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Places To Stay In Dc

Best Airbnb In Dupont Circle: Victorian Boutique Room

Stay DOWNTOWN when you Visit DC

Nestled on a beautiful tree-lined street in the majestic home in the Dupont Circle district. The party spot! And the coolest cafes like Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe, which you have to make sure you stop by before leaving. This home is located on the 2nd floor of Victorian Brownstone, the furnishings are anything but average, and the intricate interior will make you feel like royalty. One of the best things this home has is the bathroom pullout mirror. Youll see what we mean.

Things To See And Do In Dupont Circle

  • Enjoy a wild night at Eighteenth Street Lounge.
  • Eat, dance and party the night away at Café Citron, a club with a fiery Latin flair.
  • Sip signature cocktail at Heist.
  • Dance until dawn at Decades.
  • Dine on fresh and delicious oysters, seafood and more at Hanks Oyster Bar.
  • See incredible works of art at The Phillips Collection, Americas first museum of modern art.
  • Choose from more than 20 beers on tap and a great selection of vintage games at Board Room.
  • Enjoy one of the best happy hours in DC at the Madhatter.
  • Climb to the top of the Spanish Steps and enjoy the view.

Dupont Circle Vibrant Cultural Life

Dupont Circle is considered by many to be the grand hub of Washington. This traffic circle is where Connecticut Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue intersect.

It is a very vibrant hub in terms of D.C.s cultural life. Dupont Circle is known for its upscale homes, art galleries, museums and embassies.

There are also some very trendy and funky restaurants and coffee shops here. Many know Dupont Circle as the area where diplomats and their families stay and play.

In addition, an endless list of institutions can be found here. That list includes the Brookings Institution, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins, the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, the Institute for Policy Studies, the Aspen Institute, the German Marshall Fund, the Center for Global Development, the Stimson Center and the Peterson Institute.

Of course, many people come here simply to admire the sights and sounds near the famed and heavily photographed fountain at the center of the Dupont traffic island. Dupont Circle is served by the Dupont Circle station on the Red Line.


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Why Clarendon Is Best For Nightlife

The Clarendon and Courthouse metro stations form the heart of bustling Arlington. A little less than a mile separates these two stations, but the area is a vibrant, urban center, and the section of Arlington that has the most to offer visitors. Full of luxury high-rises and single-family homes, Clarendon/Courthouse is home to affluent families and young professionals. hoppers will enjoy the mix of major retailers, like Ann Taylor and Pottery Barn, and independent shops, like South Moon Under, a local clothing boutique. Though the area can get a bit rowdy on weekend nights, this neighborhood is safe and welcoming. Hotels near Clarendon / Courthouse Metro.

Foggy Bottom Within A Short Walk From Washington Downtown


The evocatively named Foggy Bottom is an extremely part of Washington DC. The area is in a waterfront location to the northwest of downtown. There are splendid views across the Potomac River to Theodore Roosevelt Island and Little Island, two islands covered with attractive tree-filled parks.

Foggy Bottom is home to the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts and also houses the National Symphony Orchestra. The area is also very well provided for when it comes to hotel accommodations.

You can also have the campus of George Washington University, the DAR Constitution Hall, the Washington National Opera, Lincoln Memorial, Textile Museum, and the State Departments Diplomatic Reception Rooms.

There are many places to stay here, with the majority of hotels coming in the mid-range price bracket. It is a convenient part of town for tourists who want to avoid public transport because all of downtowns highlights are just a few hundred meters away to the Southeast. Its also very convenient to travel with public transport on the Silver Line, the Orange Line, and the Blue Line by the GWU Washington Metro station.

The US State Department is located in Foggy Bottom, and the students of George Washington University add a youthful vibe to the area. No visit to this part of Washington is complete without a stroll down the waterfront, soaking up the atmosphere of this historic part of the city.

Best places to stay in Foggy Bottom

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Things To See And Do In Logan Circle

  • Tease your taste buds at Compass Rose, a restaurant whose dishes are inspired by the owners exotic travels.
  • Catch a show at the Black Cat, a two-level music hall with pinball, pool tables, and a fantastic menu.
  • Enjoy a glass of wine at Barcelona Wine Bar 14th Street.
  • Grab a seat and indulge in a delicious meal at the rustic and trendy restaurant, the Pig.
  • Dig into a dish of American fare at the Logan Tavern.
  • Snap a pic of the colourful and quirky Watermelon House.

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What Is The Best Place To Stay For Tourists Visiting Washington Dc

Answer. Tourist looking for the best places to stay should first prioritize what is most important when visiting Washington, D.C. For tourist on a budget the Metro can help save on a hotel by staying near the Van Ness, or Dunn-Loring, Branch Ave Metro station. Alexandria, or in Arlington, are the best alternatives to popular downtown dc tourist locations.

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What Are The Best Places To Stay In Washington Dc For Nightlife

Couples or groups trying to determine where to stay in Washington, D.C. for nightlife will want a mix access to restaurants and bars, as well as relatively short commute to day time tourist spots. One of the best places to stay in Washington, D.C. for nightlife is Dupont Circle. Dupont Cirlce is located in the urban residential neighborhoods north of downtown D.C. As for nightlife the area is home to the DC Improv, dive bars , dance clubs , and many restaurants.

Dupont Circle The Cheapest Area To Stay In Washington Dc

The Best Hotels In Washington DC

Dupont Circle, north of the city, is the area where you can find cheap hotels in Washington, D.C. By affordable, I mean about $100 a night depending on the time of year. Hopefully, in the off-peak tourist season, you might find something for $70. It may seem like a lot for a cheap hotel in D.C., but if you take into account the prices for the rest of the areas, I assure you that it is cheap. This area is where we almost always stay when we come with groups of friends and there is someone who doesnt want to spend too much.

In this neighborhood, there are several embassies and historical buildings, and you will not be short of restaurants and places to eat. In my opinion, this is one of the best places to find cheap hotels in Washington, D.C., since you wont be too far from the tourist area of the city. It will take approximately 15 minutes to get to the center by public transport and about 30 minutes if you prefer to walk.

7. Dupont Circle, the cheapest area to stay in Washington, D.C.

These are the best accommodations in Washington, D.C. around Dupont Circle:

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What Not To Miss

  • With so many museums, it’s hard to pick which to recommend. We’d suggest in particular the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, The National Air and Space Museum, The National Archives and Newseum.
  • If you’re looking to soak in the city’s history then head to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, National World War II Memorial or the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.
  • Those into politics should definitely visit the iconic Capitol Hill.
  • If you fancy taking a break from sightseeing then head to the Tidal Basin, a beautiful area which in springtime is full of white-pink cherry blossoms.

Here is our choice of the best places to stay in Washington DC when you finally feel you’ve had your fill of business, shopping or sightseeing. And for those who don’t want to be right in the centre of things, we’ve got a couple of good suggestions in Alexandria too.

Georgetown Where To Stay In Washington Dc For Families

Georgetown can justifiably claim to be the very heart of Washington DC, since his upmarket and attractive neighborhood, on the west side of the city, dates back to the mid-18th century. It is a prestigious part of town that enjoys a beautiful waterfront setting next to the Potomac River.

There are few places in the USA that feel as European as this district, with its cobblestone streets and beautiful historic red brick buildings.

Georgetown is very convenient for all the major tourist attractions of the center of Washington. Because of this great location, it is the accommodation choice for many of the USs political worlds movers and shakers.

Because of this, Georgetown has become one of the wealthiest parts of Washington. The area is full of top-class haute cuisine dining, and if you are the kind of shopper who doesnt worry too much about price tags, you will discover some high-end shopping in this area around Wisconsin Avenue and M Street.

Georgetown is home to Georgetown University, and this institution injects a youthful exuberance into the social fabric of the area. So if youre looking for some buzzing nightlife, you will find plenty of bars and clubs that cater to a student crowd.

Notable venues include Blues Alley, a jazz club of international renown, or you could try , which belies its unprepossessing look by being the watering hole of many top politicos, including John F. Kennedy.

Best places to stay in Washington DC in Georgetown:

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Best Airbnb In Foggy Bottom: Historic Home In Urban Area

Start the journey of exploring DC at this cute townhouse. You can have the whole thing all to yourself in the heart of Americas historic districts. The home is sitting in the historic Mews located near most of DCs major attractions. This home is expansive, and affordable accommodating up to 4 people if you wish. And hey, if couch snoozing is your thing, these couches are to die for they are, in fact, cuddle puddle material sofas.

Bring your walking shoes the metro is only 2 blocks away and 3 blocks from Whole Foods! Yes, that means you can explore and make time to grab some groceries to cook in the beautiful kitchen this home has.

Best Hotel In Logan Circle: Embassy Inn Washington Dc

48 hours in Washington DC: Hotels, restaurants and places ...

The Embassy Inn is a great base for your time in Washington DC Close to famous landmarks and popular tourist attractions, many of the citys top sites are within walking distance. It has 38 recently refurbished rooms with essential amenities, private bathrooms and cable/satellite channels.

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Stay Near The National Mall

Pros & Cons to Staying South of the National Mall. The area just south of the National Mall is home to large government agencies and spans the distance between the supreme court and the Lincoln Memorial. The pros to this area are that you will be able to walk from the hotel to the National Mall including all the museums and monuments. The cons are that hotel choices are limited and the area clears out after dark without much nearby in the way of restaurants or nightlife. For some the quite may be welcomed, for others it is a drawback. Pro tip for this area is that it is home to the #1 hotel for families, that is the Capitol Holiday Inn which also has a rooftop pool.

Places to Stay Near the National Mall


Downtown Washington Dc / Northwest Washington Dc

Downtown DC is actually made up of several smaller pockets. There are lots of hotels across the entire spectrum, from the high-end luxury of the Willard, Hay-Adams, and Jefferson to mid-range options like the Hampton Inn, and the family- and budget-friendly Hotel Harrington.

If youre looking to rub shoulders with Washington power brokers, take a morning stroll by the White House, or looking for the best all-round access to the Smithsonians, art galleries, and monuments on the National Mall, downtown DC is a great choice.

But it comes with downsides. Because of demand and location, quite a few of the hotels around here can be expensive, with prices spiking as demand grows. They can also fill up, so its worth booking well in advance. If youre driving, make sure to ask about parking options. Most of the hotels in DC will charge extra for parking, and on-street parking can be a real hassle. Some streets can also be a bit lifeless at night, although that varies by the specific area.

Downtown DC |

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Foggy Bottom A Hip Place To Stay In Washington Dc

Foggy Bottom is named in honor of the moody, ethereal fog that lingers in this neighborhood. The area is defined by the National Mall and the Potomac River. It is bounded by 17th Street, the Rock Creek Parkway, Constitution Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Foggy Bottom is a hot spot for political activity and culture. It contains the U.S. Department of State, the Kennedy Center, the National Symphony Orchestra, the DAR Constitution Hall and the Washington National Opera. Whats more, it is actually where the Watergate complex is located.

The campus of George Washington University is spread across almost the entire neighborhood. Georgetown University is also very close by.

Foggy Bottom is definitely a hip place to stay. College students flood the many casual restaurants and fun pubs throughout the neighborhood on a nightly basis.

Foggy Bottom is served by the GWU Washington Metro station on the Blue Line, the Orange Line and the Silver Line.

The fact that this neighborhood caters to students means that it is a good spot to look for reasonable accommodations. Whats more, summertime visitors can often find lower-than-usual rates on rooms from college students looking to rent out their places.


The Heart Of Washington Dc

Best Hotels & Areas to Stay in Washington DC

Like a lush green vein pumping blood through the nations capital, a long grassy expanse known as the National Mall is the center of this one-of-a-kind city. As a kid, I remember being awfully disappointed that visiting this mall didnt result in new clothes and a trip to the food court. Anchored by the Lincoln Memorial on the west and the US Capitol on the east, this mall is filled with history instead. There are memorials dedicated to the brave men and women who died at war, and millions of treasures on display in the Smithsonian museums that line the rectangular park.

If the blades of grass could talk, they would share stories of women demanding the right to vote and protesters calling for an end the Vietnam War. If the voices from the past hung in the breeze, youd hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sharing his dream from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and every president since Thomas Jefferson swearing to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

From the marble steps of the US Capitol to the lush lawn of the White House and from Charles Lindberghs Spirit of St. Louis to the names etched into the polished black granite wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, it is easy to understand why the experiences at the National Mall are the most popular in Washington DC. While DC welcomes nearly 20 million visitors a year, the National Mall receives more than 24 million each year, nearly guaranteeing that everyone who lives in or visits DC will stop by at least once.

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Best Family Hotels In Washington Dc That All Ages Love

  • Christina Rado

A family-friendly destination with museums open through the year, iconic structures such as the White House and a richness of culture and history that most other destinations cant hold a candle to the nations capital has all the trappings of an unforgettable family vacation!

Washington D.Cs many monuments, such as the International Spy Museum , the zoo, and the popular Newseum, present parents with the perfect opportunity for an engaging educational-cum-fun vacation.

However, while traveling with the entire family , there are many factors youll need to take into account when figuring out where to stay in Washington D.C with your family.

How good is the hotels ambiance? How big are the rooms? Are family suites available? Does the hotel provide kid-friendly services and amenities such as menus for kids, babysitting and daycare and a kids club?

Well, dont panic if those were one too many questions to wrap your head around youre in the right place and this list has you covered.

Here are my picks for the best family hotels in Washington D.C.

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