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Cool Places To Stay In Kauai

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4 BEST DAY TRIPS IN KAUAI | Beaches, Waterfalls, Hiking, Snorkeling & More! [& WHERE TO STAY]

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Where To Stay On Kauai For The Best Weather

Kauai is known as the garden isle because of its lush green cliffs and valleys. Anyone with a green thumb knows that sunshine and rain are two essentials for growing a healthy garden. Kauai is blessed with a nice balance of both.

In comparison to the large resort areas on Maui, Oahu and the Big Island, Kauai does experience a bit more rain. Is that a problem? Not usually and your reward after a rain shower is a beautiful rainbow!

As you plan your Kauai vacation, youll probably want to know where the sunniest spots are. This consideration is probably more important in the wetter, winter months, than it is in the significantly more sunny summer months. Here are the major resort areas listed in order of most sunshine.

  • Poipu and Waimea on the South is by far your best bet for dry sunny days, as it averages around 35 inches of rain per year.
  • Kapaa and Lihue on the eastern side of Kauai would be your second best choice with an average rainfall of 48 inches per year.
  • The North Shore is gorgeous and very lush for a reason, it gets around 85 inches of rain annually. Even though it does get more rain, the North Shore is actually one of my favorite places to stay on the island.
  • On Kauai is that its pretty easy to navigate your way from one end of the island around to the other in just over an hour. So, if you find yourself in a rain shower on the North Shore, just drive around to the South Shore where youre more likely to find the sun.

    Kilauea Best Neighborhood In Kauai For Families

    Kilauea is on the North Shore and offers unparalleled natural scenery, which makes it a great choice when youre deciding where to stay in Kauai for your first time. In fact, the whole North Shore is filled with awe-inspiring waterfalls, towering mountain ranges, and lush tropical rainforest.

    Shane Myers Photography

    The town of Kilauea itself is charmingly rustic, filled with tropical fruit stands, and stone houses. And its rolling cliffs hide the homes of celebrities like Bette Midler and Sylvester Stallone.

    Kilauea is one of Kauais best neighborhoods if youre looking for local charm. It has plenty of historic and cultural attractions as well as budget and luxury accommodation. And there are plenty of popular restaurants in the area, so youll be spoiled for choice when it comes to your meals!

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    Vacations On Kauai: Alternatives To Kauai Hawaii Hotels Hawaii Motels And Boring Vacation Rentals The Best Place To Stay In Kauai Is Just A Click Away

    In search for Kauai accommodation or wondering where to stay in Kauai? This island is the least commercially-developed island in Hawaii, filled with breathtaking waterfalls, tidal pools, and snorkeling spots. With one of these alternative Hawaii motels and alternative lodging in Kauai, you can become closer to this exquisite scenery than you ever imagined. Visit the local sugar plantation for something new, or try your hand at windsurfing for a rewarding challenge. Everywhere you go, your desire for thrilling adventures balanced with peaceful sightseeing is bound to be fulfilled and what’s better? Everything is easily accessible from your Kauai lodging. With one of these alternative Kauai accommodations, this tranquil island is your oyster. When you visit Kauai, lodging at one of these amazing rentals is a must. Forget about Kauai, Hawaii hotels or motels in Kauai, Hawaii. Find the top Kauai lodging and the best places to stay in Kauai, Hawaii offers and book your own unique lodging. The selection of accommodation on Kauai & vacation rentals is enough to itch any craving you might have. So why not book a unique accommodation? Kauai hotels are waiting for you with tons of cool places to stay in Kauai! Discover the best area to stay in Kauai with Glamping Hub!

    South Shore Beach Highlights

    8 Best Places to Visit on Kauai  Travel Notes &  Beyond in ...
    Poipu Beach

    Who loves Poipu Beach? Water sports enthusiasts, families with little children, beach-chair dreamers, adventure seekers and plenty of lazy monk seals. In fact Poipu , was dubbed the best beach in America by the Travel Channel partially for its curved, lush beauty but also for its rare tombolo. What the heck is a tombolo, you ask? It is a naturally occurring sandbar that in this case splits the waters here into two smaller bays. To the west is Baby Beach, so called because it is a protected cozy cove perfect for even the youngest children like a gigantic bathtub. On the other side youll find a sports-lovers haven with great snorkeling and fun waves. All this is banked by a grassy park dotted with coconut palms, and includes showers, restrooms, picnic tables, nearby restaurants and easy parking. If youre not staying at a Kauai beachfront resort, you can enjoy the best of the South Shore all day here.

    Kiahuna Beach

    Though this idyllic, golden-sand beach stretches along the Kiahuna Plantation condominiums, it is open to the public. Rough waters make this a better spot for experienced swimmers, though it is calmer inside the reef. A favorite beach for beginning surfers, you may, too, want to take a lesson here but be aware of occasional and dangerous sneaker waves that can come out of nowhere, crashing down with great power and possibly even tossing you onto the rocks. Park at Poipu Beach and walk over as parking here is scarce for non-residents.

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    Where Should You Stay In Kauai

    Now that you have all this information, where will you stay? Will you live it up with the finer things in Princeville or get some mud on your boots in Waimea? Did the small town appeal of Poipu catch your eye, or were you more intrigued by the large town of Kapaa?

    Whatever your favorite is, you have plenty of information above to make the best choice. Remember to include your future travel plans, itinerary, and your fellow travelers in your decision. Everyone has a different preference and with the right plan, everyone can be satisfied.

    We hope this guide was helpful. Enjoy your vacation!

    Kauai Hikes Walks + Strolls

    Kauai is absolutely stunning and its best experienced by walking around and exploring.

    If you dont want to go back to your hotel for nap time, try putting them in a stroller or baby carrier while you go for a walk. Its a great way to maximize your time on Kauai with avoiding overly tired kids!

    Couple at the base of a Moreton Bay fig tree at the National Tropical Botanical Garden on Kauai. Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority / Tor Johnson

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    Waipouli Beach Resort & Spa

    Another great resort in Kauai for those who love to live independently is Waipouli Beach Resort and Spa. This quiet resort makes for a relaxing Hawaii vacation destination.

    The rooms at the resort are fully equipped with a kitchenette that includes an oven, microwave, small fridge, and complimentary WiFi.

    The on-site pool is fabulous and youll have easy access to a plethora of nearby restaurants and shopping experiences in nearby Wailua or Kapaa. There are also some great options for child care in the area including private nannies and resort-sanctioned child care.

    Adults will also love the on-site spa where you can enjoy relaxing massages, pedicures, and facial treatments.

    Best Airbnb In Princeville: Kauai Princeville Condo

    Best Place to Stay on Kauai

    Located in the best neighborhood to stay in for a more luxurious experience, this condo is beautiful, newly renovated, and offers complete privacy. Its suitable for 2 guests and includes a kitchen, lanai, and common BBQ area. Its also close to the beach and lots of chances to enjoy water activities!

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    South Shore Activity Highlights

    Go ziplining in Poipu

    Dont you love those dreams where you can fly? How about right through a gigantic rainforest? With ziplining you can enjoy speeds of up to 50 miles per hour on lines as long as half a mile. Fly backwards, in tandem with a friend, and even upside down. And the views? Your goosebumps are not just from those occasional rain showers . . .

    Visit Waimea Canyon

    The so-called Grand Canyon of the Pacific may pale in size to its mainland cousin but this natural wonder is no less spectacular. With dramatic gorge views, colorful hiking trails and thundering waterfalls, you almost wonder if Mother Nature was just showing off here. Dont forget to stop at JoJos for shave ice on your way back.

    Whale watch along the Napali Coast

    Kauaians do not believe in keeping sea life captive, so the only way to glimpse Hawaiis finest creatures is in their natural habitat. Hop on a comfortable catamaran that flies across the turquoise waters of the Na Pali coast. Pods of spinner dolphins race alongside you and Humpback whales can breach close enough to look you in the eye. A Napali Coast catamaran tour with Captain Andys is an adventure you will rave about for years.

    Take a helicopter ride

    Spend a day-into-night at Poipu Beach

    Hula Dance at a Luau

    Where To Stay On Kauai

    Its no secret that some of the best hotels on Kauai are clustered around the South Shore of the island. Home to Poipu Beach Park, the shops of Old Koloa Town, and plenty of excellent snorkeling spots, youll be spoiled with things to do. Plus, Waimea Canyon State Park and Lihue Airport are within easy reach so the location is incredibly convenient.

    The North Shore is the second-most popular area to stay on Kauai. While the major draw is the white sand beaches framed by the towering green mountains, you can also explore all of the shops and eateries in the bustling towns of Hanalei and Princeville. And if you want to go hiking along the scenic Napali Coast, the Kalalau Trail is just a short drive away.

    If youre traveling on a tighter budget, the east side of Kauai has a wide selection of mid-range hotels. This is the most populous part of the island, which means youll have all sorts of options when it comes to dining and shopping. And if you really want to get away from it all, a hotel in the wild and remote West Coast is a convenient jumping-off point for excursions into Waimea Canyon State Park.

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    Is It Better To Stay On The North Or South Side Of Kauai

    1000% honestly here. Kauai is the island I struggle the most with where to stay. For me, the place I stay can really make or break the trip and theres not one place that I just absolutely love on this island .

    If were talking north shore vs south shore, the north shore is 100% the most beautiful part of Kauai and in my opinion what you go to Kauai for. Buuuuut it can rain a lot and theres not a ton of places to stay up there. Ive got my fingers crossed that when the Princeville Resort reopens it will blow me away and become my go to place to stay on Kauai. So that makes the only problem the rain. If its during summer , I definitely like to stay on the north shore. In the winter, its more of a gamble.

    Heres the other downside of staying on the north shoresince their historic flooding in 2018, accessing the town of Hanalei and the road beyond has pretty much been a mess. After being shut down for almost 18 months , the road washed out again earlier this year and is now barely accessible . Unfortunately the massive amounts of rain in this area are just par for the course and ongoing problems with infrastructure are a consequence.

    Well thats a pretty long diatribe about staying on the north shore. Now you get why I said its not a perfect place to stay. Even though its probably the best. Figure that one out haha.

    So onto the south side

    Finding A Place In Kauai

    Magnificent Na Pali Coast, Kauai

    Wondering where to stay on Kauai? That’s a good question, and we have a fairly simple answer: It depends. That is, it depends on what types of accommodations, activities, and vibe you are looking for. It also depends on your budget, what type of scenery you want to be surrounded by, and proximity to the islands major attractions. In this article, well help break down each Kauai region to help you select the best location.

    Let’s get a lay of the land that is Kauai. The island of Kauai has four major geographic areas to select from when choosing where to stay. In order of popularity , they are as follows:

  • The South Shore– including Koloa, Lawai, and Poipu
  • The North Shore– including Princeville, Hanalei, and Kilauea
  • The East Coast– including Kapaa, Wailua and, in this case, the county seat of Lihue
  • The West Side– including the towns of Waimea and Hanapepe
  • OK, that may not seem that simple. However, it really isn’t that difficult because it’s hard to make a bad choice on Kauai. But each area on Kauai has its own unique flavor and atmosphere – including its own attractions and sights to see.

    On this page, we’ll cover each of the major Kauai regions you can find accommodations within. Here are this page’s highlights…

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    Comparison Of The Best Kauai Hotels

    Heres a quick overview of some of the best Kauai hotels, resorts and condos. Youll find more detailed reviews below.

    Ocean view condos on a beautiful beach $$
    Mountain view condos with tropical resort feel $$
    Most luxurious resort with huge pool $$$$
    Spacious, self-catering homes for all budgets $+

    Things To See And Do In Lihue

    Head down to Kalapaki Beach for beautiful views.

    Spend some money at the Harbor Mall or Anchor Cove Shopping Center.

    Check out the local eateries like Konohiki Seafoods or Robs Good Times Grill.

    Enjoy some swimming, surfing, or paddle boarding on the quiter beaches.

    Check out the Alekoko Fishpond, a 1000-year-old Hawaiian aquaculture reservoir.

    Spend the day on Ninini Beach and check out its Lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1897.

    Take a trip out to see Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls, and Wailua River for an unbeatable natural experience.

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    Best Area To Stay In Kauai

    Now I didnt just pick this area we stayed in willy-nilly, I have a friend who used to live in Kauai who told me we needed to stay in Kapaa.

    Its central to all and whether we go North or South, wed have a great starting point for drive time. He was right!

    There are many places you can find on airbnb thats in Kapaa and some of them are very nice, like the one we stayed in. I wouldnt hesitate to stay there again.

    A Few Kauai Hawaii Resort Highlights On The North Shore

    BEST THINGS TO DO IN KAUAI – Kauai Travel Guide – Watch Before you Go!

    The Princeville Resort

    Like the aging grand duchess of the Kauai luxury resorts kingdom, the lavish and massive Princeville Resort perches high on a cliff gazing out over Hanalei Bay. A true bucket-list destination, the Princeville is considered to be in one of the most spectacular locations on this or any other island, as it was built specifically to provide every guest room with breathtaking views of the vast sparkling Pacific, mountain ranges and unforgettable North Shore sunsets. In fact, this is the only Kauai resort that provides views of the towering emerald cliffs of the Napali coast one of the worlds unique natural treasures. Conde Nast readers named the Princeville Resort as one of the 25 Best Overall Kauai Hawaii Resorts for 2018.

    Westin Princeville

    A relative newcomer to the North Shore, the gorgeous 10-year-old Westin Kauai resort enjoys many Princeville-adjacent amenities without the crazy-high price tag of its grander neighbor. And though some balk at its lack of beachfront access, a complimentary shuttle whisks guests to and from the Princeville Resorts golden shores all day long. And what the Westin does not have in the way of sand, it makes up for with fantastic multiple pools and a breath-taking high-cliff view over Hanalei Bay and Mount Makana. Whale watching in your own backyard, anyone?

    Hanalei Bay Resort

    Wyndham Ka Eo Kai

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    The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

    When it comes to visiting Kauai with kids, The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa always stands out among the top choices.

    Located in Koloa on the south side of Kauai near Shipwreck Beach, this family-friendly Kauai resort boasts eleven on-site restaurants, loads of water features including a water park, and one of the best pools on the island.

    Whether youre interested in Kayaking among sea turtles, golfing at the Robert Trent Jones Jr.-designed Poipu Bay Golf Course, shopping for locally crafted art focused on the rich Hawaiian culture, or enjoying hula, ukelele, or lei-making classes, this Kauai resort has it all. The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa even has a Kids Club for when the adults need a little time alone.

    Without a doubt, this is one of the top, kid-friendly resorts in Kauai. You can find their latest prices and availability here.

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