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Cheapest Way To Stay In Rome

Swap Dinner With Aperitivo

HOW TO TRAVEL ROME ON A BUDGET — Budget Travel Tips // 141

Aperitivo in Italian means pre dinner drinks with nibbles but nibbles come in several shapes and sizes: some places only give you a drink with crisps and peanuts but other offer a full buffet often delicious .

In 2020, buffets have now be replaced by table service but the aperitivo idea and selection has stayed the same in most restaurants.

Where To Stay In Rome: A Complete Guide

Its no secret that Rome is basically paradise for tourists. The city is dedicated to protecting its historical and cultural heritage so youll find plenty of relics from the Roman Empire. When it comes time to decide where to stay, it can be a little overwhelming. Should I stay near the Vatican? Or maybe near the Colosseum?

In this guide to the best areas in Rome, youll find three of our favorite neighborhoods and a selection of the best places to stay in Rome.

Alysha lived in Rome for six months, and Matt loved it so much on his first trip, he made the return trip just two years later. Between us, were certainly not locals, but we have a solid working knowledge of Rome beyond a typical tourist who has been once for a couple of days.

Were here to help you learn from our decisions so that you can skip staying somewhere mediocre and find an amazing place to stay in Rome.

Keep in mind, we havent stayed at most of the specific places in this guide. However, we have explored each of the neighborhoods below, and did the research to find the top-rated places to stay in each, mostly in service of planning our most recent 10 day stay in Rome.

You can read it as here are the best areas to stay in Rome, and where wed stay in Rome if we were planning a trip.

Most people are drawn to Rome to visit the Vatican, explore the Colosseum, and to climb Palatine Hill. Others are drawn for the food, dreaming about pizza, pasta, gelato, tiramisu, and espresso.

Book Your Stay With The Romehello Hostel

Average price of a bed in a dorm is 20 and 70 for double booking via

Or book directly via the RomeHello website and if you quote BudgetTraveller , you get 10% off!

In the Giardino degli Aranci on Aventine Hill with Maura from the Roman Guy and the rest of my blogger mates. Photo courtesy of Katie Dawes, The Hostel Girl

The hostel also has excellent partnerships with local tour providers. If you are short on time and want to discover all the sights of Rome in a few hours, then I highly recommend a tour with the Roman Guy. Besides packing the main sights on foot, they offer the added luxury of a car to drive you around the sights and several hills of Rome. So from capturing the perfect panoramic shot of Rome from the dreamy Giardino degli Aranci on the Aventine Hill to capturing sunset over the magical Ancient Roman Forums behind the Campidoglio-this tour allows you to do everything. Plus if you are in a group, you can choose to customise the tour. I was keen to checkout some of Caravaggios works and our lovely guide Maura took me to Church of San Luigi dei Francesi which houses three paintings of his on the theme of Saint Matthew the Evangelist.

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Where To Stay In Rome: The Best Areas Hotels And Places To Stay In Rome

Rome, also known as The Eternal City, has been a must-see destination for literally hundreds of years. Some make their way to the Italian capital to take in the mastery of structures that have survived 2000 years since the heyday of ancient Rome. Others come on pilgrimages to see some of Christianitys most important locations, while still more come to enjoy la dolce vita, with excellent food and wine around every sunny corner.

As your accommodation choice can make or break a trip knowing where to stay in Rome is vital. In this post Ill guide you through all of Romes accommodation options describing all the different neighbourhoods and areas of this historic city and sharing my pick of the best hotels in each as well as all the essential travel tips to help you plan your trip.

Read on and soon you will know all of the best places to stay in Rome!

The 5 Best Rome Hostels

Where To Stay in Rome?

With so many to choose from, whittling this list down to just 5 was not an easy undertaking. From raucous party hostels to chic, boutique ones, we have found a hostel suit every-bodies tastes and budgets. Here they are:

HostelPass has spent years & years looking for the best places to stay in Europe, and they just came back with something GREAT.

The Hostel Card is a hassle-free solution with up to 25% discount at the most amazing hostels, tours, and experiences. Any-where-you-go.

Dont sleep on the ultimate budget travel card use code brokebackpacker at checkout for 25% off!

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Drinking From The Fountains

For a couple of millennia, Rome has had a reputation for its pristine drinking water. And the 21st century carries on that tradition. Ancient Romans built aqueducts to bring water into the city from the nearby mountains that are still in use today. Use fountains all over town for water! Bing bring a reusable bottle like a Lifestraw and fill up every time you come across one. Youll save money and youll save on plastic bottles!

Monti The Safest Neighbourhood To Stay In Rome

Monti is one of Romes more diverse neighbourhoods. Not only do students, expats and everyday Romans call the area there home, but there is an intriguing mix of architectural styles too. Ancient Rome isnt absence due to the presence of Trajans Market and the Domus Aurea, while modern shopping experiences can be had around Via Cavour and Via Nazionale.

There are a good number of places to stay, eat and drink in between primarily aimed at locals rather than tourists. It may not be as glamorous as other neighbourhoods, but Monti is one of the safest places to stay in Rome and one where you can feel more like a local and less like a tourist.

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Cheap Rome Restaurants For Lunch

Sometimes you want a nice sit down lunch, but without spending a lot.

Yes, you can eat lunch cheaply in Rome if you just go to a bar and grab a panino or tramezzino to eat standing up or to go. Or, if you have pizza by the slice, standing up, which is a traditional Roman way of eating a quick lunch.

If you want to have a nice lunch, sitting down, and want to eat well but dont want to spend too much , here are my picks:

Where Is Yellowsquare Rome

Visit Rome – What to Know Before You Visit Rome, Italy

Set near Termini Station , its three kilometres from here to Piazza Navona and the Colosseum. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the local area, and its easy to get around on public transport thanks to the proximity of Romes main train station.

The dorm options at YellowSquare Rome include:

  • Mixed dorm

Feel like a private room instead? You can choose from the following:

  • Single room ensuite

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Testaccio: The Best Place To Stay For Foodies

Testaccio is another neighborhood in Rome that is just far enough off the beaten path to be filled with more Romans than tourists. Which is part of what I look for in a neighborhood.

Testaccio is known for some of the best and more authentic traditional Italian food. Think tiny Italian delis, local markets, and restaurants serving only the best Italian food. Youll also probably save a little bit of money because its generally a little bit cheaper than other parts of the city that are closer to the main tourist attractions.

Pros and Cons of Staying in Testaccio


  • Its gritty and real. Testaccio is not the romantic cobblestone streets of Trastevere, or the manicured, carefully curated Centro Storico. Its just now becoming a place that tourists visit, which means it still has a charm that only comes from real people living there. Its still Rome, which means there are still tourists everywhere, but Testaccio has a better locals:tourists ratio, we think.
  • Its close to the Giardino degli Aranci . Which is the best park in Rome, we think, and is a great place to watch the sunset over the Tiber and the city.
  • Great, affordable food. This is an up-and-coming part of the city, and there are some great eats to be had. Dont miss the Mercato Testaccio, a mix of daily farmers market and hip food hall.


Testaccio Highlights

Where To Stay In Testaccio

Hotel San Anselmo: For a Romantic Getaway
On a Budget? Testaccio Village Guesthouse

Are Hostels In Rome Safe

Hostels in Rome are indeed safe. Things like security lockers, staff available 24-hours a day, and key card access ensure that guests will have peace of mind during their stay in Rome. As ever, it pays to keep your belongings out of sight and locked up if you are worried they may go missing.Rome itself is a safe city. But you do need to keep an eye out for things like pickpocketing and petty crime around tourist areas and transport hubs. Be sensible stay alert and keep your belongings close to you.

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Directions In Rome And In Italy

Here are some of the best and easiest to use apps and websites for getting directions in Rome and in Italy:

  • Rome2Rio – Also sometimes mis-named “rome to rio”, this app is not about going from Rome to Rio per se. It’s a great app that gives you complete directions literally from start to end, as in, “walk 20 feet to the end of the street. Wait for the bus, once off the bus, walk 2 blocks, then get the tram”, etc. It will give you all the steps so you know truly how to get from point A to point B. It will give you options including public transportation, driving , local, regional, and international trains, flights, and more. It’s a really complete direction system and easiest to use on a website where you can see the full map.
  • Waze – Waze is similar to Google Maps and especially helpful when driving.

Vacation Rentals Vs Hotels In Rome

36 Unmissable, Fun And Cheap Things To Do In Rome nel 2020

A word on vacation rentals before we dive in.

We love vacation rentals. But its worth considering the pros and cons of hotels and vacation rentals in a place like Rome.

We love vacation rentals for the slice of local living you get by staying in one. Instead of being in a hotel, where youre waited on at all hours of the day, you have a little autonomy. Not to mention space to spread out .

For us two foodies the best part about vacation rentals is access to a kitchen. I have Celiac Disease, which means I need to eat strictly gluten free. Having a kitchen allows us the flexibility to cook for ourselves, which also happens to save money.

One of our favorite things to do is go to the local market, grab some fresh local ingredients, and cook dinner at home, eating on the patio outside with a glass of wine while the sun sets over the city.

There are downsides to vacation rentals, which also happen to be on the pro side for hotels.

Its also worth noting that vacation rentals often have a negative impact on local residents, particularly the less wealthy ones who cant afford rising rents in trendy neighborhoods, which weve seen firsthand in both Seattle and San Francisco

Whichever direction you go, youre going to love Rome. We wanted to put our thoughts out on the table to help you make an informed decision about which to choose for your stay in Rome.

If you pick one of the four neighborhoods above, youre going to end up with an amazing trip to Rome.

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The Beehive Hotel And Hostel Rome

Perfect for: Couples, Solo Travellers, Vegans

Right next to Termini station, this eco-conscious hostel-meets-hotel in Rome is an oasis of calm in this fast-paced city, complete with a garden and an organic vegetarian café that offers generous portions of locally sourced, home-cooked goodness.

A hybrid of a hostel, hotel and a holistic retreat, The Beehive is the perfect place for unwinding after a day of exploring Rome. Just two blocks from the chaos of Romes Termini Station, guests are ushered into their blissful garden area, an oasis of calm and the perfect place to mingle with fellow guests while enjoying a glass of their organic wine from Umbria .

Enjoy the contemporary design elements of the place like the Phillipe Starck inspired chairs at the reception, the warm coloured interiors, Steves beautiful family portraits and facilities like the basement organic café.

The owners, Steve and Linda Brenner are passionate locals and have some great tips to share to make your stay more enjoyable, like recommending the best Gelateria in town . Breakfast is not included in the room price, but if you do splash out, it is a real treat. You have some exciting options ranging from scrambled tofu with veggies or Juk: Korean Rice Porridge or French toast with fruit and honey. They also host pop up dinners, lunches from local chefs, a yummy weekly vegan aperitivo buffet, cooking classes plus a fab monthly storytellers event.

Where Is Alessandro Palace & Bar

This fun hostel has a fantastic location right in the heart of the city centre. Youll find it very close to Romes train station, Termini Train Station, which means being able to get around pretty easily especially if you want to take a day trip from Rome. Being so close to Romes city center, theres an array of top attractions on the doorstep, including the iconic Colosseum and the Pantheon.

In terms of room options, Alessandro Palace & Bar is has quite a varied selection on offer. Youll have the following dorm choices:

  • Mixed dorm

There are a couple of private rooms to choose from, too:

  • Twin room ensuite
  • Three bed with private bathroom

Prices start from $21 USD per night.

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How To Save On Eating In Rome Besides Cheap Rome Restaurants

Other than eating at cheap Rome restaurants, here are just a few more tips to save money eating in Rome. For more tips, visit my page about visiting Rome on a Budget.

  • Stay someplace that has breakfast included in the rate.
  • If breakfast is not included, you can go to a bar and have your breakfast, but if you are in Rome on a budget, you should have it standing up, not sitting down
  • Eat street food for lunch
  • Stay in an apartment so you can make some meals at home.
  • Get some ready-made foods at just about any grocery store.

Where Weve Stayed In Rome

What NOT to do in ITALY – DON’Ts of Italy [Travel Guide]

Our own personal experience might be a good place to start this guide.

On our most recent trip to Italy, we spent a total of 10 days in Rome . Over those 10 days, we stayed in three different areas.

We spent a full five days staying on the southern end of the Centro Storico, near Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori, and it was a fantastic place to base ourselves for our reintroduction to Rome . We stayed at these apartments, and it was the perfect short-term home for five days. The apartments are fully equipped with a nice kitchen, hot showers with good water pressure , and comfortable beds.

When we returned to Rome to close out our time in Italy, we stayed in two separate places over five more days. We split our time betweenHorti 14, a gorgeous boutique hotel just outside the heart of Trastevere thats a great location in between Trastevere, the Centro Storico, and the Vatican, and RomeHello, a charming boutique hostel that is a great budget-friendly option just northeast of the Centro Storico.

Dont miss the best walking tours in Rome with Take Walks. Theyre experts in all things Rome. From their early morning tours of the Vatican, to the after hours Colosseum tour, they are hands down the best tours in Rome. If youre going to do a tour in Rome, do it with Take Walks.

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Trastevere Best For Nightlife And Bohemian Atmosphere

Once a down at heel working class district no self-respecting tourist would be recommended to visit, Trastevere now gives the Centro Storico a run for its money when it comes to the best places to stay in Rome for historic charm and atmosphere.

Smartened up but still maintaining its distinct ambience, the neighbourhood is awash with historic buildings, some dating back to medieval times. With rents cheaper than elsewhere in the city, it is popular with artists and other independently-minded residents. Its cobblestones also host a much-loved flea market at the Porta Portese on Sunday mornings and theres plenty of independent shops, cafes, bars and restaurants to check out.

Monti & Stazione Termini: Cheapest Area To Stay In Rome

Termini railway station is a well-connected and centrally-located area packed with budget hotels.

    Why is this the best area to stay in Rome:

  • Central railway station
  • Well-connected by metro

Termini is the main railway station in Italy.

Probably the cheapest area to stay in Rome, the main attractions near the station include Piazza della Repubblicca, the Roman Baths of Diocletian, the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore and the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme.

While convenient to move around thanks to its railway and metro connections, please note that this area can be a bit dangerous at night. It is best to keep your guard up if you are staying in the immediate vicinity of the train station.

Best Hotels Near Termini Railway Station

Hotel Artemide

The Artemide is set in a 19th-century building on the vibrant Via Nazionale. A free minibar and free Wi-Fi access are available in each of the elegant rooms.

Vibe Nazionale

Overlooking Romes Palazzo delle Esposizioni and San Vitale Basilica, Vibe Giolli Nazionale offers elegant rooms with parquet floors, free WiFi, and marble bathrooms. Repubblica Square and metro station are 500 m away.

Hotel Domus Praetoria

Set in Rome, 250 m from Roma Termini Train Station, Hotel Domus Praetoria offers air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom and free WiFi.

Roma Central Guest House
Generator Rome

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