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Neighborhoods To Stay In Portland

Best Condo In Nob Hill: Brandnew Family Home

15 BEST Neighborhoods in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington

Nestled between Nob Hill and the Pearl District, this is also our choice for the best hostel in Nob Hill. This hostel is a short walk from downtown and there are many restaurants, cafes and attractions nearby.

It has laundry facilities, calming gardens, and their knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the city with ease.

Hawthorne One Of The Best Neighborhoods In Portland Which Has A Bohemian Vibe And Eclectic Mix Of Quirky Gift Shops Bookstores And Thrift Stores

Located in Southeast Portland, Hawthorne is home to casual eateries, cozy coffee shops, and indie boutiques. Hawthorne is a walkable street with an indie ambience. Whether you are visiting the district during the day or at night, you have plenty of activities to indulge in e.g. shopping, dining, and movies. The best places to visit in Hawthorne at night are Helium Comedy Club or Gol.

The best eateries in Hawthorne include Fried Egg Im in Love, Riyadhs Lebanese Restaurant, Maruti Indian, Portland Cider House, OK Mens, and Hawthorne Asylum which is filled with great food trucks. The district also has a lot of bookstores including Backstory Books and Powells Books.

A Note About Our Hotel Recommendations In This Portland Neighbourhood Guide

Our hope with this Where to Stay in Portland Guide is to make it easy to find the best area to stay in Portland for your particular travel style, goals and budget. Portland is a city of neighborhoods, and its worth figuring out where you want to base yourself and where you want to explore!

As we hired a local to write this guide and impart her expertise about Portland, were a bit limited in terms of hotel knowledgebecause, of course, locals dont live in hotels! So, what weve done is go through and choose some of the highest rated hotels in each neighborhood, and when we couldnt find a hotel, we listed a holiday rental. Basically, we put in the research for you, and chose the places we personally would want to stay, and the places we felt wed be comfortable recommending to a friend or family member, across different budget ranges.

Really, we want to help you have a fantastic vacation to Portland, be it a grand Pacific Northwest tour up to Seattle and Vancouver or a short Portland city break. And, we want you to be able to do so without spending hours on the internet, reading reviews and cross-checking locations on a map. Hopefully weve succeededbut please dont blame us if we havent at the end of the day, we expect youll check the most recent reviews and specific conditions in the city, using our listings as a starting point and framework, and choosing then selecting the best hotel and area to stay in Portland for your own trip!

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Things To See And Do In Nob Hill

  • Go for a hike through Forest Park, which is one of the best places to go hiking in Oregon.
  • Eat fresh and delicious seafood at Bamboo Sushi.
  • Treat your little one to a variety of new flavours at Blue Star Donuts.
  • See your favourite mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and more at the Oregon Zoo.
  • Stop and smell the roses at the International Rose Garden.
  • Enjoy freshly baked breads and other treats at Kens Artisan Bakery.
  • Try small-batch artisan popcorn at Poplandia Popcorn. Trust us, youve never had popcorn like this before!
  • Sink your teeth into delectable sweets at Saint Cupcake.

Division : A Foodies Paradise

3 great little places to stay in Portland, Oregon

In the last 10 to 15 years, Division Street has exploded. Pre 2000s Division was kind of a sleepy thoroughfare with a bar and restaurant here and there and mostly residential neighborhoods.

Now its a coveted place to live in and visit, and is home to some of the best dining in Portland.

Pros of Staying on Division

Foodies will love it here. And, though theres a several block stretch of Division and Clinton St. thats bustling with activity, youll still enjoy a quieter and more neighborhood-y stay in this part of town.

Cons of Staying on Division

Its farther out from the other neighborhoods weve outlined here, so if youre looking for a centrally located spot, this isnt it. That said, its still accessible it will just take you a little longer to get to other places.

Also, neither the MAX nor the Streetcar run out here, so if youre reliant on public transport its the bus or Lyft for you. There are also no real hotel options around here, so youll have to find an Airbnb or other rental.

Division Highlights

The food is really the highlight of Division street, so well start and end there.

Morning: Good Coffee, its not just a clever name Lauretta Jeans, her pies taste like kittens and puppies frolicking in the clouds Broder Cafe, aebleskiver with lingonberry jam cue Homer Simpson mouth watering mraughruaghraughraugh sound.

What? People do more than just eat and drink all day when they visit a new city???

Where to Stay near Division

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The Best Places To Stay In Portland Oregon:

Some of the Best Hotels in Portland, Oregon are across the Willamette River from downtown. Originally, Portland was only west of the Willamette River, while the east shore sported a separate city of East Portland and Albina to its north. In 1890, the three cities consolidated into a new Portland. In 1930, the city was renumbered into the system we see today.

While many attractions are on the west side of town, most residents of Portland live on the larger east side . The eastside is laid out in a numbered grid which lends itself to arterial streets each gaining its own neighborhood identity. Buses fan out with quick service to downtown, and there are many designated bike routes.

Many of the newest hotels east of the river are in or near the Central Eastside Industrial District , meaning theyre still in the central core. Another popular eastside area just to the north of CEID is around the Oregon Convention Center and Moda Center, the stadium for Portlands NBA Trailblazers basketball team.

Ultimately, staying in the East Portland neighborhoods is a great way to experience Portland as locals do.

Hostel: Lolo Pass

The brand new Lolo Pass on East Burnside St is a hybrid offering traditional private rooms and shared hostel bunk spaces. The owners of Lolo Pass wanted to provide an authentic Portland stay at an affordable price while familiarizing Americans with the concept of hosteling. A rooftop bar inhabits the fifth floor, with views of the urban scene below.

Best Time To Visit Portland

Portland is a great city with generally mild weather, so it is suitable to visit at any time during the year. However, the best time of year to visit Portland, Oregon is between May to September, roughly. During this time, its likely to be dry and warm. It can get quite hot in the summer, but it has a generally moderate climate like the rest of Oregon and Washington to the north.

The winter months have more rain, but can also be an enjoyable time to visit. You might save a bit of money during this off-season. And you can always just make a list of some great indoor activities to do! No matter what season you go, there are so many cool areas in Portland to explore! I hope that this guide gave you a bit of an overview of some of the best neighborhoods in Portland to help plan your next trip!

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Airport Area Convenient Area Where To Stay In Portland

Portlands airport is widely recognized as one of the best in the U.S. It also can provide you with a great place to stay in Portland.

While there isnt a great deal of attractions or activities in the region of the airport, you can still find things to do. The airport is practically adjacent to the mighty Columbia River, affording spectacular views of the state of Washington to the north.

The main activity in the neighborhood is shopping. Cascade Station is the main shopping area. Its a sprawling outdoor complex with a wide variety of stores like Nordstrom Rack, Home Goods, Banana Republic Factory, Loft Outlet, Best Buy, Marshalls and many others.

Several well-known chain eateries are on-site as well, and you can also find a few local favorites.

Many big box stores like Target, Ikea, Home Depot and Michaels are found here as well, and the whole region is connected via the MAX light rail system to other Portland neighborhoods.

Given the proximity to the airport, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the best places to stay in Portland. Youll have many options, most of which are recognizable national chains. While some are budget options others are quite upscale, offering a good mix of pricing to suit anyones wallet.

With little crime in the area and several options for eating and drinking, this is definitely a great place to stay in Portland even if its just for the night before your flight home.

Tom Mccall Waterfront Park

TOP 5 Neighborhoods in Southeast Portland Oregon

Covering thirteen city lots, Tom McCall Waterfront Park is on the western shore of the Willamette River. Always a working river, the Willamette once contained a seawall and docks in this spot. The riverfront became a park in the 1960s. Every Saturday, the nations oldest continuously operating arts and crafts market, Saturday Market, is held in the park under the Burnside Bridge with over two hundred vendors.

Saturday Market operates every Saturday from 10 through 5 between March and December. The official address is 2 SW Naito Parkway, but the market extends for several blocks along the waterfront and near Skidmore Fountain.

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Best Bars In Nw Portland

North 45 is a popular gastro-pub tucked along NW 21st Avenue with a surprisingly spacious courtyard outback. The indoor setting is narrow and intimate with tall shelves of liquor lining the wall behind the small bar . North 45 is quite popular for drinks in the evening and if youre hungry the mussels are also quite good.

Paymaster Lounge is everyones favorite dive bar in NW Portland. To find it youll need to venture a bit off of the beaten path and keep an eye out for the Paymaster Check Writers & Signers Swingline Business Machine Company sign above the front entrance. With cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, delicious boozy slushies, and a big heated patio out back, Paymaster is a quintessential Portland neighborhood bar.

While Muu-Muus is technically a diner, this restaurant at its busiest late in the evening when people pour in from the neighboring bars for a nightcap and late-night food. If youre hungry after 11pm in NW Portland this is one of the best options in the neighborhood!

Theres A Lot Going On So Here Are Just A Few Of The Best Things To Do In Downtown Portland:

  • Spending time picnicking or just soaking up the atmosphere of Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  • Shopping for trinkets or local produce at Portland Saturday Market
  • Cooling off with a visit to Salmon Street Springs, a cool fountain along the river
  • Taking a ride along the river and seeing the city from the water
  • Hitting up one of the many fantastic food carts or restaurants in Downtown Portland
  • Checking out the exhibitions on display at Portland Art Museum
  • Swinging by Oregon Historical Society Museum to learn about the history of the city and state

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Coolest Boutique Hotels In Portland For 2019

· Jakes Grill, Thomas Hawk / Flickr, Stay at either the Hoxton or the Ace Hotel, Add Portlands Shanghai Tunnels to a New List, it is close to Hayden island and the other best places you should not miss out on in Portland, and is close to public transport and entertainment, Weeknight wine tastings make a midweek stay

Central Eastside Good Area To Stay In Portland For Entertainment And Nightlife

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Portland

On the other side of the Willamette River from neighborhoods like Downtown and Old Town Chinatown, youll find the Central Eastside neighborhood. Once an exclusively industrial area, the region has been largely retrofitted to host restaurants, lofts, bars and more.

If you arent staying on the Central Eastside, you can easily get there via the streetcar or the orange line on MAX.

One of the major attractions of the district is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Usually called OMSI, this facility is a crowd-pleaser with its interactive exhibits, IMAX theater and traveling exhibits.

Art lovers will want to be certain to visit Yale Union. It used to be a laundry warehouse. Today, it hosts contemporary art exhibits and events.

Central Eastside also is where you will find Distillery Row, which boasts a collection of micro-distilleries where you can sample options such as barrel-aged bourbon and cherry brandy.

Plenty of nighttime dining and entertainment venues are available in this neighborhood.

Venture into White Owl Social Club where you can enjoy shoestring fries and incredible burgers made of beets. Or, for something really different, head out to the patio to make your own smores on a tabletop campfire.

Set aside a bit of time to sample the drafts at nearby Cascade Brewing Barrel House. Sour ales and beers made from coffee, apricots and berries are all on tap.

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Best Airbnb In Central Eastside: Trendy Apartment In Province Park

This one bedroom for 2 is in a killer location about 2-minutes to Burnside Street, where some of Portlands most fabulous restaurants reside. Perfect for a weekend getaway located conveniently near the X-Max line. For times you are looking to stay in, this petite kitchen packs a powerful punch, fully stocked with a Keurig and whatever you need to craft a quick meal.

With its great location and charming décor, this guesthouse is your best bet for budget accommodations on the Central Eastside. A short walk from the city centre, it is close to restaurants, bars and many cafes.

It has seven comfortable rooms and boasts a library, garden and modern amenities.

Best Luxury Apartment In Pearl District: High

Before you start, yes, this place isnt the cheapest either. But it also sleeps up to 6 people. Bring your friends and all of you can split the bill at the end to make this luxury apartment into a low-budget treat for each of you. From Fitness Studio to stunning views and roof top lounge, theres nothing this place cant offer. The massive apartment is split in three bedrooms and a spacious living area with a fully equipped kitchen. The super high ceilings make your stay even more enjoyable.

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Things To See And Do In Central Eastside

  • Sip a variety of incredible wines at Noble Rot Wine Bar.
  • Grab drinks at Century Bar, a stylish sports bar.
  • Dine at Le Pigeon and enjoy delicious French and international dishes with flair.
  • Listen to live music at the Doug Fir Restaurant Bar & Lounge.
  • Go out for a great night of dancing and drinks at the White Owl Social Club.
  • Laugh to the jokes of well-known comedians at Helium Comedy Club.
  • Dance the night away at Dig A Pony, a bar built in a restored pharmacy.
  • Have your future told and see a burlesque show at the Lovecraft Bar.

Best Area To Stay In Portland

TOP 3 Neighborhoods in North Portland Oregon | Mississippi Ave | Kenton | St. Johns

What’s the best area to stay for a week in Portland? My wife, 2 1/2 yr. old son and I are going to spend a week in Portland around labor day. We want to do a combination of urban activities and also lots of outdoor stuff, too . Ideally we’d like to be in the city. We will probably rent a condo from VRBO, but we don’t know anything about the neighborhoods in Portland. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

i think the pearl would do you nicely

I would recommend somewhere farther west…the NW 21/23 St. area, which positions you closer to Washington Park for outdoor activities, while being in the midst of trendy boutiques, restaurants and very walkable neighborhoods.

If you were to check out VRBO you might be more interested in a home on the SW side of town closer to Washington Park, while still close to downtown.

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Where To Stay In Portland Neighborhoods & Area Guide

Portland, the largest city in Oregon and the second-largest in the Pacific Northwest, is a laid-back metropolitan known for its marvelous blend of history and modern architecture. Dubbed as the City of Roses, Portland is also popular for its arts and music scene and is home to one of the highest concentrations of zines and independent publishers in the United States of America.

Mills End Park, at 2.5 feet in diameter, is the worlds smallest park, however, Portland also has plenty of substantial green spaces, including Washington Park and Mt Hood. The city has the highest number of microbreweries in the world and is known to host an annual World Naked Bike Ride.

With an exciting reputation of being termed as the Beer and Food Cart Capital of the World, the city welcomes approximately 8 million visitors every year. If you are planning to join that number soon, you must know of these charming neighborhoods, so you can decide where to stay in Portland on your visit.

Mount Tabor The Neighborhood Which Surrounds A Striking Park

Located in Southeast Portland, Mount Tabor is a neighborhood named after a park that sits on a volcano. Though Portland features more than 200 amusement parks, there is only one that sits on a volcano. The park has several recreational activities to offer including cycling, biking, and hiking.

The most frequented eateries in the neighborhood include Tabor Bread, Sapphire Hotel, Coquine, Garden Monster, and The Dog House PDX. Though you may not be able to enjoy exotic cuisines here, these eateries serve some of the tastiest North American foods.

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