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Places To Stay In Chianti Italy

The Best Wine Hotels In Chianti For Foodies

The Most Beautiful Places In TUSCANY Italy

If you want your wine choices served with gourmet cuisine then these are the best wine hotels in Chianti for you.

The Relais Borgo san Felice is a sprawling country house hotel with its own vineyards to look out over from its hilltop position. And its own billiards room, tennis courts and pool. Plus an extremely well regarded Mediterranean restaurant. Expect plenty of space and a long, long wine list, which they use for their comprehensive tastings.

The Castel Monastero is a magnificently restored 11h century hamlet tucked into the Chianti hills. As well as two restaurants, one overseen by Gordon Ramsay, and an impressive cellar bar, the Monastero has 61 elegant, luxurious rooms and a pool and wellness centre and spa.

If you want some tutored wine tastings, or a cookery lesson, the Villa Le Barone, a gorgeous, 14th century Tuscan villa near Panzano, fits the bill. As well a winery, and an impressive kitchen and restaurant, there are 28 rooms and two suites, all carefully decorated with antiques and many of them with beautiful views. Plus theres a salt water swimming pool.

Castellina In Chianti Tuscany Italy

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Lucca Where To Stay In Tuscany For Families

In the west of Tuscany, halfway between Pisa and Florence sits the old town of Lucca, famous for its city walls which were left mostly untouched by the passing of time. The first part of the wall was actually built by the Romans in the 3rd century, and later in the 16th century, it became this huge landmark that we still see nowadays.

There arent as many tourists here as in the other towns so you will find a lot of calm, family-friendly spots, all located within walking distance. Being a lesser-known destination, you and your family will get more space for your money in the accommodation here and you wont have to worry about the dangers of larger cities.

The mood of this town is really pleasant, theres something about it that will make it hard for you to just stay for a few days. I guess the local people in Lucca make you feel so welcomed that its hard to say no to another night spent here. If you wanna have some family fun then rent a bike in the city and take the bike path around the city walls!

If youve ever been to Venice, this beautiful historic city will definitely remind you of it, and if you havent, what are you waiting for!?

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How To Get To Chianti

The easiest way to travel to Chianti is via Pisa International Airport. You can find some great flight deals here. For this itinerary, we recommend renting a car at the airport, from which its a short 1.5-hour drive to Querceto di Castellina, the suggested accommodation.

Likewise, if you have a flight that will take you into Florence, the drive to Querceto di Castellina is only one hour, plus it will give you an option to spend a night or two in Florence on the way out. Alternatively, flights into Rome are often more direct, and its only a three-hour drive north from the eternal city, which makes for a great place to start or end your trip for a day or two.

Winetraveler Pro Tip: While visiting or staying in Florence, we highly recommend taking the highest-rated guided cheese, wine and lunch day tourwith Walkabout. This will get you off-the-beaten-path and ensure you dont have to worry about the logistics of driving around yourself. Youll see a ton, try both the food and wine with an immersive guide and have a deeper experience in Chianti. If youd prefer a private guided experience from Florence to avoid groups, this day trip is perfect for couples. Another fun way to explore the region is on a guided bike tour!

Chianti Holiday Homes Villa Rentals In Chianti Greve Bed And Breakfast Rooms Vacation Apartments Hotels Self

Info On Places to Stay in Tuscany
Greve in Chianti, seat of the Comune di Greve in Chianti, is the market town of the Chianti Classico wine zone of Tuscany, Italy, which consists of a large part of the hilly territory between Florence and Sienna. Chianti provides opportunities for a unique style of vacation where you can find a relaxing place to stay in one of the many beautifully restored farmhouses of the area and yet still be within easy reach of the art cities such as Florence, Siena, Lucca and Pisa. The rooms, apartments, farm houses and villas of Chianti offered as holiday rentals in the hills around Greve in Chianti are characterised by terracotta tiled floors and beamed ceilings, and are usually furnished in country style with authentic antiques or very good copies. Bathroom facilities are clean and modern, and a swimming pool is frequently available. Often an entire self-catering apartment with pool will cost you less than modest hotel accommodation for the same number of people in a city. Furthermore, there are numerous excellent restaurants both in the Chianti villages and in the Tuscany countryside itself.Tons of useful information on where to stay and what to see in Tuscany, Italy. Enter!

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Day 3 Chianti Classico

Perhaps youre inclined to lounge about the grounds of Querceto today, or maybe a few winery visits would be of interest. If spending the day poolside with a good book, followed by a light lunch prepared by Chef Laura is your idea of perfection on this Tuscan morning, by all means, indulge yourself and pick back up with the itinerary at Monte Bernardi for an afternoon wine tasting.

However, if youre craving more wines and vines, after a breakfast on the winery terrace drive 25 minutes to Villa Calcinaia in Greve. Villa Calcinaia has been in operation since 1524 and today is operated by the 20th generation of the Capponi family, an important noble family from Florence. In fact, if youre lucky, Count Sebastiano may even host your tour and tasting! Reservations must be made in advance and can include a tour and tasting or a tour, tasting and light snack.

From here, head back toward Querceto, and make another easy winery stop at Monte Bernardi. The estate name Monte Bernardi originated in 1085 but the first estate wines werent produced until 1992, as most of the grapes were sold to neighboring wineries. The tasting room for this small production winery is open from April to October by appointment only with visits including options of a tour and tasting or tasting only.

Best Places To Stay In Tuscany

Without further ado, these are the best places to stay in Tuscany:

Our Number One Suggestion: the Tuscan countryside in the very central area between Florence and Siena, which just also happens to enclose the entire wine region of Chianti within its borders.

If you stay anywhere in this area , you will generally be within a hour ride or less from the majority of all of the sights you’ll want to visit in Tuscany: Florence, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano, the Chianti wine area with its many hilltop towns, Siena, Volterra, Arezzo, the Crete Senesi and the Val d’Orcia.

In particular, I suggest staying in the Tuscan countryside to experience the best side of Tuscany. Many villas and farmhouses in the hills of Tuscany have become apartments, hotels, and B& Bs that welcome travelers and become the ideal base to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the hills, coast and mountains.

As mentioned earlier, you will need to have your own car to be able to pick any property without regard to their location and to explore the region on day trips, heading out to explore in a new direction every day.

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Bonus: Top 8 Things To Do In Tuscany

The birth home of the Italian Renaissance revolution, Tuscany has done a great job over the years, maintaining its position as one of the most visited places in the world. There arent enough words to describe all the riches that you will find here, from the beautiful towns and villages like Florence and San Gimignano to the breathtaking views of the picturesque hills filled with vineyards and olive groves. Not to mention the art!

Mamma Mia! There are tons of things that you can do here! That is why I decided to make a list of the top things that you must do when visiting this area and some travel tips that I hope will help you navigate around Tuscany!

I know youll probably want to check every little thing on the list but since Tuscany is a large region, the places are not all located in the same area. Dont worry, I will let you know where to stay for each of these activities too so you can pick the perfect vacation location for you!

If you really want to do them all, I recommend you split your holiday and spend a few days staying in Lucca, Florence, and Siena to see the whole region.


1. Wine tasting in the Chianti RegionAn ancient drink that still makes people travel to other parts of the world just to taste the best of the best! The vineyards in this region are famous for their fine taste and age, that is why many people come here to drink the best Tuscan wine.

Arezzo Great For The Local Vibe Of Tuscany

The Best Place to Stay in Tuscany. Castello Banfi – Il Borgo

One of the most beautiful hilltop towns in Italy, this city is located in the east part of Tuscany and its just a one-hour train ride away from Florence. Rich in culture and history as all the other towns, Arezzo is actually an Etruscan city. The Etruscans were an old civilization that lived before the ancient Romans. So this city goes way back!

Because Arezzo became popular just a few years ago, not a lot of tourists make this their top destination, which is a good thing for the authenticity of this town as it left the local atmosphere of the city untouched. Before they made any profits from tourism, the local people used to make their living out of agriculture and handcraft. So you must visit Arezzo if you love local hand-made stuff.

If we have any art lovers here you should definitely book a trip to Arezzo, even if its just for a day so you can see the famous frescos by Piero della Francesca, sitting in the Church of San Francesco. Make sure to visit the Cathedral too, its located on a hill, so bring comfortable shoes! Enjoy the views in the medieval main square which actually made an appearance in the Oscar-winning movie Life is Beautiful and try the local cuisine in Arezzo and its fresh products!

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The Hills Around Greve And Panzano In Chianti Provide Best Value For Your Vacation In Chianti

Many visitors to Tuscany settle on the Chianti region between Florence and Siena as a place to stay, in part because of its central location which makes it a good base for their vacation in Tuscany, with plenty of options for exploring other parts of Tuscany in all directions. The beautiful countryside and, of the course, the food and wine are also important factors. Next comes the question of exactly where is the best place to stay in the Chianti region.

A great place to stay in Chianti

My recommendation for a great place to stay is the area around Greve in Chianti and Panzano in Chianti. The wine producing municipality of Greve, which includes the small town of Panzano, is the largest of the eight comuni of Chianti and has the highest number of agriturismi and other forms of rural vacation accommodation in the province of Florence and the Province of Siena. Competition means that prices are low and standards are high. You can easily find an attractive village or farmhouse apartment for 2 persons for 65 euros per night or less. Many of the agriturismi have a swimming pool and all of them have fully equipped kitchens, so that if you dont want to go out to a restaurant, you can prepare your dinner at home, either from the ground up or using the freshly cooked food and other delicious edibles available in the Coop supermarket in Greve.

Dining Out In Chianti

Dining out in Chianti is inexpensive compared with most other tourist destinations in Europe and if you stay in the country or rent an apartment in town, your accommodation will most likely be self-catering. This doesnt mean you have to cook a dinner from the ground up every night. Supermarkets, other speciality food outlets and weekly open air markets offer a very good range of freshly cooked food as well as a large range of cold cuts and cheeses that you can take home for dinner on your own terrace.

Roast partridge

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Village Vacation Apartment In Volpaia

Apartment “Il Cassero” is a newly-restored vacation apartment for 2 to 5 persons located in an old tower keep in the tiny village of Volpaia in Tuscany. The accommodation consists of a kitchen, large living and dining room, plus two double bedrooms rooms and a single bedroom. Extremely peaceful and within a couple of minutes walk of three restaurants. More aboutApartment”Il Cassero” accommodation in Volpaia.

The Land Of Wine Par Excellence

Costello di Montefioralle, Greve in Chianti, Tuscany ...

Chianti is famous all over the world for its superb “Chianti Classico” wine, the wine par excellence of Italy, and for its extra virgin olive oil and countless other tasty regional products. Chianti Classico wines are characterized by the Gallo Nero or Black Rooster label and have very strict and high quality control standards. You definitely should also try the sweet Vin Santo and, of course, the digestive Chianti grappa! Radda in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti and Gaiole in Chianti are the three main villages of this region they formed the so called “Lega del Chianti” founded by the city of Florence in the distant 1384 as a defense against the rival city of Siena.

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San Gimignano For A Countryside Experience In Tuscany

Another beautiful hilltown situated just 50 km southwest of Florence, San Gimignano is the place to go if you want to get a taste of the Tuscan countryside. This picturesque town is so beautiful it actually looks like a postcard picture from any angle.

The big towers spread out across the city premises, the ancient villas, and the green gardens surrounding San Gimignano make this place look like a movie location for a Hollywood movie. Back in the day, there were 72 towers, which were built by rich families who wanted to show everyone that they had money.

FUN FACT: Under the Tuscan Sun was actually filmed in the countryside of Tuscany!

The walls built in the 13th century managed to protect this UNESCO Heritage site over the years. The biggest attraction point is the Piazza della Cisterna, where you can climb the Torre Grossa, the tallest tower in town, and admire the beautiful views of this great Tuscan city. If you want to take trips to the other towns you can take the bus to Poggibonsi and then from there take a train to any other town.

Palazzo Lombardo

Il Borgo By Castello Banfi

| Montalcino Countryside | 5 Star Accommodation | Michelin Dining| Epic Pool

Castello Banfi is an institution of winemaking. They are by far the largest producer of Brunello wines on the planet as they own the most territory. Their grounds are absolutely immaculate and their structure is beautiful. A famous line of cypress trees lines their kilometer or so long driveway into their estate. It is one of the most elegant estates that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting in all my travels.

Wouldnt you know it they even have a luxury cluster of mini-apartments on-site and a Michelin star restaurant? The pool on site overlooks seemingly endless rolling hills completely covered in vineyards and olive trees. You will pay tooth and nail for your nights stay but it arguably one of the nicest hotels on Earth.

| Chianti | 90 mins from Florence | Great Views & Lots of Activities

Borgo Casa al Vento is more of a retreat than a place to stay. When you go there, you will likely stay on the compound the entire time. They have lots to do including archery, tennis, a pool, and more. You can completely indulge in the nectar of the gods and do so quite literally in a wine bath.

It is a great place to spend a few days, especially with the kids. Your kids can run around while you enjoy the scenery. Many rooms have fireplaces and there are common areas to build fires as well. The rooms are very charming and rustic. The structure is a renovated borgo that is a very European feeling.

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