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How Long To Stay In Sauna To Lose Weight

How Different Types Of Saunas Work

How to use a personal sauna to help lose weight, tighten skin and reduce fatigue or joint pain

A sauna is defined as a room thats heated to temperatures between 150ºF and 195ºF . Finnish-style saunas are considered dry, while Turkish style saunas have lots of steam. People typically spend around 15 to 30 minutes in a sauna.

While the temperatures and humidity levels vary, saunas generally work the same when it comes to how your body reacts.

These are the most common types of saunas:

Dont Use The Sauna Before Your Workout

If youre going to go into a sauna you need to do it after youre done exercising for the day. Youll get more out of it this way because the sauna increases the effects that your workout had.

If you go before you wont be able to reap the same rewards. Youll also dehydrate faster which will result in heatstroke.

How Much Water Should You Drink To Promote Lose Weight How Long To Stay In Sauna To Lose Weight

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What Happens If You Stay Too Long In A Sauna

Contrary to popular belief, higher temperatures do not correlate with better results from a sauna so long as your body begins to perspire, youve initiated the healing process. If you stay in a sauna too long, particularly a hot-air sauna, you risk severe dehydration and symptoms of heat-stroke like dizziness and headaches.

Sauna Weight Loss Tips

How Long To Stay In Sauna To Lose Weight

If you have a sauna or are considering purchasing one, in addition to the overall health benefits of basking in heat, you can also enjoy weight loss benefits. Using a sauna alone wont produce dramatic weight loss results but, as part of a healthy lifestyle, can enhance the effects of diet and exercise. Today well explore five ways you can use a sauna to lose weight and, when youre ready to purchase a sauna for your home or upgrade to a new infrared model, contact Black Pine Spas to see our array of stylish and affordable saunas for your home.

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Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

Exercise is one of the largest factors in getting in shape and losing weight. Experiencing any discomfort in your joints or muscles is a deterrent to getting active, and it is easy to use minor aches and pains as an excuse to not get motivated. You can reduce, and sometimes even eliminate, aches and pains by using an infrared sauna.

The infrared heat therapy penetrates deep into muscles and tendons to release tension. The heat alerts the body of a false fever that results in a higher production of white blood cells to help reduce swelling and inflammation. Increased blood flow also promotes faster healing of muscles. With less tension, improved mobility, and more efficient healing, getting active for weight loss is more plausible and enjoyable.

What Happens If You Stay In A Sauna Too Long

Saunas can be great for your health, but like most things, overdoing it is not recommended. When in a sauna, the temperatures increases your skin temperature up to 104 degrees, and youll start sweating.

When you spend too much time in a sauna, you may experience:

  • Dehydration
  • Dizziness
  • Exhaustion

in the most extreme cases, you may even pass out from staying in the sauna too long. The general rule of thumb is to leave the sauna if you start feeling dizzy, nauseous or extremely tired.

Saunas can be great for your health, but you will want to take your time and get accustomed to the elevation in body temperature. If you decide to use a sauna weekly, you can experience great health benefits, including:

  • Detoxification
  • Better skin
  • faster muscle repair

A lot of people claim that staying in a sauna will also relax them and alleviate a lot of stress. Since saunas are so readily available and affordable, a lot of people are buying them for their homes and enjoying all of these health benefits right from the comfort of home.

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Saunas And Heart Health

The high heat levels you experience in a sauna cause your blood vessels to open up and move closer to the skins surface. When blood vessels expand, your circulation improves, and your blood pressure gets lower.

Some recent studies have found links between regular sauna use and improved heart health. However, people who have heart issues, such as an irregular heartbeat or recent heart attack, are usually told to avoid saunas.

People with high blood pressure can use saunas, but the

Should I Use A Sauna Or Steam Room

Saunas: Good or bad for your heart?

If your gym or spa has both a sauna and a steam room, you might be tempted to use both. Since they offer similar benefits, its fine to stick to just one during your visit.

If youre trying out both, there isnt any rule about which you should visit first. Go with your personal preference, but always allow your body a 10-minute break before starting another session. Youll also want to take a quick shower between them to be polite to any other users.

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What Is The Sauna And How Does It Work

Before we discuss how many calories you can burn in the sauna, you should understand the way how it works.

The sauna is a cabin heated to the temperatures from approximately 90 to 194 F , depending on the type you want to use. Basically, all of them affect the human body the same way even though the levels of the temperatures and humidity vary.

The most popular types of saunas:

  • Wood burning sauna It is the traditional sauna. The wood-burning stove heats the rocks while reaching the high temperatures. The level of humidity is quite low inside.
  • Infrared sauna The principle of working the infrared sauna is based on using light waves to heat the human body without heating the cabin.
  • Electrically heated sauna That type of sauna uses an electric heater placed on the wall or floor to heat the cabin. It provides high temperatures with a low level of humidity.
  • Steam room It is the place offering almost 100% of air humidity, while the temperatures are low.

Youll Burn Even More Calories

The hot temperatures of the sauna will cause you to keep burning calories long after your workout is done. It does this by supercharging your metabolism. This boost will keep going for several hours after you exit the sauna.

The heat also gets your heart pumping faster. Your body will have to burn off extra calories in order to give you energy.

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Improved Sleep & Relaxation

Have you ever snacked when youve been stressed? Or reached for unhealthy treats when your energy has been low? Feeling well-rested and relaxed helps us make better dietary decisions and stay on track for weight loss. Infrared sauna use puts you in a parasympathetic state that helps you unwind and sleep well, which will leave you feeling motivated to make healthy decisions to reach your weight goals.

How Often Should You Use A Sauna

How Long To Stay In Sauna To Lose Weight

Spending time in a sauna can be taxing on your body, but it really depends on the type of sauna that youre using. An infrared sauna can be used safely every day. But most people will spend up to 20 minutes, three to four times a week inside of a sauna.

There are some individuals that will spend 30 to 45 minutes in a sauna per day, but they will often break this up into two different sessions to ensure that they do not come too dehydrated.

Find the perfect amount of sessions for you per week and adjust as you see fit.

If youre new to using a sauna, I recommend going in three times a week and then boosting up your endurance as you see fit. While you may be able to use your sauna daily, it isnt required to experience all of these health benefits.

All you need are a few sessions in your sauna per week to start experiencing the health benefits. Start slow, and remember to be cautious that if you do feel sick, tired or dizzy while in the sauna, get out and let your body cool down.

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Sweating The Pounds Off: How Much Weight Can You Lose During 15 Minutes In A Steam Sauna

Its every dieters dream to be able to lose weight without exercising. One recent fad is using steam saunas to sweat excess weight away without lifting a finger, which sounds too good to be true. Just how much weight can you lose by sitting in a sauna?

The Miraculous Sauna Experience

People have been using saunas for thousands of years, and theres no question that they are relaxing. Sweating can be a healthy way to cleanse your body and even rejuvenate your skin. Your body also has to work harder to produce sweat, which does burn more calories. Some people have reported losing up to five pounds after a single sauna session, and athletes sometimes use them to help make weight before competitions.

Too Good To Be True?

If you weigh yourself before and after sitting in a sauna, you will probably see a noticeable difference on the scale. Unfortunately, that weight loss is almost entirely water weight. While it may seem miraculous in the short term, it doesnt help with long-term weight loss and typically comes back as soon as you eat or drink something.

Sauna Safety Tips

While saunas are generally safe, there are potential risks. Dehydration is the biggest one, especially if you use a sauna after a workout. It can cause dizziness and headaches, and it can lead to serious health problems if you dont hydrate promptly. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after using the sauna.

Is Using A Sauna Worth It?

What Is Water Weight

One thing that is very important to consider on the topic of steam room and infrared sauna weight loss is water weight, or the collection of fluids in your tissues. This buildup of fluid causes bloating, and can make the scale fluctuate by 2-4 pounds every day. If you hear about something that will help you lose weight quickly, water weight is typically being targeted. While it is a quick weight loss tip, long-term weight loss requires more than simply losing water weight.

There are a number of ways to reduce water weight, including reducing sodium intake, reducing carbohydrate intake, increasing water intake, and sweating it out something both infrared saunas and steam rooms are great at helping you achieve.

Unfortunately, the weight lost from this process is merely water weight and no fat burn. This means, as a stand-alone activity, the results of using a sauna or steam room for weight loss are very short-term and the weight will return once you drink water again.

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How Long Should You Stay In A Sauna For Weight Loss


Keeping this in consideration, how long should you stay in a sauna to lose weight?

People typically spend around 15 to 30 minutes in a sauna.

Similarly, how many calories do you burn in a sauna for 10 minutes? Some manufacturers of infrared saunas claim that everyone can burn from 300 to 1000 calories during one session of 30 minutes. On average, it is from 10 to 33.3 calories a minute!

Thereof, how much weight can you lose in a sauna in 1 hour?

five pounds

How long should you stay in a sauna?

Check your sauna timeDue to health risks, which include fainting or heat stroke, experts generally recommend staying in a sauna for no longer than 12 to 20 minutes. After that, you should exit the sauna and let your body cool down for at least 20 minutes. This could include dunking yourself into a cold pool.

Use It For Stress Release

How To Use The Sauna To Lose Weight ,Build Muscle and Increase Endurance

Spending some time in the sauna can be a real therapeutic experience, helping you relax and destress from your everyday life. The majority of people who are struggling with losing weight are under tremendous amounts of stress which keeps them in constant fight or flight mode, creating a false sense of danger which makes their bodies hold on to every little ounce of fat in order to protect itself.

It is also stimulating highly inflammatory responses in many different areas in the body which turn on light little lightbulbs and communicate amongst each other to prevent you from turning them off quite as easily.

That is where regularly closing your eyes and sweating it up in the sauna can come quite handy. Let yourself breathe in that hot air and use it to release all tension that is building up on the daily. You can even include some relaxing music, essential oils, or even CBD oils which are known to help with weight loss.

Creating relaxing rituals and making them a part of your regular routine can do wonders for your overall health and wellness, helping you not only lose the unwanted pounds, but also maintain a healthy weight long-term.

In addition to sweaty sessions, it is important to implement other healthy habits such as adding exercise prior to your self-care time, lots and lots of fluids and hydrating foods, prioritizing sleep, as well as getting lymphatic drainage massage to help speed up the process.

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Is There Any Benefit To Using A Sauna

Beyond pleasure and relaxation, emerging evidence suggests that sauna bathing has several health benefits, which include reduction in the risk of vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease , stroke, and neurocognitive diseases nonvascular conditions such as pulmonary diseases including Aug 1, 2018

Are There Any Risks Of Steam Rooms Or Saunas

As with any big lifestyle change such as a weight loss journey, it is always advised to consult with your doctor to avoid complications, especially if you have any health conditions. Those with heart conditions, pregnant women, those on medication should take extreme precaution when using a sauna or steam room.

If you are incorporating these methods into your weight loss journey, one key factor to keep in mind is hydration. Sweating means your body is losing fluids, so it is extremely important to replenish those fluids to avoid dehydration. Keep sessions in both devices to approximately 15 to 20 minutes. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, stop your session immediately and take a break.

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How Long To Stay In Sauna To Lose Weight

Weight loss is an industry that is filled with misinformation and miracle products, but sauna usage can help you lose weight. When youre in a sauna, your pulse and heart rate increase, allowing your body to burn more calories.

You also sweat out a lot of fluids, leading to a lot of water loss and weight loss as a result.

In general, its recommended to stay in the sauna for 15 to 20 minutes at the highest setting possible. You will need to build up to these higher settings, just like a beginner, to ensure youre not straining your body too much.

Of course, sauna usage should be accompanied by a good exercise and diet routine to maximize your weight loss.

If you spend 15 minutes in a sauna, you can expect to burn a mere 20 calories during your session. But the prolonged benefits of a sauna will increase the number of calories burned over the period of a day. This is similar to working out and the way a workout increases your metabolic rate, or your calories burned at rest.

You cant expect to burn more calories for the first few hours after you exit the sauna.

Calculate your calories burned by dividing your BMR by 1,440 , multiplying by the number of minutes in the sauna and then multiplying by 1.5 .

So, if your BMR is 1700 and you spent 15 minutes in the sauna, you would use the following calculation to determine calories burned in the sauna: *15) * 1.5. This would come out to 26 calories on the low end and 35 calories on the high end.

How Long Do You Have To Sit In A Sauna To Detox Your Body

Can Sauna Aid Weight Loss? How Does It Work?

If you want to detoxify your body or purge toxins, you may want to try a sauna. Theres a lot of evidence that suggests using a sauna can help fight off bacteria and illness. If this is your goal of going into a sauna, there are a lot of recommendations to follow:

  • Prepare essential oils to add aromatherapy to your sauna. You can do this by adding four to six drops of essential oils into about a liter of water and pouring it over the rocks in your sauna.
  • Beginners will want to stay 10 minutes in the sauna, while the ideal range is 10 to 15 minutes for detoxification.
  • Once you step out of the sauna, you want to make sure that you drink ample amounts of water. Water works not only to rehydrate the body, but it will also help with the detoxification process.

A major peer review was done on 40 studies in 2018, and it found that saunas provide a variety of different health benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Congestive heart failure patients were able to improve their six-minute walking distance, reduce heart sizes and improve the classification of their disease.
  • A massive study which followed 2,315 men over a 20-year period found that those who used saunas were able to reduce the risk of dementia by 66%, reduce the risk of Alzheimers disease by 65% and reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death by 63%. There was also a reduction of all mortality by 40%.

There are questions as to why sauna usage would help with all these health benefits, but one of the reasons may be detoxification.

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