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Places To Stay In Bordeaux

Chteau Pape Clement Pessac

Famous places to visit in Bordeaux

Château Pape Clement isnt just a one of Bordeauxs Grand Cru Classé wines. The château, owned by wine magnate Bernard Magrez, serves a boutique hotel with five uniquely decorated guest rooms, each with ensuite bathroom.

Wake up in the vineyards of the Graves appellation just 20 minutes from Bordeaux city center. Château Pape Clement is also connected with Bordeaux center by public transportation, making this quiet château stay a wonderful option for exploring both the city and the wine region.

It is best to have a rental car to be easily be able to explore Bordeauxs various château from this location. Additionally, Château Pape Clement does not have an onsite restaurant though breakfast is available for an additional fee. The château does have a tapas bar on their terrace with a light menu of charcuterie and cheese, which is open from April through October.

Château Pape Clement includes complimentary wifi and has air conditioning. Free private parking is available on site. Small pets are welcome.

Classical Depth With Added Zest And Fruitiness

Picture yourself on the quays at Bordeaux: before, the Garonne idles powerfully past. Behind, theres the 18th-century magnificence of Frances noblest riverfront. And, beyond, in the citys heart, monumental buildings and open space. The magnificent Palais de la Bourse has long suggested that Bordeaux was a capital city in search of a country to rule. The elegance is uplifting, the more so that is now shot through with Latin energy.

Bordeaux formerly was overbearing, ponderous with self-importance. Recent electro-shocks have overturned dowdiness and pomposity. The TGV train roars in, the banks of the Garonne have been retrieved from dereliction and the worlds greatest wine is now flattered by the finest wine museum anywhere, not to mention a new generation of bars, restaurants and festivities. The place is alive: Bordeaux nouveau classical dignity with added zest and fruitiness. For immediate drinking.

Where To Stay In Bordeaux On A Budget

Although most budget choices are outside the central neighborhoods, Hotel le Chantry offers affordable lodgings downtown, in a safe neighborhood just a few blocks from Basilique Saint-Seurin and shopping at the Centre Commercial Meriadeck. Rooms are basic but spacious, and the free, secure, on-site parking is an added value in an expensive city. Breakfast and Wi-Fi are also complimentary.

The Hotel Des Voyageurs is a budget boutique hotel also located in the Bastide neighborhood, just steps from the Pont de Pierre Bridge, providing easy access to downtown Bordeaux. This non-smoking hotel serves breakfast daily and provides free Wi-Fi for guests. Guest rooms are small but well-appointed and comfortable. Nearby Bastide attractions include the Blue Lion sculpture and the Eglise Sainte-Marie-de-la-Bastide, a 19th-century church.

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Ibis Budget Bordeaux Centre Bastide

Located only a 15-minute walk to the city center, ibis budget Bordeaux Centre Bastide is a favorite among visitors. This hotel is modern and offers colorful and welcoming contemporary rooms. The rooms can sleep up to three people and include work desks and flat-screen TVs. Some rooms even have a view of the Saint Marie de la Bastide Church. In addition to the breakfast buffet, youll have access to hot drinks and snacks throughout the day. For great comfort which is inexpensive, go with ibis budget Bordeaux Centre Bastide.

You Can Mix And Match Your Experience

Why You Must Visit Bordeaux

If you want pure relaxation or a little more action, the resort allows you to choose how you rest or play. I was blessed with glorious weather during my trip, so I had lots of options.

You can enjoy a dip in one of two swimming pools, take a boat out onto the lake to explore the wilds, hire a bike or go-kart, plus join in onsite activities from exercise sessions to family-friendly competitions.

One morning I chose the simple pleasure of chilling out on my patio reading a book, surrounded by woodland, and the odd two-winged visitor for company.

But on my second day, I decided to get a little more active. I took an early morning walk around the lake, then a boat across it to admire the sunrise and revel in the quiet before the resort started to wake. With most activities free to enjoy whenever I pleased, it was a joy having the flexibility to holiday my own way, enjoying as little or as much as I cared for.

Despite it being June and the resort being fully booked, it never felt crowded, which meant I could fully enjoy my relaxing break. This complete freedom and flexibility added a little bit extra to the whole experience.

In the evenings there was a DJ on hand to entertain guests at the resort. After a full day exploring Saint-Emilion, I enjoyed singing along with a glass of local merlot in hand a 2011 Saint-Emilion Gaia the resorts wine of the moment.

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Best Area To Stay In Bordeaux For Romantic Stay Bed And Breakfast Accommodation Small Boutique Hotel

Most of the small boutique hotels around Bordeaux are unusually hospitable with an environment to fire up your love. The average cost per night is about 150 euro. You can choose hotels overlooking historical sites or the river. Some hotels offer self-catering facilities to visitors. If your romantic trip is on a budget, stay at a B& B. Their average rates are about 100 euro a night. Most B& Bs have wide breakfast choices, WiFi connectivity and amazing flatbeds.

Gare Saint Jean Next To The Train Station

Saint-Jean isnt one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Bordeaux and in some parts can be a bit shady. However, if you need to catch a train early in the morning staying there can be quite practical. And its also much more affordable than the center of Bordeaux, which you can easily reach with the Tram Line C. There are some nice hotels on the way from the train station to the riverfront and, generally speaking, this is the nicer part around Gare Saint-Jean. Also, Quai des Paludate is home to some of Bordeauxs night clubs and to the new Boca food market. Gradually and with a lot of investment from the city of Bordeaux, this area is becoming more popular and the stay can indeed be quite nice.

Hôtel Mercure is a good option if you want to stay next to the train station. Its not very new but the rooms are comfortable and clean. If youre looking for something fancier, the Hilton Garden Inn hotel is also within a few minutes walk from the station. It is however located a bit further from the city center so take that into consideration.

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Best Hotel In Gare Saint

This is our pick for the best place to stay in Gare Saint-Jean. This charming three-star hotel is conveniently situated in Bordeaux near shops, bars and top tourist attractions. It has stylish rooms with a range of contemporary features. Youll enjoy dining at the on-site restaurant or imbibing at the cosy lounge bar.

Where To Stay In Bordeaux: 7 Best Areas

Top 10 sightseeing spots in Bordeaux 10 Best Tourist attractions (France travel)
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Plan your trip to Bordeaux with my advice for where to stay in Bordeaux! Learn which neighborhoods are good depending on your goals.

For those looking to get a heady dose of history, culture, and some of the best wine produced in the world, look no further than Bordeaux.

Located on the Garonne river in Southwestern France, Bordeaux is the 5th largest city in France after Paris, Marseille, Lille, and Lyon, as well as home to the countrys most renowned vineyard region.

As one of Europes central hubs of activity throughout the centuries and birthplace of famed figures such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard II, and the painter Odilon Redon, here the past and present are constant companions, with some of the most beguiling places to stay in Bordeaux all but a living testament.

With its intoxicating blend of Gothic medieval, Baroque, and modern architecture, Bordeaux is a city made for exploring on foot or by bicycle, with the greater vineyard landscape providing a truly once-in-a-lifetime excursion.

With ample museum, shopping, and dining options, its more than safe to say there is something for every traveler in the cobbled confines of Bordeaux.

Thanks to its close proximity to Paris , Bordeaux is a perfect addition to ones French itinerary. You will want to give yourself enough time to see and experience as much as possible, with a recommended minimum of 2 days at the very least.

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Hotel De Sze Bordeaux

Once upon a time the British ruled Bordeaux. When France regained Bordeaux in the 1450s, King Charles VII ordered a mighty fortress called Château Trompette to be built to protect Bordeaux from opportunistic invaders. Château Trompette sat stretching on a space from the Garonne to where the Monument aux Girondins stands today, with its western boundary the Place de la Bourse.

The fortress eventually lost its purpose and King Louis XVIII ordered its destruction in 1816. It was during this time that Quinconces and Allées de Tourny were built, along with the three historic buildings that make up Hotel de Sèze Bordeaux. History buffs might even be intrigued to know that the fourth floor of the hotel has some trap doors where Jews hid during WWII.

Hotel de Sèze Bordeaux has been operating as a hotel since 1927 and has been a landmark of Bordeaux for more than 90 years now. The rooms of the 4-star boutique hotel have been updated over the years and they offer a modern and refined elegance.

Theres also the Spa de Sèze with private steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, sensory shower experience and a variety of body treatments available.

Le Comptoir de Sèze offers a Sunday brunch, a jazz dinner concert on the first and third Thursday each month and a daily afternoon tea service.

And if you enjoy golf, Hotel de Sèze has a six-hole golf course exclusively for guests just a 10-minute drive away.

Entre Deux Mers And South Gironde

I decided to start my list with the Entre deux mers region and the South of Gironde as theyre usually my go to places when Im in a mood for beautiful medieval towns. This is one of the most beautiful parts in the southwest of France, embodying the historic and cultural richness of this region. Most of the villages on my list are located close to one another so you can visit them all in one weekend. Public transport is not extremely developed in this part of Gironde so its better to travel by car or bike if you like cycling a lot. I did, however, add public transport routes to these places just for completeness.

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Best Places To Stay In Bordeaux

Last updated on June 7, 2020 in France, Hotels

Say Bordeaux and people will immediately think of wine. That isnt necessarily untrue Bordeaux is the definitive capital of the Bordeaux wine-growing region. Theres certainly plenty of wine to be had in this city, thats for sure. But although the name is famed throughout the world, theres a lot more to Bordeaux than fermented grape juice.

Bordeaux is a beautiful place to explore. Its bursting at the seams with grand old mansions and towering churches, huge public squares full of old world extravagance, and historic streets to wander.

Staying here wont break your budget there are a few hotels that are thankfully mid-range. That said, if you want to splash out on something lavish, with all those historic buildings around, you can definitely do that.

Bastide The Other Side Of The River

10 Best Things to Do in Bordeaux

Located on the right bank of the Garonne, La Bastide was originally a village surrounding the fort of Mons and its accompanying monastery, but has since been fully urbanized following the completion of the Pierre Bridge in 1822.

While the industrial crisis of the 1970s saw the closing of much of Bastides factories and shipyards, the area has undergone a significant renaissance in the proceeding decades.

There is much to see and do in Bastide, starting with the original Orleans station, constructed in the mid-19th century, which included a sizable public cinema.

The lovely, secluded grounds of Parc des Berges and Botanical Garden are prime picnic locales, while the Darwin Project features a living ecosystem built atop a former military wasteland.

With an active tram system and ongoing influx of residential housing, La Bastide is among the best places to stay in Bordeaux thanks to its understated, off-the-map positioning.

Guests who wish to stay there will have no shortage of breathtaking neoclassical and panoramic views along the river, as well as access to all the prerequisite restaurants and shops.

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Chteau La Tour Carnet Saint

Château La Tour Carnet is one of the oldest châteaux of the Médoc and its one of few châteaux that has a moat and a drawbridge. Parts of the château, which looks like a mini fortified castle, date back to the 11th century. Some resident black swans swim road the moat.

Theres just two rooms at Château La Tour Carnet, both unique and either of which will make you feel like youre sleeping in the kings bedroom at the Palace of Versailles. Both rooms have private ensuite bathrooms and staying in the little castle surrounded by the moat is a truly unique experience. Guests also have complete access to the château during your stay, which has an incredible collection of historic books, armour and art. Read Château La Tour Carnets TripAdvisor reviews.

Tour the cellar, castle and taste Château La Tour Carnet, an 1855 Grand Cru Classé, while youre there. You can also inquire about a wine pairing dinner, though note that there is not an onsite restaurant at the château. Breakfast is included with stays at Château La Tour Carnet.

The château is around 1 hour drive from Bordeaux center and a rental car is best as there is no public transportation to the château. Theres a few villages nearby should you decide to go out for dinner and we recommend Café Lavinal 15 minutes drive away in Pauillac.

Chateau La Tour Carnet includes complimentary wifi and breakfast. Private onsite parking is available free of charge. Small pets are welcome.

Where To Stay In Bordeaux On A Budget Gare St Jean Saint

Gare St-Jean is an upcoming neighbourhood. It is quiet and the cost of accommodation is relatively low. Nevertheless, there are lots of party hotspots, eateries and restaurants. The area around St Michel gothic cathedral is also an interesting historic district close to various prime historical locations in Bordeaux. Accommodation is available on budget with lots of great eateries dotted in the area. The location is quiet and of the beaten path.

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The Most Beautiful Villages Around Bordeaux Gironde

In the last few weeks Ive been writing a lot about places in Gironde, rather than Bordeaux itself and thats because I really want to encourage you to discover the amazing area we live in. Gironde is the biggest department in France and one of the most varied ones in terms of what you can see and do. In my previous articles Ive written about the beautiful beaches surrounding Bordeaux, the best parks around Bordeaux and on some great hiking trails in Gironde. Now that you know all about the magnificent nature were surrounded by, its time to explore some of the most charming villages in France! So today, I am taking a short break from nature to invite you on a journey to discover Girondes beautiful architecture and heritage. In this article I gathered some of the most beautiful villages in Gironde. If you follow my articles, you know that I really like variety and thats why I included towns and villages from all over the department. Beach towns on the Atlantic coast, beautiful villages in the middle of Bordeauxs wine routes and plenty of medieval towns in the South of Gironde.

If you take my advice and visit these beautiful villages, Id love it if you could use the hashtag #lostinbordeaux so I can share your photos on my stories on my Instagram page Lost_in_bordeaux. Also, come and share your experiences and get plenty of new ideas for day trips in Nouvelle Aquitaine in my Facebook group Travel in the southwest of France.

In The Heart Of Bordeaux

Bordeaux Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
  • The Hotel de Seze is a classic grand dame hotel in a fine, 18th century building. There are 55 generously proportioned rooms with traditional decor and a smart restaurant, bar and cigar lounge. Theres also a small spa with a hot tub and a sauna.
  • Villa Victor Louis is a stunning villa converted into an eight room hotel. The 18th century decor may make you feel like royalty, and youre in a wonderfully central location.

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City Rsidence Bordeaux Centre

Sometimes hotels can feel a bit stuffy so if you want to feel a little more at home on vacation, consider City Résidence Bordeaux Centre. This hotel offers modern duplex apartments and studios which can sleep between one and four people. One of the best aspects of the facilities is that they all have a fully-equipped kitchenette which includes a fridge, microwave, kettle, ceramic hotplate, and kitchen utensils. City Résidence is located in the heart of the Quartier des Chartrons Old Town, so youll get ample space and privacy while being only a 15-minute tram ride from the city center. Whether youre only staying one night or for a few weeks, this great hotel will allow you to save money by cooking your own meals.

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