carried out no earlier than five days after entry. For persons who have been vaccinated or recovered from an infection and arrive from a high-risk area, mandatory quarantine ends immediately after submitting proof of vaccination or proof of recovery.

For children under the age of twelve quarantine ends automatically after 5 instead of 10 days.

For areas of variant of concern the following applies:

Quarantine period cannot be shortened. However, if the area of departure is reclassified as a high-Risk area during the quarantine, the regulations for high-risk areas apply. In this case the quarantin may end early as explained above.

More information is available on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health and this Information leaflet.

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Neuschwanstein Castle The Fairytale Castle Which Is One Of The Most Famous Places To Visit In Germany

This stunning iconic image of Germany is, in fact, the former 19th century home of the late Ludwig II of Bavaria The gorgeous Romanesque building is so fairy-tale esque it inspired the famous Disney castle. Although its often overrun with tourists this doesnt detract from the awe-inspiring beauty of this castle both inside and out.

The most picturesque view of the magnificent structure is from Marys Bridge, a stop halfway up the hill towards the castle. Make sure you also pay a visit to the lovely Hohenschwangau Castle which is located nearby.

How To Save Money When Traveling

Frankfurt the Cheapest Place to Stay

While this post is about the cheapest destinations you can travel around the world there are some things to note.

Traveling on a budget is all about how you travel

Thats right. Even the cheapest place in the entire world can turn expensive if you eat in the nicest restaurants, stay in the nicest places, fly business class, and are out on a paid activity every day. Staying cheap is all about how you go about saving your money.

This post is all about maximizing your dollar in the most affordable destinations around the world. Because $50 spent in the Philippines goes a lot further than $50 spent in the USA. Here are some money-saving tips that apply to saving money wherever you are at. And when we say the bare-bones price you can get by on in some destinations, its by using these tips.

Traveling with a companion is not always possible, but if you can expand your group youll save money on just about everything. While you dont save money on individual bus tickets, car rental costs are lower, as well as splitting gas prices.

Dont want to sleep in the dorm bed of a hostel? Splitting a private room is obviously cheaper than just one person staying in a private room. This is where traveling as a couple has its advantages.

And then, of course, if you are with a group, youll be more likely to go to the grocery store on your travels and cook a larger meal rather than always going out to eat and spending money on each plate.

Stay in hostels

Eat local

Take local transit

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Book Affordable Hotels In Popular Destinations

The B& B offer includes various attractive hotel deals throughout Germany. If youre looking for a budget-friendly stay in a popular location in Germany, youll find a good deal. Online check-in and peace of mind: Youll enjoy a peaceful night in our sound-proofed rooms with free Wi-Fi, wherever you are in Germany.

Halle Vs Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or Services

#4 Krefeld City Germany

It is the city near Dusseldorf in the North Rhine-Westphalia state. According to the new stats, the city has a population of 230,000 in the area of 137 kilometers square. It is an affordable city in which the one-bedroom apartment in the city costs 450 per month. However, it may cost you even smaller in the peripheral area. Additionally, it costs 400 for one-bedroom in place outside the city.

Moreover, if you are in the need for more space then you have to rent a large peppermint but it will cost you more. As average rent of three-bedroom apartment costs around 760 ranging within 400 and 1,100. The utilities cost around 170 per month but if you manage the usage of electricity and other things then you can save money. Usually, the costs of utilities range in between 50 and 250.

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Free And Cheap Things To Do

Germany is an easy place to find entertainment and culture on the cheap, whether you love art, going to the movies or just wandering around a city.

SPEAK WITH PROFESSIONALS: Get guidance from the source! Stop by the tourist information center first thing when you arrive in a city. Pick up maps and find out about museums, events, walking tours, day trips and more. Youll find them in the heart of every city on the tourist radar: For example, in Berlin, there are six, including one at both airports. In Munich and Heidelberg there is one in the city center and one at the main train station.

SOME OF THE BEST STUFF IS FREE: Theres no ticket necessary to explore city streets or hang out in the park, of course. However, dont forget that some attractions are free, too. Ask at the tourist information center for free activities, free museum admission, and free walking tours. In Berlin, for example, there is plenty of free music and several free museums, while Munich also has plenty of free things to do.

AVOID THE MULTIPLEX IN BERLIN: In Berlin, Sony CineStar Multiplex on Potsdamer Platz plays movies in English, but prices for admission and snacks are much higher than in the smaller movie theaters in town.

CHECK OUT THE BOX OFFICE: If youd like to check out an opera or a play, its worth dropping by an hour before the performance starts. If any tickets are remaining for the performance, you can often purchase them at a heavily discounted price at the Abendkasse .

The 10 Best Budget Hotels In Germany Check Out Our Selection Of Great Budget Hotels In Germany

The Best Places to Visit in Berlin, Germany

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Munich The Capital Of Bavaria

Cosmopolitan Munich is the capital of Germanys southern Bavaria region. Famous for its beer-y reputation, it really is worth trying to tie in a visit with the famous annual Oktober Beer Festival which takes place in late September/early October every year.

The city gets very busy so youll need to book accommodation well in advance. Ideally overlap your trip with the end of the festival so you can enjoy the city and its surroundings for a few days after the crowds have disappeared.

Cheapest Cities In Germany

  • Osnabruck
  • Bremen
  • These are the cheapest cities to live in Germany. If you are on a budget and expect to not be making a lot of money the first few months or years when you are in the country, it is best to move to one of the cities above. Avoid moving to huge cities and the capital Berlin, since they are extremely expensive.

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    Family Holidays In Germany To Book

    As well as double- and single rooms, at B& B Hotels Germany, we also offer family rooms, where everyone, big and small, can fit. Pets are also welcome. At breakfast, you can help yourself to a buffet which costs 8.50 Euros per person, and just 3 Euros for children up to 12. This service can be booked directly when booking a room, or conveniently when youre at the hotel. Sky TV and desks in all rooms are another feature offered by our affordable hotels in Germany.

    The Best Budget Places To Stay In Berlin

    Traveling Cheaply in Germany

    Love to hear your feedback and if you have any recommendations of your favourite cheap hostels and hotels in Berlin. Also if you are planning a trip to Berlin, do have a look at my recent Self Guided Walking Tour to Berlin Wedding, Self Guided Free Walking Tour of Berlin Mitte and an older but still relevant 48 Hour Guide to Berlin.

    Before you scroll down to checkout my favourite hostels in Berlin, here is a quick Q& A that might help you plan your trip to Berlin better.

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    The 5 Top Destinations In Germany

    German cities are always very popular. Many international and German guests visit Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Dresden with their rich cultural and entertainment offerings, as well as their vibrant nightlife. In every city, we offer affordable hotels, which are traveller-budget-friendly. Take a look at your chosen city, whether youre looking for your next B& B hotel in Munich or maybe Hamburg, or Cologne.

    Cheapest Hostels In Berlin

    Of course, there are always cheap Berlin hostels. We want to look after those of you looking for where to stay in Berlin on a budget perhaps a cheap hostel Berlin is what youre after.

    And there is also cheaper hostels in Berlin than the BEST ones we covered above obviously.

    All the affordable accommodation Berlin has to offer is dotted around the city.

    Yet, here is the thing: We think, its not worth it to go with the cheapest hostel out there.

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    Flights To And From Berlin

    Berlin is really well connected. You can take several cheap airlines in Europe here.

    You can fly for less than 20 from and to Berlin:

    • Venice, Italy

    How did we find these deals? Simple:!

    We enjoy to find cheap flights all over Europe including Berlin and Rome.

    This new website has super cool features like a so-called radius search. Just draw a circle over Europe and find the cheapest rates for the area.

    Here is our review of Kiwi.

    We also recommend flying with Qatar Airways. If youd like more information about this company, including pros, cons and first-hand experience, read our full review of Qatar Airways.

    Lichtenstein Castle The Fairy Tale Castle Of Wrttemberg Which Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Germany

    5 Top Places To Visit In Berlin

    Fairytales may be merely a fantasy, but when visiting Lichtenstein Castle in southern Germany, you will begin to believe you are in one.

    This castle is open to the public, but keep in mind it is a privately owned structure. The castle, built in the Gothic Revival style was crafted between 1840 and 1842. Restoration of the historic castle was completed in 2002 through non-profit organization support. If you want to live out your fairytale fantasies, Lichtenstein Castle is the place to do it.

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    Ramsau A Small But Perfectly Formed Village To Explore In The Bavarian Alps

    Ramsau is certainly not the largest town in Germany, with a population of around 1,800, but it is known to be among the most beautiful for its quaint, picturesque setting. Those venturing to Ramsau are not heading to the area for a variety of attractions, but rather a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Apart from being completely breathtaking, the area boasts the third highest mountain in Germany, Waltzmann. Lake Hintersee and the local church in the village are famous attractions as well.

    Cheap Hotels In Cologne

    If you want a central hotel at a price you can afford, then youve come to the right place! Our expert team have carefully selected a great list of cheap hotels in Cologne, all in convenient locations across the city. Whether you want a budget base near the famous cathedral, or somewhere handy for the Christmas markets, we have affordable options to suit your needs. Thanks to our easy-to-use filters, you can specify any amenities that you require, such as Wi-Fi or parking. All our hotels come with a best price guarantee, so you can be sure youre getting the best possible deal.

    • Cheap Hotels in Cologne
    • based on 166 reviews
    • Fischmarkt 1-3, CologneShow map
    • Superb budget hotel right in the centre of Cologne with free Wi-Fi throughout the building.Get a true taste of…

      Free Wi-FiBreakfast included

    • based on 309 reviews
    • Domstr. 23-25, CologneShow map
    • With Wi-Fi and a private car park, this inviting and great-value hotel is conveniently located next to the main…

      Free Wi-FiBreakfast included

    • based on 313 reviews
    • Engelbertstraße 33-35, CologneShow map
    • This 2-star central Cologne hotel offers free Wi-Fi and vibrant, affordable accommodation, just a 10-minute walk…

      Free Wi-FiBreakfast available

    • based on 109 reviews
    • Komoedienstrasse 19-21, CologneShow map
    • With free Wi-Fi, this 2-star hotel is located in central Cologne, a 2-minute walk from the famous Gothic cathedral…

      Free Wi-FiBreakfast available

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