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Haunted Places To Stay In Salem Ma

Is Salem Worth It

Most Haunted Places in Salem Massachusetts

Absolutely! Salem is a cool place to visit throughout the year and a fun day trip from Boston. But if you are a Halloween fan in the least, Salem is one of the best places on Earth you could possibly visit.

Salem is the place to put on your Halloween bucket list. You are going to love it!

Go enjoy the trip of your life in Salem. Then come back and tell me all about it!

More on Massachusetts:

The Hawthorne Hotel Salem

Address: 18 Washington Square W, Salem

A Salem landmark and one of the towns more luxurious accommodation choices, the Hawthorne Hotel has a haunted history. It was built across from the Salem Witch Museum and Salem Common in 1925. Linked to the Salem witch trials of 1692, the hotel experienced multiple haunting incidents. Rooms 612 and 325 are the hotspots for such paranormal activity. Some guests have even reported seeing the ghost of a woman travelling the hallways of the place.

The Colonial Inn Concord

Address: 48 Monument Square, Concord

It was first built in 1716 and since then has witnessed a fair share of drama. During the Revolutionary War, it was used as a weapons supplies store. Fallen soldiers were even treated and tended right in the hallways. For years on, guests reported spooky activity taking place through the night. In 1966, one of the tenants, a newlywed, was horrified by her ghostly encounter that she wrote down a letter detailing the incident. On a separate occasion, a tenant of Room 24 ended up sleeping in the hotel lobby on a couch after witnessing a ghost in their room.

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There Are Pirate Ghosts In Salem Too

The only thing that could really make Salem even creepier than the spirits of wrongfully accused witches would be pirate ghosts. Because pirate ghosts are all well and good when they’re on a ride at Disneyland, but most people don’t want to run into one in person.

As it turns out, pirates were big in Salem and a lot of the men who were shanghaied at places like Mercy Tavern weren’t taken on board respectable ships but were compelled into becoming pirates. In fact, Salem did a pretty brisk business in stolen goods, which is why they needed smuggler’s tunnels underneath the city. And pirates, as anyone who has seen Pirates of the Caribbean knows, pretty much always end up eternally walking the Earth.

According to Where Traveler, the Salem Waterfront is one of the most haunted locations in the city. Witnesses have reported hearing the disembodied voices of sea captains, though it’s not super clear how they know the voices come from sea captains particularly, since they’re disembodied and all. Perhaps their disembodied voices say things like “Arrgh, matey, where’s my peg-leg?” Other visitors have actually seen ghosts on the waterfront there have evidently been reports of phantom pirates emerging from the water, so just in case you needed a reason not to walk around a creepy old waterfront late at night, well, there you go.

Most Haunted Places In Salem Ma

Haunted Places in Salem Massachusetts You Can Visit

Kendra PaulsonTraveling in 2021? Please check with each state/destination for its current COVID-19 guidelines, as these are constantly changing and the most accurate, up-to-date information may not be reflected here.*Links in this article may be affiliate links, from which we may earn commission. See our Privacy Policy for full details.

On the coast of Massachusetts, Salem holds court as a town that is rich with history, but what springs to mind for most is Salems most infamous history as the site of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Thirteen women and five men were hanged, and one man suffered an unusually cruel death: death by pressing, or having rocks stacked on top of a person until it kills them. The rest died imprisoned for their perceived participation in witchcraft.

Its no wonder that these horrifically dramatic events that occurred on this land would leave a lasting impression, and a lasting impression they did, according to all who claim that multiple sites around town remain haunted by the spirits of those who were so egregiously wronged. Read on to learn where in Salem these spirits still wander in the 5 most haunted places in Salem, MA.

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Take A Halloween Themed Cruise With Mahi Mahi

One of my favorite things to do in Salem is taking a boat cruise with Mahi Mahi. No better way to take a little break from all the walking around and enjoying the city from the water. Its a seasonal activity, that runs from May through the end of October. The boats leave from Salems Pickering Wharf for a 75 min cruise.

They offer variety of harbor cruises and during October, the company adds special Halloween themed cruises, that include Tarot card reader and spooky ghost stories. These Halloween cruises are very popular, so make sure to book ahead of time.

Worst Thing To Do In Salem Massachusetts

Okay, this is weird Salem has a legendary culinary specialty, but a great many people find it unappetizing. A chop suey sandwich. Yes, literally slimy American-interpretation-of-Chinese noodles on a hamburger bun, served with a fork and knife, filling a styrofoam container with a sludgy gray puddle.

Is it popular? WellI think cult item would be more accurate. It is loved by some, and feared by many.

A lot of food specialties of the North Shore have expanded beyond their town of origin. Its because of Kellys Roast Beef in Revere that there are tons of excellent roast beef sub shops all over the North Shore!

But the chop suey sandwich? It has not caught on beyond its origins in the towns of Salem and Fall River.

Truth? While many locals are horrified that the chop suey sandwich exists, some folks unironically love it. Maybe you will, too! But I recommend a trip to Google Images and perhaps before you make the full commitment.

You can get a chop suey sandwich at Salem Lowe at the Salem Willows.

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Where To Stay In Salem Massachusetts

Wheres the best place to stay in Salem, Mass? I recommend looking for accommodation close to the city center. Landmark-wise, look for anything around the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Common, or Salem Maritime National Historic Site. Anywhere within walking distance of those locations is a great location in Salem.

Below are my top recommended places to stay in Salem:

Best Luxury Hotel in Salem: The Salem Inn This boutique hotel spans three historic mansions in the heart of downtown Salem an absolutely perfect location. The rooms have historic touches, some with fireplaces, lace canopies, and Persian rugs.

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Salem: The Hotel Salem Modern, colorful, and sexy, everything in this boutique hotel in downtown Salem is a designer showpiece. The rooftop deck is a great place to watch the sunset. Definitely a foil to The Salem Inn, in a wonderful way.

Best Budget Hotel in Salem: Hampton Inn Salem Not dirt-cheap, but an excellent deal at a much lower price point. Cookie-cutter but clean and comfortable rooms, plus a gym and pool on the premises.

Bonus: Bucksteep Manor Washington


Address: 885 Washington Mountain Road, Washington

Although charming on the outside, the Berkshire estate is chock full of creepy hauntings. The manor which is over a century old is home to a phantom monk. He can be visibly seen roaming the grounds of the estate by night time. The place is not open to visitors and has recently been sold to a non-profit organization.

If you are a resident of Massachusetts or simply are dropping by, it is absolutely necessary to visit or stay at one of these hotels and inns. There is no greater joy than having yourself spooked in some of the scariest spots in the country.

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Haunted Places In Ma That You Can Visit

When you want to get spooked, these creepy Bay State sites are sure to send shivers up your spine

Massachusetts can lay claim to some of the scariest ghost stories and hauntings ever recorded. From a former Revolutionary War hospital-turned-inn and a mysterious park rumored to host satanic rituals, to a grisly family murder and the horrifying Salem Witch Trials, the shadows of our states dark past are never too far. Thrillseekers have plenty to keep them busy, as they explore eerie areas in search of hair-raising spectral sightings and paranormal encounters. Weve gathered 10 places rooted in the spookiest local lore for you to visit . Investigate at will, but be warned: These are the homes of the undead Youre merely a guest.

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Pose As A Witch In A Photo Shoot

Yes, you read that right. You can have a photoshoot done with a witch-like theme. That makes the ultimate Salem souvenir! It would make for a fun and memorable experience in Salem, thats for sure.

This Witch Photo Shoot occurs on a stage set in Olde Salem Village in 1692. Youll get to wear a costume and take several photos in different backdrops. This experience costs $70 per person.

This Witch Cottage Photo Shoot has a background of spell and potion books for posing. Youll also be given a costume to wear during the photo shoot. This simpler photo shoot costs $30 per person.

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The Ghosts Of The George Parkman House

Located on Lowell Street, you’ll find one of the most haunted places in Salem – and with a name like Bunghole Liquors, we know you’re interested.

While we do not go here on our Ghost Tours, it is still an important place to know about if you’re looking for the most haunted places in Salem. Who could be haunting this former funeral home in Salem, Massachusetts?

Our Boston Ghost Tours

Boston and Ghost City Tours are made for each other! Our historically accurate Ghost Tours are perfect for a haunted and historic city like Boston. Click the link below to check out our Boston Ghost Tours.

The Haunted Granary Burying Grounds

Haunted Places in Salem Massachusetts You Can Visit

The final resting place for American Patriots such as Paul Revere and John Hancock, the Granary Burying Grounds is easily one of the most historically significant cemeteries in Boston. It also happens to be one of the most haunted.

When the sun goes down, the ghosts come out – and for hundreds of years people have reported ghostly apparitions in Granary Park.

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Visiting The Haunted Hawthorne Hotel

For those stopping in Salem, Massachusetts, a stay at the luxurious Hawthorne Hotel is an absolute must–especially if you are visiting for Halloween.

For twenty years now the hotel has hosted a major Halloween bash and tickets often sell quickly. Throughout the rest of the year, the Hawthorne Hotel is still a place to consider staying. Its centrally located and connected to the restaurant, Tavern on the Green, which is a local favorite.

And, should you be interested, they even have packages that include tickets to the Witch Museum or the House of Seven Gables, all of which allow you to amp up your trip with spooky, witchy delight.

Will you be staying at the Haunted Hawthorne Hotel? If you do, dont forget to choose Room 325 or 612. What good is a trip to Salem if you arent kept up all night by the ghosts of the hotel?

Our Salem Ghost Tours

Are you visiting Salem? Want to learn more about Salem’s most haunted places? Join us on our nightly tours of Salem’s most ghostly locations.

How Much Time To Spend In Salem Massachusetts

Most people visit Salem as a day trip from Boston or elsewhere in New England. Can you do all of Salem in one day? You can see most of the big sights in a day.

But to really experience Salem, especially if you want to see all the sights and take multiple tours, youll need more than a day trip. Give yourself a night or two to immerse yourself in the city and really get a feel for the witchy side of town if you have the time to spare.

And if youre visiting during October for Haunted Happenings, you might be interested in spending a few days and attending several parties and events. Check the event schedule and go wild!

Too much time in Salem? I recommend heading up to Newburyport. Its a beautiful seaside town on the same train line as Salem.

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Why Is Salem Haunted

The famed Witch House, is the dark and foreboding former home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, the man responsible for condemning accused witches to their death. This building is the only one in Salem with actual ties to the Salem Witch Trials that is still standing today.

The tour culminates with a visit to Salems Old Burying Point Cemetery, dating back to 1637. This is the final unhappy resting place of Jonathan Corwin, prosecutor, and judge for the 20 women put to death.

About 16 miles north of Boston, Salem is a town of just over 40,000 inhabitants. Salems commitment to preserving its shameful history has made it a perfect spot for spirits to linger and for visitors to experience a connection with the past.

Each year during Halloween weekend, about 250,000 visitors and tourists flock to the town in order to experience the best of Witch City. How did Salem become the center for all these haunted happenings?

Salems rich history and the fact that many of its oldest structures and most notorious sites are well preserved today, giving it a truly eerie feeling.

The Salem Ghost Tour takes you to all of these sites and reveals their true stories so that you can feel connected to the history that took place there. Experiencing these stories in the dark and at the sites where they occurred is a unique experience that cant be recreated by simply reading about their history.

Reserve your spot on the Salem Ghosts tour today to get a more authentic experience!

George Stoppel Farmstead In Rochester Minn

Paranormal Salem – 5 Haunted Destinations You MUST Visit

Historic 1880s farmstead of George Stoppel at the History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, Minn. is one of the stops on the Haunted Rochester Trolley Tour.

We took a fascinating daytime tour of the historical grounds and buildings while guests of The History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, Minn. This tour transported us back to what life was like living in Minnesota during the 1860s. One of the highlights was the George Stoppel farmstead where he and his family and his brothers family first lived in a cave on the property during the first winter.

We returned that evening as a stop on the Rochester haunted trolley ride. Now while the Stoppel farmstead seems harmless during the day , I must confess this historic place in Rochester, MN gives off a different vibe at night.

One of the Rochester haunted trolley guides shared a story of not only seeing an apparition of a man in front of the Stoppel house, but that she was physically pushed away when approaching the front stoop. Again, Im a scared skeptic so heres my lovely and not-so-scary experience as guests at the History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, Minnesota.

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Best Time To Visit Salem Massachusetts

The best time to visit Salem is definitely during the month of October for Haunted Happenings. Salem residents take the month of Halloween seriously and plan fall and spooky-related events all month long! Youll find something interesting to do every single day during October, and Halloween night is a once-in-a-lifetime experience here!

Keep in mind, however, that October is a very crowded and expensive time to visit Salem, with accommodation prices peaking on Halloween night.

Other than Halloween, shoulder season is the name of the game. September is a wonderful time to explore Massachusetts, with the leaves turning toward the end of the month. May and June can be very pleasant times to visit, though be careful to watch out for rain. Early November can still feel a bit like fall with nice yellow leaves.

Visiting Salem in the summer can be beautiful but very hot. Be sure to hydrate, wear sun protection, and take breaks. July and August are also a time for busy crowds and high prices throughout the Boston area.

I generally recommend avoiding Boston if youre not used to very cold and snowy winters. If youre from Chicago, youll know what youre getting into if youre from Texas, you will be gobsmacked by the cold.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel, on a Georgia barrier island, welcomes railroad magnate Samuel Spencer, who prefers the Clubs Annex and its airiest and brightest of all suites on the second floor, last door on the left. Although Spencer departed this world in 1906, according to a hotel spokesperson under mysterious circumstances, while riding a train that was struck by another, he nonetheless is said to sip coffee and read the newspaper in his favorite quarters during early morning hours.

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