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Places To Stay In Lucca Italy

Lucca Where To Stay Near Pisa Italy

“LUCCA” Top 30 Tourist Places | Lucca Tourism | ITALY

Just 25 minutes by train from Pisa is the medieval walled town of Lucca, which makes a nice alternative to Pisa. Lucca sits on the Serchio River and makes a nice home base for visitors who want to explore several areas of Tuscany, including Pisa. Florence or La Spezia are each just one hour from Lucca, while Viareggio is only 25 minutes away. Lucca itself offers several attractions, such as the medieval Guinigi Tower topped with oak trees. Piazza dellAnfiteatro is a central hub of Lucca, with more historic buildings, a market, and many cafes.

Pisa Where To Stay In Tuscany For Nightlife

Im sure you only read the headline and got a visual picture of this town. Located 80 km west of Florence, this city became famous because of a mistake, one could say. Maybe it will come as a surprise to you but the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which was completed in 1372 wasnt supposed to look like that. It started leaning in time because of the soft ground underneath.

How lucky were the people who built it, they made a city famous by mistake! You can climb the 297 stairs of the leaning tower and see the bells which dont function for fear that if they do, something horrible could happen to this huge landmark.

I highly recommend coming here if youre looking for a place to party but still want to see tons of historical places and museums. Because its a university town, youll find many young people ready to dance the night away and do some bar hopping. Stop by LOrzo Bruno and have a beer to get your night started!

Whatever you do, just dont spend all your trip in the Miracle Square where the tower is! Most attractions are there but make sure you visit the Blu Palazzo and check the exhibition there. If youre in the mood for some shopping, head to Borgo Stretto and Corso Italia and treat yourself a bit because youre on vacation!

Lucca Italy: Most Charming City In Tuscany

The enchanting city of Lucca is a real travel highlight in Italy. Situated halfway between the popular cities of Pisa and Florence, this little town is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Tuscany. A walk through the historic old town reveals many beautiful attractions, picturesque alleys and charming squares. The landmarks here are Torre Guinigi, the famous tower with the trees on top and the imposing 4 km long city wall, one of the best preserved in Europe. But also the surroundings of Lucca are really lovely and invite to go on exciting excursions.

In this travel guide we give you all the important information & tips about Lucca in Italy. Furthermore, we show you the best things to do in Lucca, the most beautiful pictures and where you find the best places to stay.

Good to know!

There are some amazing things to see around Lucca, so a few days here are definitely worthwhile. The beautiful old town of Florence, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Garfagnanada Valley and the snow-white Carrara Mountains are all within easy reach.

Moreover, the city is only located about 30 kilometers from the coast. Beautiful beaches near Lucca can be found, for example, in the chic seaside resort of Viareggio, where a pretty promenade also entices tourists to come.

Around Lucca there is a great choice of accommodations. The popular Ai Santinelli, a charming pension with a nice pool and parking lots, is really recommendable.

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Cortona Where To Stay In Tuscany For Foodies

Like basically everywhere else in Italy, Tuscany is a massively diverse food region, and youre sure to sample delights wherever you go. What makes Cortona stand out is all of the cooking classes on offer. Going beyond just letting you taste everything the town has to offer, foodies will be able to learn the skills to make delicious meals back home.

At 600 metres above sea level, Cortona is also a very photogenic location, with panoramic views across Tuscany. The city was the location of Under the Tuscan Sun and has attracted plenty of movie crews ever since. Like Arezzo, it was part of the Etruscan league, so you also wont be short of historical delights.

Montepulciano Must Visit Destination In Tuscany For Wine Lovers

My Search to Discover Why Everyone Loves Lucca, Italy ...

Luxury travellers take note Montepulciano is one of the most exclusive destinations in Tuscany. Accommodation and dining here certainly costs a pretty penny, but not without good reason. Montepulciano is the most prolific wine region in Tuscany, with more vineyards than you can manage in a single trip.

Most of these vineyards come with tourism experiences ranging from picking your own grapes to sampling the best vintages. The town itself has a romantic charm typical of Tuscanys rural idylls.

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Experience The Magic Of Opera In Lucca

Since Giacomo Puccini was born and raised and took his first musical steps in Lucca of which the city’s people are very proud, so you will of course find many opera posters and postcards sold everywhere, and in the master’s birth house is a small museum of his life and work. If you are lucky, you can experience one of his operas in the city’s magnificent opera house, Teatro del Giglio, which through the decades has seen many of the greatest singers and whose atmosphere is incomparable.

La Romea Has Four Double Rooms And A Suite Each With Its Own Design

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Florence Where To Stay In Tuscany For The First Time

Good food, art, and history! If I could use three words to describe this magical capital city I would choose these ones. Located in the northeast of the Italian region, Florence has stolen many hearts over the years, including mine! The small streets are packed with bars and restaurants, which are always full of friendly people. Youll find a souvenir shop at every corner and the local atmosphere will make you so happy!

Of course, I cant forget to mention one of the most important buildings in Florence, the Duomo! You must visit this Renaissance piece of architecture and admire its fine lines and definitely go inside and look at the ceiling, youll be pleasantly surprised. One of the many reasons why people visit Tuscany Florence if theyre coming here for the first time is because you can easily take day trips to cities like Lucca and Pisa, by train.

I dont recommend driving a car in the town just because the traffic is quite bad and the center is only open to residents, so just go to the train station, it will save you a headache. Theres also an airport if you want to visit other big cities like Rome, Venice or Milan.

If all the accommodation options Ill give you are booked out, dont worry, heres a dedicated post on where to stay in Florence.

Arezzo And Eastern Tuscany

Lucca, Italy: Beautifully Preserved

Relatively few visitors make it beyond the vast number of sights to the west to eastern Tuscany. We stayed in the Mugello region to the east of Florence for a week and didnt see another tourist. That said, we found it fascinating, following in the footsteps of Giotto, Michelangelo and even St Francis of Assisi in these remote hills.

Arezzo, the provincial capital, has the regions greatest treasure, the Legend of the True Cross fresco cycle by Piero della Francesca in the Basilica di San Francesco, one of the great art treasures of Italy. The city sustained heavy damage during World War II, but what has survived is beautiful, especially the enchanting main square, the sloping Piazza Grande. Arezzo is around an hour from Florence by train.

Arezzo is the obvious place to stay, and there is a good range of Arezzo accommodation and hotels to choose from. The other main town in the region, Cortona, is sometimes called the mother of Troy and grandmother of Rome, in a nod to its ancient Etruscan origins, and its one of the most beautiful of all the hill towns. Its Etruscan Academy Museum has a host of artefacts of this ancient civilisation, as well as a varied collection from Roman bronzes to paintings by the Futurist and Cortona native Gino Severini.


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Best Places To Stay In Cortona

There are a few great agriturismi in the area a unique accommodation experience on a working farm. If you would rather stay in the centre of town, the buildings here are very old, so you are sure to experience a little slice of Etruscan history.

Monastero Di Cortona

Best Airbnb in Cortona: Romantic Cottage

This stunning AirBnB Plus house oozes rustic Tuscan charm while still benefiting from modern interior design and appliances. The interiors were recently renovated, with unique ceramic walls and a modern kitchen. The cozy little patio round the back might seem small, but its a great spot for enjoying a peaceful breakfast before you head out to explore the region.

Best Farmhouse in Cortona: Casa del Sole

Like our Arezzo hotel, this accommodation is located on a functioning farm. It is, however, offered at much more affordable rates, making it a totally unique experience for backpackers on a budget. They can only accept up to nine guests across the two apartments, so this is more suited for those looking to get away from society for a little bit.

Best Hotel in Cortona: Monastero Di Cortona

Housed in a converted monastery dating back to the medieval era, this hotel is a small slice of Tuscan history! There is a roof garden where you can admire stunning views of Cortona. We love the on-site spa, with a wide range of holistic therapies and treatments. Basilica di Santa Margherita is only a short walk away, and a complimentary breakfast buffet is included.

Best Places To Stay In Lucca

A complete guide to where to stay in Lucca, Italy .

Luca is strategically located in the heart of northern Tuscany. Its a great base to explore the region, especially if youre travelling by car. Florence is about an hour away, while Pisa is even less!

However, if youre travelling by train, Id recommend staying in Pisa instead of Lucca. Featuring an international airport and a major train station, Pisa is one of the main transportation hubs in Tuscany. It will be much more convenient to stay there if youre relying solely on public transport. For more details take a look at my guide to the best places to stay in Pisa.

Yet, if you set your mind on Lucca, Id recommend you staying inside the city walls. Continue reading to find out why and to discover the best hotels to stay in Lucca historical center.

I had only a day in Lucca, so I wanted to be in the heart of the medieval town, close to all major attractions. In addition, I preferred the accommodation to be within a walking distance to the main train station.

The historical center of Lucca suited my needs perfectly. Its the best area to stay for tourists.

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Arezzo One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In Tuscany

When it comes to the most unique place to stay in Tuscany, everywhere mentioned in this guide would be able to take the crown for one reason or another. What truly makes Arezzo stand out is its place as a major trading centre of industry, agriculture and gold. Arezzo is the place to come if you want to experience local life without staying out in the sticks.

Arezzo was an important town in the Etruscan era, and much of the architecture harks back to this part of Italys history. There are a number of museums in the town with a more understated vibe than those in the larger urban centres in Tuscany. Arezzo maintains a sleepy vibe, making it the perfect place to kick back and relax.

A Place That Oozes History

Places to Visit from Lucca, Italy

Because the historic centre is enclosed by city walls, Lucca has managed to convincingly preserve its heritage. Everywhere you go in Luccas old town reflects a look of a city from centuries ago. Really the only touches of modernity are the cars in certain streets and the antennas and dishes on peoples roofs. Aside from that, its like stepping back in time.

Its also a place that is very much lived in. The historic old town isnt for show, but indeed primarily made up of residential buildings. The most remarkable of these to me are the tall buildings that run around where the citys amphitheatre once stood. Yes, where the ancient amphitheatre once lay, now a ring of houses stand, preserving the oval plaza within.

Whats also great is that you can stay in the heart of the old town, in converted residences. In fact, I was even able to stay in a B& B on the outer ring of the amphitheatre. For an affordable stay in a great location, I definitely recommend the B& B Anfiteatro.

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Villas & Gardens Of Lucca

All around Lucca, nestled in a hilly landscape, there are precious villas with magnificent gardens to explore. Some of these pompous complexes have been renovated and can be visited as a museum today. Probably the most beautiful and impressive is Villa Reale di Marlia. The villa has a splendid garden, which is decorated with countless small lakes, pavilions, statues, a grotto and impressive flower gardens.

Other interesting villas near Lucca are Villa Mansi, Villa di Camigliano, Villa Torrigiani, Villa Garzoni, Villa Grabau and Villa Olivia.

Years Ago We Stayed In Lucca For 4 Nights Happily

3 years ago we stayed in Lucca for 4 nights, happily. Our purpose this time was just one night to meet with some friends who have been living there. It’s a lovely non-touristy town in a good location to visit other areas in Northern Tuscany for a day trip to Pisa, Cinque Terra, beaches, the Apune Alps. We love the wall around the town which has been transformed into a lovely park for walking or biking.

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Day In Lucca: The Perfect Lucca Itinerary

Tuscany is a region of Italy rife with beautiful destinations appealing to tourists. Cities like Florence and Siena may grab most peoples attention, but the small city of Lucca may well be the regions most underrated destination. A scenic and historic walled city, Lucca reflects that romantic image that people have of life in Tuscany. Those who choose to visit arent going to be disappointed, especially as you only need 1 day in Lucca to uncover its charms.

Close to Florence, Lucca is an increasingly popular day trip for those looking to see more of Tuscany. Lucca isnt a huge city and is actually an easy place to go sightseeing when you know what youre doing. Armed with our Lucca itinerary, you can head straight for the citys main attractions without any messing around. So lets get to what to do in Lucca in 1 day so youll be ready to visit this Italian gem.

Book A Private Tour With A Local Guide

Thoughts from Places: Lucca Italy

Because Lucca is a small town, and Lucians are a close group, everyone in Lucca knows Riccardo Scarafoni of Tuscany Cruises on the Road. He was born inside the walls of Lucca and has a rich knowledge both of Italian history in general and of Lucca and the surrounding areas in Tuscany. I spent my first day in Lucca on a private tour with Riccardo which was one of my very favorite parts of the trip.

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Stylish Hotel In The Middle Of Lucca

Palazzo Dipinto was exactly what we were looking for – a boutique design hotel within Lucca’s Renaissance walls. Did not disappoint. The hotel, service, and room all exceeded expectations. Will definitely stay there again if we return to Lucca .

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Santa Maria Where To Stay In Pisa For Tourists

Santa Maria is the historic heart of Pisa and the best area for tourists due to the very central location near the Pisa tower and other attractions such as the Piazza dei Miracoli. In addition to the famous tower, there are so many things to do in central Pisa 16th-century botanical gardens, National Museum of the Royal Palace, the Cathedral Museum, and the riverfront promenade.

With so many tourist attractions, Santa Maria is very family-friendly and you wont have any trouble finding restaurants, hotels or shopping during your stay.

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