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Places To Stay In Ann Arbor Michigan

Our Favorite Area: Kerrytown

Stay-in-place order issued for University of Michigan students in Ann Arbor

Kerrytown is an area surrounded by trees and full of historical places.

It is the most important neighborhood in Ann Arbor for being the seat of the prestigious University of Michigan.

This historic district, with its brick buildings, includes Main Street, one of the citys most important shopping streets, making this one of the best areas to stay in Ann Arbor for shopaholics.

Several iconic sites such as the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, the Kerry Concert House, and the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, a childrens science museum, are located in Kerrytown.

This area is popular for being the scene of festivals in support of the LGBT community, as well as parades and events every year.

For lovers of good food, Kerrytown is the best area to stay in Ann Arbor, with its wide range of restaurants of all kinds.

Shopping lovers will love the Kerrytown Market & Shops, a mall, as well as Found, one of the areas most upscale stores that have its own art gallery.

Kerrytown is the best area to stay in Ann Arbor because it is pedestrian-friendly, it has hotels of all types and it is close to the Amtrak station that connects with Chicago and Detroit.

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Ann Arbor:

  • Best area for sightseeing

Dominos Farms Petting Farm

Shu-Hung Liu / Shutterstock

Ann Arbor doesnt have a zoo, but if youre looking for fun, fuzzy activities that will delight the young animal lovers in your life, consider making a trip to Dominos Farms Petting Farm.

Located on the outskirts of the city on a tidy little farm, Dominos is a place where you can interact with all kinds of cute, docile creatures, including goats, cows, horses and sheep.

You can walk right up to them and touch their fur or give them treats.

The bunnies always love baby carrots!

There are other fun, family-friendly activities to enjoy as well.

For example, you can take a tractor ride or explore a train caboose.

On holidays, there are special events like egg hunts or drive-throughs with Christmas lights.

Ultimately, however, the main draw of Dominos Farms Petting Farm is the animals.

In a city without a zoo, it fills a crucial void for animal enthusiasts who are visiting Ann Arbor.

Put on your good walking shoes and get ready to see some cuteness!

Address: 3001 Earhart Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, United States

University Of Michigan Museum Of Natural History

A trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History is one of the most fun things to do in Ann Arbor.

It has so many cool things to see that your head and neck will develop a permanent swivel as you take in the geodes, soil samples, dinosaur bones, taxidermy animals and more!

Permanent exhibits include a Michigan Wildlife Gallery where you can see all of the states native species and a Hall of Evolution where you can trace humanitys development through skulls and ultra-lifelike recreations of neanderthals.

There are also butterfly gardens, planetarium shows, gigantic whale skeletons and various fossil displays.

Youll also want to make time for the Quetzalcoatlus.

How many times in your life will you be able to stand under a life-size reconstruction of a pterosaur?

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines both education and entertainment.

If youre at all interested in natural history, this is the destination for you.

Address: 1105 N University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, United States

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Where To Stay In Ann Arbor

If you’re a first time visitor to Ann Arbor, you mightprefer a more touristy area, but if you’re a solo traveler, a localneighborhood could be more interesting. Some areas have lots of thingsto do within walking distance, but the hotels may be more expensive.To give you a starting point for your trip research, we looked at what people say about neighborhoods and places to stay in Ann Arbor.

What’s the best area of Ann Arbor to stay?

The top mentioned neighborhoods and areas that people talk about in and around Ann Arbor are:

  • Dearborn
  • What are some good hotels in Ann Arbor?

    Depending on the neighborhood you choose, you may want toresearch hotels in the area. If you’d rather start with themost recommended hotels in Ann Arbor, here’s a list toget you started.

    Here’s what Trippy members had to say about hotels:

    “One interesting option is The Inn at the Michigan League, on the U of M campus: http://uunions.” See More

    Want to research more popular hotels in Ann Arbor?Click the blue button below.

  • Hampton Inn Ann Arbor North
  • Where did you get these suggestions?

    Trippy is a great resource for planning your trip becauseyou get advice from real travelers. We suggested neighborhoods and hotels based on the recommendations of the Trippy community.This gives you a quick overview, but if you’re looking todo more research, here is a question that we used to find this information.

    Katie Simons from Los Angeles asked:

    What if I plan my trip around food?

    Nice College Town And Hi

    Extended Stay Hotels in Ann Arbor

    Nice college town and hi-tech town in a small urban setting. Pristine and very clean . Also, quite green with vegetation almost everywhere. Also neat eateries, e.g, Red Robin and Black Stone.On the down side, the University of Michigan charges parking by the quarter-hour, and the spaces are somewhat limited, even in residential neighborhoods. Unless one wants to spend money in handsome amounts, please not to stay too long in, around and near the University of Michigan which happens to be largely the center of culture in the area.

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    Food Inside Michigan Stadium

    Inside the stadium, youll find plenty of eats, too! The concessions have all my favorite guilty-pleasure stadium foods pizza, hot dogs, and soft pretzels. What I really like about Michigan Stadiums concessions is that some of the food is local, too. The pizza is from Cottage Inn, an Ann Arbor-based pizza chain, and the hot dogs are Dearborn Brand from my hometown about 35 miles outside Ann Arbor. In addition to the concession stands, youll also find food trucks inside the stadium gates!

    Do I Really Have To Go Back Home

    Yes, even this step is optional, because if you’re on vacationwho wants the trip to end? It’s okay, you can start planning yournext trip!

    You can also compare the travel time if you’re flying or drivingby calculating the distance from Belleville to Portland . Or get a full Belleville to Portland flight plan.

    Don’t forget about exploring your own hometown with a staycation.You can also find some cool day trips or get away for a weekend.Maybe try typing in a faraway location like London, Hong Kong,or Sydney, and get inspired for your dream trip around the world.

    And if you know Belleville well, please help your fellowtravelers and answer their questions about Belleville !

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    Is Ann Arbor A Busy City

    Ann Arbor is most often recognized for being the home of the University of Michigan and its more than 44,000 students. During football season, the city regularly hosts a roaring crowd of 100,000 Wolverines fans packed into the Big House, the stadium where U of M wins its way to national championships.

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    Visit The Matthaei Botanical Gardens

    Best Things to Do in Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Winter isnt usually the time of year to go to a garden, but the Matthaei Botanical Gardens are different. This indoor green space at the University of Michigan is a tropical haven of flowers, fruits, and plants all year long. Its no wonder that it is a popular spot for visitors when the temperatures drop below freezing.

    The conservatory is home to more than 900 plant species, including tropical and desert plants. If you need a warm place to go that makes the Michigan winter seem far away, Matthaei Botanical Gardens is the perfect destination this winter in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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    Fanfare Aside A Michigan Game Day Is Still About Football

    If you are a true sports fan, a game day in Ann Arbor is your chance to see the winningest college football team. The Michigan Wolverines have won 11 national championships and 42 conference championships. Plus, three Wolverines Tom Harmon , Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson have received the Heisman Trophy.

    Its not only in football that the Wolverines have dominated. At the southeast entrance of Michigan Stadium near Crisler Center, where the Michigan basketball team plays is the Circle of Champions . The monument features columns etched with Michigans teams and their respective championships. As you can see from the photo below, its a pretty long list for the football team!

    Whether you are attending for the football or the fanfare, I have compiled my five top tips for Michigan game days in Ann Arbor.

    Even Hotels Ann Arbor

    If you dont mind staying a few miles away from downtown Ann Arbor, then Id also highly recommend the EVEN Hotel just off I-94. Its a brand new hotel, is located within easy driving distance to everything on this list, and has free parking.

    The rooms here are spacious and comfortable, and come complete with in-room fitness amenities like a yoga mat, which is a nice touch.

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    What Are Some Things To Do In Portland

    This section could be endless, so rather than trying tosuggest every local activity or attraction, we’ll leave itopen-ended.

    Of course, Trippy is the perfect place to ask questionsbecause there’s an entire community of travelers talkingto each other and sharing tips and advice. Trippy is whereyou can get answers personalized for your tastes, budgets,trip dates & more!

    Support Local Art At Artini

    Ann Arbor 2021, #17 places to visit in michigan, top things to do ...

    ARTINI is one of the most exciting and interesting local fundraisers in Ann Arbor. This unique event combines a martini crawl with funding for local artists and galleries. Participants get to enjoy one-of-a-kind drinks and put their money toward a great cause.

    So how does it all work? Participating venues serve up a signature martini just for the night. Participants go from venue to venue sampling each drink and voting for their favorite. Many of the featured cocktails are inspired by famous artists or art pieces! Funds go to the Ann Arbor Art Center to support their endeavors in the local art community.

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    Serving The University Community

    Sports groups and friends of the University of Michigans football, hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, volleyball and swimming teams love our relaxed suites when theyre in town for events and competitions. Students and families also take advantage of our great rates during orientation and graduation weeks.

    University Of Michigan Museum Of Art

    Susan Montgomery / Shutterstock

    The University of Michigan Museum of Art is one of the major points of interest in Ann Arbor.

    It represents more than 150 years of art curation and collection, and its works include world-famous paintings from Monet, Picasso and more.

    Other things to see include historical artifacts, pottery and portrait galleries, modern photography halls and an outdoor sculpture walk.

    Visitors can enjoy beautiful art installations made from a variety of mediums with designs and themes that range from the abstract to the hyper-realistic.

    Special events at the museum include everything from film screenings to artmaking classes, so if you have free time this weekend, make sure to check their schedule and see whats coming up next.

    All things considered, the University of Michigan Museum of Art is worth a visit for art lovers, culture enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to explore Ann Arbors creative heart and soul.

    Dont ignore this amazing destination while youre in the city!

    Address: 525 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, United States

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    Kelsey Museum Of Archaeology

    The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, operated by the University of Michigan, has been a research museum since 1928, housing a collection of more than 100,000 objects from Ancient Greece to Mesopotamia.

    This world-class museum showcases approximately 1,500 artifacts on permanent display, along with spices preserved from 2,000 years ago, amulets from the Near East, pottery, Greek and Roman sculptures, and a watercolor reproduction of the Villa of the Mysteries murals from Pompeii by Maria Barosso.

    The elaborately decorated sarcophagus of Egyptian priest Djehutymose from around 625-580 BC, one the museums central exhibit, even has its own Twitter account, offering tips on how to have the best afterlife.

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    What Is Ann Arbor Famous For

    Ann Arbor, Michigan: Experience The Big House, Zingermans and Nichols Arboretum

    Ann Arbor area is most well-known for its globally-inspired cultural offerings. A long-time artists community, Ann Arbor is home to renowned galleries, museums and arts non-profits, as well as theatrical and musical organizations that offer performances from local, regional, and international artists.

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    Willow Bomber Run & Yankee Air Museum

    Just outside of Ann Arbor in Ypsilanti is the Willow Run Bomber Plant, where Ford Motor Company built 8,685 B-24 Liberator bombers during WWII, ultimately helping America secure victory.

    The nearby volunteer-run Yankee Air Museum, with a tagline “where history takes flight,” has a vast collection of aircraft ranging from WWI to the Vietnam era. It offers flight enthusiasts a chance to go on historic planes such as the B-17 Yankee Lady, B-25 bomber jets, the C-47 Hairless Joe Skytrain, the UH-1 Huey, and the Ford Tri-Motor. Take a thrilling ride during the months of May to October to get a bird’s-eye view of the iconic Big House and downtown Ann Arbor.

    The museum also gives importance to the war labor women performed in factories, including an inspiring exhibit on the famed Rosie the Riveter, who worked at the plant and inspired females to join the workforce.

    Pedal Saloon Ann Arbor

    One of the coolest places to see in Ann Arbor is one that doesnt stay put.

    Instead, its a pedal-powered trolley pub that makes its way through the city with groups of people that climb abroad and pedal it.

    There are two ways to reserve a spot.

    One is to join a mixer as an individual, couple or small group of six people or less the other is to book the entire trolley for a private party.

    Either way, youre bound to have fun.

    Its a memorable way to see the sights, and you can join specific tours that will take you on a circuit of the best bars, shops, restaurants and landmarks that downtown Ann Arbor has to offer.

    Youll also sneak in some exercise so that you can burn off those Blimpy Burgers while you wander!

    Address: 200-300 N Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, United States

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    Before You Travel To The United States

    With specific exceptions, noncitizens who have been in certain countries during the past 14 days may not enter the United States, either as immigrants or nonimmigrants. For more information, visit Travelers Prohibited from Entry to the United States.

    For information about COVID-19 requirements for land travel, visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Securitys Fact Sheet: Guidance for Travelers to Enter the U.S. at Land Ports of Entry and Ferry Terminals.external icon

    Hotels Near The Sights

    5 places to visit in Ann Arbor, Michigan
    • The University’s beautiful campus includes many fine museums and facilities for its enrollment of 36,000.Read more
    • Ann Arbor’s best shopping area is full of small boutiques and restaurants, and features a Farmers’ Market on weekends.Read more
    • A classic “college town” neighborhood street for strolling. Shops and restaurants line the street and offer abundant variety to meet every taste.Read more
    • Movie theatres, books and music stores are the main attractions of the popular State Street neighborhood.Read more

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    What Happens If You Forget The No Bags Rule

    Prior to entering Michigan Stadium, you will be told to take your prohibited item back to your vehicle. Unfortunately, you will probably park your car about a half-mile to a mile away. And, if you followed my advice from Tip #1, you might not even have a car to stash your bag.

    According to the stadiums website, there is a bag check at the south entrance of Crisler Center off of Stadium Way. While this seems to be the best solution in a pinch, Ive never heard a worker suggest it to anyone with a prohibited item. After a rainy morning in Ann Arbor, we saw quite a few fans ditching their umbrellas at the stadium entrance. So, keep in mind my suggestion to purchase a poncho at the M Den.

    Why We Recommend This Hotel

    Check out one of the great hotels in downtown Ann Arbor for convenience, comfort, and fantastic hotel rates.

    The Hyatt Place Ann Arbor is a modern stay offering proximity to downtown Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan with the luxury of spacious rooms and easy access to I94.

    Enjoy drinks and snacks at the bar, free parking, and complimentary breakfast for World of Hyatt members.

    Ann Arbor, MI 48104 769-2200

    Graduate Ann Arbor is a 204-room hotel located in a building that was built in 1969.

    It was launched as a Graduate hotel in 2014 and is operated under the Graduate Hotels chain.

    It is owned by Chicago-based AJ Capital Partners.

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    Interpreting The Crime Maps

    When looking at the crime map for Ann Arbor, remember that the rate of crime per resident may appear inflated when people visit the area during the day, but do not live there. For example, there are more retail establishments in the central part of the city. Many crimes are committed in retail areas in blocks where few people live. Red areas on the crime rate map do not always indicate danger for Ann Arbor residents who live there.

    More issues arise with places like airports, parks, and schools. Major airports, of which Ann Arbor has 0, always look like high-crime locations due to the large number of people and the low population nearby. Parks and designated recreational areas, of which Ann Arbor has 42, have the same problem. Of Ann Arbors 165,543 residents, few live near recreational areas. Because many people visit, crime rates may appear higher even for safe parks. Ultimately crime happens where people are, whether they live there or not. Before writing off an area as unsafe, look at both the crime rate and total crime maps, then consider nearby destinations that people may be visiting.

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