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How To Train Your Dog To Stay In The Yard

How Can I Keep My Dog In The Yard

Dog Training : How to Train Your Puppy to Stay in the Yard

Even with Baxter off leash, we kept a leash with us, so that if he did get distracted or take off, we could chase him down and bring him back easily. And if he did run away, there were consequences. Usually, we put him in the house and he didnt get to stay outside with us any longer.

It took a bit longer for us to build up our confidence to go for walks off leash on our property. And even longer to venture into the trails through our forest without a leash. But we got there.

However, even after living with us for 6 years, Baxter is not always off leash. Depending on his attitude, the weather or the wildlife, we will clip him up if we feel we need to.

What To Do If Your Dog Runs Off

Despite all of your work to train your dog to stay on your property, there may be a time when he goes adventuring. Make sure that he can be identified as your dog.

A collar and tags with your contact information is the first step. A microchip is also important in case your dog loses his collar .

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If You Have A Fence Does Your Dog Jump Climb Dig Or Chew

A quality fence with strong, working latches is one of the best ways to keep your dog safe and is actually preferred by a lot of shelters when considering whether youre ready to adopt. Still, fences arent fool-proof.

Here are some suggestions to consider if your dog is doing any of the above, according to the according to the American Kennel Club:

  • Jump: If you have a dog who jumps like a bunny rabbit its important to find out how high they can jump and install a fence thats higher. Or, keep them tied and supervise them always.
  • Climb: Maybe your dog is escaping by climbing on things that are close to your fence, like a garbage bin and/or shed. Moving those things away from the fence can reduce this risk. You can also use a coyote roller on the inside of your fence as a deterrent. This is a bar near the top of your fence that rolls if your dog tries to climb, usually used on the outside to keep coyotes out.
  • Dig: When your dog is digging its way under your fence it can be pretty frustrating. The best way to curb this behavior is by installing a footer, either an L-footer or concrete footer that stops them from being able to dig themselves out.
  • Chew: If your dog is an intense chewer and REALLY wants to get out, its important to get a fence that is chew-proof and wont hurt your dog if they do try to chew on it. Try not to get anything with gaps that would enable your dog to chew easily.

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Teaching Your Dog To Stay Without A Leash

  • 1Command your dog to sit or lie down. Your dog can learn to stay from either position. The goal of the âstayâ command is to have your dog stay in one position until you release her from that position. As with the âsitâ and âdownâ commands, you will want to reward her for being in the position, not coming out of it.XResearch source
  • 2Stand in front of your dog. Do not give her any verbal commands or use any hand signals. Simply stand there for one to two seconds. If your dog is still staying in her original position, give her verbal praise and a treat.XResearch source After you have rewarded her, say âokâ to release her from that position.
  • If your dog moves before you say âok,â correct her by saying ânoâ and command her to sit or lie down again. It make take her a few tries before she knows that she is supposed to stay in one place.
  • 3Stand in front of your dog for a longer period of time. This time, stand in front of her for three to four seconds. Slowly increase the time that you stand in front of her while expecting her to stay. Each time that she stays seated or lying down for the designated amount of time, verbally praise her and give her treats.XResearch source
  • Add a distraction, such as a toy. When you command your dog to stay, walk away from her with her favorite toy in your hand. Continue to give her verbal praise for as long as she stays, and then release her from the position.XResearch source
  • How To Keep Your Dog In The Yard

    How to Train Your Dog to Stay in an Unfenced Yard

    If youre a pet owner, its important to know how to keep a dog in the yard for a number of different reasons. If your dog gets loose, it is in danger of being hit by a car, getting injured by another dog in a fight, or getting hurt in a number of other possible scenarios. You, as a pet owner, are also liable for any personal injury or property damage your dog may cause. Ultimately, learning how to train your dog to stay in the yard will ensure not only your dogs safety but the safety of others as well.

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    Relax When You Train A Dog To Stay On Your Property

    Allowing your dog to be off leash requires a lot of trust. It also requires you to not panic if your dog goes exploring.

    Remember all of the times youve spent walking or working with your dog in various parts of your property. This is all his territory now, so he may go check it out.

    Hopefully, all of your training and preparation ensure that your dog knows where his home is and he has a strong bond with you. So even if he chooses his own adventure, he is trained to stay on your property within the boundaries youve set.

    Over the years, weve built a lot of trust with Baxter, and him with us. We know he will occasionally chase the turkey vultures that fly over the farmbut he wont go far . Hell quickly come back to the house. We also know that he knows where home is and wants to be here with us.

    Why Does My Dog Run Away How You Can Stop It

    Maybe your dog bolts as soon as you open the front door even if he was nowhere to be seen before you opened it. Or she wont stop digging under the fence to escape your backyard.

    However they get out, dogs that run away are no laughing matter. They could get hit by a car, attacked by a dangerous animal, or placed in a shelter where their people never find them.

    Why do dogs engage in this dangerous behavior? Below, youll find several reasons as well as tips on what you can do to stop it.

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    Teaching Your Dog To Stay In Six Easy Steps:

  • Ask your dog to lay down.
  • Give your dog a hand signal – for example a ‘stop’ sign with the palm of your hand facing your dog.
  • Instead of giving your dog the treat straight away, wait a few seconds. Say ‘stay’ and then reward. It’s important to reward your dog while they are still lying down and not if they have got back up.
  • Practice this many times in short but regular sessions, gradually increasing the length of time your dog stays in the down position.
  • Next, you can start to increase the distance between you and your dog. Start by only taking one step back before giving them the reward and then slowly and gradually increase the distance.
  • Practice in lots of different places – around the house, in the garden, at a friends and the local park.
  • Issues And Proofing Habits

    How to Train a Dog to Stay in the Yard (A Simple Method)

    Do your coaching in a space without distraction as the process of how to train your dog to stays.

    If you do not have a yard, a busy park shouldnt be placed for this coaching, as a result of there are too many distractions for the canine to focus on your instructions.

    Attempt an empty park or ask a pal or neighbor if you need to use a close-by yard for some peace and quiet.

    A standard mistake is to imagine your canine is aware of the command after just a few coaching periods and belief them to all-time comply with it.

    Use a warning with a new skilled canine. Hold it on the leash and do not lead the canine right into a harmful scenario by counting on its capacity to remain, particularly in a spot with loads of temptations.

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    Dont Leave Your Dog Unattended In The Yard

    Baxter does not go off-leash on his own. There are lots of times where he asks to go outside.

    In those scenarios, we use our long leash and clip him to a tree. He can sunbathe as much as he wants, move into the shade when hes too hot, get a drink if he needs to, but we know hes safe and secure because hes tied up.

    When we come outside with him, we unclip him and he has free range.

    Even though were outside together, were not always watching him. But, were close enough that we can check on him every so often and make sure hes still with us. Also, he knows were there and thanks to the time that we spent building our bond, thats usually enough to keep him nearby.

    Teaching Your Dog To Stay In The Yard

  • 1Erect a fence. The best way to keep your dog in your yard without using a leash is to build a fence around your property or a section of it. This keeps your dog safely contained in one area and gives them time off the leash, as well as keeping other people safe from your dog.XResearch source
  • A traditional fence is a much better option than an electrical or invisible fence. The traditional fence provides your dog with visible boundaries and will not discourage them from coming home. Your dog may run through the invisible fence chasing a squirrel or other creature, and then be too afraid to return to the yard and get shocked. The shock can also be confusing and traumatic for the dog.
  • Make sure the fence is tall enough so that your dog cannot jump over. Walk the perimeter of the fence and look for snow piles, fallen branches, breaches in the fence, holes, or anything else that might allow your dog to escape.XExpert Source
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    How To Train Your Dog To Stay On Your Property

    Boundary training is one of the best ways to teach your pup to stay within the boundaries of your property whenever he is not on a leash. Playing games with you and your family without the use of a leash is a lot more fun, especially when you don’t have to worry about tripping over a leash.

    To train your dog to stay beside you, your dog will need to start with a leash. Be sure to have lots of high-value tasty treats to keep your dog’s attention as well, to reward him for a job well done. This is going to require a lot of repetitive training, so be prepared to set aside some time each day to train in short training sessions.

    How To Train The Boundary Protocol

    How to Train Your Older Dog to Stay in the Yard
  • Start indoors, and teach the dog to target a flag . The dog gets a click/treat for touching its nose to the flag. The dog goes to the flag, gets a click, and then returns to you for its treat. Have the targeting completely fluent with as much distance as possible inside. I recommend at least a week of practice.

  • Place the flags at intervals of 8-10 feet around the yard/boundary.

  • Practice walking the dog on a 15-foot lead around the boundary/yard. The dog should run up to the flags to target them for a C/T. The dog should already be conditioned from the inside training to return to you for a treat.

    The dog will learn that the flags are cues to come back from the boundary. You are reinforcing the return from the boundary. As dogs are territorial, you are also heavily reinforcing the dog to be and remain in its territory, as defined by the position of the flags.

    Practice, practice, practice. I recommend a minimum of two boundary walks a day over a period of at least eight weeks. You want the act of coming back from the boundary to be classically conditioned so that it is an involuntary response .

    Do not punish the dog if he goes outside the boundary. If he does , simply reward his return.

  • To get a little fancy: if you practice providing reinforcement in the same location , that location will be the default location to which your dog returns, especially if you reinforce there when distractions are present.

    Practice, practice, practice.

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    Draw The Lines Yourself

    Would you like to train your dog to stay in your yard without resorting to electrical shock? There is a way to do it that is inexpensive, takes about the same amount of time, and is just as reliable as the electronic containment systems commercially available.

    Everything you need for boundary trainingincluding some high-value meatballs and a dog eager for a training session.

    Safety For Dogs In The Yard

    For any dog who is spending a lot of time outside, especially when your dog is off leash, there are a few precautions you should always take to keep him safe.

    Make sure your dog has access to shelter and water. Sun, rain, snow and dehydration can all be hazardous for dogs. A dog house, awning, barn or shed that your dog can access when he wants will help to prevent dangerous situations. As well, a bowl of fresh watermake sure to freshen it every dayis essential.

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    How To Train A Dog To Stay On Your Property

    Home » How to Train a Dog to Stay on Your Property

    As regular followers know, my family lives on a 129-acre farm in Ontario. You also know that Im a big proponent of off-leash time for dogs, so this post is all about how to train a dog to stay on your property.

    Note this this post is mostly relevant to people with larger properties as opposed to typical neighbourhood yards, but some of the info applies to both situations.

    As Im writing about training a dog to stay on my property, Im thinking about my pet dog, Baxter. Livestock guardian dogs or true working farm dogs are a different scenario . This article focuses mostly on my experience with training a pet dog to stay in the yard.

    Crops Or Bushes As Boundaries In The Yard

    Teach your dog to stay in your yard- Invisible Barriers Part 1- Dog Training

    Ive also found that mowed trails or the tall crops in the fields can function as barriers.

    Admittedly, hay or soybeans are completely permeable, and if your dog wants to explore, he will push through. However, often animals take the easier path and the visual difference in terrain can help to enforce the boundaries that you set.

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    How To Train A Dog To Stay In The Yard: A Brief Video Guide

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    The key to training a dog to stay in the yard is boundaries your dog needs to know where they are, and he needs to understand that there will be consequences if he crosses them. Consequences don’t mean yelling or any type of negative action.

    It simply means that if your dog cannot stay within his boundaries while exploring off leash, he’ll end up back on one.

    The easiest way to make a boundary crystal clear is to put boundary flags around the premises. These flags are cheap, and you can purchase them at any hardware store. They allow your dog to clearly see the line that he is not supposed to cross.

    As I demonstrate in my video guide above, you can also use natural boundaries. A tree line, fence, rock wall or other natural boundary is great. Again, it shows your dog very clearly the line he is not allowed to cross.

    To begin, you’ll want to walk your dog on a leash all around the boundary line. Allow him to sniff and explore near the boundary, but not cross the line. If he does cross, use a firm command to tell him that it isn’t acceptable. Praise him when he comes back across the boundary line.

    Obviously, your pet will need a solid training foundation before you can begin learning how to train a dog to stay in the yard. He’ll need to know how to walk on a leash, respond to his name and come when called.

    Train Your Dog To Stay In Other Peoples Yards

    These behaviours do not extend off our property. I frequently bring Bax to my Moms house, which is in a more typical neighbourhood with small, unfenced lots.

    There Baxter has no concept of boundaries. Hell go visit the neighbours, watch out for the local cats and lay on the lawn next door. We still allow him to be off leash most of the time, but Im especially vigilant to make sure he doesnt trespass too much.

    Weve worked hard to build our bond and establish boundaries with Bax. Its paid off with lots of time together and lots of freedom.

    How do you spend time outside with your dog? How have you taught your dog boundaries?

    Let us know in the comments!

    is a blogger at Home on 129 Acres where she writes about her adventures of country living and DIY renovating. She and her family live on a 129-acre farm in Ontario, Canada.

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