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Cheap Places To Stay In Nyc For Students

Avoid Breakfast If Its Extra

What to do with kids in New York City | a family vacation guide

My dad and I wrote an article about how to save money on hotels and one of our biggest tips is to avoid paying for breakfast if you can. Youll often pay at least $10 extra per person at cheap hotels for breakfast, so if its not included, dont be afraid to go to your neighborhood bagel shop or out to brunch in New York City.

Tools To Search For Housing

To get started on your search, find the websites that work best for you. Some sites our students have had luck with include:

Got what you need to get started on your search? Make sure you also remember to find a temporary place for your first week here while hunting. Theres a whole section of the NYU website on off-campus housing that provides a listing of short term stays and hotels you could stay at while looking. You can also check out short term places that are available in the city at Lease Break and Ditch the Space.

And if youre confused by any of the terms or vocabulary youre seeing on these sites, know that youre not alone. Weve got you covered with a listing of common housing tips and terms.

Check The Neighborhood First

This is my biggest tip as a few people have reached out to me after booking a cheap place to stay in New York City only to realize upon arrival that the neighborhood wasnt great and they didnt feel safe walking at night there.

I tend to use caution in recommending neighborhoods to tourists as New York City has crime and carrying your expensive camera around certain areas is likely to attract attention. I especially recommend using caution if youre a woman traveling solo in New York City. I strongly recommend looking up the neighborhood before booking.

My recommended NYC neighborhoods to stay in on a budget: I recommend staying in the Lower East Side, Chinatown, Astoria, Williamsburg, and Long Island City. If youre open to it, consider staying in Staten Island or Jersey City for lower rates.

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Where To Stay In New York Book A Hotel In The Right New York Neighborhood

The main thing to watch out for in New York is where you want to stay. The best place to stay in New York for your trip depends a lot on how long youll be staying and what youre planning on doing.

Whichever New York neighborhood you decide on, you should always make sure theres a subway station nearby. Now lets find out which part of town is the best one for you.

Our tip: By the way, read our New York Pass comparison to find out which pass is the best for you.

For Hipsters: Soho & Lower East Side

New York budget hotels: The best places to stay on the ...

Soho and the Lower East Side are the right areas to stay for you if youve already explored the main sights of New York and want to experience life in different parts of town. Both districts are achingly hip.

Soho borders Greenwich Village to the south and is best-known for its beautiful cast-iron buildings and its many art and design shops. Just like Soho, the Lower East Side is a typical New York residential neighborhood. So you wont find any super-famous sights here.

But what both neighborhoods have to offer instead is an incredibly diverse street scene, and a mix of super-trendy restaurants and boutiques in all price ranges. The best thing about the neighborhoods is that you can get to many other parts of the city on foot from here.

Nowhere else in New York do you get so swept up in life on the streets. Little Italy, the Bowery, Chinatown everythings just a stones throw away.

Pros of staying in Soho & the East Village:

  • Youll be staying where New Yorkers live
  • There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and stores for every budget

Cons of staying in Soho & the East Village:

  • The East Village in particular isnt that well connected
  • You have to take public transport to all the important sights

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Avoid Major Holidays And Conferences

If youre visiting New York to celebrate Christmas, New Years Eve, or Thanksgiving, youre not the only one with this idea. Hotels during this time are particularly expensive, so if you can put off your trip until spring or fall , consider it.

Easter as well as the 4th of July is also a popular time for New York City vacations. Simply, if you can travel during non-peak season, youll save a lot.

Walk Along The High Line

An elevated rail line turned pedestrian walkway, the High Line is a green oasis in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood worth a stroll. But it also hosts meditation practices, tai chi, stargazing, garden tours, movies, and more throughout the year, all free. The park runs down the West Side from 34th Street to Gansevoort Street and is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Note that weekend visits require reserving time in advance online.

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The Westside Ymca Or A Hostel

Eli Roth hasnt given hostels the best reputation in his popular Hostel horror movie franchise. Thats fiction, however. In reality hostels really epitomize the best of New York City on a budget, while still providing a fun and cheap stay. Hostels are additionally a popular choice among college students who live on campus and have been primed for the dorm-like hostel experience already. They are usually best for social people, too, since you often share a room and amenities with other guests. One of the greatest things about hosteling, though, is that you get to meet people from all over the world. This adds an element of excitement that would be hard to achieve if youre holed up alone in a hotel room. Besides the usual travel sites, can help you find cheap hostels in New York City.

Book A Nyc Jet Ski Tour


There are plenty of ways you can score places to stay in NYC when you are on a budget besides what weve listed here. For instance, you can join a loyalty program, use a temporary rental or stay at a bed & breakfast. Just get creative, and you are bound to save some money that can go toward having some good times instead. Speaking of good times, if you are interested in finding out about Manhattan Jet Ski Tours & Rentals during your stay, you can contact Sea the City at 201-335-2732. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form, and we can quickly contact you back.

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Eat Your Way Through Economy Candy

The Lower East Side’s Economy Candy is not the largest candy store around, but the selection is vast and prices are low. Many candies are sold in bulk, and customers rave about finding treats that make them nostalgic for childhood. Once you’ve gorged yourself, spend some time wandering the neighborhood and explore the many boutiques, restaurants, and bars this hipster enclave holds.

Student Housing In New York

New York New York, The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, whatever you want to call it, New York City is a premier destination to study abroad with thousands of international students flocking there every year to further their studies, dive deep into this cultural hub, establish important professional connections, and experience the buzzing city. Its regarded as the cultural and economic capital of the world and is home to many different walks of life. And if youre thinking about studying in New York, you can call it home too with

On, you’ll find student accommodation in New York neighbourhoods such Tribeca, Alphabet City, Upper East Side and Brooklyn. We currently around 150 student housing options in New York.

If you need additional information, dont hesitate to give us a call or contact us on live chat.

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The Bronx Student Apartments

As the home of Fordham University, the Bronx contains a sizeable student community. Student accommodation in the borough is readily available in neighbourhoods like Belmont, where a decent 2-bedroom flat will cost between $1,500 and $1,700 . East Fordham Road is the main commercial artery of the area, and its plethora of eateries and fabulous access to local parks offer residents a large amount of independence and autonomy. For a wide selection of affordable student residences in the Bronx, look no further than Nestpick.

Places To Stay In New York City On A Budget

Amazing Things To Do In New York With Kids  Family Travel ...

Hotel rooms can be fairly pricey no matter where you are, and the ones in NYC can go from anywhere to around $600 to around $1,200 per night. That being said, many a Kardashian affair has taken place in The Mercer Hotel in SoHo, which goes for over $600 a night. Lets leave those high priced options to the parade of celebrities living in or visiting The Big Apple, shall we? For the rest of us looking for a bargain, here are 5 places to stay in New York City on a budget.

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Affordable Places To Live While Interning In Nyc

Taylor MitnickWere back with another themed week on the site: Travel Week. This semester, Her Campus FSU has created themed weeks dedicated to exclusive content we believe all of our readers should have access to. Keep up on the site for the next few days as we cover everything from the best places you need to roadtrip to before you graduate to the top eats across the pond . We promise well leave you wanderlusting for more. After all, summer vacation is just a few weeks away! 1. New York University

NYU offers a variety of housing options from triple dorm-style to single apartment-style, prices ranging from $195-$422 per week. Purchase of a meal plan is required with all dorm-style options and ranges from $140-$176 per week. Dorm-style housing is located in the main Washington-Square Campus area and apartment-styles are located in various neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Staying with NYU comes with added perks, such as access to the Palladium Athletic Facility and the NYU Student Health Center.

Courtesy: NYU

2. The Webster Apartments

Courtesy: Webster Apartments

3. Fashion Institute of Technology

Courtesy: FIT

4. The New School

This housing option is located near Union Square in Chelsea. Amenities include air conditioning, kitchenettes, art studios and 24-hour security. This is also offered in a 10-week block session which range in cost from $3,300 to $4,350.

Courtesy: The New School

5. Columbia University

Courtesy: Columbia

6. Educational Housing Services

Cheap Accommodation In New York With Airbnb

If you look on Airbnb, youll often find apartments listed that are considerably cheaper than comparable hotel rooms. Wed still advise against staying in an Airbnb apartment in New York.

Heres why:

Airbnb ruins the housing market for locals

We used to be huge fans of Airbnb. For two reasons: It allows you to rent out your apartment when youre on vacation, and you get to stay at a private apartment instead of a hotel and feel at home everywhere in the world.

The basic concept is great. But these days, Airbnb is full of professional vacation rentals leased for the sole purpose of putting them on Airbnb and filled with random ugly furniture to make a quick buck by renting them out 365 days a year.

The result: The housing market in major cities has become even more overcrowded and prices have skyrocketed. People are being driven out of popular districts, which then devolve into total tourist traps. That really sucks and we dont want to contribute to this cycle any longer.

Weve had several bad experiences with Airbnb.

Whats more, weve had some very bad experiences with Airbnb apartments over the past few years and were very disappointed with their customer service.

We ended up emailing back and forth with Airbnbs customer service for several days, sometimes even weeks, only to come to the realization that guests ultimately get the short end of the stick when problems arise.

Airbnb has been illegal in New York since October 2016

Where did you stay in New York?

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It’s The Second Time I Visit Ny And I Still Love It

It’s the second time I visit NY and I still love it. I hope to go back gain.Greenwich Village is nice, plan 2 hours walk for Central Parc. Book a guid for 1 day to visit some highlights of NY. You can book this tour via . Also make a harbour cruise which you book as well in advance via the website of New York City.Ofcourse you have to visit some museums, but also walk in the city . Metro is easy to travel from one point to another. You buy 1 metro card and on this card you can put the amount you want.To,prepare your trip subscribe for the newsletter of nycgo.We enjoyed the restaurant Butter of our hotel Cassa Hotel, but also liked Connolly s at 45th street. Have a cocktail or nice glass of wine at the rooftop of the Hyatt hotel, also at 45th street.I bought a bag of Kate Spade, finally a bag you hardly will see here in Belgium, so more special than for example Louis Vuitton.I didn’t like the high line, it s nothing special and toooooooo busy.And if you like brownies go to the Fat witch at Chelsea market, they are really yami

Citizenm New York Bowery

12 Things Every First Timer MUST DO When Visiting NYC !
  • Neighborhood: Lower East Side
  • Book Now: From $159 per night,

This European affordable luxury brand expanded in 2018, when it opened its second New York property amid the trendy bars, restaurants, and boutiques of the Lower East Side. Here, guests find a living-room-like lobby with a café and space to work, plus a rooftop bar with sweeping views of the skyline. Wall-to-wall windows make small guest rooms feel airy and bright, while extra-large king beds, high-pressure rain showers, and free movies and Wi-Fi ensure everyone stays in comfort.

As of , all guests and visitors over the age of 12 are required to show proof of at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination upon entering the citizenM New York Bowery hotel.

This article originally appeared online in March 2017 it was updated on December 18, 2019, and again on September 30, 2021, to include current information.

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Take A Peek At The Flatiron Building

The iconic triangular Flatiron Building is a landmark on Fifth Avenue. After snapping a picture, enjoy a burger and shake at the nearby Shake Shack in Madison Square Park or from one of the food trucks. Dog lovers will want to take a few minutes to watch the canines frolick in the park’s doggie area.

This Is Incredible City And You Should Visit It

This is incredible city and you should visit it. I was twice in spring time and for Christmas. There is lot of sightsithts and museums. I recomend Met Museum. The city is pricey and you easely can spend 150$ a day only on food. Hotels are also pricey especialy in spring time. Try to eat in Essen chain of restaurant,you can eat soup and main dish for around 12$. If you want to try great food and fancy atmosphere you can eat in The Mark restaurant in same hotel. Also I can recomend Chart House Restaurant that has great food and spectacular view!!! Try to visit Park Line and Chelsey Market!

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Inside St Patrick’s Cathedral

The cathedral underwent restoration in 2016 and shines with a freshly cleaned exterior, repaired stained glass, and a painted ceiling, but the inside remains largely untouched. Regardless of your religious affiliation, St. Patrick’s is worth visiting, and it’s right across from another NYC landmark worth visiting: Rockefeller Center.

Student Accommodation In New York

The Best Things To Do In NYC With Kids (Or Without!)

New York City is home to some of the most important universities, libraries and research centres in the world, and rather unsurprisingly has become a major hub for both American and international students. If youre due to study in the city – whether it be at Columbia, NYU, Fordham or another of its reputable institutions – chances are youre currently brimming with excitement at the prospect of being a New Yorker.

Before you undertake your personal and academic quest in the city that never sleeps, its certainly advisable to make sure you choose accommodation that will give you ample opportunity to reap the fruits of life in the Big Apple. When choosing your New York accommodation with Nestpick, be sure to consider variables such as affordability, space, subway access and the quality of the neighbourhood.

Corporate Housing in New York City

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Stroll Through The Museum Of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History has a suggested ticket price of $23 but allows visitors who live in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to pay what they want at the ticket counters. Permanent exhibits at the family-friendly spot include giant dinosaur skeletons and the Hall of Biodiversity. Don’t miss the planetarium!

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