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Cheapest Places To Stay In Europe

What To See In Budapest Among The Best Cheap Places To Travel In Europe


If youre a history and architecture lover, youll be awe-struckby the Hungarian Parliament Building andBuda Castle. Both of these iconicbuildings are absolutely massive, and watch over the scenic waterfront below.

Another must-see sight in town is the Halaszbastya . This fortress was built in the late 19th century to embody the Neo-Romanesque style. It resembles more of a fairytale castle than one built for practical or strategic use.

From the top, youll have a birds eye view of the Danube and the rest of the city.

Stick Around For A While In Albania

Most people probably cant find Albania on a map, but it is in an enviable spot on the globe. Its on the Adriatic Sea, north of Greece and south of Croatia. If you had a reasonably seaworthy sailboat you could easily get to the boot of Italy from the coast of Albania. So theres a southern European climate, lots of great beaches, and costs are often a quarter of what they would be in Italy.

In this long coastal country you will find nice beaches, yes, plus mountains to hike, big lakes to explore, and even a UNESCO World Heritage historic town with a castle: Gjirokastër. A couple could easily get by on $40 or $50 a day here if not moving around too much. Just be advised that the public transportation system leaves a lot to be desired: theres not even a central bus station in the capital and there are no passenger trains.

Tirana is one of the most mellow capital cities I have been to. Plus, some of those beaches are close enough that you can drive there from the capital and come back the same day& mdashor have an easy weekend getaway. You can rent a beach chair and umbrella for two there for the equivalent of $3 per day. Hostel beds in Albania are often under $10 and its easy in most spots to find a double room for less than $25. A cup of espresso is often 50 cents or less, fresh produce often comes out to a dollar or less per kilo.

Cheap Travel Destinations In Europe

Valencia, Spain

Written by Sally Pederson from Loving Life In Spain.

Many people dont think there are any cheap places to visit in western Europe, but they are wrong. We first need to think about what is cheap. Spain is not as cheap as Thailand.

However, Spain compared to England, Switzerland, Canada, and many other countries is cheaper.

The key to finding a cheap place to visit is finding one that has plenty of things to do, a variety of restaurants, low-cost grocery stores, and multiple ways to get there. Valencia, Spain has all of this and more.

There are several ways to get to Valencia. Depending on where you are coming from, you may fly, take a train, or even catch a very cheap and comfortable bus from another European country.

Once you arrive the first thing you should do is wander through the city on the winding cobblestone streets. You can stop at Plaza de la Virgen, Plaza de la Reina, and Plaza Redonda.

The 13th century Valencia Cathedral, home to the Holy Grail, is a must-see.

Of course, no visit to Valencia is complete without going to the beach. Stop at Mercadona get a bottle of wine, some salads, and various bakery items all for under 10, and spend the afternoon relaxing on the sand.

Valencia also has famous gardens and parks for you to visit. These are just a few of the many free things to do in Valencia. You must also visit the incredible City Of Arts And Sciences.


This small and beautiful country is a hidden gem in the Balkans.

Warsaw, Poland

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B& bs With Shared Bathrooms

Bed-and-breakfasts can often save you money over hotel rooms, especially if youre willing to use a bathroom down the hall. And it may be less inconvenient than you think: Sometimes the room youre supposed to share a bathroom with might not even be bookedgiving you the facilities all to yourself.

Dig ItThe coziness and camaraderie of a B& B appeal to many travelersenough to overlook the possibility of having to share a bathroom. Youll save not only on accommodations but also on meals since breakfast is covered.

Dump ItB& Bs, especially those with shared bathrooms, may lack modern amenities such as flat-screen televisions or multiple outlets for charging electronics. And for travelers who arent particularly social, having to show up at a group breakfast with strangers can feel like a chore.

The Cheapest Way To Travel Europe: 11 Budget Vacation Tips

11 Cheapest Places To Visit In Europe

Would you like to travel Europe but youre afraid you cant afford it? Does a cheap Europe trip sound like an oxymoron? Well it can be if you pick the wrong places, travel at the worst time, and spend indiscriminately. Follow this advice on the cheapest way to travel Europe, however, and your vacation can be a great value.

Its hard to get around the fact that Western Europe is more expensive than the U.S. and will often be pricier than Canada is these days. However, the exchange rate of dollars to euros is quite favorable as I write this, running between 1.10 to 1.15 dollars per euro. So 115 dollars will get you around 100 euros. The rate hasnt been bouncing around much the past few years.

Ive taken a fair number of trips to Europe over the past decade, 13 countries if I remember them all, and Ill be back at least once next year to number 14. I get quoted a lot in the media as a budget travel expert on how to travel in Europe more cheaply so I thought it would be a good idea to pack a collection of these tips in one place. Use a few of these next time youre trying to ease the budget pain.

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Cheap For Hiking Wining & Dining Snacks Mountain Views City Breaks

OK, so it’s not technically one of the cheapest European countries to visit as it isn’t a European country. But it does compete in the Eurovision song contest and when you walk around the streets of the capital city, Tbilisi, along rows of EU flags and distinctly European cobbled streets and architecture, you’ll see why it’s a ‘grey area’. Great food, fantastically generous people and superb scenery make Georgia a budget destination well worth considering for your next trip. Not to mention it’s just under Ukraine on the Telegraph’s cheapest countries in the world list at no. 7!

What To Seein Sofia

Ancient architecture is on full display around the city,particularly in its houses of worship. BoyanaChurch is a Bulgarian Orthodoxchurch and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Onthe inside, youll find beautiful frescoes dating back to the 1100s.

Another cultural gem is the Banya Bashi Mosque, which was built in the mid 1500s under Ottoman rule. This mosque is asurviving testament of the Ottomans five-century rule over Bulgaria.

Sofia also boastsan array of unique sights dating back to the turn of the 20th century. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built in theneo-Byzantine style, is cladded with a massive gold dome. Though built in that finde siècle era, it certainly has an ancient eastern European feel to it.

Sofia is a cheap foodie destination

In addition to its hodgepodge of historic sights, Sofia is also a popular destination for its cuisine. The food here is similar to what youd find in Istanbul and other eastern European destinations.

A traditional Bulgarian meal includes a fine balance of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and yogurt. Like other cities in eastern Europe, Sofia is also sprawling with bars and clubs. Thankfully, they wont break the bank, as its one of the cheapest holiday spots in Europe.

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Other Highlights Of Prague Among The Cheapest Places To Visit In Europe For Budget

In Prague, a special aura dangles in the air that makes you feel like time has stood still for a thousand years. Experiencing this radiant and mystical city will not drive up your credit card bill, either.

Given how cheap and fun of a city Prague is, its considered one of the best places for students to travel in Europe.

Flat Renting And Subletting

Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe You Want to Visit

If you prefer a more homey feeling, you can rent a room or a whole flat and even sublet your own while you are away.

  • Airbnb: from apartments and rooms to treehouses and boats, rent a space for you in over 34 000 cities and 191 countries. You can also rent out your place while you’re gone and maybe cut down the costs of your trip.
  • Tripping: over 190 countries and many different options to check and compare

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Entry Into The Territory Of The Czech Republic

The rules for entering the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures are defined by the Ministry of Health Protective Measure from December 23rd, 2021 . List of countries with a low, medium, high risk and very high risk of COVID-19 transmission is HERE . Information regarding entry to other countries is the responsibility of the embassies in the countries of destination and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Quarantine measures and RT-PCR test conditions are the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. Information regarding recognition of vaccination certificates from other countries is here: The activities of diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic are gradually resumed. Depending on the epidemiological situation, the conditions for entry into the Czech Republic will also be gradually relaxed. More detailed information regarding the stay of third country nationals in the Czech Republic can be found here.

Rules for entry and return to the Czech Republic – citizens and residents of the Czech Republic

Rules for entry and return to the Czech Republic – foreign nationals with a short-term visa issued after 11 May 2020 or long-term visa issued by the Czech Republic- citizens of EU+ and foreign nationals with a long-term visa or a long-term or permanent residence permit issued by EU+

Cheap For Night Life Accommodation Attractions International Flights

Poland is hardly newsworthy as a cheap destination to visit in Europe. Many Europeans already take to the country for their budget weekend breaks. But why is it so popular? One reason is the nightlife. There’s a fact circulating the internet that Krakow has the most pubs per square kilometre in the world. Whether that’s true or not I can’t say, but there’s definitely some truth behind the rumour. The city is literally built upon medieval city bars.

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Tip #1 Travel In The Shoulder Season

If youre being wallet-savvy, then when you choose to visit Europe is just as important as where you go.

Though high-season in Europe differs by country, typically . Accommodation rates rocket, tours sell out, and some cities struggle under the weight of the influx.

In order to get the best bang for your buck, experience the best activities, and travel sustainably, plan your trip in spring, fall, or even winter. Many of the most popular cities clear-out visitors during these months and booking rates are much more reasonable as a result.

The glaring exception to this rule are places where the locals leave during summer. Parts of France, Italy, Germany, and Spain all have cities wherein a substantial portion of the population leave their city homes when the weather is nice, opting for countryside and beach vacations.

This is an awesome opportunity to nab some budget lodging during European summer.

For Spas: Budapest Hungary

11 Cheapest Places To Visit In Europe

Budapest is the only capital city in the world built on natural thermal springs and consequently it has many good-value spas. Although luxury options do exist here, the ancient bathhouses are more of a cultural experience. At Széchenyi Baths, expect to see handlebar-moustachioed men playing chess at the side of a steamy pool. Visit 16th century Császár Baths for a traditional Turkish-style experience or elegant Gellert Baths for Art Nouveau opulence.

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How Do I Travel All Of Europe On A Budget

Well, first of all, make sure you have enough money saved up on top of your travel budget! This way, you can comfortably travel anywhere your money can take you. Always do initial budget research beforehand so you can have an idea of how much it will cost you to be in one place DAILY. Budget your trip is a good website to have a rough estimate. Take this calculator with a grain of salt though, it is not 100% accurate!

The best way is perhaps to read bloggers blog posts about certain cities as some of them do include budget breakdowns. A good start would be 50/day, which should be good for most European countries!

What To Seein Prague

Prague is mostrecognized by its Old Town Square, thehistoric center of the city. This area is jam-packed with baroque buildings,colorful churches, and the worlds oldest AstronomicalClock .

A stones throw away is the Charles Bridge, a 14th-century Gothic stone bridge that connects the Old Town with the Lesser Town. When you look up, youll see the Prague Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known to be the largest coherent castle complex in the world.

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Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina has 13 national parks and preserves. If you like nature and wildlife, you should definitely visit Sarajevo, which has some of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe. Interestingly enough, this destination is also very affordable. You will be able to find cheap accommodation in Sarajevo for less than $50 per night.

Furthermore, you can eat out for less than $5 per meal. In order to put together a budget for your trip to Sarajevo, try to spend around $100 per day. Trust us: this amount of money will still be enough to see all the tourist attractions that the city has to offer!

The 25 Cheapest Cities In Europe To Rent An Airbnb

Cheapest European Countries to Visit!

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While Europe can be expensive, it is full of affordable holiday destinations, and Airbnb is a popular way for travellers to get cheap accommodation deals.

Since millions of Europeans have opened their homes to strangers on the website, we’ve teamed up with Airbnb to find out the European cities with the cheapest rates.

Looking at cities with at least 200 listings, Airbnb found bargains all over the continent in the likes of Slovakia and Poland, as well as some unexpected cheap deals in France and Germany.

From Toulouse to Tbilisi, here are the cheapest cities to rent an Airbnb in Europe, judged by the average cost of a one night stay.

Note: Some images of Airbnb listings do not reflect the average price of a one-night stay in that city.

25. Nantes, France £36.90 per night

Surprisingy, two French cities are among the cheapest in Europe to rent an Airbnb. This two-floor apartment in Nantes which sleeps up to three people and has its own balcony starts at £47.10 per night.

25. Nantes, France £36.90 per night

Two cities on the Italian island of Sicily feature in our list. This luxury room is priced at £54.20 per night around £20 over the average rate in Palermo and has breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

=24. Ljubljana, Slovenia £35.40 per night

=24. Toulouse, France £35.40 per night

=24. Riga, Latvia £35.40 per night

=24. Zadar, Croatia £35.40 per night

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Cheapest Places To Live And Travel In Europe In 2020

As we saw at the beginning of this article, places around the Mediterranean will feature heavily simply because there is SO MUCH TO DO HERE AND ITS SO CHEAP! We kick off our Mediterranean tour in

History, Seafood, Beaches, Parties & ´The Land Gate´

First on our list of cheap places to live and travel in Europe is Cádiz in the southwest of Spain in Andalucía. Cádiz boasts historically interesting places all over the city with archaeological remains dating back more than 3100 years making Cádiz the oldest, continuously inhabited settlement in Europe. Combine this with great weather, great seafood, awesome events and affordable prices help to make Cádiz a great place to spend time as a visitor or longer-term resident.

Esk Krumlov Czech Republic

Located in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, eský Krumlov is one of the cheapest cities in Europe to live . Its just a couple hours south of Prague and looks like its been ripped from the pages of a fairytale with its vibrant architecture and well-preserved Old Town.

This fairytale town offers so much more than a pretty postcard street. In fact, there are dozens of streets that fit the mold, but thats not the only draw to this magical place. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, eský Krumlov is set on a picturesque river with beautiful Baroque and Renaissance architecture as far as the eye can see. A 13th-century castle towers over the historic center, offering panoramic views all around. You can sit outside at a café or restaurant with views of all the abovefor cheap!

What sets this town apart from others in Central Europe is the sheer number of well-preserved buildings from centuries past. Formerly an important part of Bohemia, eský Krumlov retains its medieval street layout and hundreds of years of beautiful creations that came after it. While many wars had ravaged the surrounding cities, kingdoms, and empires, this town experienced centuries of peace and calm, thus preserving the personality and heritage we see today.

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How To Make Your Vacation Even Cheaper With N26

Its much easier to relax on vacation when youre not worried about money. A fully digital bank, N26 gives you control over your financial health so you can start reaching your savings goals and making smarter decisions with your money. Heres how banking with N26 makes budgeting for your next trip so much simpler:

  • With N26 Spaces, set up multiple sub-accounts that sit right alongside your main account. Assign each one a name and a savings goal. For example, A weekend in Krakow, 500.

  • With N26 Rules, you can set up automated payments that move a fixed amount of money into your vacation fund each month without you having to lift a finger.

  • With N26 Statistics, you can keep track of your spending to make sure you stay on budget both before you leave, and during your vacation.

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