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How Long Do You Have To Stay In The Navy

Getting Ready To Train

How long can I be in the Army?

An excellent way to determine your fitness level is to undergo a fitness appraisal.

Talk to your doctor before starting a fitness routine or appraisal, particularly if you have a heart condition, feel chest pain, lose your balance or consciousness, have a bone or joint problem, or take drugs for a blood pressure or heart condition. Tell your doctor about the kinds of activities you want to do and follow his or her advice.

Enlistment Contracts For Enlisted Personnel

Because active duty tours for enlisted personnel have several lengths, it’s important when enlisting to be clear about what you’re signing up for and how long your particular tour will last. This information along with bonuses, job training guarantees, preferred occupational area and any other incentives are all contained in your enlistment contract. As of June 2018, the Navy offers enlisted personnel initial enlistment periods of two, three, four, five and six years. In almost all cases, additional service in the Navy Reserves is also required, following active service

Costs To Consider Before Leaving The Military

There are pros and cons of staying in the service or transitioning to a civilian job, but a persons decision comes down to their individual situation. Base your decision on long-term conditions of your particular situation rather than short-term ones. Short-term conditions, such as a bad boss, can change, but long-term financial goals should be considered more carefully.

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Ready To Make The Leap Into Home Ownership

The Department of Veterans Affairs home loan program took shape near the end of World War II and has been used by millions of service members and veterans since then: Nearly 3 million have VA-backed loans at present, and more than more than 700,000 loans are issued on a typical year.

What it is

The VA guarantees a percentage of an eligible beneficiaries home-purchase or home-refinance loan, allowing the lender to provide better, more affordable terms and often letting the borrower seal the deal without a big cash down payment.

What it does

Eligible service members and veterans can apply, via private-sector lenders, for home-purchase loans. As of 2020, there are no VA loan limits for veterans who have the full VA loan entitlement. For a VA-backed home loan, youll still need to meet your lenders credit and income loan requirements in order to receive financing. These VA home purchase loans can be used to buy manufactured homes or homes under construction, in some cases, but not mobile homes.

The VA loan program also offers cashout refinance loans.

Veterans receiving VA disability compensation are exempt from fees. Other loans, including joint loans, construction loans and loans to cover costs of energy-efficient repairs, also can be backed by VA. Consult your lender for information.

Action items

The key step for service members and veterans is to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility, either through the eBenefits site or via their lender, to be eligible for a VA-backed loan.

Pro: Career Opportunities After Service

Why do soldiers keep their hair short?

The Navy equips Sailors with a lot of specialized skills and training, which can be used to find rewarding careers after the military.

Those with an active security clearance at the time of separating from the service are able to use that as a bargaining tool with potential employers to get higher pay or added benefits, since the new employer will not need to pay for the extensive background investigation that is needed with a new clearance.

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How Long Will I Serve

Enlisted positions typically require an initial service commitment of four years, but positions involving longer-term training may involve five- or six-year obligations.

Officerpositions typically require an initial service commitment of three to five years, but positions involving longer-term training may involve longer service obligations.

Changes In Length Of Active Duty

When you join the Navy, whether as an enlisted person or an officer, no matter what it may say about your required minimum length of time on your service contract, in theory at least, you may find your active duty length of service extended beyond the contract. In practice, that has only rarely happened. What is less unusual, is for sailors and especially Naval flying officers, who have completed active service and who remain in the Naval Reserve, to find themselves recalled to active duty. This happened after 9/11 these additional duty tours were generally for a 24 months.


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Are Females Allowed In Submarines

Currently, the Navy has 84 female officers and 219 enlisted female sailors serving on submarine crews. Female officers serve on 19 submarine crews, and female enlisted sailors are part of eight submarine crews. Lt. These crews will be integrated after the required berthing modifications are complete, Cole said.

Pro: Physical Fitness Requirements

50 Navy Seals – How long did it take me to do them? –

The Navy has a strict set of physical standards, including height and weight limits, grooming standards, and physical fitness tests.

Sailors take a Physical Readiness Test, or PRT, every 6 months.

This consists of sit ups, pushups, sit-and-reach, and cardio .

They must meet minimum requirements to pass.

Fortunately, commands also have physical fitness leaders to help those who may be struggling to get and stay in shape.

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Officer Tours Of Duty

Most Naval officers join through the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps , a program associated with college attendance. Upon completion of ROTC and/or four years of college, the next step is Officer Candidate School, which lasts 12 weeks. It’s also possible to receive a direct commission without a college degree, although in peacetime direct commissions are rare and are usually offered only to individuals with special skills.

Initial active duty lengths commonly range from three to five years, with an added reserve duty requirement that generally brings the total of active and reserve duty to eight years. Certain specialties – the most common being flight status – require much longer commitments. Upon completion of flight training, for example, a Naval officer must complete an additional 8 years of active duty service following completion of flight training.

Con: No Choice Of Where To Live

The Navy does its best to take Sailors requests into account when looking at relocation, but the needs of the service always come first.

This means that you may not receive your first, second, or even any of your top choices of assignment.

The exception to this rule is for Sailors who have family members with disabilities that require specific care and are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program.

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Learn About The Reserves And National Guard Just In Case The Active

I was surrounded by Navy Reserve officers on the staff. Some of them were full-time civil-service employees while others were contractors, and Id occasionally see them in uniform for active duty or drill weekends. One of the Reservists had even been a shipmate on our first submarine. I asked them a few questions about their billets, pay, & pensions yet I never really made the time to learn about the system. My spouse was working alongside Reservists, too, but we only saw them once a year for their two weeks of active duty.

To be fair, the Reserves were a minority of the staff. Our commands were also filled with active-duty junior servicemembers who were separating at 8-12 years of service, and older ones who were retiring at 20-30 years. I identified much more with those groups.

If Id made the mental bandwidth to analyze my options then I wouldve eventually realized that Reserve pensions are based on the pay tables in effect when the pension starts. By federal law 10 U.S. Code section 1407, the pensions length of service would have also been at the maximum pay scale in retirement rank, not just the years of service when a Reserve/Guard member applied to retire. Thats also in the Financial Management Regulation section 030205.A.2.

I didnt understand any of that.

How Long After I Get Out Of The Military Do I Have To Go In The Reserves

How Congress Can Help Keep More Military Families Together ...


Military service comes in two flavors: active duty and reserve duty. The Department of Defense says that once you finish your active duty, you may have to serve several years in the reserves. Your reserve obligation termination date depends on how much time you spent on active service.


When you enlist, your military contract normally commits you to eight years of service. If you complete your active duty requirement before eight years are up, you have to serve the rest in the reserves. Each U.S. military branch, from the Coast Guard to the Air Force, has its own pool of reservists.

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How Can The Air Force Pay For College

Once you join the Air Force, the Air Force Tuition Assistance program pays tuition costs for college classes you take in your off-duty time. This is not a loan and is at no cost to the Air Force member. Using the Tuition Assistance program will not have any effect on the availability of Post-9/11 GI Bill funds.

Travel Documents For Permanent And Conditional Residents

  • If youre absent from the U.S. for less than one year:
  • No additional document is required.
  • Show your Green Card upon your return.
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    Active Duty In The Navy

    Being an active duty sailor means that the US Navy is your job- your day job, your night job, your real job. The Navy is the overseer of your household and livelihood. It dictates where you will go when you will go there, and how long you will stay there. This place the Navy sends you is called a duty station.

    Love Your Work And Enjoy Your Play

    How Long Do You Stay In the Gas Chamber for????

    An active lifestyle is an important element of Navy life, this doesn’t stop just because you’re serving at sea. Enjoy daily group personal training in the onboard fitness facilities, or play group sports like hockey out on the deck. We believe hard work should be rewarded with appropriate down time, and you’ll be provided opportunity to relax. Kick back with a cuppa and chat to friends, catch up on emails, you might even join in a friendly video game competition with your mates.

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    Join The Regular Force

    Members of the Regular Force serve full time protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty. They contribute to international peace and security, and work with the United States to defend North America. They are ready to respond at a moments notice to threats, natural disasters or humanitarian crises at home and around the world.

    Is Leaving The Service The Right Thing For Me To Do

    This question poses a dilemma for military service members when they reach a financial impasse in their military careers typically at 20 years in the armed forces to stay in the military or get a civilian job.

    It really is a case-by-case thing, but I think the thing that surprises most people is you cant just look at the salary differences. When you factor in the lost benefits, you have to earn a lot more. A service member should base the outcome on criteria including taxes, benefits, life insurance and retirement savings.

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    Stay On Active Duty For As Long As Its Challenging And Fulfilling

    Personally, I enjoyed my first 10 years of active duty. After my second submarine, my dual-military spouse and I wanted to stay in Pearl Harbor. I couldve taken just about any career-enhancing billet but we wanted collocation. There seemed to be plenty of billets in Hawaii and we werent interested in moving thousands of miles just for the job. Again.

    I took the first Pearl Harbor vacancy that came up at my rotation date: shore duty on an admirals staff. I didnt appreciate that Ops & Plans was a 60-hour/week deadline-fueled job, and I wouldnt have cared. We were perpetually overwhelmed by real-world crises with submarine missions or by the inevitable paperwork crisis du jour. Even message traffic was largely screened by hand and routed in paper.

    We also started our family as I started shore duty, which meant we encountered sleep deprivation at home as well as from work. We were overwhelmed on the domestic front too.

    What About My Hair And Beard

    National Guard History Quiz

    Grooming standards in the Navy exist to promote neatness, cleanliness and safety.

    Men are expected to keep their hair short and neat.

    A religious accommodation request can be submitted for personnel to wear a beard.

    There is no requirement for women to cut their hair short. Short hair is permitted to be worn down if it falls above the collarbone. Long hair is expected to be pulled back in a bun, ponytail, braids or corn rows.

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    Duration Of Stay In The Us

    The Arrival/Departure Record stamped in your passport when you arrived shows how long you can stay in the U.S. If the notation is:

    • A specific date – you can stay in the United States until that date.
    • “Duration of Status” – you can stay as long as you meet the conditions of your visa.

    Do not confuse the notation with the expiration date of your visa.

    Where Does Basic Training Take Place

    For all full-time regular force candidates, basic training takes place at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

    All part-time candidates joining their local Primary Reserve unit will undergo similar basic training objectives. Reserve units will conduct their Basic Training either at the local reserve unit location or at a Canadian Armed Forces training centre. Locations vary depending on units. Talk to a Primary Reserve unit recruiter for more information on their Basic Training program.

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    Your New Retirement Benefits: The Biggest Change In Decades

    As of 2018, all service members entering the military are automatically enrolled in the new Blended Retirement System, or BRS. Only those with service prior to 2018 remain in the legacy, all-or-nothing 20-year pension plan.

    BRS combines traditional monthly retirement checks of the legacy system with some new features that allow military members to take some government benefits with them even if they dont serve up to the 20-year mark to qualify for a retirement pension.

    Historically, only 19 percent of active-duty service members and 14 percent of National Guard and Reserve members serve long enough to get retirement benefits.

    In 2018, more than 400,000 eligible service members opted in to the new BRS, out of the 1.6 million currently serving active-duty and reserve troops who were eligible to make a choice between the legacy system and the new system.

    Whether you opted in or are part of the new crop of service members automatically enrolled in BRS, you need to pay attention to the key elements of the BRS, because its a critical part of your retirement planning and financial future:

    Retirement pay

    Those currently retired under the legacy system will see a 1.3-percent increase in monthly their monthly benefits in 2021, down from 2020s 1.6-percent cost-of-living increase.

    Thrift Savings Plan

    Continuation pay

    Lump sum retirement pay option

    You can find more information about the Blended Retirement system here.

    Pro: Travel The World

    How Long Can A Black Powder Revolver Stay Loaded?

    The Navy really is one of the best ways to get paid while seeing the world.

    Chances are that during a 4-year enlistment, you will deploy at least 1 time, often on a ship.

    Most ships stop at 4-8 ports during their deployment and some stop at even more.

    At each port visit, the Navy sets up tours and cultural excursions to help Sailors make the most of the opportunity.

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    How Long Is Navy Training


    Depending on the type of job you work in the Navy and the length of your military contract, you may be able to receive benefits that allow you to travel to other parts of the world and get a full education paid for by the government. But first you must graduate from training programs, some which are mentally and physically rigorous.

    Reserve Obligation Termination Date

    The reserve obligation termination date at which you can say goodbye to all military service is shaped by your enlistment contract but also your personal circumstances. The DOD says that when you enlist, it’s for an eight-year hitch, but only part of that has to be on active duty.

    For example, the U.S. Air Force says that suppose you enlist with them, serve four years active duty and then step down. You still have four years to serve, so you become an Individual Ready Reserve Air Force member unless you choose the Selected Reserve. You’ll stay a reservist until you’ve completed your eight years.

    Of course it’s also possible that, like thousands of other enlistees, you’ll discover you like having a military career. If you complete your full eight years or more, you have no obligation to enter the reserves. However, the Army says many soldiers join the inactive reserve anyway as a way to earn extra money in a profession they’re already skilled in.

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