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Places To Stay In Fort Lauderdale Florida

Best Hostel In Hollywood Beach: Hollywood Beach Hotel


If youre trying to decide where to stay in Fort Lauderdale for nightlife, then look no further. This hostel offers comfortable accommodation close to the center of the neighborhood at a budget price. Its a brand-new hotel that has everything from family rooms to private suites and dorm rooms. And the shared facilities will get you socializing with your fellow travelers in no time!

Things To See And Do In Wilton Manors

Drive down to the beach for the day and retreat to your quiet sanctuary at night.

Check out the shops along Wilton Drive for local souvenirs and budgets.

Boardwalk amongst the mangroves at Colohatchee Park.

Ask the locals where they eat and try some food that isnt designed for tourists.

Spend some time in nature at the Fern Forest Nature Center.

Hurricane Ian Weakens To A Category 1 But Storm Still Battering Florida

Hurricane Ians maximum sustained winds dropped to 90 mph by late Wednesday, but the storm was still battering Florida with heavy rain and the risk of life-threatening storm surge, officials said.

The wind speeds made Ian a Category 1 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. It was a Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds when it made landfall near Cayo Costa on Florida’s western coast at 3 p.m.

Officials in Lee County say the damage there is extensive, but its full scope was not clearly known. Residents reported being trapped by high water.

Central and northeast Florida could get 20 inches of rain, the National Hurricane Center said in an 11 p.m. advisory. Its center was about 70 miles south of Orlando as it moved northeast at 8 mph.

Storm surge warnings covered most of the western coast, including Tampa Bay, and were also in place on the East Coast, from around Volusia County to parts of South Carolina.

Terry Mazany, of Fort Myers, described it as a freight train of wind. The building they are in is surrounded by 8 feet of water, he said on MSNBC.

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Lara Trump Sparks Anger After Sharing Video Of Son Driving Toy Car Outside During Hurricane Ian

06:20 , Namita Singh

Lara Trump has sparked anger and concern after posting a video of her five-year-old son driving his toy car outside in the midst of heavy rain from Hurricane Ian.

The 39-year-old TV producer, who lives in Florida with her husband Eric Trump, on Wednesday of the couples son Eric Luke Trump. Trump and her spouse also share three-year-old daughter Carolina Dorothy Trump.

In the video, Trumps son, who goes by the name Luke, could be seen driving his toy car in the middle of the street as rain from the Category four storm poured down. As he steered the vehicle, he held one hand over his eyes in an effort to shield his face from the rain.

My colleague Amber Raiken reports:

City Of Bradenton Warns Wastewater Treatment Plant In Danger Of Overflowing

Places to Stay in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

The city of Bradenton, about 25 miles south of St. Petersburg, Florida, said its public works staff had warned that the city’s wastewater treatment plant was “full and is in danger of overflowing.”

The city pleaded with residents to conserve water, adding that they should avoid doing “dishes or laundry, flush only when necessary, limit showering, etc.”

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Wilton Manors Coolest Place To Stay In Fort Lauderdale

If youre trying to decide where to stay in Fort Lauderdale for your first time or on a return trip, then Wilton Manors may be the answer. This neighborhood is just a few miles north of the main beach and is amazingly quickly, with a unique local flair. Its close enough to the beach and the Hollywood Beach to be convenient, but far enough away that youll enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Photo: Elvert Barnes

If youre traveling to experience a more local experience, this is the area to stay in. Its full of attractions that arent the beach, and youll get to eat, drink, and shop where the locals do!

‘don’t Go Outside’: Charlotte County Spokesperson Urges Residents To Remain Indoors

Todd Dunn, the public information officer for Charlotte County, urged nonevacuated residents to remain inside as Hurricane Ian slammed Florida on Wednesday.

The county, which is just north of Fort Myers, was preparing for 8 to 14 feet of storm surge as the winds picked up, Dunn said. Emergency teams were on standby to begin rescues, but they were waiting until it was safe to venture out.

Dunn said he hoped people had heeded the county’s warnings and evacuated before the storm arrived, as the shelter that can hold 3,500 people only held about 1,000 when the storm hit.

“Our message we have been trying to convey: Stay safe and go to an interior space, away from windows and doors, and get to a center part of your house and ride the storm out,” he said. “Dont go outside. It is very dangerous.”

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Renovation Noticewe Are Perfecting Paradise

Limited renovations are currently underway, and will be completed by 6/15/22.

Every effort will be made to limit noise and the presence of construction supplies. However, eliminating all signs of building improvement will not be possible

Renovation work will take place from Monday Friday, 9am 5pm.

More Than 1000 Florida Flights Canceled Tuesday As Hurricane Ian Approaches

Best Hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Budget & Luxury

In total, Florida airports canceled more than 1,000 flights set to arrive or depart Tuesday, according to FlightAware.

More than 700 arrivals and departures were canceled at the Orlando International Airport after it closed Tuesday evening. It also shut down commercial flights Wednesday.

Miami International Airport said it had canceled 206 arrivals and 214 departures Tuesday due to the hurricane. The airport said that would affect flights between Miami and cities across the U.S., the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Tampa International Airport closed Tuesday, canceling hundreds of flights Wednesday as Ian’s arrival loomed. Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers closed as well and reported hundreds of cancellations as a result.

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Best Places To Stay In Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a quintessential Florida town with wide beaches, palm tree lined streets, extravagant shopping and dining. Also known as the Venice of America, the city boasts over 185 miles of navigable waterways and canals. It also hosts the annual International Boat Show that attracts thousands of yachting enthusiasts from across the globe. The citys Port Everglades is one of the busiest cruise ship ports in the world. Where to stay in Fort Lauderdale depends on whether you wish to wake up to splendid beach and ocean views, or be close to lively streets lined with shopping, dining and entertainment.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale and Las Olas Boulevard

East Fort Lauderdale

Hollywood and Dania Beach

Heres What To Know About Hurricane Ian Right Now

Millions of Florida residents faced a harrowing night as wind, rain and storm surge from Hurricane Ian pounded the southwestern coast and moved inland late Wednesday on a path toward Orlando, knocking out power to more than two million customers statewide.

The latest:

  • A storm surge of up to 12 feet submerged cars, knocked over houses and trapped residents near where the hurricane came ashore west of Fort Myers. Some places remained too dangerous for water rescues, officials said, adding that they were taking down addresses to deploy resources once it was safe.

  • Ian is among the most powerful storms to strike the United States in decades, and Gov. Ron DeSantis said it would go down as one of the strongest in Florida history. It was just shy of Category 5 status as it made landfall about 3 p.m., but had been downgraded to a Category 1 by Wednesday night. Follow its path here.

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Best Airbnb In Lauderdale

Suitable for one guest, this is a great option if youre on a budget. Its located in the best neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale to stay in for access to Lauderdale by the sea. This cabana is the very definition of glamping and its for people who want to rough it in style. Its located less than a mile from the beach and theres an attached bathroom and free Wi-Fi.

Biden Reaches Out To Florida Mayors Offering Federal Support

Ocean Sky Hotel &  Resort

President Joe Biden on Wednesday reached out to local officials in Florida to “let them know their communities have the full force of the federal government behind them,” the White House said.

The president called the mayors of Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Sarasota and the chair of Charlotte County to discuss the kinds of assistance they might need with Hurricane Ian making landfall. According to a readout from the White House, Biden was able to get hold of only Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson.

The pair “discussed Fort Myers ongoing needs including support for the elderly members of the community, families that live in mobile homes and other community members who are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of the storm,” the White House said.

Biden left messages for the other officials, the White House said. He spoke to Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday night.

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Tip : Do Rent A Car If Staying Anywhere Else

If staying anywhere but downtown or Fort Lauderdale Beach, parking is often free with your stay. So in this case, its beneficial to rent a car.

If you still need a rental car, check out Discover Cars. They are our pick for the best search engine to find you the most affordable car for your trip and easily compare customer reviews of different rental agencies.

Pro Tip: Having wheels makes it easier to check out some of my favorite epic day trips around Fort Lauderdale!

Biden Warns Oil Industry Against Storm

President Joe Biden warned oil and gasoline producers Wednesday not to use Hurricane Ian as an “excuse” to hike prices and “gouge the American people.”

The incoming storm will impact the production by less than 2% a day and shouldn’t impact the cost of oil and gasoline, the president said.

“Do not, let me repeat, do not, do not use this as an excuse to raise gasoline prices and gouge the American people,” Biden told attendees at a White House conference on hunger, nutrition and health.

The president also urged Floridians to heed the warnings of local authorities to evacuate if Ian comes their way.

“You should obey all warnings and directions from emergency officials,” he said. “Don’t take anything for granted. Use their judgment, not yours. Evacuate when ordered, be prepared.”

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Residents Arrive At Shelters Not Knowing Whether They Will Have Homes To Return To

ORLANDO, Fla. A grim-faced family of five trudged through a light but steady rain Wednesday afternoon, their belongings confined to a small train of pushcarts and strollers, toward their lodging for the night and possibly longer: the gymnasium at Dr. Phillips High School.

The mother, who gave her name only as Liz, said they were homeless and had been bouncing among hotels and motels for weeks. On Tuesday, they camped out by a gas station. Her children, ages 3, 5 and 7, clutched spiral lollipops.

We dont have any family, Liz said. Its hard.

The scene at Dr. Phillips, one of several shelters across Orange County, typified the housing crisis that Hurricane Ian has wrought across the state. Many residents came not because they had no home, but because they worried their homes would be destroyed as Ian continued to ravage Florida.

Adamarys Rosario, 24, and her partner, Steven Rivera, 23, live in a trailer a few miles from the school. They endured the nightmare of Hurricane Maria in 2017, when they lived in Puerto Rico, and this time they knew it wasnt safe to stay in their adopted Florida home.

So, on Wednesday night, they would sleep on cots on a gymnasium floor.

We are worried about whats going to happen, Ms. Rosario said in Spanish.

Worried that our home is going to be destroyed, Mr. Rivera added.

Lauren Sweeney

Floodwater poured into the studio of the Fort Myers CBS affiliate, WINK-TV, knocking the stations coverage off the air about 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

Gov Ron Desantis Warns Millions Will Lose Power Within 48 Hours

We Stayed At The Best Western Plus In Fort Lauderdale, FL | Cheap Hotel Review

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned millions of people will lose power in the state within the next 48 hours in what will be a historic storm, during a Wednesday morning news conference.

DeSantis said of locals in Hurricane Ian’s path: Fortunately, most of them are not going to have their homes destroyed, but almost all of them are going to lose power.

“Resuming services is a top priority,” he said.

DeSantis said Ians impact will last long after the storm passes.

This is going to be something that is going to be there for days and weeks and months and unfortunately, in some circumstances, even years.

DeSantis warned locals to stay home even after the hurricane clears.

Theres a lot of hazards that happen after the storm and more recent storms, not as strong as this, have seen more fatalities even in the aftermath of the storm than from the direct impact of the storm itself.

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Flying Into The Eye Of Ian: An Experienced Hurricane Hunter Takes A Wild Ride

TAMPA, Fla. Nick Underwood has flown into the eye of a hurricane 76 times over the past six years as an aerospace engineer for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. His roughest flight so far? Early Wednesday, to the heart of Hurricane Ian.

Ive never seen so much lightning, he said in a phone interview after landing in Houston.

A veteran of 22 storms, Mr. Underwood described an exceptionally turbulent experience punching through Ians thick eye wall. Even inside the eye, which is usually the calmest part of the storm, he and the flight crew, technicians and scientists on the team were continually buffeted inside a Lockheed WP-3D Orion aircraft known as Kermit.

Were kind of used to the up-and-down, roller coaster feeling that you get, but in this case, there was just a lot of lateral movement, he said. It was a lot more unnerving.

NOAAs hurricane hunters help confirm a storms location and strength, as do Air Force Reserve reconnaissance flights. But the NOAA planes also serve as flying research labs that launch probes and collect real-time scientific data crucial to understanding and better forecasting hurricanes. During Wednesdays flight, Mr. Underwoods team launched an experimental research drone that NOAA has been testing.

The basic idea is that it can go to the places in the storm that we cant, Mr. Underwood said, adding that it will collect the lifesaving data that were really up there for.


Eyewall Of Ian Hits Florida Moving Onshore At Sanibel And Captiva Islands

The eyewall of Hurricane Ian was moving onshore at the Sanibel and Captiva islands in Florida, the National Hurricane Center said in a noon ET update.

The islands are located just off the coast of Fort Myers, about 25 miles northwest of Naples.

Sustained winds of 71 mph and a wind gust of 98 mph were reported at a weather station near Sanibel Island, the weather service said.

The storm is currently located about 50 miles west, northwest of Naples, barreling forward with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph.

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Hurricane Hunter Says Ian Flight Worst He Has Ever Done

19:50 , Graeme Massie

I have flown storms for the last six years. This flight to Hurricane #Ian on Kermit was the worst Ive ever been on. Ive never seen so much lightning in an eye. This was the eye. You can see the curvature. Understand this is at NIGHT. The light is from LIGHTNING, tweeted Nick Underwood.

I have flown storms for the last six years. This flight to Hurricane #Ian on Kermit was the worst Ive ever been on. Ive never seen so much lightning in an eye. This was the eye. You can see the curvature. Understand this is at NIGHT. The light is from LIGHTNING.

Tropical Nick Underwood

Left In The Dark After Hurricane Ian Cuba Begins Restoring Power

Fun Places To Stay In Fort Lauderdale

HAVANA State employees began restoring electricity in parts of Cuba on Wednesday after the nations power grid was knocked out by Hurricane Ian, which continued to buffet the islands north shore with strong winds and some flooding as it lashed Floridas coast.

The storms damage was particularly severe in Pinar del Rio province, home to the tobacco farms that supply Cubas famous cigar industry, with the hurricane damaging more than 5,000 farms there, according to state media.

Top government officials from Havana visited the province, which also lost telephone service. They promised to restore power to schools and hospitals and begin rebuilding.

The storm was still causing strong winds that created minor tidal waves in Havana and in other northern areas, leading to moderate coastal flooding, according to state media, citing the nations Institute of Meteorology. More than 16,200 people have been evacuated because of the storm.

In the shortest time possible, we will move forward, Mr. Marrero tweeted on Wednesday morning.

Hurricane Ian slammed into the western part of the Caribbean island on Tuesday as a powerful Category 3 storm, bringing winds of up to 125 miles per hour, dumping several inches of rain and causing deadly flooding. The two deaths occurred on Tuesday in Pinar del Rio.

The biggest damage so far has been to Cubas power grid, telecommunications network and its agricultural sector, according to state media.

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