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Places To Stay In Hallstatt

Where Is Hallstatt Austria

Day trip to Hallstatt, Austria | Places to Visit | Travel Vlog

Where is Hallstatt located? Hallstatt is situated in northern Austria on the western shores of Lake Hallstatt. In the intersection of national roads 166 and 145, the town is easily accessible and just an hours drive from Salzburg.

Most tourists visiting this town would actually drive from Salzburg to Hallstatt and the reason is that Salzburg is Hallstatt nearest airport. You can also book a Hallstatt tour Austria from Salzburg:

Travel here has not always been easy. In fact, up until the end of the 19th century the only way to access the town by boats or narrow paths. Now, there are still restrictions into the area, as the UNESCO World Heritage List has recognised the town and region.

Best Place To Stay In Hallstatt Austria

Hi I am confused by where to stay in Hallstatt, Austria in August. The more I read the reviews, the more confused I am. Is the Hotel Gruener Baum worth the extra expense? The rooms and outdoor areas look wonderful but its almost twice as much as Gasthof Simony next door. I’ve read some recent negative reviews regarding poor service at Braugasthof Lobisser that apparently owns both that hotel and the Simony.. Has anyone stayed at any of these hotels recently or do you have a recommendation for a hotel there? Thanks very much!

We also found Gasthof Simony perfectly nice. Not fancy, smallish rooms, but it felt like a well-worn shoe, and met our needs nicely. Stunning views from the lakefront rooms. We were quite happy there for a couple nights.

We recently stayed at Hotel Gruener Baum on a GAS tour. The rooms were huge with a separate sitting room. We faced the market square and had a front row seat when the 2 hailstorms hit over town and started the flood. We were all sent upstairs from the dining room. Our guide told us that lots of money has been spent on this hotel.

Get Chilly At The Ice Cave

One of the most magnificent places to visit when in Hallstatt is the Dachstein Giant Ice Cave. While only rediscovered in 1910, the underground wonderland was once occupied by tribes during the Ice Age.

Embark on an adventurous cave tour, see fascinating natural ice sculptures and formations, and bravely cross the rope bridge. The light and sound show is complete with recreated cave bears called Ben and Boris. To learn as much as possible, download the audio guide app once inside, which is available in eight different languages.

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Where To Stay In Hallstatt Austria Best Hotels For Your Lakeside Holiday


Nestled in the Lake Districts mountainous region, Hallstatt is a small town sandwiched between a mountain and a lake, lined with pastel houses decked with flower boxes.

Swans and ducks gracefully plying the coastline complete the picture, making Hallstatt the perfect storybook town to take a break from the cities. Its a great stopover on a drive from Vienna to Salzburg, and an excellent base for exploring the rest of the gorgeous Salzkammergut.

If youre thinking of venturing to Austrias beautiful Lake District soon, heres where to stay in Hallstatt.

Refuse To Speak German

Hallstatt, Austria

This is what annoys my friend. Although people who work in the shops certainly speak some English, Austrians appreciate that youre trying to learn about their language and culture. Even if youre not a skilled linguist, try with German. At least throw in a polite bitte or danke or Die Rechnung, bitte! or tschüss as you leave. If youre feeling fancy, throw in Ich möchte prior to ordering.

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Plan Your Trip To Austria

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Read more on Austria:

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One Night In Fairy Tale Lakeside Town

Spend one night in this fairy tale town truly amazing. Moreover, it is rumored to be the inspiration behind Frozens Arendelle. Staying at least one night in Hallstatt is highly recommended. The alpine village with dramatic landscapes worth to slow down your pace to discover the hidden gem. Make sure to reserve your stay in advance as a popular room running fast. Enjoy your best stay in Hallstatt!

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If You Want To Explore Hallstatt Easily And Take In All The Towns Charms Stay In One Of These Gorgeous Lakeside Hotels

Wake up to calm and bright mornings and treat yourself to stunning views of the lake as it sparkles under the sun.

Have your cup of coffee while you watch the dancing reflections of pastel-colored houses and the swans and ducks gliding serenely across the lake. Take a stroll along the boardwalk and check out the boutique shops and cafés or go for an easy hike to one of the many viewpoints.

Even as Hallstatt becomes increasingly popular as a tourist destination, the star attraction is still the beautiful lake and the charming historic center. Staying in one of Hallstatts lakeside hotels will give you front-row seats to the towns best views and relaxing ambiance.

Things To Do In Hallstatt Austria

Hallstatt In Winter and Places To Visit In Hallstatt

What to do in Hallstat Austria? As soon as you get to the lake, it will be hard to tear yourself away, and many will sit there, contemplating its beauty for hours on end.

However, if you need to get moving, walking throughout the town offers yet more beauty, window-shopping and a chance to peak into a stunning neo-gothic church.

Looking for Hallstatt things to do? There are not many attractions in Hallstatt apart from the famous and worlds oldest salt mine. Mining in the region dates back to the Iron Age, and the visitor centre here takes you back through the history of the salt mine.

The salt mine is at the top of the hill, and while you can walk to the mine on a hiking trail, a more relaxing way to get there is to take the cable car which gives you a mesmerising birds eye view. At the top of the hill, there are several viewing bridges, including one that provides a fantastic view of a waterfall. The mine costs around 30 euros per person while the cable car costs 16 euros for a return trip. If heights arent your thing, then head back to the lake and enjoy a peaceful boat trip.

What to do in Hallstatt Austria? Another attraction is a burial ground that includes a skull chapel. It is home to over 1,200 skills and many bones from the dead inhabitants of the area. This can be visited for just a small fee.

If nature is your main thing, go for a day trip to Schafberg Mountain the best mountain in the Austrian Alps! The views there are spectacular!

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Stop For A Scenic Drink Or Bite To Eat

As you might imagine, prices are elevated in Hallstatt, so come ready to drop some cash on food if you intend to have lunch or dinner in Hallstatt. Prices were 1.5-2x what youd normally pay.

After looking through a few menus, I was still able to have a great Austrian meal with an incredible view along the lake. For some inspiration on some delicious dishes to try in Austria, head over to this blog about Austrian food.

The Best Time To Visit Hallstatt

Any time between mid-May to mid-October is ideal to visit Hallstatt. The town is all about the scenery, so you want to visit when the weather allows you to be outside. Most of the activities and tours are available during the summertime. The shoulder months of May and September are the best for lesser crowds and mild temperatures.

A Hallstatt winter is very chilly, and therefore not the best time for tourists unless you absolutely love the cold! Be aware that the salt mines and a lot of shops are closed during this time, and buses may not be running if its too snowy.

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Where To Stay In Hallstatt Best Hotels And Holiday Homes

Here are my quick recommendations to help you choose the best place to stay in Hallstatt.

  • If you want to explore Hallstatt easily and take in all the towns charms, stay in one of these gorgeous lakeside hotels. Youll wake up to stunning panoramic views of Lake Hallstatt, enjoy a private beach area, be near all the best restaurants and cultural landmarks, and explore the towns lovely historical center easily. This is the ideal base if youre planning to stay mostly in Hallstatt and want to make the most of the charming ambiance.
  • If youre planning a road trip around the Lake District with your family or friends, stay in one of these cozy holiday homes and apartments. Hallstatts historical center is car-free, so if you plan to road trip around the Lake District, your best option is to stay in one of the lovely pensions and apartments just outside the center. You can take a short scenic walk to Hallstatts main attractions or go on hiking and biking trails around the towns outskirts.
  • If you want a relaxing stay away from the crowds, stay across the lake in Obertraun. While Hallstatts beauty is worth battling the tourist crowds for, if you want a more laidback holiday with all of Hallstatts charm but without the crowds , staying across Lake Hallstatt in the quiet town of Obertraun is your best option. Youll easily be able to ferry, bike, hike, or drive to Hallstatt then enjoy a peaceful afternoon back in Obertraun.
  • Plan your trip to Hallstatt with this PDF guide.

    Enjoy Views Of The City From A Distance

    Blue hour at Hallstatt

    Many tourist dont know about the stunning viewing platform that is just outside of Hallstatt. If you look up Badestrand Hallstatt/Lahn, this bit for swimming has stunning views of the mountains surround Hallstatt as well as the town itself. If you bring your swimsuit and the weather is good, you can jump in!

    I do recommend having a camera with a good zoom as the town is still about a twenty minute walk and far enough that it might be harder to get a good photo. I still loved the 270 degree view! If youre lucky, youll see the traditional boats going along the lake as I did.

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    Spend Two Nights In Hallstatt And Enjoy The Old Village

    Spend two nights in Hallstatt and enjoy the old village, especially in the evening and early morning before and after the crowds arrive. Make this a rest stop to relax and enjoy your vacation. Weekends are busy, but I’m not sure weekdays are much better.Plan on walking everywhere. There are at least two taxis if you need them, but the town is pretty compact, hilly, and full of nooks and crannies to explore. We took the roundtrip boat tour and thought it gave a good perspective from the lake. There is also a cable car to the top of the mountain, as well as a supermarket and bakery at the Hallstatt Lahn area, about a ten to fifteen-minute walk from the Marktplatz.

    Taking The Ferry From Hallstatt Train Station To Hallstatt Village

    Whether you decide to take the train or bus, you will still need to take a ferry across to the other side of the lake where the village is. However, this is the perfect way to reach the village as thats how you get those postcard views of Hallstatt!

    The ferry departs Hallstatt train station once every half hour and is usually timed to coincide with to the train arrival times. Once you arrive at the train station, just head straight for the ferry and try to be first in line to get an optimal viewing point on the ferry. It costs 2,50 one way or 5 return.

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    Is Hallstatt Austria Worth Visiting Or Is The Town A Tourist Trap

    Going to Hallstatt in Austrias mountainous Salzkammergut region? Learn about our experience and if it is worth visiting Hallstatt.

    Set in a beautiful mountainous region of Austria, the town of Hallstatt is well known for its fairy-tale style beauty. It is regularly regarded as one of the most beautiful towns in Europe and without a doubt a star attraction in the Salzkammergut region of Austria.

    But is Hallstatt worth visiting or is it easier just to admire the pictures?

    From quaint Alpine houses to historical alleyways the photo opportunities are endless. Furthermore, the town looks great all year round thanks to the snow-capped mountains in the background .

    If you are planning to visit Austrian Alps, there is a huge chance you have Hallstatt on your itinerary. Lets see if you will keep it after reading this article

    Walk Around The Old Town

    THE 5 BEST THINGS TO SEE AND DO IN HALLSTATT, Austria | Your travel guide for a day or weekend trip

    The main thing to do in Hallstatt is to just wander along the streets and take in the atmosphere. Im sure youll be stopping every few minutes to take pictures! The old town square is also a great way to people-watch while soaking in the atmosphere.

    Take your time to admire these cute little facades like this one!

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    Dachstein Mountains And The Five Fingers

    The Dachstein Mountains, and in particular Dachstein Salzkammergut, are a must-visit during a sightseeing trip to Austria. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, it consists of a series of mighty peaks ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 meters in height, the highest being the 2,995-meter Hoher Dachstein.

    Popular in winter for skiing and in summer for hiking, the mountains are famous for their large glaciers, including the Grosse-Gosau and the Hallstätter glaciers. A number of cable cars ascend to the upper reaches, most giving access to Alpine hiking trails.

    All of them lead to spectacular views, often from viewing platforms. The most dramatic of these is the Five Fingers, a series of five long, meter-wide platforms that spread like a hand hovering in mid-air over a 122-meter drop.

    Each platform is a different design and offers a different perspective: one is entirely of glass and another one frames the views through an oversized Baroque picture frame. Sign boards on the trail detail the local geology and nature.

    The Ultimate Travel Guide To Hallstatt

    Hallstatt is known as Austrias most photogenic town, and it wont take long for you to understand why. In fact, the cultural landscape of the entire Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut region is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This tiny lakeside village in the state of Upper Austria has only 800 residents, yet receives a ton of tourists during the day. Visitors fall in love with the incredible natural beauty and serenity of the area, and you undoubtedly will too!

    Thinking of visiting Hallstatt, Austria? This travel guide is here to help you out and will tell you everything you need to know about visiting the town. Keep reading to find out the best things to do, places to stay, and foods to eat while in Hallstatt.

    This ultimate travel guide to Hallstatt will show you all the most beautiful places in Hallstatt, what to expect when visiting, where to stay in Hallstatt and things to do in Hallstatt which will help you in planning a trip to Hallstatt.

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    In The Center Of Town

    To stay in the heart of historic Hallstatt, book a room at the Gasthof Zauner . For a far more modest sum than what you’d pay at the Gruner Baum, the Gasthof Zauner puts you right on the market square. The simple hotel features a restaurant, a shared balcony and rustic pine furniture throughout, crafted by a local carpenter. The Gasthof Simony , which is also in the center of town, is housed in a building dating back to at least the 15th century, when it was used as a theater. The hotel features a garden overlooking the lake, balconies and a restaurant serving traditional Austrian cuisine.

    Get Lost In The Little Alleys

    One Day in Hallstatt

    Some of the alleys are really narrow, but is a great way to get away from the crowds. And you will definitely want to, as the main street gets seriously crowded. So getting away from all that business was my number one mission. Trust me, put away your maps for this one and just follow your intuition! You might just find some hidden gems!

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    Can I Visit Hallstatt By Car

    How to get to Hallstatt? Most people spend only one day in Hallstatt so it is highly recommended to rent a car for your trip to Hallstatt. But its not possible to enter the centre of Hallstatt by car as the appearance is fiercely protected and regulated. However, there are plenty of parking areas in Hallstatt for you to leave your car.

    Although, these are in demand and can be challenging to find a space during the height of the summer season. In this case, buses and coaches may be easier.

    How to go to Hallstatt?

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