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Cheap Places To Stay In Rincon Puerto Rico

Best Hotel In Rincn: Rincn Of The Seas Grand Caribbean

Where to stay in Puerto Rico: Best Areas to Stay in Puerto Rico

This three-star beachfront hotel is an excellent choice for families visiting the Caribbean on a budget. There is a bar right next to the outdoor pool offering local cocktails and champagne as well as an on-site restaurant. We also love the beautiful gardens next door to this awesome luxury hotel.

Dorado Peaceful Getaway In Puerto Rico

Dorado is right in the middle of Puerto Ricos North Coast. Nolos Morales Park and Beach is the largest public park in the country but is largely a secret kept for locals. The unspoiled beaches, vast forest lands, and gorgeous rocky scenery make this a perfect retreat for those that really want to get away from it all.

Within Dorado, you will also find some great family-friendly attractions and welcoming locals. For this reason, we think this is another great destination for families especially if you want to stay closer to San Juan. Those looking for something off the beaten path will enjoy the local culture, which has largely been untouched by the tourism industry.

Kikita Beach is the closest beach to town, and a truly beautiful hidden spot to stay in along the North Coast. For those that would rather stay closer to the town centre, there are a few excellent luxury options, so be ready to splurge.

Accommodation In City Center

A wide range of sights and restaurants are located in the central part of Rincon. So if you like outdoor activities, choose accommodation nearby. There are , , and in the heart of the city. These objects have a rating above 8.

in the center of Rincon is an excellent option. This hotel offers a terrace, sun terrace, garden.

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Drink A Pirate At Villa Cofres While Watching The Sunset

Roberto Cofresí is Puerto Ricos most famous pirate, and even though its been almost two centuries since his death, he still inspires folk tales and adventures.

One more thing inspired by him, or at least loosely named after him, is The Pirate drink at Villa Cofresí. It is well known Cofresí loved mixing his rum with coconut, so The Pirate is a mix of four rums with coconut and cocoa creams, served in a coconut! Yes, four rums!

So, grab your coconut, sit on the deck by the beach, and relax watching the sunset. The recipe is a secret, but this YouTube video gives a brief description of the ingredients. This other post has a similar recipe, in case youd like to try it out at home.

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Enjoy The Rollers Of Rincon

Beachfront yoga in paradise Triangle to Half Moon Pose Barefoot Yoga PR ...

It’s no secret that rip-roaring surf is Rincon’s trump card. Beaches where the rollers are the prime attraction are everywhere. You could start by standing on the whitewash of Domes Beach, or crank up the challenge factor with a trip to the spraying barrels of Dogman’s. There’s another medley of easy and hard reef sections to ride at Playa Tres Palmas, which spills into the gorgeous Tres Palmas Marine Reserve and its underwater coral reefs and turtle-spotted shell gardens _ it’s also a scuba mecca. You might just need a Rincon vacation rental with room to stash the surfboard, you know.

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San Juan Where To Stay In Puerto Rico On A Budget

Budget backpackers rejoice as San Juan happens to be the most affordable as well as the overall best place to stay in Puerto Rico. That being said, the capital city has some surprisingly affordable areas you just need to know where to look. Theres no reason you cant visit Puerto Rico on a budget, you just need to know where to look.

Rio Piedras is home to the largest university in Puerto Rico and is therefore packed with budget-friendly restaurants and stores. Santurce, the cultural capital of the island, is also very affordable especially if youre looking for more creative attractions and hip nightlife. Transport into both neighbourhoods from the centre is abundant, so youll have plenty of opportunities to hit the main attractions.

Weve already given you the lowdown on our best overall picks for places to stay in San Juan, but the properties in this section are more budget-friendly. Even if you want a private apartment, there are some great options available.

We Have Great Deals On Most Of Our 4 Hotels In Rincon

Here we provide access to some quick listings based on popularity with our customers and up to date prices.

Get deals at Rincon’s best hotels online! Search our directory of hotels in Rincon, PR and find the lowest rates. Our booking guide lists everything from the top 10 luxury hotels to budget/cheap hotels in Rincon, PR

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Best Airbnb In Rincn: Beachfront Retreat

Another beautiful Airbnb Plus apartment, this beachfront retreat offers laid-back vibes and sunny mornings with unbeatable views of the Caribbean. The apartment can sleep up to four guests and is housed within a gated community, so youll be extra safe. Youll find plenty of water sports facilities just a short walk from the front door.

What’s The Best Place To Stay If You’re Looking To Rent A House For A Weekend In Or Near Rincon

Puerto Rico Travel Tips: Everything you Need to Know- Dana Berez

If you’re longing for some time out from the daily grind, check out our range of house rentals in the residential neighborhood of Puntas. It’s around 2 miles from the heart of Rincon and the perfect place to get away with loved ones for a relaxing few days. Ensenada is another hot spot for a long weekend. You’ll discover this residential neighborhood around 1 mile from Rincon.

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More Travel Options In Rincon

Whether you are traveling to Rincon for a romantic getaway, business trip, golf, or a family vacation, Rincon has great hotels which can fulfill all your needs.Its important to select the right hotel, motel, or resorts based on your trip goals.When traveling, some amenities can be the decision-maker on your vacation, business trip, or family getaway.Imagine reserving a hotel for a business trip that doesnt provide free Wi-fi for its guests.You can narrow down your hotel search and get everything you want by viewing accommodation types like motel, resort, inns, B& B, and lodge that provides amenities like pet-friendly, free breakfast, and gym or by different activities like golf, beach, ski, or casino.

Rincon Hotels By Star Rating

Rincon of the Seas Grand Caribbean Hotel, Villa Cofresi Hotel and Rincon Inn are the closest hotels conveniently located near the Rincon center.

How much does a cheap hotel in Rincon cost per night?

In the last year, a 2 star economy hotel in Rincon has been as cheap as $70.00 per night.

How much does a 3 star average hotel in Rincon cost per night?

The average room rate for a 3 star hotel in Rincon have been as low as $141.69 per night.

How much is a hotel in Rincon for this weekend?

On average, the price per night for a good 2.5 star to 3-star hotel in Rincon for this weekend can be as low as $141.69.

How much does a luxury hotel in Rincon cost per night?

What are the best independent and boutique hotels in Rincon?

Where To Stay In Rincon

If youre a first time visitor to Rincon , you mightprefer a more touristy area, but if youre a solo traveler, a localneighborhood could be more interesting. Some areas have lots of thingsto do within walking distance, but the hotels may be more expensive.To give you a starting point for your trip research, we looked at what people say about neighborhoods and places to stay in Rincon .

What are some good hotels in Rincon ?

Depending on the neighborhood you choose, you may want toresearch hotels in the area. If youd rather start with themost recommended hotels in Rincon , heres a list toget you started.

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See The Governors House

If you take a walk along the waterfront, you will come across a walled compound that is home to the Governor. Although visitors cannot enter the compound as it is the Governors home and office, you can see the buildings from the gate. The street leading to the compound is also an interesting sight, as colorful umbrellas adorn the street.

Find Romantic Weekend Getaways

The Terraces at Rincon

Getting away for the weekend with your partner could be exactly what you need. The hustle and bustle of everyday life will fade into the background when you embark on a weekend adventure to someplace new. You’ll find plenty of romantic destinations all across the country on the east coast, west coast, and everywhere in between. Within all these destinations, you’ll find a wide variety of rentals you can book for the weekend that offer premier comforts that pamper you throughout the trip.

Romantic vacation rentals tend to come with quite a few exciting amenities for you and your partner to enjoy. One of the most common in romance-oriented rentals is a hot tub. You’ll find options with a hot tub inside, but there are some with outdoor hot tubs as well. Outdoor hot tubs are particularly popular in rentals in more remote areas near beaches or in the mountains. They’re also useful for enjoying picturesque surroundings in the winter as the heated water can keep you warm while you’re surrounded by snow-covered natural splendor.

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Best Hostel In San Juan: Santurcia Hostel

Winner of the best hostel in Puerto Rico at the 2020 Hoscars, Santurcia Hostel & Bar is the perfect spot for socialising with other visitors. It comes with outstanding guest reviews, thanks to the great service and modern social spaces. It is based in Santurce, which is considered the nightlife hotspot of San Juan. Their rooftop bar is the perfect place to kickstart your night on the town.

Best Airbnb In Vieques: Casa Corona

Unfortunate name aside, this is easily one of our favourite Airbnbs in Puerto Rico as a whole! This dreamy cottage has its own pool, which you can access via veranda doors from the master bedroom. Its a short walk away from a private stretch of beach, giving you a personal slice of paradise in the middle of the Caribbean.

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Luquillo Coolest Place To Stay In Puerto Rico

Only a short drive from San Juan, Luquillo offers many of the same attractions as the city but without the huge crowds! The local beach, Balneario de Luquillo, is considered one of the best on the island, with golden sands and great local services. The town is right next door to Fajardo and is also where you can grab the ferry to Vieques.

Though officially a separate town, neighbouring Rio Grande is another excellent destination for visitors to Puerto Rico. Both towns are well-connected by public transport, and only a minute apart by car. The Rio Grande is the main gateway to El Yunque Tropical Rainforest, a luscious and verdant national park with some truly unique attractions.

Luquillo is surprisingly affordable, but most of the accommodation in the town centre comes in the form of condos and apartments. If youre looking for a hotel, neighbouring Rio Grande is a better option. Either way, its easy to travel between both towns, so this isnt a huge concern.

Best Neighborhoods & Areas To Stay In Rincon

High Quality & Cheapest place to stay in Puerto Rico

Rincon is on the western side of Puerto Rico, about a three-hour drive from San Juan, and is divided into ten different neighborhoods you can see here. The city is a popular destination for whale watching, surfing, horseback riding, snorkeling, and beach bumming. There are four main neighborhoods on the coast that are ideal for staying in the city. Lets review them one by one:

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See Puerto Ricos Capitol Buildings Rotunda

One of San Juans most prominent buildings is the capitol building, which sits overlooking the Atlantic Ocean close to Fort San Cristobel. This structure is free to enter when it is open to the public on weekdays. The most striking feature internally is the buildings rotunda, which has an elaborate mosaic ceiling. Along the walls of the rotunda are copies of the United States and Puerto Rican constitutions.

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What Are The Best Romantic Weekend Getaways In Or Near Rincon

Whether spent in a cabin, a cottage or a houseboat, a romantic weekend getaway is a perfect way to spice up your love life. Whisk your partner away for a couple of relaxing days at one of these sought-after escapes in or near Rincon:

  • Sneak off on Friday for a few nights of passion at Savor Paradise In This Blissful Over. Located roughly 30 miles from Rincon, this property comes with plenty of nice touches, including a nearby waterfront and a nearby marina.
  • Spain Meets The U. S. At ‘puerta Del Mar’. . . No Passport Required is another wonderful option that’s guaranteed to impress. It’s approximately 10 miles from Rincon and comes with golf and an ocean view.

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O: Lv Fifty Five Condado

Just steps away from the Olive Boutique lies its sister property, O:LV Fifty Five, an opulent adults-only stay that ups the ante with a sleek, designer-inspired aesthetic. Its sumptuous suites are stocked with film noiresque artwork, floor-to-ceiling headboards, black-and-white marble floors, and turquoise and purple furnishings, while a bi-level rooftop with an infinity pool fuels the decidedly grown-up atmosphere. And then theres the food scene at Raya, steered by local celeb chef Mario Paganhighlights include spiced adobo kurobuta ribs, wasabi grilled cheese, and Japanese whiskey infused cocktails.

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Things To See And Do In Vieques

Rincón, Puerto Rico
  • Kayak in the bioluminescent bay of Mosquito Bay, the nighttime tour is a highlight on any trip to Puerto Rico.
  • Puerto Rico has heaps of beaches, weve established that! One of the most unique ones is the Sea Glass Beach. Its popular with crafters and collectors for its natural crystals.
  • This area of the country is also famed for its turtles. Mosquito Pier and Punta Arenas offer great opportunities to snorkel with these beautiful creatures.
  • Another unique place to visit is Playa Negra, a black sand beach and the only one in the country. Its a pretty cool and off the beaten track spot to visit.
  • Vieques Island is inhabited by groups of wild horses, the best areas to spot them are Sun Bay Beach, Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, and around the Ceiba Tree.
  • Head for a day of adventure at the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, there are some stunning beaches for snorkelling and scuba diving as well as some great hikes.

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Cabo Rojo: Serene Nature And Jaw

If youre looking to get off the beaten path, this remote southwest locale is a great place to stay for something different than San Juan. Home to some of Puerto Ricos most scenic sights and best hikes, our Puerto Rico locals recommend exploring the wildlife refuge and Las Salinas . They tell us that the hike from Cabo Rojos iconic lighthouse to Punta Jaguey is especially lovely. Basically, if you love being outdoors then Cabo Rojo is a good place to stay!

Rincon Where To Stay In Puerto Rico For Surfing

Rincon is a municipality, located in a valley on the west coast of the main island. It is best known for its wonderful collection of 53 the Caribbean and surfing-style beaches.

Rincon Town Beach Plaza, Sandy Beach, Marias, Domes, Pools Beach, and Tres Palmas are just some of the popular options here.

Domes beach was even the site of the 1968 World Surfing Championships. Since then, top level surfers have regularly visited, either participating in competitions or honing their skills.

Surfing isnt the only water sport popular in Rincon though. As the tourist industry blossomed with the surf competitions, companies set up shops offering all types of activities. Now, everything from snorkeling and scuba diving to jet ski and boat rides is available.

Meanwhile, an incredible collection of bars and restaurants lines the seafront, catering to all manner of tastes and budgets. This gives you the chance to unwind with a drink or meal of an evening while watching some of the most beautiful sunsets you will find anywhere in Puerto Rico.

While the majority of the attractions here revolve around the water, there are some options on land too, to help you break your trip up a little. One such example is the Punta Higuero Lighthouse.

Originally built in 1892, the historic lighthouse was rebuilt 30 years later. Having now stood in its current condition for 100 years, it is a fabulous place to take in some of the histories of the area with one of its most impressive feats of engineering.

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