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Places To Stay In Hana Maui

Things To See And Do In Lahaina

Where to Stay on Maui, Hawaii | we make choosing the place to stay easy
  • Visit Lahaina Banyan Court Park and see the oldest Banyan tree in Maui.
  • Unleash your inner adventurer by canoeing, hiking, or kayaking.
  • Explore the historic US Seamens Hospital.
  • Step back in time at the Hale Paahao Old Lahaina Prison.
  • Delve deep into history on the Lahaina Historic Trail.
  • Enjoy a night of traditional food, drinks and dancing at Old Lahaina Luau.
  • See giant sea creatures up-close on a whale-watching cruise.
  • Feast on local delicacies at Lahaina Grill voted Lahainas best restaurant for more than 20 years in a row.
  • Sip a cold one at Fleetwoods On Front Street.

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Where To Stay In Hana Maui For One Night: 4 Great Options

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Before my husband and I had a child, we were pros at the one-day trip to Hana. Staying in wed hit the road by 6:30 am, stop for breakfast in Paia, do as many stops as we liked along the road to Hana before driving home the back way.

Now, we have a two-year-old and a trip to Hana isnt as efficient. Earlier this summer we took a trip to Hana but we knew we needed to break up the trip for our son. So we got to work looking for a place to stay in Hana for a night.

We found four great options for a one night stay in Hana:

  • Wainapanapa State Park Cabins
  • Staying In South Maui

    Including Kihei and Wailea

    The South Region of Maui, which includes the towns of Kihei and Wailea, holds a certain appeal for visitors. Though not the most popular region, the Westside offers excellent options for visitors. Kihei is about a 20-30 minute drive from Kahului Airport , and Wailea is another 10 minutes beyond Kihei .

    Why Should You Stay in South Maui?

    Beaches: The less crowded beaches sprawl along the long coastline. Lush tropical forests surround the sandy beaches of Kihei and Wailea, where you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing.

    Weather: Think clear skies and sunny days. The weather here is even drier than in West Maui, which means more sun and less rain during your stay.

    Water Adventures: Kihei is unique among Hawaii’s surf schools. It offers a fantastic experience, emphasizing learning how to paddle and learn the basics of surfing. The waves are lovely here.

    Landscapes and Attractions: This area, particularly Wailea Beach, offers crystal clear waters and a sandy shoreline. The island also provides opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, hiking, adventure biking trails, and more.

    Our Recommended Lodgings for Staying in South Maui
    Including Kihei and Wailea

    Kihei: The area offers a wide variety of condos. You can find a good deal for your budget. Many of their newer condo rentals rest a few blocks from the beach. Still, enjoy your short stroll to the beach. So go to hotels in Maui, Hawaii.

    East Maui

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    Honua Kai Resort & Spa

    The drive to Hana and the fantastic Travaasa Hana Hotel on Maui

    West Maui

    The Honua Kai Resort & Spa is set oceanfront to the incredibly gorgeous Kaanapali Beach on 38 lush tropical acres. When at the Honua Kai, guests will marvel in fantasy with fantastic Pacific Ocean views, and the outer island of Lanai sets the center front stage.

    Here, guests have many lodging options ranging from 595 square foot studio suites to 2,650 square foot specialty suites with up to three bedrooms. The Honua Kai Resort & Spa is one of the most laid-back traditional Hawaiian vacation resort accommodation choices in West Maui, perfect for a quiet vacation for two, family holidays, weddings, and large group vacations in Hawaii. Honua Kai Resort & Spa is situated within two buildings that include the Hoola Spa and two restaurants, Aina Gourmet Market Café and Dukes Beach House. This resident-style resort offers luxury hotel amenities such as full-service concierge and housekeeping. Yet, guests can enjoy the comforts of home with full gourmet kitchens and in-room washer and dryers.

    During the winter months, visitors have optimum positioning for watching the incredible Humpback Whales breach and frolic upon the oceans surface. Kaanapali Beach offers a very convenient selection of restaurants, spas, shops, and nightlife for year-round guest enjoyment. At the beach, guests can easily venture on a sunset cruise, snorkel tours, stand up paddling, and parasailing adventures.

    To see more of our favorite spas, please visit our Top 10 Spas on Maui.

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    Our Favorite Hotels For Foodies

  • Luxury: The Four Seasons, Wailea

    If youre a foodie who loves fine dining then The Four Seasons, Wailea is the place to stay. Their three restaurants offer Californian-Hawaiian fusion, steak, seafood, and Italian. You wont find a more photogenic spot for your #foodgram. The dishes are plated to impress and the ocean views cant be topped. If you feel like an aperitif before dinner, visit the elegant Lobby Lounge for drinks, a sushi appetizer, and more stunning views. If you want to venture out and try even more restaurants, the hotel is located close to some of the top options in Wailea.

  • Mid-Range: Hyatt Regency

    With five on-site restaurants, the Hyatt Regency is the kind of hotel foodies dream about. Some of the delicious food you can expect to choose from is steak, sushi, seafood, Hawaiian cuisine, and a locally-sourced buffet. Perfect for families who dont always agree on what to eat, everyone will find something delicious without even having to leave the resort. And dont worry, theres more to do here than eat. Have fun at the outdoor water park, relax by the pool, visit the spa, or take Scuba lessons.

  • Finding A Place In Maui

    Where to Stay On Maui?

    Considering a visit to The Valley Isle, aka Maui? Yet, you wonder where to stay in Maui? Our guide will highlight the best places to stay in Maui and the best parts of Maui. Maui holds several favorable areas for different vacationers. Essentially, you can find it all depending on your desires like:

    • Maui hotels on the beach
    • Maui resorts on the beach
    • Maui luxury resorts
    • Cheap places to stay in Maui

    Whether you consider yourself the luxury seeker, beach bum, shoestring backpacker, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family, look no further than Maui for the perfect lodging for your vacation. As you review each location of Maui, pay attention to the pros and cons.

    Overview of Staying in Maui

    Beginning with the basics – Maui isnt a vast island. The Island spans about 48 miles long and 26 miles wide. If you decide to visit the whole Island in a day, it will take a solid half day. Maui divides into several significant regions across its 728 square miles: West Maui, South Maui, East Maui , Central Maui, and Upcountry Maui.

    article continued below

    On this page, we’ll cover each of the major Maui regions you can find accommodations within. Here are this page’s highlights…

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    Where To Stay In Hana

    Okay, now that weve gotten through all of thatHana really is a nice place to stay! If youre on the adventurous side and like to spend a lot of time hiking and swimming, or if youre just looking to spend some time off the grid in the real Hawaii where its not as touristy, developed, or crowded, then you will love staying in Hana.

    As you might expect, there arent many places to stay around Hana.

    There are pretty much three options: 1) The Hana-Maui Resort , 2) the Hana Kai Maui, or 3) a vacation rental.

    Convenient 2br/1ba In Hana Maui

    Hana, Maui, Hawaii

    A top pick for places to stay in Hana, Hawaii.

    The Popolana Manini Cottage is located on the gorgeous Hana Bay, this Maui vacation rental will allow you to experience all of the magic that Hana has to offer. Located within 5-15 minutes of this cottage are black sand beaches, hidden waterfalls, pristine coastlines and various hiking trails including my favorite hike on the island the Pipiwai Trail.

    The newly renovated cottage includes one bedroom and a full bath and kitchen. There is also a 2 bedroom, 2 bath cottage next to the Manini is you are traveling with a bigger group.

    Make sure you rise early to watch sunrise over Hana Bay, an experience you wont forget during your Hana trip.

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    Paia Makawao And Kula

    Why these areas are great: Upcountry is magical. Although not the typical beach vacation, time spent in the mountains of Maui is rejuvenating, peaceful, and only a short drive to Paia beaches, North Shore surf, and classic Paia and Makawao town centers. Dont forget to check out Haleakalas dormant volcano, Makawaos pine forest, and Iao Valleys lush rainforests and waterfalls. Also, the incredibly scenic road to Hana is right there easily accessible.

    Keep in mind: You will need a rental car for all these locations as everything is about a 10-45 minute drive. If you are visiting during the winter months Upcountry can be quite cool, so bring hoodies and sweatpants. Makawao can stay misty and cloud-covered, but as soon as you hit Kula or head down to the Paia beaches, the mist clears. Haiku is notorious for massive mosquitos, while in other areas of Upcountry or Iao Valley insects are more sparse.

    Mauis 5 Best Areas To Stay In

    Now, lets take a look, in more detail, at the five best areas to stay in Maui. Each offers different attractions, activities, and natural wonders, so make sure you read each section carefully and pick the area thats right for you! keep in mind that Maui is one of Hawaiis most expensive islands, so make sure you plan ahead and set up the right travel budget.

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    Most Drive Through And Head Back When Doing The Road To Hana

    Most drive through and head back when doing the road to Hana. Slow down there matey! Spend a night, take your time, enjoy a new area. It was so nice to not feel rushed. At night, you get the first feeling of what its like to be local. Only 2 options for evening dining. Chose the fancy was good, but more than $50pp.

    Best Bed & Breakfast In Lahaina: The Guest House

    Top Five Sights on Maui

    If youre looking to rest, relax and enjoy Lahaina, then this hotel is the place for you! Not only does this elegant bed and breakfast in Maui have comfortable rooms, but it also has a pool, a terrace, and a BBQ area. This property is close to the airport, a golf course and Mauis most famous attractions.

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    Wailuku Best Places To Stay In Maui On A Budget

    Wailuku is a charming town situated in Central Maui. It is close to the islands airport and is its commercial centre as well as the seat of government. This bustling and boisterous town is packed with charming local shops and delicious cafes, making it a fantastic place to enjoy a day.

    This Hawaii town also gets our vote for where to stay in Maui on a budget because it has a high concentration of hostels and affordable hotels. By staying in Wailuku, you can enjoy all the best activities and attractions the island has to offer while ensuring you dont blow your budget.

    Hana Is A Special Place Unlike Any Other

    Hana is a special place unlike any other. Its infrastructure is just developed enough to get there and stay as comfortably as you wish. However, resources are limited enough to make you aware it encourages you to become an integral part of keeping Hana pristine, from picking up after yourself in nature and on private property to conserving energy and treading lightly when possible.

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    Best Camping Near Waianapanapa State Park: Tent Package Rental

    If you are feeling adventurous, this is the ultimate budget accommodation option in Hana. The tent package rental includes a two-person tent, two sleeping bags, two pillows, and a LED lantern with batteries. With this package, you can sleep inside the park and be right next to all the action. Keep in mind, this is just an equipment rental, and you will have to obtain a camping permit from the state of Hawaii before you can reserve the gear. If you are on a backpackers budget, this is without a doubt where to stay in Hana.

    Mauis Coolest Hotels For Local Vibes

    The Road to Hana in Maui, HAWAII – 10 unique stops | Detailed guide
  • Luxury: Lumeria, Maui

    You cant find a cooler accommodation than this luxurious retreat center in Upcountry Maui. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the center offers longer retreat getaways as well as daily classes that are popular with locals. Enjoy fresh farm-to-table meals at the retreat restaurant and mingle with other students and visitors. Unwind at the wellness spa or in the saltwater pool and hot tub. Check out the best local spot for surfing on the North Shore and really get a feel for what life on Maui is all about.

  • Mid Range: Kula Lodge

    This rustic and quaint lodge blends in with the natural surroundings leaving you feeling connected with nature rather than far removed. We are fans of how close it is to some of Mauis best natural attractions like Haleakala National Park. If you want to explore Maui by foot or by bike, there are beautiful trails nearby. The lodge grounds are covered with lush gardens and the outdoor terrace is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the panoramic views.

  • Budget: Maui Seaside Hotel

    Located in the heart of Kahului, Maui Seaside Hotel blends local city vibes with oceanfront living. Youre close to local favorite pastimes like windsurfing at Hookipa Beach, hiking in Iao Valley State Monument, golfing at Maui Nui Golf Club, and visiting the Valley Isle. Enjoy island life to the fullest with the hotels outdoor pool, sundeck, on-site restaurant, and pet-friendly vibes!

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    Things To See And Do In Kihei

    • Sip cocktails in the open-air lounge at the South Shore Tiki Lounge.
    • Indulge in delicious tacos, drinks and more at Hauis Lifes a Beach.
    • Listen to live music at Kahales Mauis Local Dive Bar, Mauis oldest dive bar.
    • Excite your senses at Monkeypod Kitchen.
    • Grab a pint at the Dog & Duck Irish Pub.
    • Indulge in saucy, savoury and succulent dishes at Fat Daddys Smokehouse BBQ.
    • Drink fruity cocktails at Threes Bar and Grill.
    • Rest, relax and enjoy the views from Kalama Beach.
    • Eat fresh and delicious seafood at Coconuts Fish Café.
    • Take the opportunity to explore the mountainous region of Central Maui.

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    Top 3 Recommendations For Where To Stay In Maui

    Hawaii is a highlight for anyone backpacking around the USA or on a luxury trip around America. This unique island state offers something for everyone from relaxing beaches to high adrenaline sports.

    Whatever type of trip youre planning on having, your stay on Maui is sure to be something you dont forget! But in order to make the most of your time, youve got to base yourself in the best area!

    Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Maui.

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